Father Box

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Disordered and The Hunt
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Father Box is a living computer used by the New Gods of New Apokolips. It is about the size of a brick and makes a signature "ping" sound. It has been used to open and close Hush Tubes and take control of beings. DeSaad supplied Ugly Mannheim with a Father Box and ordered him to throw it at the Forever People as they merged to become Infinity-Man. It caused Infinity-Man to fall under the influence of DeSaad. The New Genisphere managed to overcome the effects of the Father Box by inserting itself into Infinity-Man's neck. Once the Forever People were restored, Wolf destroyed the Father Box.

On May 29th, Team Year Six, Lex Luthor gave the group of runaways a Father Box programmed to locate Kryptonian DNA and assigned them to rescue the Team on the Warworld. Asami Koizumi issued the command and they were boomed. The Warworld shielding prevented Father Box from pinpointing Superboy's exact location and set the group a few miles nearby. Around the same time, Deathstroke boomed to the Warworld and used a Father Box to steal the Crystal Key from a stasis chamber. On May 30th, Koizumi destroyed the group's Father Box.