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Real Identity: Giovanni "John" Zatara
Affiliation(s): Justice League
Appearances: Independence Day Part One, Part Two, Revelation, Humanity, Failsafe, and Misplaced
Appearances (Comics): The Pit...
Powers/Skills: Magic
Voiced By: Nolan North

Giovanni Zatara was born in Italy, but later became a naturalized American citizen. At some point, he attained a mastery over magic and often spoke his spells backwards. In 1996, Zatara became a father when his daughter Zatanna was born. Two years later, Zatara became a crime fighter. At 38 years old, Zatara became the 11th member of the Justice League. Together, Zatara and Zatanna lived in New York City.

On July 4th, a little after 14:00 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), Zatara requested a full Justice League response to the sorceror Wotan. According to Zatara, he was attempting to use the Amulet of Aten, one of many names of the sun god in Egyptian mythology, to blot out the Sun. On August 21st, Zatara attended Kent Nelson's funeral. On October 1st, Zatara was currently on rotation to supervise the Team. With Batman's startling assignment, Zatara voiced concern they would be facing seven powerful super villains. After Batman asserted the Team was ready, Zatara searched the planet for signs of concentrated sorceror activity to pinpoint Wotan, a member of the Injustice League. The holo-map displayed his discovery, the Louisiana Bayou. Zatara then joined Batman and Captain Marvel in fighting Plant Creatures in Gotham City. After the battle was over, most of the Justice League arrived in Bayou Bartholomew. Zatara applied the finishing blow to Wotan.

On October 10th, Zatara brought Zatanna with him to the Cave so she could observe one of Black Canary's training sessions. He was not quite ready to have her join the Team and was infuriated when they went on an unsanctioned mission with her. During his tirade, Zatara declared she was going to be grounded for life and never allowed to join the Team. On November 5-6th, Zatara helped locate the source of magic that created two dimensions on Earth and effectively fought Klarion's allies while Captain Marvel stole the conduit of sorcery, the Ambre Jeune Perdu. Zatara then destroyed it. However, he was horrified to see his daughter was host to Dr. Fate. He made a bargain with Nabu and swore to serve as the host. Nabu was convinced since Zatara was at his peak and his body could better handle the strain of Nabu's power. Zatara bid farewell to Zatanna and donned the Helmet of Fate. He became Dr. Fate and disappeared with the sorcerers. On paper, Zatara remained Zatanna's legal guardian while Red Tornado, Black Canary, and Batman became her surrogates. Officially, to the public, Zatara was placed "on leave" and Dr. Fate took his place.