Crystal Key

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: War and The Hunt
Powers/Skills: Power Source
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Once thought lost, the Crystal Key was found by Mongul and used to reactivate the Warworld. On May 26th, the Beta Squad, composed of Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, and Impulse, were sent to the Warworld's Crystal Key chamber to steal the object. They eventually reached the chamber. Once Blue Beetle took the Crystal Key, all of the Warworld deactivated. However, the Reach had other plans for the Crystal Key. Blue Beetle bashed Impulse over the head with the key and attacked the rest of the Team. The key was turned over to Black Beetle and a Reach Scientist, who placed it in a stasis chamber elsewhere on the Warworld. On May 30th, Deathstroke boomed in and stole the Crystal Key.