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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Usual Suspects and Auld Acquaintance
Powers/Skills: Remote Mind Control
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Starrotech is the name of chips made from an alien bio organism infused with Utility Fog nanorobotics and Klarion's magic by the Light on December 4th. When applied, the Starrotech shuts down the mind's autonomy and offers others remote control over them. It takes 0.16 seconds for the chip to fully integrate with the host's nervous system. On December 30th, the Team confiscated a containment case holding several Starrotech chips. The Justice League took it to the Watchtower for further analysis. Red Arrow's last parameter was to infect all of the Justice League with Starrotech. Klarion was placed in charge of controlling all of them. Luckily, Red Tornado managed to create an internal sub-program that would disconnect his power cells when he attempted to infect another with Starrotech. The Team used Red Tornado's Starrotech chip as a template to reverse engineer a cure and vaccine with the help of Dr. Roquette, Dr. Spence, Dr. Vulko, and Queen Mera. The Team successfully deployed this Curotech and neutralized Starrotech indefinitely.