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Real Identity: Kon-El (Alias: Connor Kent)
Affiliation(s): The Team, Happy Harbor High School, Ivy University, and The Outsiders
Appearance(s): Independence Day Part One, Part Two, Welcome to Happy Harbor, Drop Zone, Schooled, Infiltrator, Denial, Downtime, Bereft, Targets, Terrors, Homefront, Alpha Male, Revelation, Humanity, Failsafe, Disordered, Secrets, Misplaced, Coldhearted, Image, Agendas, Insecurity, Performance, Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Happy New Year, Earthlings, Alienated, Salvage, Depths, Satisfaction, Darkest, Before The Dawn, Cornered, True Colors, The Fix, War, The Hunt, Intervention, Summit, Endgame, Princes All, Royal We, Eminent Threat, Private Security, Away Mission, Rescue Op, Evolution, Triptych, Home Fires, Exceptional Human Beings, Another Freak, Nightmare Monkeys, True Heroes, Influence, Illusion of Control, First Impression, Quiet Conversations, Antisocial Pathologies, Terminus, Into the Breach, Overwhelmed, Nevermore, Inhospitable, Needful, Volatile, Involuntary, Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!, Kaerb Ym Traeh!, Nautical Twilight, Ebb Tide, Emergency Dive, Leviathan Wakes, Beyond the Grip of the Gods!, Encounter Upon the Razor's Edge, Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!, Odyssey of Death!, Rescue and Search, Ego and Superego, Zenith and Abyss, Over and Out, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Stopover, Haunted, Monkey Business, Face Your Fears, What's The Story?, Fears, Rabbit Holes, Wonderland, Cold Case, Hot Case, The Pit..., The Pendulum, ...And The Penalty, Under The Surface..., ...Here There Be Monsters, Monkey Business, Gorilla Warfare, Players Chapter One, Players Chapter Two, Players Chapter Three, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Five, Players Chapter Six, Torch Songs: Part 1, Torch Songs: Part 2, Cherry Gig, Foreign Affairs, Metallic Aftertaste, Last Rights, and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Appearances (Games): Legacy
Appearances (Audioplays): The Prize
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Impenetrable Skin, Enhanced Vision, Solar Absorption, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Nolan North

Under the mandate of Project Kr, a clone of Superman was created by Project Cadmus, a genetics lab, to replace Superman should he perish or to destroy him if he turns from the light. Weapon designation "Superboy" was force grown in 16 weeks from Superman's DNA, stolen most likely, and Lex Luthor's DNA, in order to account for missing sequences in the Kryptonian DNA. The rapid aging process made him into the biological equivalent of a 16 years old and there would be no visible signs of aging as a side effect of the process. He wore a solar suit that allowed him to absorb yellow sun radiation 24 hours, 7 days a week. Three Genomorph Gnomes were assigned to telepathically force feed him an education while suppressing his will and making him into a slave. They taught Superboy how to read and write, the names of things, and implanted images in his mind for reference. He was also taught to speak in a large amount of languages, including English, Spanish, French, Korean, Arabic, Russian, and Atlantean.

On one July 4th, Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash infiltrated Project Cadmus, hacked their files, and traveled to Sub Level 52 to discover the secret of Project Kr. Upon seeing Superboy, they ultimately decided the act wasn't right and opted to release him. At the same time, Cadmus' chief scientist Dr. Desmond ordered Superboy's G-Gnomes to direct Superboy to neutralize the heroes. Superboy then took the trio to the cloning chamber to be duplicated and replaced. They attempted to reason with Superboy and appealed to him by asking what Superman would do in the situation. Interestingly enough, Superboy had not yet developed heat vision nor the power to fly but more than made up with his headstrong personality and super strength. Another Genomorph named Dubbilex revealed to Superboy that he was destined to become the Genomorph hero and blaze a trail of freedom for all Genomorphs. The four teenagers defeated Desmond and were found by the Justice League.

Kid Flash elected to offer Superboy to stay at his parents' home until Batman made his decision. After receiving a prepaid charge card from Batman, they went to the Central City Mall on July 7th. Superboy purchased an entire rack of black T-Shirts with Superman's "S" Shield design from Forever Sixteen Suburban Outfitters. When a villainous pair called the Terror Twins began wrecking havoc, Wally West and Superboy donned bandanas to conceal their identities and tried to fight off the duo. Flash and Superman arrived to inform them Batman made his decision. Several days later, Superboy and the others were formally made a team. Superboy was smitten with Miss Martian, as was Kid Flash. Miss Martian, Superboy, and Red Tornado moved into Mount Justice to live there on a permanent basis. Superboy was given the numerical designation 04. While left alone momentarily, Superboy was placed into a psychic event triggered by a lonely G-Gnome. He encountered an event that happened years ago, the Joker invading the Secret Sanctuary. He eventually figured out the ruse and severed the connection with the G-Gnome.

Soon enough, Superboy began to think on his own but repeatedly verbally lashed out at Miss Martian for her use of telepathy and battle inexperience. Deep down, Superboy knew he over-reacted but didn't know how to properly apologize. After Miss Martian coordinated a successful plan to defeat Mr. Twister, Superboy apologized to her, heeding Aqualad's advice.

Over a month later, Superboy continued to become frustrated with his lack of a relationship with Superman. On August 3rd, he attempted to assist Superman in Metropolis but was rebuffed. He was further angered when the Team's trainer, Black Canary defeated him twice in a sparring match. At first, he denied her offer to train him. However, after fighting Amazo, he asked her to which she obliged. On August 8th, Superboy and Robin flew to Philadelphia board Miss Martian's Bio Ship. He sighted Professor Ojo, member of the League of Shadows, and confronted him. Eventually, Superboy rendered him unconscious. On September 3rd, the team's memories from the past six months were manipulated by Psimon. Superboy was reduced to a being driven only by animal impulse. He was rendered unconscious by Psimon and taken into custody of the team studying the Sphere. Miss Martian and Superboy joined forces to defeat Psimon, became closer to each other in the process, and were befriended by the Sphere.

On September 5th, Superboy went with Miss Martian and Superboy to visit Atlantis. On September 7th, Superboy was set to attend Happy Harbor High School with Miss Martian. First, a suitable alias had to be chosen. Miss Martian suggested "Connor" for his first name while Martian Manhunter added "Kent" for his last. Superboy agreed, under the notion "Kent" was in honor the late Kent Nelson and unaware of Superman's secret identity. At Happy Harbor High, he quickly earned the animosity of another student named Mal Duncan. On September 14th, Superboy took on the likeness of Tommy Terror as part of an undercover investigation at Belle Reve Penitentiary. When faced with a mass prison break and a captured Miss Martian, Superboy resorted to his wits and manipulated Icicle Junior into helping him. Fearing Miss Martian dead, Superboy was relieved when she thawed out and they kissed. On September 22nd, Superboy and the rest of the Team were caught off-guard when a pair of androids invaded the Cave.

On September 23rd, Superboy was infuriated when he overheard Aqualad telling Batman about a possible mole. Overly concerned with his inability to protect Miss Martian, Superboy acted rashly and revealed the secret to the rest of the Team and later was overbearing to his girlfriend. During a mission in Northern India, Superboy encountered a pack of enhanced wolves and defeated them. He was then befriended by the pack leader, a large white wolf he named Wolf. Superboy then decided to take it back home to the Cave as it didn't return to the wild like the rest of the animals. Superboy still wished to destroy Red Tornado for betraying the Team but relented when Aqualad convinced him he shared common ground with their former supervisor. During a battle against Red Volcano, Superboy saved Red Tornado from melting with his family. On October 16th, Superboy learned about the existence of Superman's Fortress of Solitude during a training exercise.

On October 23rd, Superboy walked out on a session with Black Canary and was about to leave the Cave on his motorcycle when Sphere revealed a new form. He and Wolf rode her across the Eastern Seaboard only to encounter the Forever People. Together, they went after those who stole technology from New Genesis and Apokolips. Superboy was further surprised when they deferred to follow his lead. The oddities continued as Dreamer explained the history of New Genesis and Apokoips in brief. With Sphere, Superboy used Infinity-Man to defeat Intergang and force DeSaad to leave the planet. He then convinced the Forever People to let him keep Sphere. Superboy turned in a report to Batman then met with Black Canary again. He admitted felt at peace during the training exercise despite the deaths of many. Superboy fulfilled his destiny and took Superman's place. On November 11th, Superboy dropped off Robin and Aqualad at a Flying Ice Fortress then proceeded to a second one to destroy it with Wolf, Black Canary, and Red Tornado.

On November 25th, Superboy met Lex Luthor and learned of another Super-Clone at Project Cadmus. Along with Wolf, he investigated the facility and found the clone, Match. Match was unstable and quickly attacked the duo. Superboy was placed into a pod to heal, which he did not take kindly, too. Luthor contacted him and gifted him with Shields to combat Match successfully. With it, Superboy could now access the full range of his powers for an hour at a time. He contacted Dubbilex and learned of another secret, Genomorph City. Match broke free of his physical and mental restraints to fight Superboy again. Superboy utilized a Shield and defeated Match. For the greater good, he agreed to have Match refrozen. Superboy confronted Luthor and learned his relation to the villain. Lex Luthor then neutralized Superboy with two words, "Red Sun." Hours later, Superboy came to and couldn't bring himself to getting rid of the Shields.

On December 1st, Connor Kent and Megan Morse visited Marie and Garfield Logan. By mistake, Kent picked poison Sumac for Morse. They encountered Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen after they finished interviewing Marie Logan about her sanctuary. They met up again in Dhabar. Once Deadshot opened fire on the Harjavti family, Superboy used a Shield and attacked Deadshot. Going over the edge, Superboy beat Deadshot senseless. Superman pulled Superboy off and admonished him for going too far. By late December, Superboy was using Shields with greater frequency. However, his full range of powers were taken by Parasite during a mission in Europe. He told the Team he only had the genetic potential for them and it was enough for Parasite to replicate.

On December 30th, Superboy used his last Shield to combat Mammoth but almost got Artemis killed. He told the Team about his visit to Cadmus, the Shields, his human DNA, and Lex Luthor was his father. Miss Martian used her powers to nullify the Red Sun protocol and confirmed no other programming resided. At some point, Superboy and Miss Martian visited Garfield Logan in Qurac but Superboy accidentally picked some poison Sumac. In Team Year Three, the Genomorphs were liberated by Superboy, Guardian, Dr. Spence, and the Justice League and relocated to Geranium City to build a life of their own. On November 30th, Team Year Four, Superboy helped Superman defeat the alien Draaga in Metropolis. Four city blocks were destroyed and the press didn't pick up on Superboy's contribution.

On February 17th, Team Year Five, Superboy took lead of Alpha Squad in a mission to track Sportsmaster. They arrived in Verhoyansk. At 17:59 Omsk Summer Time (OMSST), Superboy realized the receiver on Dr. Sandsmark's GPS device wasn't responding. An antenna at the Light's base camp was jamming the signal. After taking the camp out, Superboy hailed the Cave to get an update on Sportsmaster's tracer coordinates. Along the way, Alpha observed Shadow ninja freezing Siberian villagers. Superboy led Alpha in liberating each villager. Alpha soon ran into Killer Frost, defeated her, and continued to follow Sportsmaster's trail. They confronted Sportsmaster and Icicle Jr. and secured two statue fragments. However, the activity triggered an avalanche. Superman arrived to help divert the flow and save the mining community nearby.

Some time later, Superboy broke up with Miss Martian over the misuse of her psychic powers on him and others. Superboy remained a member of the Team despite an invitation to join the Justice League. He still works alongside Miss Martian but there appears to still be some feelings between the two. Superman introduced Superboy to Jonathan Kent and was accepted into the family. On December 1st, Team Year Five, Superboy was teleported to the Moon by Kylstar. He was joined by Superman, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, and Captain Atom along with several others.

On January 1st, Team Year Six, he was part of a mission to track down Clayface. After nearly being suffocated, Superboy administered a pill that completely solidified and immobilized Clayface. On January 4th, Superboy was assigned to accompany Adam Strange to Rann with Miss Martian and Beast Boy. The Zeta Squad returned to Earth on January 6th. Superboy and Miss Martian proceeded to the Hall of Justice to observe an interrogation of a Krolotean captured by Blue Beetle. Superboy was concerned when Miss Martian forcefully extracted intelligence again. Superboy participated in the Malina Island raid as part of Delta Squad with Superman, Wonder Woman, and Wonder Girl. During the mission, Nightwing and Superboy confronted Aqualad but he rendered Superboy unconscious. On January 26th, Superboy bid Superman goodbye as some of the League left Earth for Rimbor to stand trial.

On February 13th, Superboy took Blue Beetle along with him to investigate Intergang's possible involvement in supplying the alien bomb that destroyed Malina Island. He reached a dead end when Ugly Manheim and Whisper A'Daire were compromised and more questions raised when their Appellaxian Golem was remotely destroyed before his eyes. On March 19th, at Cape Canaveral, Superboy posed as Superman but was annoyed with having his flight simulated by Miss Martian. During the mission, Superboy confronted Miss Martian about her methods but was forced to take manual control of the Bio Ship when Kaldur'ahm and Manta-men attacked the Earth-Mars-Communication-Satellite. On March 21st, Connor Kent was surprised by Wendy Harris on campus at Ivy University. She was the only one who acknowledged it was his birthday. On March 30th, Superboy infiltrated the Reach Ship as a Manta Trooper and secured the docking bay for the Team. When Miss Martian wouldn't respond, Superboy tried to look for her but was knocked aside by Black Beetle. In the aftermath, Superboy suspected Miss Martian had abused her powers again which she did with ill consequences.

On April 1st, Superboy checked out his new sleeping quarters in Bludhaven then went with Miss Martian and Mal Duncan to the Hall of Justice and look through what was salvaged from Mount Justice. However, Despero and L-Ron arrived. Superboy was no match for Despero in combat and was almost decapitated. After recovering, Superboy collapsed the floor beneath Despero and Duncan. By that time, Zatanna was telepathically revived by Miss Martian and she neutralized Despero. On April 2, Superboy visited Miss Martian in Chicago to talk. On April 9th, Superboy and Nightwing found Lagoon Boy injured and unconscious in Chicago. They took him to a local hospital where Nightwing revealed the truth about Aqualad and Artemis. When they were alone, Superboy informed Nightwing of what Miss Martian did to Kaldur'ahm's mind and berated him for keeping the deep cover mission a secret. On May 23rd, Superboy attended a briefing on the Watchtower. On May 26th, he was assigned to Alpha Squad tasked with confronting Mongul.

On June 14th, Connor Kent went out with Wendy Harris. He acted as a buffer of sorts between Harris and her boyfriend Marvin White, who was sort of freaking out and not trying to mess up. On June 19th, Superboy took part in the Santa Prisca mission. On June 20th, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Adam Strange went to Rimbor to clear the Justice League of charges. Superboy and Miss Martian managed to convince the tribunes to dismiss the charges on the implication that the Justice League's exoneration would attract more cases to Rimbor, and seemingly more bribes. They returned to Earth and took part in disabling the Magnetic Field Generators. Superboy and Wolf were Rho Squad. Kent attended Wally West's funeral. As of July 4th, Miss Martian and Superboy had repaired their friendship. They and Beast Boy were formed into Alpha Squad and given orders to answer a distress call sent from Mars by B'arzz O'oomm. During the mission, Superboy met Miss Martian's parents, J'ann and M'aatt M'orzz. Superboy and Miss Martian seemed to get along during the mission but something happened and they were back to being at odds with each other.

Superboy became afraid of getting close to Miss Martian again and pushed her away. On August 8, 16:16 EDT, Superboy took a Zeta-Tube to the Watchtower for a mission briefing. He was surprised to see Miss Martian present. Batgirl presided over the briefing and informed Miss Martian, Beast Boy, and Superboy that Psimon was sighted in Hollywood. Miss Martian suspected he was setting a trap and declared she could handle him. Superboy became irate and questioned if she was going to put him into another coma. She denied she would do that. Superboy clarified she wouldn't do that again. She admitted he was right and stated she won't do it again. Batgirl whispered to Beast Boy and asked what was going on. Superboy overheard and asked if they should be going. At the festival, they split up. Superboy found Miss Martian and Beast Boy sitting in on a moderated Q&A session with Sandra Stanyon. Using the psychic link, Superboy told her she should ask Stanyon about "Hello, Megan!" but she was unsure.

Superboy was surprised and reminded her she was the bravest woman he knew and asked if she really was afraid to ask a question. Stanyon lit up after Miss Martian asked about "Hello, Megan!" and Marie Logan. Miss Martian thanked Superboy and admitted she was always braver when he was around. Superboy stated he was happy to help, paused, and said it was because they were teammates. After the panel, Stanyon sat with Miss Martian and Beast Boy and talked about Logan, working together as a family on the set, and hearing about her passing. Psimon locked onto Miss Martian and trapped them all in her mind. Superboy found himself in the middle of an episode of "Hello, Megan!" with Beast Boy stuck as a talking frog. Superboy realized what Psimon did to them. He tried to talk to Megan Wheeler but she was stuck in character and thought he was a new foreign exchange student then greeted her boyfriend, Conner. Luckily, Beast Boy recognized what episode they were in and noted there was a song Megan Wheeler was supposed to sing at a school show. She confessed she was afraid her boyfriend Conner wouldn't like the song and wouldn't forgive her.

Beast Boy became alarmed because the fear of not being forgiven wasn't in the actual episode. He speculated that was Miss Martian's consciousness leaking through and forgiveness was the key to escaping Psimon's trap. Beast Boy discovered Miss Martian tried to change Superboy's memories and that was the cause of their break up months ago. Superboy stated he more or less forgave her. Beast Boy warned him he had to be sincere this time or they wouldn't get free. Superboy tried to talk to Wheeler backstage at the school show but Conner got in the way and told him to get his own Megan. Wheeler was escorted to the stage by her mother then she sang a song heavy with regret and sadness. Beast Boy immediately knew that wasn't the song in the episode. Conner realized the truth and implored Superboy to talk to her. Superboy asked Wheeler to speak to his best friend M'gann M'orzz after the song. He began his apology and admitted he would always love her that is if she could forgive him.

Superboy revealed he got scared after they got close during the Mars mission and pulled away. He apologized to her for that. Miss Martian appeared and pulled them out of her mind. They regained consciousness but Psimon got away. Miss Martian apologized to Stanyon for all the trouble but she was surprisingly forgiving, citing a life of "very scary and strange" with Jonathan Lord, then thanked Superboy. Miss Martian thanked Superboy through the psychic link. He stated he did it because they were a team. She added, they were, always. Eventually, they got back together. Connor Kent and Megan Morse began renting the apartment at Lucas Carr's house in Happy Harbor after they both graduated college. Kent began working from home as a motorcycle mechanic. He soon met his newly born nephew Jonny Kent.

On July 29th, 10:16 EDT, Team Year Eight, Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz talked in their living room. He admitted he felt more of a burden on Earth to step up with Superman in space as part of the Justice League's galactic goodwill tour. She told him he will do what is right like always. Wolf stirred. Dick Grayson knocked on their front door. He wanted to recruit Kent for help in busting up a meta-human trafficking ring in Markovia. He promised it should take a day or two and would an in-an-out deal. Kent agreed to help. Grayson reminded him it was a non-super suit op. He pointed out he never wears one. Grayson inferred his T-shirt counted so he would be sending darkwear via Zeta-Tube and text the time and place to meet up. He left to talk to one more recruit. On their psychic link, M'orzz shared her hope he would have passed because she just lost a huge chunk of the Team due to Batman's walkout. Kent reassured her it was just one mission and she could always count on him. He got on one knee and told her he was carrying it around for a month waiting for the right time. He proposed to her and she quickly said yes. They kissed.

On July 30th, 00:00 EDT, Superboy flew to the Centennial Park Zeta-Tube on Super-Cycle where Dick Grayson and Artemis Crock were already waiting. Jefferson Pierce showed up and stated he was only doing one mission. At 19:23 EEST, Kent and Pierce flew to Markovburg in the Super-Cycle under the radar with all the gear for the mission. They set up in the northwest corner of the Markovian National Cemetery. From there, Kent and Pierce went to check out the Markovburg Children's Hospital. Kent held up his phone and bypassed security. They opened a window and went in. Pierce could sense the building was using a lot of power and followed the flow of electricity to a morgue. Pierce found a secret door but his ability to generate electricity was not working at the time. Kent bypassed the retinal scan and they planted miniature cameras in the Bedlam Syndicate's laboratory. They tried to hail Nightwing and Tigress on comms but discovered the lab was shielded. They found a murdered Mother Box that was taken apart. Kent was reminded of Cadmus from the sight of things then sensed four heartbeats in the Metamorphosis Pods.

They were about to extract the kidnapped children when Count Vertigo appeared and blasted them. Vertigo ordered Plasmus to come. Pierce froze since Plasmus resembled the meta-human that died while fighting him on Rann earlier in the month. Plasmus grabbed Kent and burned him with his touch. Kent muscled free and punched the floor. Vertigo blasted them but Kent kept punching and they fell through the hole into the sewers. Grayson attempted to hail Kent and Pierce on comms to warn them Dr. Simon Ecks was going to the hospital with Prince Brion Markov but the signal was weak. They reached the sewer outlet. Kent pried the bars. Pierce went first but he hit underwater rocks after he jumped and lost consciousness. Plasmus grabbed Kent and knocked him out then dragged him back to Vertigo. Vertigo was surprised someone survived Plasmus's touch but took his mask off and realized he was Superboy. Vertigo had him taken to the subject room but was irate to discover Ecks took Markov to the laboratory. Vertigo had Markov sedated then placed in a pod. Kent was also put in a pod.

On July 31st, Grayson, Pierce, Crock, Super-Cycle, and a girl saved by Crock attacked the lab. Grayson freed Kent and removed the Inhibitor Collar placed on his neck. The Bedlam Syndicate retreated with several of the podded children but Nightwing's covert team blew up the lab with Dr. Jace's assistance. Brion Markov awakened and got highly emotional, setting off his powers. Kent tried to instruct him to focus on slowing down his breath. Markov listened and his powers were reeled in. However, at 00:44 EEST, Oracle regained contact and pointed Grayson towards a GBS report about Baron DeLamb framing Markov for his crimes as head of the Bedlam Syndicate. Markov became enraged and burrowed towards the royal palace. Kent went after Markov, while the rest dealt with the syndicate. Markov attacked DeLamb but was decked. He, too, was meta-activated. Kent arrived and offered Markov a better way to handle current developments and they would help him. Markov did not listen and continued to fight, despite being outmatched. Kent grabbed Markovian ambassador Zviaad Baazovi and Vlatavan queen Perdita Vladek and leaped to safety.

Soon-to-be-king Gregor Markov saw the truth and ordered DeLamb's arrest for meta-human trafficking, planning a coup, and the murder of his parents. DeLamb charged but Kent landed between them and decked DeLamb then took him out with several more punches. Unable to compromise, Gregor Markov then banished Brion, his twin brother, and asked Kent to take care of him. Kent nodded and leaped away with the distraught Markov. After Vertigo retreated, Nightwing felt the mission was over. Kent took Markov with him back to Happy Harbor. On August 1st, 10:37 EDT, Kent and M'orzz talked. She joked she did not know he was bringing back a "souvenir." Kent apologized. She told him it was okay and noted Markov kind of reminded her of him from back in the day. He agreed. She asked if he knew how long he was staying. He did not. She asked where Grayson was. Later in the day, Kent worked on a motorcycle in the garage. Markov asked if all "the beast" did was sleep.

Kent stated his name was Wolf and he was doing his job. Markov denied that he needed to unwind. He ignited and bent a wrench. Kent stated he was wound. He asked Kent why he did not pay someone else to fix the motorcycle. Kent explained that was his job and he could use the money. Markov pointed out he had the world's most amazing motorcycle. Super-Cycle chirped in agreement. Kent repeated he needed the money and the motorcycle needed help. Markov did not understand. Kent handed him a clutch spring and told him to clean it then maybe he would. On August 4th, 12:25 EDT, they were paid a visit by Bear. He bear hugged Kent. Kent introduced Lucas Carr and Brion Markov to him then told him M'orzz was now his fiancee. He wished there was time for celebration but revealed there was trouble on New Genesis. M'orzz set up a mental link. Bear was elated and told Kent he made an excellent choice in a life mate. He was about to talk about Dreamer and himself but paused and briefed them about reports of violence between the land dwelling Bugs and the New Gods of Supertown due to betrayal and strange monsters.

Bear revealed Mother Box detected no monsters, only traces of Earth human DNA. M'orzz deduced some meta-humans were involved. Kent sat out on the mission because he needed to stay with Markov and meet with Grayson and others who were on their way. She sighed and took the lead on the Team mission to New Genesis. Kent, Carr, and Markov greeted Grayson, Crock, Pierce and Halo as they zetaed into the garage. Grayson, Crock, Pierce, and Kent talked in the apartment. Pierce informed them Dr. Jace wanted to come. Kent did not want the mad scientist to know where he lived. Pierce tried to convince him she was not so bad and really cared about Markov and Halo. Carr suggested putting them on the Team. They were not so sure about it since Halo was amnesiac and could be brainwashed and Markov was a walking ball of rage. They decided to test them. Kent instructed Marov to take it easy and control his ability. Some of Carr's apple trees were damaged.

On August 5th, 21:04 EDT, Kent and M'orzz introduced Forager to Markov and Halo. Kent suggested he live on the Watchtower. She protested because he would be all alone. Crock brought up how good Mount Justice was. Even Kent reminisced. M'orzz got an idea and asked Bio-Ship to morph into an RV that could accommodate Forager, Halo, and Markov. Grayson shared intel of the murder of one Jaqqar Marlo by Black Spider and another from the League of Shadows who crushed him with a boulder. Speculation about the second being Markov's missing sister, Tara, ensured. Kent pointed out it could have been someone with super strength. Markov prodded and Grayson informed him the League was based on Infinity Island but there was no guarantee she was there. He forbade any mission until they gathered more intelligence and came up with a solid plan first. Grayson, Crock, Pierce, Kent, and M'orzz discovered Markov, Forager, Halo, and Sphere were gone. Kent asked Wolf where the kids went. He emoted. Kent sarcastically thanked him.

They went to Infinity Island to rescue the kids. The irony of them rescuing rebellious teenagers did not go by unnoticed. En route, Kent was annoyed to see the interior of Bio-Ship was already a mess. They ended up in a brief battle against Sensei, Ubu, and a Red Hooded Ninja until Ra's al Ghul said it was enough. Markov apologized but Superboy told him he once had to rescue Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad. Markov, Halo, and Forager refused to walk away but did not think they would fit on the Team and preferred to stay on the outside. Nightwing agreed to make it work. Superboy decided to rub it on and pointed out he was in charge of another team. A training session was held on September 8th, 11:04 EDT, at Mount Justice's beach. Kent worked on lava control with Markov. That evening, they all sat around a campfire. Grayson compared the plight of Neanderthals and modern man to the ongoing surge in meta-humans. Grayson then prompted the trio to choose their hero codenames. He and Crock traded quips about their own codenames. Kent admitted it sounded silly but it was to protect their secret identities.

Training continued with Maneuver Seven. Kent stopped himself mid-speech about fighting the good fight at each other's sides. Crock teased him about sounding like Superman. The session was just about over but Halo discovered the ability to generate illusions. Grayson stated they were starting over. On September 25th, 23:43 EDT, Superboy and Miss Martian busted Simon Stagg for being in possession of a Reach Meta-Human Failsafe device stolen from S.T.A.R. Labs Detroit. On September 29th, 11:08 EDT, Kent turned off the TV. On the mind link, M'orzz told him he did not have to do that but did not get how he could stand watching G. Gordon Godfrey. Kent admitted he was the worst but fascinating. He also quipped they could not live in a bubble and needed to know what the other side was saying. After Carr and Morse left with the kids, Kent took a earbud out of Markov's ear and told him it was time to get to "work," too. At 13:02 EDT, Grayson held a training session at Owing Mills. He suddenly started attacking Geo-Force, Halo, and Forager with a sniper rifle to teach them how to react to a surprise assault. They were rubber bullets but Kent thought they should dial it down a few degrees.

Grayson told them it was training for a surprise attack. Coincidentally, Lobo crashed the session to execute his latest bounty and kill Forager. Kent threw a punch and got stomped. Kent called for Maneuver 16. Super-Cycle shot at Lobo while Kent went at him with a leaping punch. Lobo whistled for the Spacehog, who went after Super-Cycle, while he kicked Kent. Forager faked his death by shedding his exo-shell and letting Lobo destroy it. On October 12th, 08:21 EDT, M'orrz revealed she had no appointments and Kent declared every bike in Rhode Island was running smooth. He suggested they get dressed and do something. They fooled around instead. M'orzz recalled there was a training session but Kent felt Grayson could handle it. On October 15th, Kent finished restoring a motorcycle and took it out for a test run. He called it one of the perks of the job. Markov scoffed. Kent told him to try not to sprain his thumbs and drove off. A meeting was held at the house in the evening.

At 19:21 EDT, Grayson talked to his covert team, Miss Martian, and Dr. Jace about Vic Stone. Forager and Violet Harper explained how she generated a Boom Tube and somehow located him. They all realized she was really the soul of a disassembled Mother Box in the Bedlam Syndicate's base who bonded itself to the corpse of Gabrielle Daou. Sphere turned to Super-Cycle. Father Box overtook Stone and attacked. Kent jumped between them and took the brunt of both of their blasts. Violet Harper cleansed Stone. Stone came to and apologized. Kent claimed he was fine and told Super-Cycle to stand down. Grayson surmised it was a temporary solution. Stone protested against getting his father Dr. Silas Stone involved. Kent assured him no one was kicking anyone out. On the mental link, M'orzz sighed and conceded they were getting another stray. Kent took her hand and told her he understood she was frustrated: his one mission turned into a never ending thing, they hardly spent anytime together since they got engaged, and Happy Harbor was supposed to be their own "Fortress of Solitude" where they could be just themselves. He knew just what they needed. She perked up to having a date night. He declared it was a secret base. Wolf groaned and walked away.

Queen Perdita Vladek called them to her room at the Luthor Grande Hotel in Beverly Hills because Garfield Logan was stuck in a psychic fugue state after he put on her Goode Goggles. Kent gently lifted the two paramedics, Casey Brinke and Sam Reynolds, and put them in the hall. He promised they would return the gurney later. M'orzz went into Logan's mind with Kent acting as her anchor. Logan came to and promised a debrief later then kissed Vladek. On the mental link, M'orzz conceded it was as close to date night as they were going to get. They kissed, too. On October 31st, 17:42 EDT, Grayson arrived at Carr's residence and informed the teenagers he had actionable intelligence on Tara Markov's location. Once Tara Markov was secured on Bio-Ship, the team suited up in darkwear and proceeded to liberate the other meta-humans and take down the auction site. Black Lightning caused a black out then Forager had Bio-Ship fire on the auction site. Mammoth, Shimmer, and Icicle Jr. were sent outside to check on the noise outside. Superboy easily dispatched the Bialyan soldiers and knocked the last two away with a motorcycle. Jr. was not fooled by the darkwear and knew he was Superboy.

Superboy greeted him. Jr. told him he did not forget he "stole" his girl even though she turned out to be Miss Martian but he was totally into her. Superboy admitted he was into her first then bent a tank's turret. Superboy gave Icicle credit for bringing them together and mentioned they were engaged. Icicle congratulated him and admitted he always thought they made a great couple and mused there was hope for him, too. Superboy agreed. Superboy kicked him into a car bumper. He dodged Shimmer and her disintegrating hands. She leaped at him but he kicked her. Superboy ordered Forager to perform the West Maneuver. He had Bio-Ship blast Mammoth's ankles. He dropped then Superboy clocked him. The team departed in Bio-Ship with the rescued meta-humans. On November 1st, 03:16 EDT, Kent informed everyone all the Justice League and Team raids on the other meta-human trafficking depots were a success and rescued teenagers were safe at the Taos Meta-Human Youth Center. Dr. Jace warned Kent before he went into his apartment. The furniture was all wrecked due to another incident with Stone being overtaken by Father Box. Kent knew M'orzz was going to kill him.

Nightwing believed Geo-Force, Halo, Forager, and Terra were ready to join the Team. On November 4th, 10:21 EST, Grayson, Kent, and Crock formally made the four the offer to join the Team. Kent emphasized being a hero was not for everyone and it was a choice they had to make for themselves but it did not have to be a permanent one. Markov felt he made the right choice, no matter the danger. Kent brought up how it was possible to fight the good fight within the system, too, like with Troia and Garth at the United Nations. They brought up the sacrifices they and others made for the greater good and choosing to live with the consequences. On November 6th, 14:59 EST, all four were formally welcomed to the Team by Miss Martian. She was also happy Superboy and Tigress were rejoining the Team full-time again. Geo-Force surmised Superboy did so to keep an eye on him. Superboy claimed it was to spend more time with his fiance. Beast Boy zetaed to the Watchtower and requested he rejoin the Team.

On November 22nd, Thanksgiving preparations were underway. M'orzz used telekinesis to pile ingredients into Kent's arms. They shared a quick kiss then she smacked Forager's four hands with levitating spoons before he could touch the food. Karen Beecher and Mal Duncan joined them for dinner along with Lucas Carr and eventually, Victor Stone. On December 4th, Superboy was present at the meeting Beast Boy called for on the Watchtower. He proposed a public team of young heroes. Aquaman objected at first but Beast Boy told him to "get on board, or get out of the way." Kent grumbled over being quoted. During the tour of the Hub, Miss Martian objected to six teenagers living alone and unsupervised. Tigress teased who knew what could happen. Superboy turned away. Miss Martian elbowed her. On January 2nd, Team Year Nine, Superboy introduced Dreamer to everyone at the Hub. She had Mother Box run a diagnostic on the ailing Victor Stone then revealed his only hope was to be placed in the Mobius Chair of Metron. Dreamer opened a Boom Tube back to New Genesis but lent Mother Box to them and warned Bear struck Metron last time they saw him. Superboy thanked her.

Forager and Jefferson Pierce accompanied Superboy in the search for Metron. Mother Box took them to the Source Wall. At 13:15 UTC, they briefly glimpsed Metron on the move and tried to follow after him. They ended up in Gog's nose. They saw Metron enter a Boom Tube. Mother Box took them to the Minosyss Ring. At 13:20 UTC, they observed Superman fighting several Parademons. Superboy threw Forager like a pinball then jumped on the back of a Parademon and pummeled it. Superman was naturally surprised to see Superboy and they hugged. Superman informed him the Furies boomed away with minerals stolen from the Ring but believed they would get them next time. Metron declared there would be no next time because it was the final element Desaad and Granny Goodness needed for their device. Superboy asked Superman to be his best man. Superman agreed then did a double take. Metron was intrigued by the presence of 1.5 Kryptonians. Forager asked him to return with them to help their friend, Victor Stone. Metron stated that was not his function. Pierce added their friend was being eaten alive by a Father Box.

Metron's interest piqued and he agreed to go with them to Earth. Once in the medical boy, Metron clarified he only came to see the Father Box completely override an organic system because he never saw it happen before and found it worthy of studying. Pierce and Superboy conspired. The former pointed out Dreamer said they only needed the chair. Superboy threw Metron off. Insulted, he blasted Superboy into a girder. Pierce blasted him with lightning. Brion Markov, Dr, Jace, and Dr. Stone placed Stone on the Mobius Chair. Superboy asked Mother Box to tell the chair to save him. The soul of the Father Box was returned to the Source and Stone was given Mobius tech in its place. Metron declared as much but still thought it was a wasted opportunity for study. Superboy started to understand why Bear once punched him. At some point between January 2nd and January 20th, Superboy gave Nightwing the Mother Box in the meantime until Dreamer came to retrieve it. On January 22nd, Kent and M'orzz argued on the mental link after Pierce deduced the existence of Batman's secret task force.

They were interrupted by Beast Boy after he learned they were manipulating his Outsiders team as well. On January 25th, 14:29 PST, Kent and M'orzz continued the discussion. He understood why the group was formed to save people but he did not get why she went along with it. He brought up how Artemis Crock's staged death led her to brain-fry Kaldur'ahm and every time she lied to the people she loved, she lost a little bit of her soul. She thought he forgave her. He clarified he did but had not forgotten. She promised she never invaded any minds. He claimed the lies still hurt. They were interrupted by the intercomm. At 14:32 PST, Kirby Jacobs hailed the Outsiders and informed them of a visitor in the lobby, Vandal Savage. He gave them Violet Harper's coordinates. Superboy asked what the catch was. Savage revealed his one condition was they tell Granny Goodness he helped them. Geo-Force volunteered to go as well. Superboy told him he had to keep his head in the mission for Harper's sake. Nightwing remarked he was starting to sound like Superman and a leader. Superboy turned it back on him and asked what kind of leader he wanted to be.

Superboy asked Mother Box to open a Boom Tube using Savage's coordinates and Miss Martian set up a mental link connecting everyone. On January 26th, 01:17 UTC, they arrived inside the Orphanage. Superboy instructed Terra and Forager to remember their training after they saw Parademons on patrol. He verified Mother Box locked onto Harper but Miss Martian could not sense her psychically. The senior members and Kaldur'ahm formed Alpha Squad and proceeded to make a distraction. Superboy assigned Geo-Force to lead Beta Squad and get Harper but use Mother Box to boom home if they got into any real trouble. Geo-Force sarcastically promised to keep his head, do his homework, and bed in be by 10:00. Alpha found the Javelin but Miss Martian could not reach anyone psychically. Superboy heard Parademons coming. They took their positions. Superboy mainly handled Mantis in the fight. Nightwing's fever dream hacked into old memories and Alpha experienced all his old feelings. After losing the link with Beta, Miss Martian was told by Kaldur'ahm to be ready to brain blast everyone and render them all unconscious.

Superboy pointed out that would not work on those under Granny's sway since they were just puppets. Kaldur'ahm suggested she do them what she once did to him but Superboy objected and was concerned about how that would affect Miss Martian. Miss Martian believed she had to since the universe was at stake. It was not enough and they were overcome by the device's Anti-Life, too. Luckily, at 02:48 UTC, Victor Stone boomed to the Orphanage after Gretchen Goode during an Outsiders mission happening at the same time. He witnessed Goode and Granny merge then liberated Harper from the Cerebral-Leash. She focused, took on a rainbow aura, and unleashed a pulse that freed everyone from the Anti-Life. They quickly destroyed the device. Superboy informed Granny they found her thanks to Vandal Savage. She roared then retreated into a Hush Tube. On the mental link, Miss Martian asked Superboy what their status was. He was unsure. Harper, Stone, Kaldur'ahm, Geo-Force, and the Team boomed to the Hub at 06:54 PST. All of the Outsiders voted in favor of Stone joining their team.

Superboy warned him he was not obligated to join either the Team or the Outsiders for his heroics. Stone reckoned he was never afraid of the spotlight and in the service of a better cause, he joined the Outsiders as Cyborg. On February 14th, 20:16 CST, Kent and Forager arrived in Geranium City in the Bio-RV. He pulled up to a gas station and introduced Forager to the Mayor, Dabney Donovan. Kent surmised it was "safe" now. Donovan confirmed there were no other strangers around and lifted the psychic illusion. All of the Genemorphs from Cadmus were the 216 inhabitants of the city. Donovan revealed he was Dubbilex. Kent greeted Jim Harper, Dr. Spence, Erin, Benny, and Beth then introduced Karen and Kraig, his oldest friend. Forager removed his Glamour Charm and Dubbilex told him the origins of Genomorphs. Kent summarized it for Forager and told him the Genomorphs found a place for themselves in the world. Dubbilex agreed and disagreed. He pointed out they were still segregated and could not fully be themselves.

Forager made a choice about something that was plaguing him, he was going to stay on Earth and join the Outsiders to fight the good fight until all outsiders were accepted by society. Dubbilex found it admirable and asked Kent if he would do the same. Forager pointed out he helped Forager, Brion Markov, Violet Harper, Victor Stone, and Tara Markov. Dubbilex surmised he was good at helping individuals because he saw himself as such but then directly asked him if he would acknowledge his own place and role in the connected world and take the final step to help his own people. Dubbliex then invoked the question of "What would Superman do?" On February 15th, 15:34 PST, Superboy prepared with the rest of Beta Squad to boom from the Hub to Markovia to deal with Baron Bedlam's coup. Beta flushed Bedlam out of the royal palace's throne room but were attacked by Count Vertigo until Nightwing managed to knock him out with one of his staves. They were all horrified as Geo-Force executed Bedlam. He called them hypocrites for letting a murderer, Terra, walk freely among them for months.

Terra admitted she killed Marlo and proposed they both turn themselves in. He pointed out the crowds cheering for him, proclaimed what he did was just and that he was a hero. Superboy stated heroes don't do what he just did. Zviad Baazovi asked them if they would condemn a soldier in war then stated kings make hard decisions for the sake of their people. Terra and Halo refused to support Geo-Force. He ordered Nightwing to take all his heroes out of his country at once. On February 16th, 01:24 PST, everyone processed what happened back at the Hub. On February 17th, 12:04 EST, Superman and Superboy addressed the United Nations to back up Black Lightning and Cyborg's findings linking Secretary-General Lex Luthor to several criminal violations. Superboy told the assembly all about Project Cadmus and Luthor's goal of breeding and enslaving living weapons, including himself, and he was a clone made from the combined DNA of Superman and Luthor to either replace or destroy Superman. Superman vouched for him. Superboy offered his DNA to be tested to confirm his claims.

Ambassador Garth called for an immediate vote of no confidence in Secretary-General Luthor. Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl, and Chameleon Boy covertly prevented Lor-Zod's first attempt to assassinate Superboy at the United Nations. The timeline reverted a little but not enough and the Legion continued to wait for Lor-Zod to strike again. On February 24th, 19:00 EST, Superboy attended the meeting on the Watchtower between the League, Team, Outsiders, Batman's secret task force, and Nightwing's covert team. On February 25th, the Outsiders revealed Terra, Forager, and Superboy would be joining their team. At 18:39 EST, M'orzz felt it was time to give back her engagement ring. Kent hoped it wasn't. She pointed out he did not trust her or truly forgave her. He hoped she would trust and forgive him. He acknowledged she had to make hard choices and he dredged up old wounds then he apologized to her. He stated he could not imagine a life without her. She kissed him and they remained engaged. On February 28th, 16:16 EST, they were present at a private party at Bibbo's Diner in Metropolis for the original members of the Team and their spouses and children. Unbeknownst to them, Saturn Girl posed as a waitress to keep an eye on Superboy.

They decided on getting married twice, on M'arzz and a civil ceremony on Earth. On February 23rd, 14:16 EST, Team Year Ten, Lucas Carr held a farewell party for Kent and M'orzz at his home. Only the Team Year Zero crew from the Team were invited to keep it from getting out of hand. Artemis Crock and Kaldur'ahm teased they all knew they were getting married long before the two of them knew it. Kent quipped they enjoyed reminding him of that for the last 10 years. The party was interrupted when Will Harper got hailed on comms by Roy Harper that his newest employee at Bowhunter Security, Clayface, had been abducted during a gig in Star City. Superboy was surprised then M'orzz noted she helped treat him and she could not break confidence and tell him. Kaldur'ahm deduced Clayface was kidnapped by Task Force X and briefed the others then revealed that the Team and League could not openly act against them due to a prior pact of mutual non-aggression.

Kent did not think it was worth it to keep the Team a secret at the expense of a life. Will Harper proposed they pose as Bowhunter Security temps. They departed in Bio-ship for Bayou Bartholomew. At 16:16 CST, Bio-Ship crippled the Manta-Flyer about four miles short of Belle Reve Penitentiary. Kent traded blows with Brick. Brick surrendered when he realized he was surrounded by all the temps. Kent worried about M'orzz but she surfaced with Clayface's pod. After they returned the "escaped" prisoners to Belle Reve, they returned to Happy Harbor to resume the party. Raquel Ervin offered up a toast to Kent and M'orzz. They thanked everyone for their friendship, love, and support over the years.

On February 25th, 07:38 EST, they tried on their rings then quickly took them off. They exchanged looks when Garfield Logan said he and Perdita Vladek could use a breather. Kent said his goodbyes to Wolf. M'orzz bid everyone goodbye and promised they would be back in three months for the wedding. Cullen Row promised to take care of Wolf and Sphere for Kent. Kent, M'orzz, and Logan took off with J'onn J'onzz in Bio-Ship. On March 21st, M'orzz threw Kent a surprise birthday party on the ship. On March 22nd, 16:16 UTC, they approached M'arzz. M'orzz had no idea what she was excited about since she could not wait to leave it 10 years ago. Kent assured her things were different now. Logan apologized for being a little cranky during the trip. Kent took issue with "little." At the Science Center in Ma'aleca'andra, they met her sister, M'ree M'orzz. She revealed she was going by "Em'ree J'onzz" now.

J'onn J'onzz remained at the center to begin construction of a Zeta-Tube while the trio explored the city. They observed some Martians in the form of Space Trek characters, G. Gordon Godfrey and Outsiders. However, they were hit with a psychic attack by hostile Martians. M'orzz put up telepathic filers and forced them to leave. They opted to go her parents' home. Kent asked them for their blessing to marry their daughter. They revealed the tradition on M'arzz was for the female to ask this blessing from her prospective mate's parents. She declared Jonathan, Martha, and Clark Kent all gave their blessing. Logan could not resist and asked about Lex Luthor then was flicked away. Kent inquired about her other 27 siblings. J'ann M'orzz only replied the others were all very busy. Kent knew something was wrong. After some pressing, J'ann and M'aatt revealed the usual prejudices got worse after the murder of King S'turnn J'axx the previous month. Kent deduced they were worried M'comm M'orzz was the killer.

The Zeta-Tube was ready for its first test. However, at the same time R'ess E'dda arrived at the palace with a mass protest through a massive mind link. Kent and Logan were overwhelmed until M'gann M'orzz put up a filter. Logan snapped at her for not putting it up in the first place. Lor-Zod covertly blew up the Zeta-Tube right after J'onzz entered it. Kent used large debris to try and disperse the flames. Kent used his microscopic vision on the remains of the Zeta-Tube and found two small points of impact on the power core's thermal power. On March 23rd, 05:29 UTC, the M'arzz-Earth Communications Satellite was destroyed by Lor-Zod. Kent concluded someone wanted to cut Mars off from Earth and the Justice League. Kent and Logan met Prince J'emm J'axx. He wondered if the murder of his father was related to the attacks on the Zeta-Tube and satellite, both which he was a proponent of. Kent stressed they needed to keep an open mind but admitted it was possible.

J'axx revealed they were planning to reopen the investigation with the help of Martian Manhunter. Logan touted how they trained under him, Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Elongated Man. Kent suggested getting intel on the case. J'axx misunderstood and downloaded all of it into their minds. Logan turned into Ma'alefa'ak and yelled at J'axx. Kent admonished him and told Logan to stand down then apologized to J'axx. J'axx asked to be kept informed on their progress. At 15:51 UTC, the Sacred Boat was ridden by M'orzz, Kent and Logan down the Sacred River. She admitted she dreamed of her Ma'ayava'ana ceremony and wedding since she was little. They were about to kiss but Logan continued to be a buzz kill. Kent was starting to get concerned on why he was being a jerk all day. Luckily, a momentary distraction came in the form of the M'arphin beasts. Kent opened up his mind to her to share the intel from Prince J'emm. She was surprised at the amount. They were introduced to S'yraa S'mitt, the Sorcerer-Priestess who was going to perform the Ma'ayava'ana ceremony as well as the wedding.

M'orzz flew around then offered to dance with Kent. Not one for being levitated, he made an exception. She reminisced about when they first met and thought she was so dorky. He recalled she was beautiful, inside and out, and she grew more every day. She thought he was cute then. He remaindered her he looked the same. She teased she could see the change. They kissed. Logan told them to get a honeymoon suite. M'orzz wanted to show them the Bio-Cavern but Lor-Zod caused a cave-in. According to plan, M'orzz was able to briefly sense Saturn Girl, part of a trio from the Legion of Super-Heroes who tasked themselves with preventing Zod from assassinating Superboy and changing the timeline. Kent assured M'orzz they would be okay then burst out from the debris. He found nothing on infrared. M'orzz noticed he was bleeding. He downplayed it then explained they were farther away from the Sun and underground so he had less solar energy and oxygen than he was used to, his cells were not fully charged. Logan was not so calm as he was and found it disturbing he could have been killed.

M'orzz shared his suspicion that someone just tried to kill them. On March 24th, 10:23 UTC, Prince J'emm visited the M'orzz home out of concern for Kent after he heard about the cave-in. Kent brushed it off but Logan was angry about someone nearly murdering them. J'axx realized the cave-in was caused by someone. Logan asked how many people knew about their investigation. J'axx stated only Consul-General E'dda, the Queen, and the J'onzz family knew but he admitted psychic information traveled quickly. M'orzz started a mind link with his permission to bring him up to speed. Kent was still not sold it any of it being connected to the death of King S'turnn. After S'yraa S'mitt arrived, Prince J'emm awkwardly revealed they met before then asked to show Kent where his father's body was found in the palace and mused he could find additional evidence their guards missed. M'aatt M'orzz brought up Kent's sacred duty to help build the Ceremonial Altar for his wedding and they had to meet B'arzz O'oomm at the depot. Kent suggested he meet with O'oomm while he and Logan went to the palace with J'axx then meet up after that. He agreed to it.

They stepped outside and learned Bio-Ship gave birth to an offspring. She named her "Baby" and revealed she had all of Bio-Ship's memories. She suggested they get to know her. They flew around but she suddenly swerved. Kent realized she was "ticklish." At the Grand Hall of the palace, Kent tried using his infrared and microscopic vision near the fountain where the king's body was found. Logan tasted multiple Martian traces. Kent noticed an odd residue but he could not place it. J'axx wished to express his gratitude by joining him in building the Sacred Altar. Kent thought that was too much to ask and noted the ritual would be tasking. J'axx revealed he was nearly married once but it did not work out. He stated building the altar was important and he did not seem to know many Martian males. Kent accepted the offer and thanked him. J'axx was pleased and they left for the depot.

Once they were all together, M'aatt M'orzz had them sit in a circle in prayer and recited how their mind, body, and spirit and their bond would be tested but when completed, the altar would stand as a monument to his devotion to M'gann M'orzz, as their testament to his worthiness, and as a symbol to his bond with their entire family. J'axx added to the whole Martian race, too. Logan was eager to get Kent to the surface to recharge his solar cells but Kent told him it could wait. Logan was concerned someone would take another shot at them. Baby showed off its firepower. Kent was confident Baby had them covered, to Logan's annoyance. At 13:19 UTC, work on the altar continued on Hollow Hill. Kent asked how everyone was doing, in consideration of the high heat. O'oomm admitted Garfield Logan's Ma'alefa'ak form was unnerving to say the least. Kent asked him if he was all right. Logan snapped at him then stated he was fine but it was just really hot. Kent asked M'aatt M'orzz if he performed the ceremony with J'ann's family. He revealed her family disowned her for marrying an A'ashenn, except for J'onn J'onzz and credited his time on Earth for learning acceptance and empathy.

Logan began to act erratically. The Martians became concerned when they could not sense his mind anymore. Logan believed they were under attack by Brion Markov, tackled Kent, and ran off with him to the surface to recharge. The Martians raced to stop him since Kent could not survive the surface of M'arzz in his weakened state. At 14:47 UTC, they surfaced at the G'all'ee Crater. Logan was irate about the Sun being nowhere in site. The harsh winds blew them away. Logan ran off to find the Sun. To make matters worse, a pebble struck Kent's oxygen tank and caused a leak. Baby surfaced just in time and J'axx levitated Kent inside. Baby restored his environment and he recovered. At 22:04 UTC, at Ma'ayava'ana Ma'akk, Kent and M'orzz kissed under their wedding canopy. On March 25th, 16:16 UTC, Bio-Ship started her retirement after M'orzz, Kent, and Logan said their goodbyes. About an hour later, Kent and Logan met with J'axx to thank him for invitations to his birthday celebration. He admitted it hurt that he would not be able to share the day with his father.

Logan reiterated his promise to find the killer. Kent clarified they would do their best. Once M'orzz arrived, Kent decided it best to do an even more thorough review of the intel Prince J'emm provided. She took them to the mental plane and went over everything. Logan noticed a discrepancy: only six of seven servants were seen leaving the palace on the day of the murder. The seventh, a female A'ashenn became their primary suspect. Another servant seen with her, K'arr M'angg, made a noticeably short statement that he did not see anything. They headed to the A'ashenn sector of the city and spoke to M'angg. He recognized them right away and assumed they thought he was person of interest. She told him he was not a suspect and asked about the female A'ashenn. He revealed she was a G'arrunn posing as an A'ashenn then pointed out it would never occur to a G'arrunn that another G'arrunn would ever pretend to be an A'ashenn.

Kent asked why he did not tell the Manhunters. He stated his kind knew better than to trust Manhunters then revealed that was why he kept his scar as a remainder that if he told the truth, he would only make trouble for himself. Logan asked why he told them. M'angg referred to M'orzz as one of them. When they arrived at the celebration, Prince J'emm excused himself to speak with them. They shared what they learned. Prince J'emm reacted oddly and asked for a moment to absorb the revelation. They turned their attention to the light show put on by the Y'ellonn. Kent realized the odd residue he saw in the Great Hall was microscopic magic residue. They flew after Prince J'emm and saw him talking to S'yraa S'mitt. Prince J'emm revealed his father truly did think the prejudices between the G'arrunn and A'ashenn were ridiculous but he was also of the belief that the B'lahdenn royalty had to stay pure and that was why he would not let his son marry S'mitt, originally a G'arrun. She tried to deny she went to the palace but Logan confirmed her taste matched what he tasted at the Palace and Kent revealed they had a match on her magic residue. She started to lose control of herself and fired errant magic blasts.

Prince J'emm refused to take cover and implored her to stop. He was hit in the right shoulder. He refused to move unless she killed him. She admitted she never wanted to hurt him and still loved him. She dropped out of mid-air and was caught by Prince J'emm. She revealed the truth: she sneaked into a palace as an A'ashenn to open her mind to King S'turnn to show him how much she loved his son then he would have a change of heart and give his blessing. She was wrong was was dismissive and contemptuous. She was upset and lost control of her magic. Thought became action and she killed him by mistake with magic then she panicked and sneaked out through the plumbing. She was taken into Manhunter custody. Prince J'emm wished he was braver and had defied his father, believing he would still be alive if he did. E'dda tried to use the incident as proof of keeping the caste system as it was. Prince J'emm disagreed and proposed equality for all Martians and let go of old prejudices. The queen promised the dialogue would continue and wished to continue her son's birthday celebration.

Lor-Zod made his move and added a device containing Kryptonite to Ma'alefa'ak's Gene Bomb. Kent heard Lor-Zod's movement and scanned underneath with his infrared vision. Lor-Zod went back into his Time Sphere and went out of sync with the timeline again to avoid being tracked any further. To everyone's surprise and confusion, Kent started punched a hole through the floor. Kent, M'orzz, Logan, and Prince J'emm descended and found the bomb. Kent used his microscopic vision and deduced there was a some kind of virus in the containers. Logan tasted the bomb and detected Ma'alefa'ak. M'orzz realized her brother's plan was to kill all G'arrun in the arena and maybe the B'lahdenns as well. She worried about the explosive yield and how far the virus could spread. Kent told everyone to leave since he was the only was not Martian or part Martian. Logan reminded him his solar cells were not recharged. Kent detected a heat source and opted to fry the virus in the lava flow. He ordered them to go and clear the arena. He punched a hole in the floor and fell into the lava with the bomb. Phantom Girl intervened and tried using her abilities but due to the conditions, they phased to the Phantom Zone.

After the explosion, M'orzz could not detect his mind-touch. Superman and Martian Manhunter arrived but the former felt the effects of Kryptonite. They evacuated and were bereft over Superboy's perceived death. Kent regained consciousness in the Phantom Zone. He realized the psychic link with M'gann M'orzz was severed. He saw the unconscious Phantom Girl next to him and tried to wake her up but his hand passed through her. He then discovered neither of them were giving off a heat signature and wondered if they were dead. He felt his heart beat and they were breathing. He wondered if the ground was really solid or he took it for granted. He tried to believe she was solid and was able to pick her up. After looking out into the void, he speculated they could be in the Kryptonian afterlife. She was named "Ghosty" so he would have something to call her and admitted everyone said he sucked at naming. He stopped himself from babbling further and noticed a heat trail in infrared so he followed it. After covering a lot of ground, Kent realized they were getting nowhere. He became enraged after taking a hard landing thanks to a drifting piece of earth.

Suddenly, a Devourer creature materialized from heat trail and slashed his back, drawing blood. He screamed in agony, slid away, left Phantom Girl, then tried to counter attack but he went through it and got slashed again. He remembered the rule and believed the Devourer was solid then managed to land an upper cut but its tail whacked him and it landed on Phantom Girl. He knocked the Devourer's head down then got heaved off the edge. He climbed back up the grabbed at its teeth but cut his hands then shoved it. Swiped by the tail, he threw a boulder at it but it went through then it slashed his chest. He realized Phantom Girl was unharmed and the Devourer was attracted to his rage. He closed his eyes, regulated his breathing and thought back to fixing a motorcycle with Wolf, Sphere, and M'orzz. It worked and the Devourer flew away. Kent wondered what he was going to do. Due to being in the Zone for too long, Kent began to hallucinate. First with Miss Martian then Megan then Megan at her current age telling her to keep trying and affirming her love and belief in him.

He hallucinated Kid Flash next when it came time to make a long jump. Next came Superman when he was starting to lose hope. Suddenly, a hallucination of Match appeared and snapped Superman's neck then Kent found himself in Match's place. He fainted then began believing he was failure, an out of control animal, and Superman's killer. On May 15th, Zatanna wanted to see what the school bus Klarion possessed had gone through. She saw a flash of the Phantom Zone and Conner Kent yelling out for help. She mistook the memory as Kent's ghost not being at rest. A hallucination of Lex Luthor appeared and used the Red Son command. He reverted back to his base Cadmus programming. As he leaped from rock to rock, Luthor had him recite his original purpose. The Zone Sickness became worse and Kent saw himself in Metropolis saving Lois Lane, putting out a fire, crippling Batman, and destroying the Watchtower. Luthor instructed him to shed useless attachments. Instead of Phantom Girl, Kent saw Miss Martian. He was unsure of doing so.

Suddenly, he was approached by General Dru-Zod. Zod deduced he was suffering from the Zone Sickness and hallucinating. Kent asked Zod how he knew he was not a hallucination. Zod pointed out they never met. Kent admitted he did not look familiar. Zod told him that was because he was real and so was the girl he was carrying. The Luthor hallucination vanished. Zod offered to teach him how to survive. They introduced themselves to each other. Zod instructed him to stay close. They arrived at Zod's base where he met other Kryptonians: Faora Hu-Ul, Vor-Kil, Jax-Ur, Non, and Kru-El. Zod took him to see his wife Ursa Zod. She deduced Superboy and Phantom Girl were connected somehow since they both had burns. She admitted it was odd she was unconscious and speculated she would never wake up but promised to care for her like family. He saw flashes of memories of the Kents and the Team. Zod had him observe Hu-Ul and Non guide an asteroid and instructed him on the mechanics of using sheer willpower in the Zone. Their House of Zod chant made Kent see a memory of his altar being built on Hollow Hill.

Zod told him he could stay and be part of what the House of Zod built or he could continue on alone. Kent knelt in front of Zod. On August 29th, 00:01 UTC, the Zods observed Superboy keeping pace with Non. Dru-Zod stressed patience or they might lose him from pushing too hard. He believed Superboy could tell them about Krypton. Lor-Zod activated a Phantom Zone Projector on New Genesis and ordered it to retrieve Dru-Zod. A retrieval portal appeared in the Phantom Zone and pulled Dru-Zod towards it. However, no one else could leave the Zone with him. Superboy thought he was in danger and leaped to him and grabbed his arm. Zod was shocked the Projector did not recognize his DNA and realized Superboy was not imprisoned by Krypton. The Legion tasked the cloaked Bio-Ship to shoot down the Projector. Superboy and Zod were released and descended back to the base. As the portal closed, Saturn Girl detected Superboy and sent out a mental push to wake up Phantom Girl.

On September 3rd, 00:00 EDT, a small group from the mystic community gathered at the Tower of Fate. Dr. Fate, with Zatanna as his host, Madame Xanadu, Giovanni Zatara, Isis, Garth, Mera Nereus, Thirteen, Khlaid Nassour, Jason Blood, Blue Devil, and Phantom Stranger cast a spell together but failed to summon Connor Kent's spirit. Fate suggested his spirit was at rest. Zatanna believed that it could mean Kent was not dead. On September 5th, 23:13 UTC, the Zods asked Superboy a series of questions. He confirmed he was not convicted but all he could remember was a bomb, a flash of light, and then waking up in the Zone. Dru-Zod deduced he was a hero. Superboy remembered Lex Luthor when asked about his lineage. Zod asked what his crest was after using his as an example. Zod was shocked to see Kent draw the crest for the House of El. He remembered his Kryptonian name was Kon-El. They wondered if he was a son of Jor-El or Zor-El. Superboy explained he was a Genomorph, a clone made from the DNA of the Superman to replace him should he perish or stray from the light.

Zod asked who Superman was. Superboy revealed he was Kal-El, son of Lara-El and Jor-El and his genetic half-brother. Zod inquired how many years passed on Krypton since their imprisonment. Superboy rocked them by revealing Krypton exploded over 40 years ago, Superman was the sole survivor, and he killed him. Faora Hu-Ul heard enough. She grabbed his neck and called him a liar. Zod ordered her to stand down. He asked how Krypton was destroyed. Superboy told them the sun exploded and took Krypton with it. Zod asked how Kal-El survived. Superboy told them about the rocket he was sent away in. Zod was surprised Jor-El did not save anyone else. Superboy recalled he tried to save Krypton but no one believed his warnings. Zod remarked how familiar that sounded. Hu-Ul asked where Kal-El was sent. Superboy told them it was Earth. Hu-Ul was confused about the choice. Superboy elaborated it was a planet under a yellow sun. They did not understand yet. Superboy explained how Kryptonians gained tremendous power under a yellow sun like flight, strength, invulnerability, and heat vision.

Zod informed him they were imprisoned by Jor-El and Zor-El and called them the true traitors to Krypton. Hu-Ul needed air. Superboy commented there was no air in the Zone. She growled. The Zods excused themselves to confer. All alone, Phantom Girl dropped her act and spoke to Superboy. On September 6th, 00:16 EDT, Zatanna summoned Klarion to help bring Superboy back. Klarion refused and honored his debt to her by sparing their lives of everyone present and left. On September 9th, 18:32 UTC, Phantom Girl quickly introduced herself to Superboy, explained she saved his life on M'arzz, and tried to phase back to Earth with him. She noticed his willpower was anchoring him to the Zone. He refused to leave because he pledged his loyalty to Zod. She was taken aback then told him Zod was a tyrant who attempted a coup simply because he did not approve of how the Kryptonian government interacted with the New Genosians. She warned he would try to conquer the entire galaxy if he got out of the Zone. She flat out stated he was one of the worst bad guys out there. She went back to pretending to be unconscious as the Zods returned but Superboy outed her.

Hu-Ul ordered him to seize her. Phantom Girl refused to kneel before Zod and phased out of the Zone alone. On September 13th, 21:34 UTC, Superboy was approached by Nightwing, Kaldur'ahm, Rocket, Zatanna, and Tigress. Superboy thought he was hallucinating. Zod and his followers surrounded them and deduced they had a way out of the Zone. Superboy was surprised they saw them, too. He started to remember more like when the Team posed for a photo near the end of Team Year Zero then Zod's words about having nothing but each other. Nightwing tried to smooth things over and act like they were all friends but Superboy bluntly stated he was lying. Kaldur'ahm tried to reason with him psychically but he stated he was broken. Kaldur'ahm pointed out he was once, too but M'gann M'orzz could help him. He was too afraid to go back to her out of fear he would hurt her. Kaldur'ahm did not believe he could. Superboy stated he was a weapon and he killed Superman. Nightwing and Zatanna explained he was still alive and they just saw him.

Zod was confused and asked if Krypton's destruction was true. Kaldur'ahm confirmed it happened over 40 years ago then proposed creating a probationary court to consider each of their cases individually. Zod was amiable to that but asked to be released as a sign of good faith. He was met with silence. He concluded they were afraid of their power under a yellow sun. He reckoned not much had changed and they were just like the Kryptonian High Council and House of El. He declared they would not leave either. Rocket disagreed. He sent Superboy to contain her. She tried one of her force bubbles but it was ineffectual. A fight broke out. Zod ordered Superboy to prove he served the House of Zod. He pounced on Kaldur'ahm and punched him. Kaldur'ahm tried to electrocute him. They were no match for their experience in the Zone. Nightwing tried using Kryptonite but it had no effect in the Zone. He cued Zatanna. She put up a glamour and they retreated. Zatanna stated as long as his will anchored him to the Zone, not even her magic would send him back home.

On September 13, 23:45 UTC, Lor-Zod and Ma'alefa'ak retook control of Kaizer-Thrall and immobilized Orion, Green Lantern Forager, Miss Martian, Prince J'emm, Black Lightning, Phantom Girl, and Superman on Trombus. The Zods, Faora Hu-Ul and Superboy emerged from the Boom Tube. Superboy felt his wounds suffered in the Zone and collapsed. Lor-Zod convinced his parents he was their son and convinced them to come to Earth with him. Dru-Zod picked up Superboy and they boomed to the inside of the Fortress of Solitude on September 14th, 00:04 UTC. Lor-Zod noticed Superboy's wounds were started to heal and reached for his neck to kill him but Dru-Zod ordered him to stop. Lor-Zod tried to explain he was an enemy and had to be killed before he regained his invulnerability. Dru-Zod stated he turned Superboy. Lor-Zod backed off. Eventually, Superboy came to. He watched as Ma'alefa'ak launched Nightwing's confiscated Kryptonite onto Superman's chest outside the Fortress. Superman pleaded with Superboy to help. Superboy stated he could not because he already killed him.

Dru-Zod got an idea and boomed to Planet Circle in Metropolis to broadcast Superboy publicly executing Superman. Superboy could not bring himself to kill Superman again and stated he was family. Dru-Zod prepared to use Kryptonite on them but Kid Flash raced past and snatched it. Tigress, Kaldur'ahm, and Zatanna made their move for the Kaizer-Thrall. Kaldur'ahm attacked Dru-Zod but Superboy tackled him. Baby arrived and blasted both Superboy and Zod. Before Superboy could intervene again between Kaldur'ahm and Zod, Miss Martian appeared in front of him. She took him to the mindscape. He told her to stay back because he was a killer and would hurt her. She affirmed she still recognized his mind touch and knew he would never hurt her. She flew up to him, took his hands, and restored his mind to normal. Superboy offered Dru-Zod a chance to surrender as thanks for saving him in the Phantom Zone. The Zods refused to surrender and they fought. Dru and Lor-Zod took on Superman and Superboy. Superman observed the Zods weren't in sync with each other.

Superman and Superboy performed their combo move. Superman chucked Superboy into Dru-Zod then he tackled Lor-Zod but he countered Superboy with a punch and heat vision. Miss Martian grabbed him, told him to stop trying to kill her man and brain blasted him. Superman and Superboy punched Dru-Zod, in unison, into the Boom Tube. Everyone was boomed to the Zone except Ursa Zod, who fled the planet, and Lor-Zod, who vanished in a Time Sphere that brought Rocket to the battle. A group of Justice Leaguers and Outsiders arrived consisting of Blue Beetle, Shazam, Red Tornado, Black Canary, and Wonder Girl. Black Canary and the others were shocked to see Superboy was alive and asked if it was all over. The Legionnaires disagreed and were inconsolable with being right back to where they started when they first came to the present. Everyone watched as the Sun rose. On September 15th, 14:42 EDT, Clark Kent and Lois Lane told their son Jonny Kent about Superboy not being dead after all then they watched Conner Kent and M'gaan M'orzz's wedding invitation video. They were determined to get married right away before anything else went wrong and invited only those in the know to their wedding at Lucas Carr's home in Happy Harbor.

On September 16th, after 16:16 EDT, the Kents arrived. Conner Kent was disappointed the Legionaries were leaving but Phantom Girl stated it was long past time for them to return to their proper time then wished him and M'orzz a wonderful wedding and life together. Kent inquired about what made him so important to the timeline. Saturn Girl teased he would see. Clark Kent told him not to look at him. He groaned. Kent and M'orzz exchanged vows and promised to love, honor, and cherish each other for all eternity. Carr pronounced them husband and wife. The newlyweds had their first dance 16 feet up in the air. On November 11th, 12:32 PST, the Outsiders' Gorilla Squad prepared to leave the Premiere Building on Super-Cycle to help with the joint mission to rescue Queen Perdita Vladek. Superboy was among the squad. Cyborg opened a Boom Tube for the Outsiders to use to immediately fly to Madinat Altharwati. At 22:33 UTC+2, many Lex-Bots were waiting for them outside the factory. Superboy grabbed one by the neck and punched another through the chest.

Terra told the rest of the squad to head inside and rescue Queen Perdita Vladek because time was of the essence. She smashed a bot with two boulders. Superboy led the way and punched a hole into the factory. A squad from Onslaught was waiting for them: Devastation, Mammoth, and Shimmer. Superboy pointed out they were motivated and she was outnumbered. Devastation introduced their latest recruit, Match. Superboy blocked Match's blow but tried to reason with him not to fight. Oracle tried to hail Superboy on comms to warn him the item stolen off of Vladek was Kryptonite but shielding garbled her message. To Superboy's surprise, Match collapsed in his arms. He soon observed it was due to Kryptonite poisoning. A figure stepped forward and called Superboy the world's finest ingrate then introduced himself as Juan Cordero and implored Superboy to call him Metallo. At 22:42 UTC+2, Metallo had the weakened Superboy by the throat but admitted he thought Luthor's plan was needlessly complicated. He reaffirmed he trusted Luthor implicitly then told Superboy about his origins. He declared with the Kryptonite power source, he now had the power to end him once and for all.

Metallo proceeded to choke Superboy to death with both hands but Miss Martian arrived and used telekinesis to shatter his fingers then rip the Kryptonite from his chest. Devastation called her hypocrite for saving her husband but letting Metallo die. She revealed he could not live without the Kryptonite as a power source. Miss Martian chose to leave it with him. She reached out to Halo for a Boom Tube. At 22:58 UTC+2, Halo told Tigress that Miss Martian reported Superboy would be all right. On November 12th, 12:03 EST, Miss Martian reported no heroes were left behind in the Bialya mission and Psimon left no surprises behind in Vladek's mind either. Nightwing was sorry they lost the stolen Kryptonite to Lex Luthor and Metallo. She stated he made his choice and she made hers to spare him. Nightwing pointed out it was Kryptonite. Superman was fine with it and knew they would deal. Still recovering from Kryptonite exposure in a solar chamber, Superboy mused you lose some, you win some and took solace in saving Vladek as well as getting their brother Match back. Match was recovering in a nearby chamber as well.

On May 14th, 12 noon, in the year 2030, Superboy did something in Happy Harbor that later inspired the formation of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st century. In the 31st century, Lor-Zod, the son of General Dru-Zod and Ursa Zod, stole the last known sample of Kryptonite and a Time Sphere then teleported back to the 21st century to kill Superboy. Without Superboy, the timeline changed so that the Legion of Super-Heroes never existed and General Dru-Zod ruled the galaxy. Three members of the Legion were washed in the chronoton radiation from the stolen sphere and were immune to the changes. Saturn Girl, Chameleon Boy, and Phantom Girl took the last Time Sphere to the 21st century to stop Lor-Zod and restore the timeline to its rightful place. Fortunately, 99.84 percent was restored.