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Real Identity: Baby
Appearances (Episodes): Inhospitable, Volatile, Involuntary, The Lady, or The Tigress?, Nomed Esir!, Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!, Emergency Dive, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Metallic Aftertaste and and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Powers/Skills: Interstellar Teleportation, Aerial Transportation, Dynamic Camouflage, Weapons Generation, and Limited Telepathy
Voiced By: Not Applicable

On March 22nd, 17:38 UTC, Team Year Ten, Bio-Ship arrived at the Bio-Cavern on M'arzz. The whole tribe engaged in their species's form of procreation, similar to cell division. Baby was born. She possessed all of Bio-Ship's memories from the start of her life but was a whole new individual being. On March 24th, M'gann M'orzz introduced Garfield Logan and Conner Kent to Baby outside her parents' home. She encouraged them to use Baby for transportation to Hollow Hill to build the ceremonial altar for Kent and M'orzz's wedding. Kent piloted. Baby swerved mid-flight to everyone's surprise. Kent believed it was because Baby was ticklish. After the met up with M'aatt M'orzz and B'arzz O'oomm, they headed to Hollow Hill. Logan instead wanted Kent to go to the surface to recharge his solar cells but Kent told him there was no hurry. Logan pointed out someone could take another shot at him. Baby produced blasters to Logan's annoyance. Logan later became eratic and took Kent to the surface. However, Kent would not survive the surface in his state.

The Martians caught up in Baby and shot its way to the surface at the G'all'ee Crater. J'emm J'axx levitated Kent inside and had Baby restore his environment. J'axx found Logan and brought him to Baby where Kent had recovered. Back at the M'orzz home, Logan commended Baby and stated he was happy she was part of their family. She chirped. On March 25th, 16:15 UTC, Baby was present when everyone said their final goodbyes to the newly retired Bio-Ship. On April 21st, 00:49 UTC, J'onn J'onzz had a video chat with Hawkwoman aboard Baby about the Justice League verifying the location of all known Kryptonite on Earth and in the Milky Way Galaxy. M'gann M'orzz heard the conversation and phased down through the floor. Em'ree J'onzz decided to leave M'arzz with her sister M'gann M'orzz and uncle J'onn J'onzz. On May 14th, 04:06 UTC, Baby was still approximately one week away from reaching Earth. Em'ree J'onzz managed to generate a catharsis for her sister but they were interrupted when a school bus possessed by Klarion nearly hit Baby in space at 05:16 UTC.

On June 1st, 15:26 EDT, Forager met Baby at the Carr Residence in Happy Harbor. He welcomed her to their hive. On September 14th, after 04:41 UTC, Baby arrived in the North Pole upon hearing Bio-Ship's psychic scream upon being blasted by the Emerald Eye of Ekron. At 06:08 EDT, Baby was at the Eastern Seaboard. While cloaked, she opened fire on Conner Kent and Dru-Zod in Metropolis's Planet Circle. Nightwing leaped out of Baby and kicked Non. Lor-Zod used his X-ray vision and blasted at Baby with heat vision. He eventually grabbed her and threw her into a Chicken Whizee storefront. On September 16th, Baby was present at Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz's wedding. She took on the form of a white limousine and brought M'gann M'orzz for her walk up the aisle. Baby then shifted back into normal form and watched the wedding with Bio-Ship. On November 11th, after 22:42 UTC+2, Miss Martian exited the cloaked Baby while she herself was cloaked and entered the Lexcorp Robotics factory inside Madinat Altharwati.

As soon as the Team secured Vladek, Miss Martian ordered Arsenal, Halo, Red Arrow, and Arrowette to get her to Baby. Halo opened a Boom Tube to Baby's interior. At 22:58 UTC+2, Halo told Tigress that Miss Martian reported Superboy would be all right. Vladek was concerned her life was going to be one crisis after another and she would need to be rescued. Beast Boy assured her it would be the last time she was threatened. Tigress wished Wally West a happy birthday and piloted Baby out of Greater Bialya.