Boom Tube

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): Bereft, Disordered, Auld Acquaintance, The Hunt, Summit, Endgame, Eminent Threat, Away Mission, Evolution, Another Freak, Illusion of Control, Elder Wisdom, Quiet Conversations, Unknown Factors, Antisocial Pathologies, Terminus, Into the Breach, Overwhelmed, Nevermore, Needful, The Lady, or The Tigress?, Kaerb Ym Traeh!, Beyond the Grip of the Gods!, Encounter Upon the Razor's Edge!, Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!, Odyssey of Death!, Ego and Superego, Zenith and Abyss, Over and Out, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Foreign Affairs, Metallic Aftertaste, and Last Rights
Powers/Skills: Interstellar Teleportation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Boom Tube is an artificial stargate designed to create a tube between two points in space and allow beings to cross vast distances in an instant. It gets its namesake from the sonic boom generated when opened. The Boom Tube is made of elements not found on Earth and utilizes Zeta-Beams.

On September 3rd, at 04:49 Eastern European Summer Time (EEST), Team Year Zero, a Boom Tube was opened in Bialya on Earth. The New Genisphere came through the tube. The Justice League Watchtower picked up the immense energy surge and the Team later detected residual Zeta radiation. On October 23rd, at 17:28 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), a Boom Tube appeared in Metropolis and the Forever People arrived. On December 31st, Vandal Savage and Klarion recalled Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern John Stewart, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkwoman to the Watchtower via tube. On May 29th and 30th, Team Year Six, the group of runaways experimented on by the Reach and Deathstroke utilized tubes to travel to and from the Warworld. On June 19th, 04:20 UTC, the Light extracted the Reach from the Warworld with tubes. At 05:24 EDT, a tube opened up in the Watchtower and Black Canary, Captain Marvel, and Black Lightning were tossed through. On July 5th, 00:16 UTC, Savage boomed to Apokolips once the Warworld arrived in proximity to the planet.

For Granny Goodness's raid operations, a clear policy was set to Boom Tube back and forth from all raid sites to avoid being tracked. On July 31st Team Year Eight, the Bedlam Syndicate used a Boom Tube to evacuate from their base with a shipment of teenagers they abducted. The Syndicate later boomed to the location of Nightwing's covert team for a fight. Joe Henchy and Count Vertigo retreated through a tube. On August 4th, Bear boomed to Lucas Carr's residence in Happy Harbor to recruit some Earth expertise. Miss Martian assembled a squad to head to New Genesis. To his surprise, Bear fell on his face upon exiting a tube. Mother Box informed him it was the result of magical bad luck. At mission's end, they took a Boom Tube back to Earth with Forager and two dead meta-humans, Blister and Giant. On September 9th, 01:47 UTC, Kalibak lead an Apokoliptian fleet who boomed to the Oort Cloud to aid Vandal Savage in dealing with a Starro-controlled armada heading to Earth. Savage boomed to a ship staying well out of Warworld's range and defeated Starro. On October 15th, after feeling weird all day, Violet Harper discovered she could open Boom Tubes, but indigo in color.

Violet Harper went into the tube and ended up in S.T.A.R. Labs Detroit where she met Victor Stone, recently saved by a Father Box. After she cleansed him, he opted to boom back to Happy Harbor with her. On November 7th, Granny Goodness boomed Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkwoman into space but they were saved by Green Lantern Guy Gardner. The Orphanage opened a large Boom Tube and escaped. On November 22nd, Tuppence Terror tried to open a tube under Eduardo Dorado Junior and Kid Flash. Dorado teleported away and Kid ran out of it in time. On December 31st, Halo opened a Boom Tube upon Dorado's request after he got into an argument with his father. The Outsiders went with him in solidarity. On January 2nd Team Year Nine, Dreamer boomed to the Hub and lent her Mother Box to Superboy so he could search for Metron and the cure for Victor Stone. Superboy, Jefferson Pierce, and Forager boomed to the Source Wall at 13:15 UTC then soon after saw Metron leave in a Boom Tube.

Superboy asked Mother Box to follow and they boomed to the Minosyss Ring at 13:20 UTC amid a battle between Superman and Parademons. Metron agreed to go back to Earth with them but he only intended to watch the Father Box completely overcome Stone but the others used his Mobius Chair without permission to remove Father Box's soul. Metron was disappointed and boomed off-world. On January 20th, Overlord boomed Nightwing and Black Lightning into the X-Pit after they broke into Gretchen Goode's home. On January 21st, both Violet Harper and Victor Stone could sense a Mother Box in pain. To everyone's surprise, Stone learned he could open a Boom Tube. It knocked Goode off her feet. The Mother Box was healed by Harper then she cleansed Nightwing and Black Lightning then everyone hurried back to the Hub through the tube. On January 22nd, 11:57 UTC, a Boom Tube appeared before Savage. He went through to Apokolips and spoke with Darkseid. Under attack by Geo-Force and Terra, Gretchen Goode boomed away with Violet Harper and Ultra-Humanite boomed away with Dr. Jace.

On January 25th, the Outsiders were boomed into the X-Pit by Overlord after they entered Building 16 at Goode World Studios in Burbank. On January 26th, 01:17 UTC, the Team boomed to the Orphanage. Victor Stone opened a tube and followed after Goode and Overlord alone and arrived in the Orphanage then freed Violet Harper who then cleansed everyone of Anti-Life. Surrounded, Granny retreated in a tube back to Apokolips. Harper and Stone boomed the Team to the Hub. On February 14th, Metron boomed to the Hub for Harper and Stone. He generated a Boom Tube that extended like a tunnel taking them and Lian-Nguyen-Harper to his Mobius Dimension. Once he was done speaking to them, he boomed them back to the Hub. On February 15th, 05:45 EET, Count Vertigo boomed into the Markovburg National Penitentiary to break Baron Bedlam and Dr. Ecks out. Beta Squad, consisting of Halo, Tigress, Forager, Nightwing, and Superboy, took a Boom Tube directly to Markovburg's royal palace. They entered the throne room and flushed Bedlam out. Alpha Squad, consisting of Geo-Force, Terra, Beast Boy, and Cyborg, boomed into the hall and cut him off.

On March 23rd Team Year Ten, Cyborg told Martian Manhunter and Superman he could not boom them to M'arzz because he had never been there before and without a comm signal to pinpoint a safe location, he could end up booming them into the middle of the mountain. Desaad boomed to Ma'alefa'ak's cavern on M'arzz and delivered a Gene Bomb to him as agreed to for services rendered on New Genesis. Superman had Cyborg boom him home after learning Jonny Kent was developing powers. On April 20th, Ma'alefa'ak retreated through a tube after his cavern after being interrogated by Miss Martian. On May 14th, Vandal Savage initiated Project Lifeboat on Warworld and ordered Cassandra Savage to send Boom Tubes to every member of the Light and anyone they designate as well as offering the same courtesy to Ra's al Ghul and his family. At 21:16 AEST, Vandal Savage boomed to Sydney to get Phantom Stranger for a meeting with the Lords of Chaos and Order.

On August 26th, Orion and Rocket boomed after a thief but watched as the Mountain Hive Forager made a precision descent from Supertown down to New Genesis. In Armagedda on Apokolips, Grayven boomed to Ma'alefa'ak and announced he was being summoned for an audience with Darkseid. Metron boomed to the Mobius Dimension to safely store a faulty Ruction Cell in his Infinity Vault. On August 27th, Razer punched Metron through his own tube. He arrived in the Mobius Dimension and was attacked by Lor-Zod, Ma'alefa'ak, and Mantis. On August 28th, Metron boomed into the room where the summit between New Gods, Justice League, and the Green Lantern Corps was taking place with an urgent message to come with him if they wanted the universe to survive. At 17:07 UTC, Metron boomed to the Mobius Dimension with Tomar-Re, Orion, and Rocket but they were too late. At 17:19 UTC, they boomed to the plaza where the statues of Highfather, Highmother, and the Foragers stood. On August 29th, 00:14 UTC, Orion boomed his team to Boiling Lake Crater.

On September 10th, Halo boomed into the throne room of the Markovian Royal Palace to make one final attempt to make amends with Brion Markov. It failed and she boomed away. On September 13th, 23:45 UTC, Orion boomed himself, Green Lantern Forager, Miss Martian, Black Lightning, Superman, and Phantom Girl to Trombus. They were ambushed by Lor-Zod and Ma'alefa'ak. They then used the Kaizer-Thrall and Mother Box to open a Boom Tube to the Phantom Zone. Dru-Zod, Ursa Zod, Faora Hu-Ul, and Conner Kent stepped out to Trombus. They went with Lor-Zod and Ma'alefa'ak through a Boom Tube that led to the Fortress of Solitude on Earth. Dru-Zod had another tube opened to the Phantom Zone. Hu-Ul went back to put out word for all of Zod's armies to gather. The original members of the Team, sans Miss Martian and Superboy, opted to find a way to block access to the Boom Tube in the Phantom Zone but being in proximity of it warped Zatanna's glamour spell and their presence was revealed. Nightwing went through alone to assess what the destination was.

Hu-Ul had the others build their rage to lure a Devourer to the fight. The Team took cover in the Tube but Hu-Ul broke through and became solid. Kaldur'ahm lassoed her with a construct but the Devourer snatched her in its mouth and flew off into the Phantom Zone. The tube began to lose cohesion and collapse. Zod's army fell back to the Zone. Zatanna opened a portal back to Earth but Metron took the chance to boom Rocket to the Mobius Dimension. Dru-Zod got an idea and boomed to Planet Circle in Metropolis to hold a public execution of Superman. On September 14th, once Danny Chase regained control of the Kaizer-Thrall, he opened a Boom Tube to the Phantom Zone. Nightwing and Tigress knocked Non into it, Rocket bubbled Hu-Ul and dropped her into the tube, Danny blasted Ma'alefa'ak into it, and Superman and Superboy decked Dru-Zod into it. On September 16th, Grayven boomed to Durla and awarded the planet to Ma'alefa'ak for serving Darkseid.

On November 11th, 12:33 PST, Cyborg opened a Boom Tube to Madinat Altharwati for the Outsiders' Gorilla Squad. The Mongoose Squad later boomed to their location as back up. After 22:42 UTC+2, Halo opened a Boom Tube to the room where Queen Perdita Vladek was being held with Psmion and guards. Alpha Squad emerged and joined Miss Martian. After 22:48 UTC+2, Halo opened a Boom Tube to Baby for Queen Perdita Vladek and her squad.