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Real Identity: Troia
Affiliation(s): Themyscira, The Team and United Nations
Appearances (Episodes): Royal We, Influence, Elder Wisdom, Nevermore, The Lady, or The Tigress?, Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!, Ego and Superego (voice only), and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Flight, Armed Combat, Unarmed Combat, and Diplomacy
Voiced By: Grey Griffin

Troia was born in 1941. She became daughter to Queen Hippolyta and sister to Princess Diana. She became a protege of Wonder Woman at some point after July 4th Team Year Zero. Troia joined the Team in Team Year Two and was assigned the designation B-12. Troia left the Team in Team Year Five. In June Team Year Six, she attended Wally West's funeral. She became United Nations ambassador for Themyscira. In January Team Year Eight, Troia was present when the Joker attacked the General Assembly. On July 30th, after 14:21 EDT, during the UN Meta-Human Summit, Ambassador Garth voiced his frustration with the restrictions placed on the Justice League. Ambassador Sumaan Harjavti of Greater Bialya was amused the Atlantean ambassador supported the League and pointed out it was currently co-led by an Atlantean and Themyscrian. He wondered why a Bialyan had not been invited to join yet. Ambassador Troia teased when Bialya produced a hero who was not a wanted criminal, the League would perhaps consider his or her candidacy. The body laughed.

Harjavti was flummoxed and called that an outrageous exaggeration. Troia quipped that meant it was largely accurate. Troia stated true heroes of the world would do what they must to save lives, people, and capture criminals, regulations or no. Ambassador Kaizen Gamorra of United Rhelasia countered that was a vigilante, not a hero. Secretary-General Lex Luthor called for order and gave the floor to Ambassador Zviad Baazovi of Markovia. On November 6th, 15:01 EST, Catherine Cobert and Ambassador Troia held a press conference at the former site of the Hall of Justice. They stressed the need for the Justice League to retain their autonomy because decisions by political committee took too long and could cost lives. Troia pointed out it was two years since the Hall was destroyed and the committee to renovate the site was deadlocked on how to proceed then applied that imagining how Luthor's process of utilizing the League for life and death missions would be dangerous.

On December 31st, 09:00 CAT, Troia opted to stay in her room Luthor Grande Hotel, 1616, in Bwundasa and have a video chat with Wonder Woman instead of taking part in a photo op with Luthor. Troia noted she was away for a long time and while she would not say it, Cassie Sandsmark missed her. Troia would not even start when it came to their mother. Wonder Woman insisted she knew that but she was needed. She asked Troia to convey to them they were always in her thoughts. Troia agreed to then Wonder Woman inquired about the climate conference. Troia informed her the talks did not start until the afternoon. Shadows posing as the Bwundan Independence Front attacked. First, Lia Briggs, under the influence of a Control Chip, attacked Troia with telepathy from the hallway then Lady Shiva broke through the glass and kicked Troia onto a couch. Lady Shiva prepared her sword but Halo and Terra were hiding behind an illusion construct in the room. Just as Miss Martian neutralized Briggs, Troia dodged Shiva's blade and punched her. Shiva opted to retreat. Troia informed Wonder Woman she was fine but angry.

Troia landed outside and questioned Flash's intervention since the Justice League was barred from Bwunda. Luthor revealed he called in the League with General M'Barra's permission then used it to prove the Outsiders were not needed. On February 17th, 12:04 EST, Team Year Nine, Troia was present in the General Assembly when Superboy went public on his origins with Project Cadmus and connection to Luthor. By February 20th, there were rumors Troia was the leading candidate to replace Luthor as Secretary-General. Troia later succeeded Luthor as Secretary-General. Violet Harper sought Troia's help with getting Madia and Samad Daou U.S. visas and they moved to Happy Harbor. In May Team Year Ten, Troia pushed for United Nations inspectors to be sent to Markovia to look into its meta-human sanctuary. Zviad Baazavi found her efforts a minor concern. On May 14th, Troia worked with Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl to rescue citizens in Manhattan caught in the reversed gravity around the pillar of fire left by Child.

In late August, Troia was considered as a candidate for the Justice League Reserve System. Around Sepember 9th, Catherine Cobert introduced Black Lightning and Secretary-General Troia at the dedication ceremony for the construction of the future Hall of Justice on Justice Island in New York City. Troia later added the United Nations hopes the close proximity to the Hall would represent a new era of partnership between them and the Justice League. Lighting and Troia dedicated the site to that partnership together. On September 16th, Troia attended Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz's wedding in Happy Harbor. On November 10th, 07:54 EET, a Team squad posed as part of a United Nations commission to infiltrate a hospital in Vlatavastok where five comatose patients were being observed. Dick Grayson told a doctor they were authorized by Secretary-General Troia.