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Real Identity: Kal-El (Clark Joseph Kent)
Affiliation(s): Daily Planet and Justice League
Appearance(s): Independence Day Part One, Part Two, Schooled, Terrors, Homefront, Revelation, Failsafe, Agendas, Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Happy New Year, Alienated, War, Endgame, Princes All, Private Security, Influence, Quiet Conversations, Terminus, Into the Breach, Overwhelmed, Nevermore, Inhospitable, Needful, Volatile, Involuntary, I Know Why The Caged Cat Sings, Teg Ydaer!, Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!, Ebb Tide, Emergency Dive (Hallucination), Leviathan Wakes, Beyond the Grip of the Gods!, Encounter Upon the Razor's Edge!, Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past! (Hallucination), Rescue and Search, Zenith and Abyss, Over and Out, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Stopover, Monkey Business, Face Your Fears (Memory), Fears (Memory), Players Chapter One, Players Chapter Two, Players Chapter Three, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Five, Players Chapter Six, Metallic Aftertaste, Last Rights, and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Appearances (Games): Legacy
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Impenetrable Skin, Enhanced Vision, Flight, Solar Absorption, and Journalism
Voiced By: Nolan North

Kal-El was born as his home planet, Krypton, in 1977 but the world was at its end. A year later or so, his father Jor-El, a brilliant scientist, sent his son away in a rocket with a few choice items, including the symbol of his family. Kal-El landed on Earth in Smallville, Kansas in 1978. He was discovered and raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent. They named him Clark from Martha's maiden name. Clark was raised with a strong sense of ethics and morals and when he came of age, he discovered Earth's Sun radiated him and gave him a range of super powers.

After a couple years, he decided to use his powers for the sake of humanity and became Superman. After relocating to Metropolis at age 21, he took a day job as a reporter for the Daily Planet. On June 1st, 1998, Superman debuted in Metropolis. He astonished the world with wondrous feats of flight, strength, and courage. On November 28th, 19:41 EST, it was reported Superman was victorious over the Mechanical Monsters. Giovanni Zatara was inspired by Superman to fight crime as a costumed hero, too. Superman continued to inspire a new generation of heroes. Over time, Superman discovered a weakness to red sun radiation and irradiated debris of Krypton, dubbed Kryptonite. Undaunted, Superman cleaned up Metropolis and defied Lex Luthor. In the 2000s, Batman and Superman met. In 2003, Superman co-founded the Justice League with Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter after they teamed up to fight aliens known as the Appellaxians in February.

On July 4th, a little after 14:00 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), Superman reported a fire at Project Cadmus. However, Zatara's distress call delayed immediate investigation of the genetics lab. Later that day, Superman and the rest of the League arrived at Cadmus. He was shocked to meet his teenage clone, Superboy, and was at a loss at how to deal with the revelation. On July 7th, Superman and Flash appeared in Central City to end a battle between Kid Flash, Superboy, and the Terror Twins. Superman left the scene to pursue the twins. On August 3rd, 7:38 EDT, Superman helped civilians during a bridge incident. He encountered Superboy, who attempted to ask for training and a relationship. Instead, Superman replied to Green Arrow's request for assistance against Amazo in Litchfield County and left. Bruce Wayne was observing and decided to was time to have a discussion with Superman. Following the battle with Amazo, Wayne and Clark Kent met at Bibbo's in Metropolis at 21:18 EDT. Kent refused to admit his status as Superboy's father and abruptly left.

In mid-September, Superman was present in the Cave when Batman presented the Team with its latest mission. On September 14th, 16:53 Central Daylight Time (CDT), Superman and Martian Manhunter fought the Terror Twins in New Orleans and tossed them into a warehouse where Aqualad, Red Tornado, Batman, Superboy, and Miss Martian were waiting. On September 22nd, Superman was among the members of the Justice League who arrived at the Cave to find it in shambles, the Team defeated, and Red Tornado missing. On October 1st, 18:13 EDT, Superman fought Plant Creatures in Metropolis with Green Lantern (John Stewart), Hawkman, and Hawkwoman. On December 1st, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen went to Qurac to interview Marie Logan about her sanctuary and cover President Harjavti's impeachment hearings. While at the Logan Animal Sanctuary, he met Connor Kent and Megan Morse. They bumped into each other again in Dhabar. Morse connected to Kent with a mind link and revealed she knew he was Superman. He explained he wanted to get to know Superboy as a person not as his clone. Kent switched to Superman to save President Harjavti from Deadshot's assassination attempt but became distracted saving Miss Martian instead.

On January 1st, Team Year One, Superman finally made amends with Superboy and congratulated him on his work in helping liberate the Justice League. Superman also voiced his approval of Superboy's alias and revealed his own to Superboy. Over the next five years, Superman and Superboy became closer. Superman regarded Superboy as his younger brother and Superboy took the name "Kon-El." In Team Year Three, the Genomorphs were liberated by Superboy, Guardian, Dr. Spence, and the Justice League and relocated to Geranium City to build a life of their own. On November 30th, Team Year Four, Superman was challenged to single combat by an alien named Draaga. Superman refused at first but Draaga would not stand down. Superman and Superboy barely defeated him but didn't learn how he heard about Superman in the first place. On February 17th, Team Year Five, Superman encountered Alpha Squad in Verhoyansk as he worked to divert the flow of an avalanche headed towards a mining community. Superman and Alpha successfully saved the village.

On December 1st, Team Year Five, Clark Kent was on hand to cover Noor Harjavti's rally in Metropolis. After Miss Martian added Superman to the Team psychic link, he sighted Devastation and rushed off to change into Superman. While on route back to the rally, Superman was teleported away. He was freed by Captain Atom and noticed Draaga was among those taken. After returning to Earth, The Collector of World's scan of Superman and discovery he was a Kryptonian was a factor in him convincing him to spare Metropolis. On January 6th, Team Year Six, Superman took part in the Malina Island raid. However, a bomb was planted. Superman stayed behind and attempted to convince the Kroloteans to evacuate into their ship so he could tow it to safety. The Kroloteans thought it a trick and attacked Superman. Superman survived the major explosion. After Aquaman carried him back to the Bio Ship, Wonder Woman announced he was still breathing and had a strong pulse.

On January 26th, Team Year Six, Superman left Earth with some of the League to stand trial on Rimbor. On June 20th, they were cleared of all charges. Kent attended Wally West's funeral. On July 4th, Superman and Captain Marvel flew with the Green Lanterns and bid them farewell as they left Earth for Oa with the Reach delegation. Superman was shocked when G. Gordon Godfrey threw in his support for Lex Luthor to be the next United Nations Secretary-General. In November, a group from the Justice League left for space on a good will tour to repair their reputation. The group included, at times, Superman. In Team Year Seven, Clark Kent became a father. Shortly after, he introduced Conner Kent to his newborn son, Jonathan Samuel Kent. On July 16th, 00:16, Team Year Eight, Superman was among the Justice League members fighting against an Apokoliptian invasion force on Rann. He uprooted a giant tree and hurled it at several Parademons. Black Lightning fought Plasma but she suddenly petrified. Superman confirmed he did not hear a heartbeat. The League was horrified to learn Plasma was a 14 year old meta-activated human girl from Earth.

On November 3rd, 23:16 UTC, Superman was among the Leaguers at the scene of an Nth Metal refinery raided by Apokolips. He verified all of the deceased were Thanagarians. Commander Hro Talak was skeptical the raid was conducted by the Parademons and was suspicious of the League. Green Lantern Guy Gardner covertly used his ring to locate an ion trail from the attacking ship. On November 6th, 19:12 UTC, from the cockpit of the Javelin, Superman sighted the ship, the Orphanage, and reckoned it was twice the size of the Watchtower. On November 7th, 01:20 UTC, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkwoman breached sector 16 of the Orphanage while the Javelin engaged it. Hawkwoman noted the underwhelming security. Superman told her to stay whelmed to her confusion. Wonder Woman drew their attention to all the detention cells holding trafficked meta-humans. They studied a gigantic machine but were attacked by the Furies. Superman took on Big Barda. He got her in an arm lock and stated they did not want to hurt them. Barda tossed him then bashed him. Superman caught her weapon but was blasted in the face.

Despite DeSaad's concern, Granny Goodness activated the machine and spread the Ghost Dimension around the Furies and Leaguers. Superman fought through the extreme pain and pulled himself and Barda out of the machine's range. She was surprised he saved her. He then used heat vision to destroy the machine's control panel and thus, turn off the field. Granny Goodness boomed Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkwoman into space. Gardner encapsulated them in a sphere construct to save them from asphyxiation. They watched as the Orphanage flew into a gigantic Boom Tube. On January 2nd, 13:20 UTC, Team Year Nine, Superman fought several Parademons at the Minosyss Ring. Superman was naturally surprised to see Superboy, Forager, and Black Lightning lend him a hand. Superman informed him the Furies boomed away with minerals stolen from the Ring but believed they would get them next time. Metron declared there would be no next time because it was the final element Desaad and Granny Goodness needed for their device.

Superboy asked Superman to be his best man. Superman agreed then did a double take. Metron was intrigued by the presence of 1.5 Kryptonians. Forager asked him to return with them to help their friend, Victor Stone. Metron stated that was not his function. Lightning added their friend was being eaten alive by a Father Box. Metron's interest piqued and he agreed to go with them to Earth. Superboy quickly told Superman they would talk later. Superman sighed and swore no one made his head spin like Superboy did.

On October 25th, 22:25 UTC, the Justice League conducted a raid on the Orphanage. Superman used his enhanced vision to confirm the trafficked meta-humans were still aboard but he realized the machine had been activated. Superman implored everyone to fight through the field but it was also a test of Granny Goodness's newly realized Anti-Life Equation. The League was all enthralled. On January 26th, the enthralled Superman and Martian Manhunter disarmed Geo-Force of his Mother Box. Superman tossed Geo-Force into Forager and Terra. Miss Martian attempted to brain blast everyone but the machine was too much for her and the Team was enthralled as well. Luckily, a search conducted by the Outsiders back on Earth led to Gretchen Goode being forced to merge back with Granny Goodness. At 02:48 UTC, Victor Stone boomed to the Orphanage after her and witnessed the fusion then he liberated Halo from the Cerebral-Leash. She in turn permanently cleansed everyone from Granny's control. Together, they destroyed the machine.

Geo-Force and Halo kissed. Superman decided to check on the meta-teens and mused the Markovian Eight were among them and they would all like a return ticket to Earth. On February 17th, 12:04 EST, Superman and Superboy addressed the United Nations to back up Black Lightning and Cyborg's findings linking Secretary-General Lex Luthor to several criminal violations. Superboy told the assembly all about Project Cadmus and Luthor's goal of breeding and enslaving living weapons, including himself, and he was a clone made from the combined DNA of Superman and Luthor to either replace or destroy Superman. Superman vouched for him. Superboy offered his DNA to be tested to confirm his claims. Ambassador Garth called for an immediate vote of no confidence in Secretary-General Luthor. On February 24th, 19:00 EST, Superman attended the meeting on the Watchtower between the League, the Team, the Outsiders, Nightwing's team, and Batman's team.

On March 22nd, after 17:38 UTC, Team Year Ten, Superman contacted the Science Center in Ma'aleca'andra from the Watchtower to confirm it was moved above Zeta-Shield in anticipation as part of the maiden test of M'arzz's first Zeta-Tube. Contact was lost after the Zeta-Tube was destroyed by Lor-Zod. On March 23rd, 01:28 EDT, Martian Manhunter luckily arrived unharmed. Cyborg pointed out it would be too dangerous to generate a Boom Tube to M'arzz without a signal and not having been there before. Superman hailed Steel on comms and requested him to return to the Watchtower with the Javelin. Em'ree J'onzz managed to re-establish contact with the Watchtower and was relieved to learn Manhunter, her uncle was safe. Cyborg attempted to lock onto the signal but could not once Lor-Zod destroyed the M'arzz-Earth Communications Satellite. Superman asked Steel what his ETA was. Steel reported it would take a few days to return in the Javelin even at post-lightspeeds. Martian Manhunter surmised M'gann M'orzz, Conner Kent, and Garfield Logan were on their own for the time being.

On March 24th, Superman called up Lois Lane while he took a break in the Watchtower's garden area. He told Lane he was sure he and Martian Manhunter would be on Mars to help with the assassination case. They soon started talking about Jonny Kent's potty training and emerging super powers. Superman became concerned when Lane informed him Jonny's eyes were glowing red then the call was cut off. He asked Cyborg to generate a Boom Tube. On March 25th, after 16:16 UTC, Superman and Martian Manhunter parked the Javelin at the Science Center. After Em'ree J'onzz hugged Manhunter, Superman asked about Kent, M'orzz, and Logan. She escorted them to the Royal Arena. They arrived too late and Ma'alefa'ak's Gene Bomb already went off with Superboy. Superman suddenly weakened. M'gann M'orzz and Martian Manhunter helped him back up to the arena. He revealed there was Kryptonite traces in the air. Martian Manhunter attempted to console the bereft Superman while everyone processed Superboy's sacrifice.

On April 21st, 20:06 CDT, Martha Kent announced it was time for supper. Clark Kent held up a tractor with one hand and just wanted to get it up on blocks. She was not falling for it and knew that if he and his father got to talking, everyone would be waiting on them for an hour. She ordered him to put the tractor down and come wash up. He obeyed. Lois Lane was impressed. Martha Kent hugged Jonny and guessed she had tricks of her own. Everyone was caught off guard when Jonny asked if Uncle Conner was coming. Kent and Lane tried to further explain to Jonny what "passed away" meant then told him his memories of Uncle Conner would always be alive in his head and his heart then when all their journeys ended, they would all see each other again. That evening, Kent sat on the porch. Lane came out and told him Jonny was asleep and okay. Kent was glad but he admitted he was not and started to tear up. He still blamed himself for not getting to M'arzz sooner. Lane told him he would have died alongside his brother.

Kent revealed he regretted wasting so much time keeping Conner Kent at arm's length. Lane reminded him he fixed that he knew Kent loved him like a brother and he felt the same way about him. She told him the only thing they could do was love each other. He hoped she was right and they hugged. On April 22nd, 09:13 CDT, everyone watched as Jonny rode on Wolf's back. On May 14th, 05:40 EDT, Kent sat down in Bibbo's Diner and read the Daily Planet. He thanked Bibbo Bibbowski for the coffee. Chameleon Boy and Saturn Girl, incognito, approached Kent. Referring to him as Superman, Saturn Girl told him they needed to talk. Kent was bewildered and told her she was a little confused. While Bibbowski was in the kitchen, Chameleon Boy showed his true form. Later that day, Superman met with them in the sky above the Daily Planet. He still maintained his charade and claimed his friend Clark Kent told him they wanted to see him. Saturn Girl played along and asked to thank him for them. She was eager to explain everything through a telepathic link.

Superman declined because he did not know her well enough to grant her access to his mind. She respected his request and explained they were from the future and came to prevent a disaster, the death of Superboy. They revealed they prevented an assassination at the United Nations a year prior but they failed on M'arzz. They expressed their sympathies. Superman asked why they did not just go back in time and try again. Saturn Girl revealed their Time Sphere was destroyed and were stranded in the present. He asked if it was just the two of them. Chameleon Boy informed him they lost a friend in the same explosion that killed Superboy. Superman did not recall evidence of a second fatality. Saturn Girl agreed but she was missing in action and presumed dead. Superman asked how they got from M'arzz to Earth. Saturn Girl hinted they asked for help and "she" said yes. Bio-Ship revealed her presence. Superman suggested they should have led with Bio-Ship because she was a darn good character reference. He agreed to help.

They tried to explain how crucial Superboy was to the formation of their organization and his death changed the timeline so that there was a galactic disaster in their era. They asked him to take Superboy's place at a crucial moment in time. Saturn Girl instructed him to be in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island ten years from that day at 12 noon exactly. Superman asked what he was supposed to do. Saturn Girl advised him to ask himself, "What would Superboy do?" when the moment came. They would not reveal anything else. Superman understood and agreed to try. He inquired about them. Chameleon Boy stressed the time stream was fragile and they were already taking a big risk talking to him. He implored him to get on board so they could get out of the way. Suprman was hailed on comms by Black Lightning about a global mystic crisis. Superman, Black Lightning, Ambassador Garth, and Nightwing deployed to Agra to deal with the Pillar of Fire left by Child.

After 15:22 IST, once the incident was contained, Superman agreed with Phantom Stranger's idea to gather every willing and able person to deal with the global crisis. Not wanting to also rely on villains like Wizard again, he believed it was time to start thinking about organizing a true Justice League Reserves System. He admitted he had the unfortunate feeling they were going to need that system more and more in the days to come. Stranded in the Phantom Zone and victim to a sickness, Superboy hallucinated Superman coaxing him to continue. To his horror, a hallucination of Match appeared and snapped Superman's neck. Superboy slowly reverted to base Cadmus programming and believed he killed Superman. In late August, Superman and Black Lightning discussed possible recruits for their Justice League reserve system. Superman also believed they should consider Peacemaker, Etrigan the Demon, the Phantom Stranger, the Rocket Reds and China for a planetary crisis, Atlantis, Themyscira, and Geranium City. He also wanted to create cooperative plans of action with M'arzz and maybe Thanagar as well as New Genesis and Oa if Rocket's negotiations went as planned. He believed the only question was Markovia and if Geo-Force and his Infinitors would abide by the League's standards especially when it could risk the trust they worked so hard to build.

On September 5th, 19:48 EDT, Clark Kent read the Daily Planet at Bibbo's Diner. Dick Grayson and Zee Zatara approached him. Zatara referred to him as Superman and asked for his help. Kent sighed and decided it was time to find another place to drink coffee. They sat in a booth. Zatara assured Kent it was okay to talk because she put up an aural glamour that made it look like they were talking about the upcoming Monarchs and Knights baseball game. Kent was not concerned and was confident the Monarchs were going to run away with it. Grayson steered the conversation back on track and reminded him about when Bibbo Bibbowski was kidnapped by the Kroloteans then pointed out the security camera system in place. He showed Kent footage of him talking to Saturn Girl and Chameleon Boy. He confirmed he recognized him but Zatara was not happy with just a "uh-huh." She pointed out Bart Allen was missing and those two could be responsible. Kent asked if there was any indication of foul play. Grayson admitted there was not and it looked like Allen was cooperating with them. He speculated Allen could have been coerced.

Kent stated he had good reason to trust them and wanted to leave it at that. On September 13th, after 17:38 EDT, Superman zetaed to the Watchtower. Black Lightning moved the Watchtower above the Zeta Shield then Prince J'emm J'axx and Phantom Girl zetaed from M'arzz to the tower. Phantom Girl briefed everyone present about how she saved Superboy on M'arzz but due to the conditions, they were both phased to the Phantom Zone where he came under the sway of Kryptonian criminals General Dru-Zod and his wife Ursa Zod. Superman used x-ray vision on Phantom Girl's bandages and saw her Legion Flight Ring. Superman cryptically told the others he had reason to believe what she said was true. He asked her if she was able to reach her friends. She was shocked he knew and asked how he did. He stated he could not answer that. She admitted she had not been able to make contact and found it extremely concerning. Black Lightning inquired what was going on. Superman apologized and told Lightning to trust him until he knew more.

Orion later boomed to the tower. Superman thanked him for coming on such short notice. A plan was formulated to open a Boom Tube to the Phantom Zone on Trombus, an uninhabited planet under the red sun Gamma Crucis. To Phantom Girl's surprise, Chameleon Boy hailed her over their rings. Superman asked Kid Flash if Nightwing and Zatanna were with them. They shared the plan, unaware Chameleon Boy, Saturn Girl, and Kid Flash were being impersonated by Ma'alefa'ak. At 23:45 UTC, everyone arrived on Trombus. Superman could immediately feel his power draining away. With everyone present, Lightning was confident they were fine. Ma'alefa'ak retook control of the Kaizer-Thrall and neutralized everyone then Lor-Zod greeted his parents as they came through the Boom Tube with Faora Hu-Ul and Conner Kent. On September 14th, after 00:01 UTC, Superman and the others recovered. He checked on Kid Flash. Kid hinted he was feeling a little inhibited. Superman understood and broke the Inhibitor Collar off him. Kid thanked and promised to be right back.

Miss Martian revealed Conner Kent regressed back to his Cadmus programming. Superman was alarmed he was back to thinking he was just a weapon. Kid returned with Bio-Ship. To help get back to Earth as soon as possible, probationary Green Lantern Forager towed Bio-Ship through Sub-Space. On September 14th, 01:19 UTC, Lightning asked Superman how he was doing with the knowledge there were other Kryptonians alive. Superman regretted he got his wish granted but it put the entire galaxy at risk He just wanted to focus on saving Superboy. He asked Kid Flash if he heard from Zatanna or Nightwing. Kid had no clue what he was talking about. Bio-Ship arrived at Earth at 04:08 UTC. She detected a substantial signal. Superman realized that was at his Fortress of Solitude. Orion was surprised the enemy invaded his sanctum. Lightning advised him not to rub it in. Superman warned them the Fortress had external sensors and would detect their approach then alert whomever was inside. Miss Martian informed him Bio-Ship interfaced with the Fortress's Kryptonian systems and the Zods would not see them coming.

The Emerald Eye of Ekron, bonded to Ursa Zod, sensed Bio-Ship. They waited outside and blasted her out of the sky. Luckily, Saturn Girl detected the Eye and issued a psychic warning. Superman and Orion rushed to the front of Bio-Ship and took the majority of the blast. As Bio-Ship crashed in the North Pole, Miss Martian and Saturn Girl cast a psychic illusion that tricked Zod's team into thinking everyone was dead except Superman. Superman stood up. Dru-Zod claimed he did not want to fight because he was also a Kryptonian. He gave Superman the chance to kneel before him and join his side then they could turn Earth into a paradise of strength for what remained of their people. Superman passed. Ma'alefa'ak used his telekinesis to send Kryptonite, confiscated off Nightwing in an earlier skirmish, onto Superman's chest. As he collapsed, Superman pleaded to Superboy for help. Superboy refused on the grounds he was already dead. Lor-Zod believed both Supers needed to be killed. Dru-Zod had another idea in mind.

After 00:16 EDT, Zod's team boomed to Planet Circle in Metropolis to stage Superman's public execution. At 05:46 EDT, he gave Superboy the order to kill Superman. Superboy could not bring himself to kill Superman again and stated he was family. Dru-Zod prepared to use Kryptonite on them but Kid Flash raced past and snatched it. Miss Martian used her telepathy to repair Superboy's mind back to normal. Zatanna cast a spell that allowed Superman to fully recover from the Kryptonite exposure. Superboy offered Dru-Zod a chance to surrender as thanks for saving him in the Phantom Zone. The Zods refused to surrender and they fought. Dru and Lor-Zod took on Superman and Superboy. Superman observed the Zods weren't in sync with each other. Superman and Superboy performed their combo move. Superman chucked Superboy into Dru-Zod. Superman and Zod fought in the air until the former slugged the latter back down to the streets. Superman and Superboy declared he should have learned on Krypton never to mess with the Els then punched Dru-Zod, in unison, into a Boom Tube back to the Phantom Zone.

Everyone was boomed to the Zone except Ursa Zod, who fled the planet, and Lor-Zod, who vanished in a Time Sphere that brought Rocket to the battle. The Legion of Super-Heroes feared they were back at square one with the threat of Lor-Zod, unaware the Time Sphere was preprogrammed by Metron to send Lor-Zod to the moment his Gene Bomb detonated. On September 15th, 14:42 EDT, Clark Kent sat in his Metropolis apartment and watched Beast Boy's interview on the Stargirl series. When the subject shifted to Superboy, Kent fumbled with the remote to turn the TV off before his son heard it from the hall. Lois Lane and Jonny Kent entered soon after. He asked what Logan said about Superboy. Lane and Kent explained to him his uncle was actually lost and hurt and they made a mistake telling him he passed on. Jonny knew he was alive the whole time. They asked him if they wanted to see Conner Kent. He was eager to see him. They played a video of Kent and M'orzz inviting people to their wedding.

On September 16th, 16:16 EDT, Clark and Conner Kent emerged from a limousine as groom and best man. They joined a discussion about the Phantom Zone. Clark Kent agreed the Kryptonians could not be held their forever since they served their sentences. Chameleon Boy stressed the threat they posed was too great. Kent suggested using Trombus as a place to release them under supervision of the League, New Gods, and Green Lantern Corps. The plan was agreed upon. Brainiac-5 appeared in a Time Sphere for his comrades. Saturn Girl would not reveal what Superboy did that was so important. After they vanished, Kent quickly refused to comment to his chagrin. The wedding went off without a hitch. On November 12th, 12:03 EST, Miss Martian reported no heroes were left behind in the Bialya mission and Psimon left no surprises behind in Vladek's mind either. Nightwing was sorry they lost the stolen Kryptonite to Lex Luthor and Metallo. She stated he made his choice and she made hers to spare him. Nightwing pointed out it was Kryptonite. Superman was fine with it and knew they would deal. Still recovering from Kryptonite exposure in a solar chamber, Superboy mused you lose some, you win some and took solace in saving Vladek as well as getting their brother Match back. Match was recovering in a nearby chamber as well.