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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Cherry Gig, Ominous Tidings, Evocative Intel, Foreign Affairs, Metallic Aftertaste, and Last Rights
Powers/Skills: Flight, Sound Generation, and Above Average Strength
Voiced By: Not Applicable

On November 09, 18:17 EEST, Team Year Ten, four Lex-Bots blew up a wall of the mess hall in the Markovian National Penitentiary and neutralized the guards on duty with a sonic pulse. The one marked "02" awaited Count Vertigo's command. Dr. Simon Ecks was surprised Vertigo planned the jail break and asked why he didn't tell anyone. As they were flown out by the squad, Vertigo remarked it was a strictly need-to-know basis. In Star City, around the same time, six Lex-Bots broke into city's S.T.A.R. Labs facility where Queen Perdita Vladek was about to be given a tour by Dr. Serling Roquette. Vladek's private security detail responded. Harlan Matthews transformed into Clayface and punched 05. Roy Harper ripped a sleeve off and blasted another with his cybernetic arm's laser beam. Dinah Lance used her Canary Cry on another. Oliver Queen gave Jim Harper the Maneuver Seven cue and was tossed up in the air. He fired an exploding trick arrow into another but was tackled by 10. 10 then fired a miniature dart into Queen's neck from their gauntlet.

Queen collapsed as did Dr. Roquette, Vladek's bodyguard Denny Nielson, and Lance who were also hit with darts. Will Harper ordered Clayface to protect those still conscious. However, the squad fired their sonic pulse and temporarily discorporated Clayface then rammed the three Harpers into a wall while another grabbed Queen Perdita Vladek. The squad flew off with her. Artemis Crock determined the squad used Sportsmaster's concoction on Roquette, Nielson, Lance, and Queen. On November 10th, the Lex-Bots attacked the Infinitors in the Markovian woods. Fury realized it was a trap and apologized for acting on a bad tip. Geo-Force was nonchalant about it and told Trajectory to check every cabin and find Vladek. Geo-Force raised a column of magma and ordered the Infinitors to engage. Everyman went into battle mode and leaped at one of the bots. He was blasted into the forest with a sound wave. Kobold leaped on 14 and made them blast a comrade. Geo-Force trapped one in hardened earth. Fury slugged several and mentioned Everyman could use some help. Trajectory returned with Vladek who asked Geo-Force to take her back to the royal palace.

Geo-Force obliged her and left the Infinitors to close out the fight. Trajectory told Fury she was going to help Everyman and ran into the woods following the sound of his roar. She reported to Baazovi who was in the woods with Ecks, Mintz, Platz, and two of the bots. Baazovi told 13 to turn off the recording of Everyman's roar. Fury and Kobold wondered why the squad suddenly stopped fighting and fled the area. On November 10th, after 20:06 EET, six Lex-Bots were dispatched to Krastmala to deal with Nightwing, Spoiler, Orphan, and Mist in a closed mine. Orphan suddenly chopped one of their heads off. Nightwing caught it and realized they were robots. Orphan signed their body language revealed they were not human. Nightwing ordered them to terminate with extreme prejudice then dismantled the face plate and hailed the rest of the Bat Family for help in identifying it. Mist manifested on 13's back and made a tiny bit of her solid to short circuit it. Spoiler blew one up. Orphan destroyed 14 and 15 with her sword then leaped towards 16 and stabbed it in the head, grounding it. Robin and Oracle determined the machine had proprietary technology common to Lex Luthor's Spider-Bots.

On November 11th, 22:33 UTC+2, the Outsiders' Gorilla Squad boomed to the Lexcorp Robotics factory in Madinat Altharwati, Greater Bialya. Several Lex-Bots were awaiting their arrival. Superboy grabbed one by the neck and punched another through the chest. Wonder Girl used her lasso to swing one into another. Stargirl blasted one with her Cosmic Staff. Super-Cycle blasted one while Terra grabbed another with a giant rock hand she formed. Beast Boy ripped the head off one. Terra told the rest of the squad to head inside and rescue Queen Perdita Vladek. She smashed a bot with two boulders. Terra and Super-Cycle were soon overwhelmed but Mongoose Squad boomed to her and joined the fight. Static and Livewire zapped one each, Blue Beetle stabbed one through the chest, Windfall ripped two apart with a tornado, and Forager bowled two over. Kid Flash spotted even more Lex-Bots were converging on them.

At 22:42 UTC+2, Static and Livewire electrocuted two Lex-Bots in unison. Sphere and Forager sandwiched a Lex-Bot in unison. Kid Flash and Windfall each generated tornadoes and wrecked two Lex-Bots. One of the other Lex-Bots punched Kid Flash in the back as he ran past. Blue Beetle fired a sonic pulse at the sonic pulse fired by a Lex-Bot. Terra lifted debris out of the ground and sent them into a Lex-Bot. Blue Beetle became frustrated with the seemingly endless swarm of Lex-Bots coming out of the factory. Scarab suggested they nuke the building but Beetle stated they were not doing that and not having that conversation.