Wonder Woman

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Real Identity: Princess Diana
Affiliations: The Amazons, All-Star Squadron, and Justice League
Appearance (Episodes): Independence Day Part Two, Failsafe, Agendas, Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Happy New Year, Alienated, War, Endgame, Princes All, Triptych, Influence, First Impression, Elder Wisdom, Terminus, Into the Breach, Nevermore, Teg Ydaer!, and Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!
Appearances (Comics): Stopover, Monkey Business, The Pit..., Players Chapter Two, Players Chapter Three, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Five, Players Chapter Six, and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Flight, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Maggie Q

The Amazons of myth reside on Themyscira, an island isolated from Man's world. In 1925, the queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta, sculpted a baby daughter from clay. The Olympian gods took pity and breathed life into the clay and created Diana. She was raised to be a leader; intelligent, beautiful and strong. In 1941, Diana debuted in Man's World as Wonder Woman and was armed with bulletproof bracelets, the magical Lasso of Truth and Amazonian training. She took on a secret identity of Diana Prince. At age 16, Wonder Woman soon joined the All-Star Squadron after the December 7th bombing of Pearl Harbor. A man named Steve Trevor also influenced her decision to join the Squadron. In 1946, she returned to Themsycira.

Several decades later, she had since retired the Diana Prince alias and resided in Washington D.C. as of 2001. In February 2003, she and six other heroes stopped an Appellaxian invasion of Earth. She co-founded the Justice League shortly after and was assigned designation 03. On July 5th, 00:39:16 EDT, Team Year Zero, Wonder Woman was among the Leaguers who arrived at the remains of Project Cadmus and discovered Superman was cloned. On August 21st, Wonder Woman attended Kent Nelson's funeral. On November 11th, Captain Atom, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, and Wonder Woman destroyed the last of five Flying Ice Fortresses. On November 25th, Wonder Woman supported Superman's nomination of Icon and went onto nominate his partner Rocket, too. Further along in the meeting, she questioned Batman's support for Captain Marvel and indoctrinating Robin at a young age. Batman stated he did it so he would not end up like him. On December 30th, 09:16 EST, she was present at the Hall of Justice for the induction of The Atom, Dr. Fate, Icon, Plastic Man, and Red Arrow. At 23:46 EST, the enthralled League welcomed Vandal Savage to the Watchtower. She was one of six Leaguers sent to conduct a 16 hour rampage on Rimbor.

On December 31st, the six were summoned back to the Watchtower to fight Black Canary, Red Tornado, and Red Arrow. Wonder Woman and Superman tore Red Tornado's arms and legs off his body. Later in the night, Wonder Woman tried to lasso Robin after he applied Curotech to Hawkwoman. Rocket protected him with a force bubble then trapped Wonder Woman in a force bubble. She attempted to punch her way out but the kinetic energy from the punches only made the bubble stronger. She was the last Leaguer to be cured of Starrotech sometime after Vandal Savage and Klarion teleported off the Watchtower. On February 16th, Team Year Five, Wonder Woman was occupied on Themyscira and asked Batman to request the Team to investigate the kidnapping of archaeologist Dr. Helena Sandsmark from her dig site near Olympia. On December 1st, Wonder Woman was one of the Justice Leaguers kidnapped by Kylstar.

During the course of the battle against Kylstar, Wonder Woman had everyone work together against Kylstar but the strategy failed when the orbs unleashed a new frequency to neutralize them. Wonder Woman was present at S.T.A.R. Labs when Zeta Squad returned to Earth on January 6th, Team Year Six, and later took part in the Malina Island raid. On January 26th, Wonder Woman was one of the Leaguers who left for Rimbor to stand trial. On June 20th, they were cleared of all charges and returned to Earth. She attended Wally West's funeral. On July 4th, 21:15 EDT, Wonder Woman was present on the Watchtower when Batman informed the Team they would be operating side by side with the League on the tower because they earned the right to do so. Wonder Woman later took on a new costume that featured more armor out of respect for her Themysciran culture. She co-chaired the Justice League with the second Aquaman after Black Canary's term and led the League's good will tour in space. She also joined Batman's secret task force known only to its members and focused solely on thwarting the Light.

On July 16th, 00:16 UTC, Team Year Eight, Wonder Woman was part of the Leaguers on Rann fighting an Apokoliptian invasion force. Wonder Woman punched out a Parademon then warned Ice of an incoming monster. Ice prepared a barrier construct but Black Lightning stepped in. Wonder Woman warned him not to let it touch him. After it suddenly died, they were all horrified to learn it was a 14 year old meta-human girl from Earth. On July 27th, 19:57 EDT, an emergency Justice League meeting was held on the Watchtower. Wonder Woman remotely attended. She reported they had confirmation metahuman trafficking on Earth spilled out into the galaxy and were being deployed on multiple worlds as weapons of destruction plus their presence in space undermined efforts to rebuild both Earth and the League's reputations. Black Lightning was noticeably upset. Wonder Woman apologized to him and clarified she didn't mean to diminish the life of that girl. Lightning acknowledged he knew that and reworded himself, emphasizing the need to know how it happened and how it got past them.

Batman voiced his opinion that the increasing restrictions from the United Nations were the cause and the League had outlived its usefulness. Wonder Woman believed he was overstating things. He disagreed. The second Aquaman pointed out all the good the League was still accomplishing. Batman stated what mattered was the mission and quit the League along with Green Arrow and others as part of their pre-planned staged walkout. Aquaman quickly stated they had to issue a statement. Wonder Woman knew he meant disavow them. On September 26th, the secret task force met in the Batcave. Wonder Woman was able to remotely appear after bouncing a signal from the Javelin to the Watchtower to the Batcave. She apologized for being late and asked them to brief her on the mission to take down the Branchwater chain of meta-human trafficking. At 02:24 EDT, Batman broke down how Branchwater was a so-called security firm owned by a series of shell companies that traced back to Stagg Industries and Simon Stagg then the others talked about the three methods used by Branchwater: acquisition, coercion and utilization. They reported Clayface, Abra Kadabra, Brick, and Dr. Moon were captured and sent to Belle Reve while Livewire and Mist were noted to be minors and salvageable.

Wonder Woman inquired about Stagg and his Reach device. Miss Martian outlined his bust and Oracle admitted they were not clear what the device could do except Blue Beetle translated it as "Meta-huamn Failsafe." Wonder Woman asked where the device currently was. Oracle reported it was being transported back to Dr. Stone at S.T.A.R. Labs Detroit for study. Nightwing emphasized concern about a recent Branchwater acquisition that who was not recaptured: Shade. Wonder Woman asked if it was a win. Batman believed it largely was and asked what troubled her. Wonder Woman was troubled by all of it, namely coordinating six teams of heroes, none of whom knew they were working together. Batman reminded her that was what they all agreed to do, take a page from the Light's playbook and fight fire with fire. Robin reckoned they were kind of the Anti-Light. Wonder Woman did not find that a good thing and pointed out the opposite of light was darkness.

Robin tried to back pedal but Wonder Woman directly stated she did not like keeping the other members of the League in the dark. Batman asserted they needed plausible deniability for a worst case scenario. He pointed out Superman would not lie under oath. Wonder Woman asked him if he thought she would. He noted she could use her diplomatic status as Princess of Themyscira to avoid taking the stand at all. She asked the rest of the task force if they were ready to lie as well. On November 3rd 23:16 UTC, Wonder Woman was among the Leaguers on Thanagar investigating an Apokoliptian raid on a Nth Metal refinery. Commander Hro Talak was skeptical Apokolips was behind it but Hawkman tried to convince him the refinery fit the profile of other facilities raided by Parademons on other planets. Wonder Woman added the attack pattern was different at the reinery and she did not see the usual evidence of Parademon weapons fire. Talak revealed his scanners picked up Eartling bio signs but not theirs. Wonder Woman was shocked he was scanning them.

Hawkman and Hawkwoman reminded him those scans were probably those of trafficked meta-humans. Talak considered sending a Hawk Fleet to quarantine Earth's populace. Wonder Woman tried to defuse things and reiterated the League was traveling the galaxy in peaceful cooperation but Talak cut her off and noted Thanagar's own need to repair their reputation since Hawkwoman was involved in the Rimbor incident and was suspicious of all the coincidences then dismissed them. Green Lantern Guy Gardner revealed his ring found an ion trail left by the attacking ship. On November 6th, 19:12 UTC, amid Gardner's annoying song, Wonder Woman declared after two years in space, she did not miss Themyscira more than at that very moment. Superman spotted the attacking ship, the Orphanage. On November 7th, after 01:20 UTC, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkwoman breached Sector 16 while the Orphanage and Javelin exchanged fire. Wonder Woman spotted hundreds of cells occupied by trafficked meta-humans. She realized the Orphanage was the endpoint of the Light's trafficking of meta-humans to Apokolips.

Hawkwoman directed their attention to a giant imposing machine but they were attacked by Furies. Gilotina knocked Wonder Woman on her back but she rolled and used her gauntlet to block a strike and kicked Gilotina. Granny Goodness activated the machine and used it on everyone present. Superman grabbed Big Barda and dragged her out of the field while Wonder Woman lassoed Gilotina and tried to follow. Superman used heat vision to destroy the control panel but Granny boomed Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkwoman into space. Gardner saved them and formed a bubble construct around them. They watched as the Orphanage vanished in a giant Boom Tube. On Dececmber 8th, 00:01 EDT, Wonder Woman remotely attended a meeting of the secret task force in the Batcave. They discussed the Outsiders' first mission and their role in making sure it was a success.

On December 31st, 09:00 CAT, Troia opted to stay in her room at the Luthor Grande Hotel, 1616, in Bwundasa and have a video chat with Wonder Woman instead of taking part in a photo op with Lex Luthor. Troia noted she was away for a long time and while she would not say it, Cassie Sandsmark missed her. Troia would not even start when it came to their mother. Wonder woman insisted she knew that but she was needed. She asked Troia to convey to them they were always in her thoughts. Troia agreed to then Wonder Woman inquired about the climate conference. Troia informed her the talks did not start until the afternoon. Shadows posing as the Bwundan Independence Front attacked. First, Lia Briggs, under the influence of a Control Chip, attacked Troia with telepathy from the hallway then Lady Shiva broke through the glass and kicked Troia onto a couch. Lady Shiva prepared her sword but Halo and Terra were hiding behind an illusion construct in the room. Halo quickly told Wonder Woman they would protect her sister.

Just as Miss Martian neutralized Briggs, Troia dodged Shiva's blade and punched her. Shiva opted to retreat. Troia informed Wonder Woman she was fine but angry. On January 1st, 21:10 EST, Team Year Nine, the secret task force met in the Batcave. Wonder Woman remotely attended and called Lex Luthor's public embarrassment on the G. Gordon Godfrey Show a minor miracle then asked how it was achieved. The rest of the task force explained how they staged the Outsiders' Dublin mission without their knowing. Batman admitted Luthor knew it was set up but knowing and proving were two different things. She did not approve of the excuse and asked everyone if they realized how truly compromising it really was. Batman stated they were at war. Wonder Woman asked what side they were on and they went beyond lying to comrades and the public - they were now staging false events and creating fake news merely to make their opponents look bad to make the Outsiders and them look good. Wonder Woman acknowledged they had the best of intentions but declared they were crossing a line. She pleaded with the others that they saw it too.

On January 25th, 22:25 UTC, Wonder Woman took part in the second assault of the Orphanage but the League was quickly enthralled to the Anti-Life Equation by Granny's machine. On January 26th, 02:48 UTC, the enthralled League were cleansed of the Anti-Life by Halo after Victor Stone freed her from the Cerebral-Leash. They destroyed the machine. On February 15th, after 18:31 EST, Wonder Woman and the rest of the task force watched coverage of the Markovian incident from the Batcave. They were later joined by Batman's covert team on February 16th, 01:55 EST. On February 24th, 19:00 EST, Wonder Woman attended a meeting of the League, Team, Outsiders, and Batman and Nightwing's covert teams on the Watchtower. The secret task force came clean about their activities. Wonder Woman and Aquaman resigned as co-chairs effective immediately. She seconded Nightwing's nomination of Black Lightning to be the next leader of the League then asked all Leaguers present if they were in favor. They all were. She asked all aboard the Javelin. They all were in favor.

On May 14th, 05:49 EDT, Team Year Ten, Wonder Woman, Troia, and Wonder Girl saved civilians in Manhattan caught in the gravity reversed by Child while Wizard attacked the pillar of fire she left behind. For the Justice League Reserve System, Wonder Woman suggested to Superman that Themyscira were potentially untapped resources for candidates.