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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): Auld Acquaintance, Encounter Upon the Razor's Edge!, Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!, Rescue and Search, Zenith and Abyss, Over and Out, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Foreign Affairs, Metallic Aftertaste, and Last Rights
Powers/Skills: Radiation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Kryptonite are the radioactive remnants of the planet Krypton. It was discovered to be a weakness of Superman's and exposure rendered him unconscious. Batman kept a sample of Kryptonite in an impenetrable vault in the Batcave. On December 31st Team Year Zero, Robin utilized Batman's Kryptonite to neutralize Superman in order to administer Curotech. It was discovered Kryptonite only made Superboy feel temporary pain. In November Team Year Eight, the Vlatavan National Mining Company in Krastmala discovered Kryptonite and kept it secret from all but a few people and took the discovery directly to Queen Perdita Vladek. On March 25th Team Year Ten, Lor-Zod affixed a lead box containing stolen Kryptonite to Ma'alefa'ak's Gene Bomb. Using historical records, he planned for Superboy to try to get rid of the bomb to save the Martians but would be killed by the detonated Kryptonite. Luckily, Phantom Girl's intervention saved Superboy's life but they both were accidentally phased into the Phantom Zone.

Due to Metron seeking revenge, a pre-programmed Time-Sphere took Lor-Zod back from September 14th to March 25th, 23:18 UTC at the exact moment the bomb went off. Lor-Zod was vaporized by the blast wave. Upon entering the area, Superman immediately weakened from exposure and had to be flown to a safe distance. On April 21st, 00:49 UTC, Hawkwoman reported to Martian Manhunter that the Justice League accounted for all known Kryptonite on Earth and in the Milky Way Galaxy and none was missing. He speculated it was still possible there was more out there to be found. On August 28th, 16:55 UTC, Metron pretened to relent and led Lor-Zod to a box in his Infinity Vault bearing the seal of Krypton. Instead of giving them the Phantom Projector, Metron presented a chunk of Kryptonite. He mused it was the prize he earned, not the one he sought. Lor-Zod collapsed. Metron sent the Sun Eater after Mantis and Ma'alefa'ak then boomed out of the Mobius Dimension. Mantis managed to escape with them and the Projector then traveled back in time to New Genesis on August 27th, 17:08 UTC.

On August 28th, 17:09 UTC, Lor-Zod finally regained consciousiness. On September 13th, Nightwing felt he had no choice and tried to use his piece of Kryptonite on Dru-Zod and his followers. However, it had no effect on them since they were in the Phantom Zone. Dru-Zod confiscated it and Conner Kent explained to him what it was. On September 14th, after Superman refused to bow to Dru-Zod, Zod got out the Kryptonite and Ma'alefa'ak used telekinesis to put it on Superman's chest. He begged Conner Kent for help then collapsed. After 05:46 EDT, Kent refused to execute Superman. Zod prepared to use the Kryptonite on them both. Kid Flash intervened and stole it. Zatanna cast a spell to help expedite Superman's recovery from the Kryptonite exposure. On November 6th, 06:26 PST, Oliver Queen got a call from Queen Perdita Vladek for his and Black Canary's help in setting up a transfer of the Kryptonite to Dr. Serling Roquette at S.T.A.R. Labs in Star City. Roquette and Vladek purchased identical purses to facilitate the exchange. Despite their precautions, the intel leaked. Lex-Bots were sent to kidnap Vladek before the transfer happened.

The Kryptonite was used as the power source for Metallo's metal body. On November 11th, after 22:33 UTC+2, Metallo approached Superboy and Match in the Lexcorp Robotics factory in Madinat Altharwati, Greater Bialya. Match collapsed into Superboy's arms from exposure to the Kryptonite in Metallo's body. Miss Martian used telekinesis to rip the Kryptonite out of him but Devastation called her hypocrite for saving her husband but letting Metallo die. She revealed he could not live without the Kryptonite as a power source. Miss Martian chose to leave it with him. In the 31st century, Lor-Zod stole the last known sample of Kryptonite and a Time-Sphere as part of his plan to kill Superboy and release his parents from the Phantom Zone. He used the Time-Sphere to travel back in time to the early 21st century.