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Real Identity: Eliza Harmon
Affiliations: Infinity Inc. (later Infinitors)
Appearances (Episodes): Antisocial Pathologies, Into the Breach, Nevermore, and Ego and Superego
Appearances (Comics): Ominous Tidings and Evocative Intel
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Speed
Voiced By: Zehra Fazal

Eliza Harmon was born in 2004. She later meta-activated and gained the power of super speed. She was recruited to Lex Luthor's Infinity Inc. hero team and took the codename Trajectory. On January 22nd, 02:24 PST, Team Year Nine, the three members of the team were interviewed by Courtney Whitmore. Trajectory hoped they were making a difference by inspiring young meta-humans and showing them the possibilities were infinite. On January 26th, 09:57 EST, they concluded a battle against Killer Frost in Manhattan. In reality, the fight was staged to boost Infinity Inc.'s popularity on social media. They debriefed with Luthor in his limousine. Trajectory asked him if he was happy with their results. He smiled. On February 27th, 15:09 EET, Infinity Inc. pledged loyalty to King Brion Markov in the Markovian Royal Palace. On September 9th, 21:21 EEST, Team Year Ten, Trajectory took part in an Infinitor mission involving a group anti-meta Markovians on a vehicular pursuit of Lizard Johnny in Markovburg. She stripped them of their weapons.

Geo-Force ordered Kobold and Trajectory to watch the defeated gang while he and Fury chased after the ringleader Wilhelm Vittings. They ran into Everyman who apologized and reported no one was around except him. Geo-Force was irate. On September 10th, Fury met up with Everyman and Trajectory in front of Minister Josef Mueller's house. Trajectory emphasized Markoiva must remain a safe haven for meta-humans. Mueller agreed then wondered if their visit was because he asked King Markov if their policy was poaching meta-humans away from the Justice League. Trajectory told him it raised a larger question of how they could be sure he and his family would remain loyal when they didn't have the Meta-Gene. Everyman recalled he had a wife and two kids, all asleep upstairs, then he shifted into his battle mode form. Fury pulled him back and asked what he was doing and ordered them to stop. Trajectory suggested they move to Vlatava. Everyman complimented Fury on improvising and holding him back since it made Mueller think she saved his life. He laughed. Trajectory mused he was packing his bags. They both laughed. Fury found none of it amusing.

On November 10th, Team Year Ten, Trajectory took part in the Infinitors mission to rescue the kidnapped Queen Perdita Vladek. They made their way to a group of 16 cabins in the woods of Markovia where Fury's sources tipped her off that the power-armored squad who broke Count Vertigo out of prison and kidnapped Vladek were seen. The power-armored squad attacked the Infinitors. Geo-Force ordered Trajectory to check every cabin and find Vladek. She soon returned to Geo-Force with her. He departed to take her back to the royal palace. Trajectory promised he could count on them to finish the battle. She told Fury she was going to help Everyman and ran into the woods following the sound of his roar. She reported to Zviad Baazovi about Geo-Force. He ordered 13 of the squad to stop playing a recording of Everyman's roar. Later that night, back at the palace, King Brion was fuming none of the kidnappers were caught. Trajectory apologized. He discovered Queen Perdita was not in her room and ordered the palace and grounds to be searched. Everyman and Trajectory shared conspiratorial glances with each other.