Apokoliptian Weaponry

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Disordered, Image, Usual Suspects, Salvage, and Summit
Appearances (Games): Legacy
Powers/Skills: Armed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Apokoliptian Weaponry are highly advanced weapons originating from the planet Apokolips. They mask heat signatures, filter out illusions, and can resist magnetism. The standard weapon resembles a harness that can be worn like backpack. It fires energy blasts and discs that generate a field around targets. There are also wristbands that can generate red whip-like constructs.

On October 23rd, Intergang used Apokoliptian Weaponry supplied from DeSaad while stealing from the Metropolis Federal Reserve. Likewise, the Light was also supplied with Apokoliptian technology. On November 23rd, several Bialyan soldiers were also armed with the technology and attempted to assassinate President Harjavti. On December 30th, the Riddler's and Bane's men were all armed with Apokoliptian weaponry. Aqualad and Rocket utilized the technology to defeat Blockbuster and Sportsmaster. Over five years later, late February 13th, Ugly Mannheim activated an Apokoliptian device that emitted a frequency which combined the residual psychic energies left in the Appellaxian Host Bodies on display in the Hall of Justice. The four husks were merged into one Golem. The New Genisphere eventually emitted a suitable counter frequency to nullify the device. The Golem then destroyed it. On June 19th, several League of Shadows soldiers used Apokoliptian weapons in the battle against the Team.