Sword of Beowulf

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Secrets
Powers/Skills: Energy Projection
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Hrunting was a sword given to the hero Beowulf by Unferth. It was used in battle against the mother of the Grendel. It was said the sword possessed great power and it never failed anyone. However, when Beowulf fought the Grendel's mother in a lake, the sword failed him and was forced to discard it.

Known also as the Sword of Beowulf, it eventually went on display at a museum in New York City. The sword was sheathed by what appeared to be a mummified arm. Legend said it granted great power to those of pure heart, good or evil, once they recited an Old English incantation. On October 31st, at 19:26 Eastern Daylight Time, Detective Daniels concluded his investigation of the sword's theft. The curator mentioned the incantation aloud and the sword's thief, Harm, was still present. He recited the incantation and was able to unsheath the Sword of Beowulf. After dispatching the police and curator, Harm sought out a greater challenge. He settled on Artemis and Zatanna. During their battle, the sword had some resistance to Zatanna's spell casting. Once Greta Hayes took away Harm's purity, the sword sheathed itself once more and no longer responded to him.