Magnetic Field Disrupters

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Endgame
Powers/Skills: Magnetic Field Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Magnetic Field Disrupters are doomsday devices employed by the Reach to destroy planets when they need to erase evidence of their tampering from the Guardians of the Universe. Each Magnetic Field Disrupter, or MFD, contributes to the overall expedited deterioration of a planet's magnetic field once it has time to build up enough kinetic energy to generate a chrysalis. 21 total MFD's were hidden on the planet Earth in various locations, including Gotham City, Paris, Taipei, the Atlantic Ocean, Dakota City, Taos, Peru, Central America, and the North Magnetic Pole. There was originally believed to be no failsafe to shut them down once activated. However, the Light began development of such a failsafe once they became partnered with the Reach. LexCorp developed anti-Reach software, essentially a virus, to shut down the MFD's but they had to be applied before a chrysalis was generated. Lex Luthor and Blue Beetle prepared and uploaded the software into Reach-Tech Eggs and instructed every hero participating to simply touch the egg to the MFD in order to pass on the virus.

All 20 squads successfully neutralized the MFD's but the last, in the North Magnetic Pole, went chrysalis. Luthor and the Atom concluded the Flash and Impulse could run around the chrysalis and negate it by running counter to the energy flow, attempting to siphon it with their own speed trails. The two lacked enough kinetic energy even at top speed. Kid Flash joined them and added the necessary amount but his slower speed created an exit valve for the chrysalis energy. Kid Flash was vaporized by the energy as Flash and Impulse finished off negating the chrysalis. G. Gordon Godfrey credited Lex Luthor for saving the planet from the Reach's MFD's.