Kobra Venom

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Drop Zone
Appearances (Comics): Monkey Business and Gorilla Warfare
Powers/Skills: Physical Enhancement
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Kobra Venom is a new drug that is the successful mixture of Venom and Project Cadmus' Blockbuster formula. Like Venom, it is also in liquid form but Kobra Venom has the distinct advantages of being three times as powerful and its effects are permanent. Someone affiliated with the Light perfected the chemical formula and Kobra produced it. They successfully tested it on Mammoth. Sportsmaster was tasked with picking up the shipment but the delivery was disrupted by the Team. A single ampoule of Kobra Venom was saved by Sportsmaster and delivered to the Light. Members of the Light posited that they would simply reverse enginner a new supply.

The Brain used the Kobra Venom to create an animal army in Northern India and an army of enhanced gorillas in Bwunda, and the Injustice League used a variant of it on its Plant Creatures.