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Real Identity: Various
Affiliation(s): Justice League
Appearances: First Impression, Early Warning, Elder Wisdom, Antisocial Pathologies, Terminus, Into the Breach, Overwhelmed, Nevermore, Inhospitable, Volatile, Artemis Through the Looking Glass, Teg Ydaer!, Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!, Kaerb Ym Traeh!, Emergency Dive, Encounter Upon the Razor's Edge!, Rescue and Search, Ego and Superego, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Cherry Gig, Ominous Tidings, Evocative Intel, Foreign Affairs, Metallic Aftertaste, and Last Rights
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

The Outsiders are a public team of young super heroes founded by Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Geo-Force, Kid Flash, Static, and Wonder Girl on December 4, Team Year Eight. After emerging from a psychic fugue state on October 15th, Team Year Eight, Garfield Logan decided he was ready to return to the hero life. On November 5th, 17:11 PST, Logan watched The G. Gordon Godfrey Show inside Cafe Coffee and Tea. That episode happened to be Godfrey interviewing his boss Gretchen Goode about the recent revelation that Goode Googles were being used for meta-human trafficking. After he left, he turned into his gorilla form and caught a mugger. The victim, Angel O'Day, thanked him and snapped a selfie with him. She posted it to her 1K Wordsworth account and it went viral. On November 6th, 11:11 PST, Logan put all pretenses aside and stated to Goode he knew what she really was. She teased he really didn't. At 14:59 EST, Beast Boy zetaed to the Watchtower and told Miss Martian he wanted to rejoin the Team. She was elated to but warned his celebrity status might restrict what missions he went on.

On November 7th, 23:51 PST, Logan was in his room at Dayton's Brentwood home and looked at various news items about Goode and Luthor. He came upon O'Day's post and noticed it had 16 million likes. On November 16th, Goode was present at the filming of season three episode 16 of Space Trek. She hampered Logan by calling for take after take despite how well one was. On November 16th, 21:21 EST, Beast Boy zetaed to the Watchtower for a Team briefing and fumed about having to do 52 takes. He took part in a mission to investigate rumors of a government-sponsored meta-human trafficking operation in Russia. On November 17th, it was determined the operation was not trafficking but it came under attack by three villains forced to work for Amanda Waller's own covert meta-squad Task Force X: Black Manta, Captain Boomerang and Monsieur Mallah. They were defeated and the Rocket Red Brigade let the Team leave with the villains and spare the humiliation of it becoming publicly known that two separate covert American meta-squads infiltrated their top secret base.

After the villains were returned to Belle Reve Penitentiary, Aquaman was approached by Amanda Waller and was threatened. If her Task Force X operation were exposed, she would expose the Justice League's covert team. The squad listened in on the conversation from Bio-Ship. Beast Boy believed she was bluffing. Aquaman understood. Tigress agreed but Beast Boy crossed his arms and frowned. On November 17th, 12:12 PST, Logan learned O'Day's post now had 52 million likes. On November 22nd, Logan helped prevent Onslaught from kidnapping the meta-humans at the Taos Meta-Human Youth Center. With Onslaught defeated, Queen Vladek advised the heroes to sneak away before the press arrived. Logan, Kid Flash, and Blue Beetle instead issued a statement to the press and asked people to give meta-humans a chance and they would be amazed by not just what they did but by what they chose to do.

On December 4th, 19:09 EST, Beast Boy presided over a meeting at the Watchtower with Aquaman and the Team. He revealed his decision to form a new public team of young heroes to mitigate the dwindling public opinion of the divided Justice League already hampered by Luthor's grip on the United Nations as its Secretary-General. He stated the League lost the hearts and minds of the people they are trying to protect. He pitched his team would break the rules the League could not, connect with the people in ways that can't be blocked by governments, quiet the fears of the public terrified by the Meta-Gene generation, and inspire that generation because they were part of that generation and could empower them to conquer their fears. Miss Martian was still skeptical. Beast Boy presented all the social media reactions to them and pointed out how they generated hope and inspiration that spin campaigns could never touch. Aquaman noted they gave them much to consider. Beast Boy clarified he could either get onboard or get out of the way to Superboy's chagrin.

Static, Kid Flash, Geo-Force, and Wonder Girl stood in unison with him. Aquaman gave up resisting but proposed his team would still covertly answer to the Justice League through Miss Martian, the Team's leader. Beast Boy then took everyone on a tour of his team's base of operations, the Hub, located on the penthouse floors at the top of the Premiere Building in Hollywood. He also invited anyone, not just members of this team, to move in if they had no home. In a twist of irony, he revealed he paid for it using his salary from Space Trek. On December 7th, 19:37 PST, Miss Martian brought a report of an alien invasion in Brooklyn, Maine to Beast Boy's attention. The team gathered and realized the aliens were Reach and Aquaman was already present but losing the battle. The team worked in coordination to allow for Blue Beetle to disable each ship. They soon discovered the pilots were members of Intergang, a criminal organization that deals in alien weaponry. Mayor Thomas had them arrested for vigilantism even though they saved the town. Beast Boy ordered everyone to comply. However, the mother ship locked onto a distress signal from one of the Warbugs.

The U.S. Air Force's drones were no match. The team was concerned the military would opt to just bomb the ship out the sky which would flatten Brooklyn. They broke free of their restraints and tried to shut down the ship from the inside. Beetle cut the power and safely crashed the ship into a park, sparing the town. As promised, Beast Boy and the others surrendered to Sheriff Maguire. Maguire, however, cited Brooklyn Statue 1616 or "The Good Samaritan Law" and told them they were free to go. Gaby Gabrielli, a young citizen and witness of the incident, asked them who they were. Beast Boy stated they were something new to help the people and they don't answer to bureaucrats or bay guys trying to twist what they do into crimes against the system. He added those same types could get on board or get out of the way. She thought that sounded like a revolution. He declared they were all Outsiders. The hashtag WeAreAllOutsiders trended non-stop for two weeks. During that time, the Outsiders had a successul mission in Chicago.

On December 21st, 4:31 PST, Beast Boy apprised Brion Markov about intelligence on a meta-human trafficking operation in Cuba. They zetaed to Happy Harbor to rendezvous with Wonder Girl and Static then depart on Bio-Ship. At 10:13 CST, Beast Boy deployed a Beetle Mini-Drone from the cloaked Bio-Ship to investigate the lone building. The culprit turned out to be Klarion, who combined the meta-humans into a Flesh Monster. Beast Boy took on Klarion. He turned into a mouse to gain Teekl's attention then turned into an elephant and swatted it unconscious. Klarion started to lose his grip on the mortal plane. He merged Wonder Girl into the monster. Zatanna, cloaked by a glamour spell, arrived and liberated the metas while Beast Boy turned into a hornet and ran interference on Klarion. Zatanna then teleported Klarion and Teekl into the Tower of Fate. Beast Boy hailed Geo-Force and had him let the Cuban military into the building. Beast Boy noticed a meta-human girl was gasping for air and saw she had gills. He turned into a gorilla, grabbed her, ran through the wall, threw her into the ocean, and followed as a dolphin. Once she recovered, he guided her into a compartment in the Bio-Ship.

Beast Boy addressed the other meta-humans and offered them the choice of going home or seeking asylum at the Meta-Human Youth Center if they weren't from Cuba. Colonel Ramon Bracuda protested against Justice Leaguers being present. Beast Boy clarified they were Outsiders, not Leaguers and they were just trying to do the right thing for the kids. The meta-humans chanted "Outsiders" in unison. Bracuda called for reinforcements. The Outsiders left Cuba with several meta-humans and headed to Taos. They arrived at 16:51 MST. Beast Boy took Aquaman aside and introduced him to the aquatic meta-human girl. He realized alternate arrangements were in order. Eduardo Dorado Junior approached Beast Boy and stated he wanted in, stating it was something he needed to do for the kids. He was voted in unanimously. For the Cuba mission, the Outsiders went viral internationally. Beast Boy noted they were now bigger than the Justice League.

On December 31st, 09:00 CAT, the Team and Outsiders cooperated on a joint mission to watch over the United Nations climate summit in Bwundasa. As suspected, the summit came under attack by the Bwundan Independence Front. During the battle, Beast Boy turned into a wolf and saved Ambassador Garth from an exploding arrow. With permission from General M'Barra, Lex Luthor called in the Flash and claimed the system worked. Through the psychic link, Miss Martian recalled everyone back to the Bio-Ship. Beast Boy fumed about letting Luthor get the last word to the press. She reminded him it was his arena. The teams gathered Ambassadors Garth and Troia were the real targets and Luthor preplanned to set up the Outsiders to make them look bad. Lia Briggs, a liberated meta-human, confirmed that was his plan exactly. At 07:15 MST, Briggs was turned over to the Meta-Human Youth Center. Eduardo Dorado Senior began to have reservations about letting his son join the Outsiders. After an argument broke out, Halo opened a Boom Tube. El Dorado used it. Beast Boy and the other Outsiders followed in solidarity.

On January 1st, 14:24 PST, Team Year Nine, Wonder Girl zetaed to the Hub. Before the scheduled training session could start, the Outsiders paid an unexpected visit by Eduardo Dorado Senior, Dr. Helena Sandsmark, and Jay Garrick. At the same time, Beast Boy received a plea from a Moira Malone on social media about robot monkeys stealing from her father in Dublin. Beast Boy recognized the robots as Professor Ivo's M.O.N.Q.I.s. Citing he was an emancipated minor and Static and Blue Beetle were 18, the trio left for Dublin and left Wonder Girl, El Dorado, and Kid Flash to deal with their guardians. At 22:41 UTC, they found the Match Electronic Store and met Matthew Malone. He revealed the robots kidnapped his daughter Moira. The Outsiders headed to the Radley Overshoe Factory and broke in. They saw inactive weaponized Spider Bots that Lex Luthor produced. From up above, Professor Ivo got their attention and sent his M.O.N.Q.I.s after them. Beast Boy turned into a wolf and tore several up. Moira Malone got a pipe and bashed Ivo's head but he turned out to be an android.

The Outsiders vacated the factory with Moira Malone riding Beast Boy's back. The Ivo android exploded and took out the factory. On The G. Gordon Godfrey Show, Luthor denounced the Outsiders and their latest incident in Dublin then called for a new hero registry to catalog, unmask, and regulate all vigilantes and hold them accountable for their wayward proteges. Godfrey was oddly bored and revealed recent social media posts suggested the Outsiders' parents were 100% on board then Jay Garrick publicly denounced Luthor's idea as fascist and reminded everyone it failed in the 1950s and it wouldn't work now. On January 21st, Beast Boy and Geo-Force responded to a restaurant hostage crisis. They encountered a new villain calling himself Condiment King. During the battle, Beast Boy was covered in ketchup, barbecue sauce, and hoisin sauce and slipped and sprained a wrist. Dr. Jace tended to the minor sprain back at the Hub.

On January 22nd, 02:24 PST, Victor Stone, Garfield Logan, Violet Harper, Fred Bugg, and Brion Markov ate pancakes in Los Angeles. Markov was irritated with another young hero team called Infinity Incorporated poaching on the Outsiders' turf. Logan told him to take it as a compliment as they inspired them. Some voiced guilt about eating pancakes while Nightwing was fighting for his life. Harper reminded everyone Dr. Jace asked them to head out to give his oldest friends and family some space. Logan wanted to talk about Gretchen Goode and reminded everyone she almost killed Nightwing, Black Lightning, and a Mother Box with some serious Apokoliptian technology. He emphasized the Outsiders needed to take her down. They returned to the Hub while Black Lightning exploded over putting it together that leaders within the Justice League and Team were coordinating in secret to fight the Light and that the Outsiders were being manipulated by them since their first mission. Logan was shocked and confronted both Barbara Gordon and Tim Drake.

Garfield Logan was not happy to learn this continued after Artemis faked her death and asked if this was how Batman taught them to treat their friends and teammates. He bet Superman and Wonder Woman wouldn't approve. Gordon revealed the latter was a art of it. Logan asked Drake if Cassie Sandsmark knew. He believed this revelation would be the end of their relationship for good. Gordon admitted the group teed things up for them in Brooklyn. Logan stated they didn't need that and brought up what they accomplished in Dublin. He realized they manipulated things in Dublin, too. Gordon revealed Matthew and Moira Malone were Batman and Miss Martian. Logan reached out to Miss Martian psychically about the charade. He was disgusted they corrupted the whole point of the Outsiders. Gordon brought up the fact the Outsiders were secretly coordinating with the Justice League and the Team. He claimed that was different. She countered they went head-to-head with the Light behind the scenes so he could preserve his integrity. Logan sighed and inquired about Condiment King. Gordon claimed the group wasn't behind that.

On January 25th, 14:28 PST, Logan watched another interview with Gretchen Goode. She claimed meta-humans were breaking into Goode World Studios facilities across the world. She stated these "meta-hooligans" who operated outside of the law needed to be disciplined. Logan got angry but Tigress pointed out she was just taunting them and not to let it get to him. On January 25th, before the original members of the Team, Geo-Force, Forager, and Terra left for the Orphanage, Miss Martian texted Beast Boy they were following a lead on Halo. Beast Boy only replied back with "Luck." Wonder Girl, El Dorado, Kid Flash, Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, and Victor Stone staked out Goode World Studios in Bio-Ship. Stone questioned Logan's one word reply to his surprise. At 17:16 PST, Stone told the Outsiders his gifts allowed him to zero in on Building 16, noting it had no network connectivity but had a clear Apokoliptian signature. Beast Boy realized the Team missed something on their sweep. To his annoyance, Kid Flash goofed off with a Klamulon mask.

Stone found the machine but they were suddenly boomed into a X-Pit. Gretchen Goode descended into the pit in a cube and brought Beast Boy inside. He demanded his comrades' release but she stated it was his fault they were in the pit then wondered if she was too soft on him. She claimed she was only giving him discipline. She proposed a winner takes all fight. He agreed. Goode thought it was a shame she couldn't live stream the fight then had Overlord merge their cubes into one. He turned into a rhino and charged. She slammed him down to the floor and repeated he had no idea what she really was. He turned into a gorilla and clocked her but she uppercut him and stated there was always someone nastier. He agreed and shifted his face to match hers. While she was surprised, he kicked, uppercut, and smacked her. She gut punched twice so hard he started to cough up blood. She kept punching him. He struggled to get back up. She implored him not to quit yet and continued punching him. He turned into a snake and tried to squeeze her.

Goode got free, slammed him around, and threw him into the cube's wall. She asked him if that was all he had. He turned into a Ma'alefa'ak and tackled her. She was annoyed with how stubborn he was and beat him senseless. He still stood up and stated she was the one slow of study. Stone managed to defeat Overlord on the cyber plane. Goode was suddenly back in Building 16 and was lassoed by Wonder Girl. Beast Boy was held up by El Dorado and stated lesson one was not to come alone. Kid Flash came to and tied up Goode at super speed. Goode vowed they would all pay. Beast Boy told her lesson two was not to make promises she couldn't keep. Beast Boy turned into a Ma'alefa'ak and went behind her. She demanded to know what he was doing. He stated lesson three was not to get distracted. She looked forward to see Wonder Girl clock her while Stone and Beetle destroyed the machine. Goode and Overlord suddenly warped out of the building. Stone followed them through a Boom Tube, leaving the Outsiders behind.

On January 26th, 06:54 PST, the Outsiders were back at the Hub. Beast Boy lamented that now both Violet Harper and Victor Stone were missing. Suddenly, both arrived through two Boom Tubes with the Team. Beast Boy declared Stone was the MVP and nominated him for the Outsiders. The others voted for him. Stone contemplated the invitation and realized he was never afraid of the spotlight and agreed to join the team. He took one the codename Cyborg. Beast Boy welcomed him aboard with a fist bump. On February 14th, after a trip to Geranium City, Forager was inspired by the tale of the Genomorphs and decided he would join the Outsiders to help fight prejudice. On February 16th, 01:33 EET, Beast Boy led Alpha Squad in the joint Team-Outsiders mission to Markovia amid Baron Bedlam's coup. Alpha boomed into the Markovian Royal Palace after Beta Squad flushed Bedlam out of the throne room. However, Bedlam and Geo-Force's fight spilled out into the courtyard. In gorilla form, Beast Boy attacked but Bedlam easily stopped his punch and broke his arm. Geo-Force trapped Bedlam in hardened magma and proceeded to execute him but Beast Boy reminded him the Outsiders did not deal out punishment.

Deathstroke ordered Terra to kill Beast Boy per Luthor's plans to discredit the Outsiders and meta-humans in general to initiate a hero registry. Terra raised a chunk of earth above Beast Boy. To Terra's surprise, Tigress told her she didn't have to do what Deathstroke says. Tigress admitted she always knew she was a mole sent by Deathstroke to infiltrate them but kept her on to show here there was a better way but ultimately leave the choice up to her. Terra spared Beast Boy and ran to Tigress's arms. To everyone's horror, Geo-Force executed Bedlam and took the Markovian throne for himself. After Halo and Terra refused to take his side, Geo-Force told Nightwing to take all his heroes out of Markovia at once. On February 20th, 20:02 EST, Tod Donner reported Tara Markov planed to join the Outsiders and do good after she was released by the World Court into Gregor Markov's custody.

On February 24th, 19:00 EST, a meeting was held on the Watchtower between the Justice League, the Team, the Outsiders, and Batman and Nightwing's covert teams to clear the air on what a secret covert group made from the various teams were doing behind the scenes and Black Lightning was elected the next leader of the League. On February 25th, 18:38 EST, Tod Donner reported Terra, Forager, and Superboy were joining the Outsiders. Some time that day, the Outsiders began to officially use D designations. Beast Boy was assigned D-01, Blue Beetle D-03, Kid Flash D-04, Static D-05, El Dorado D-07, Superboy D-09, Forager D-10, and Terra D-11. Between Team Year Nine and Ten, the Outsiders accepted more members: Robin as D-12, Stargirl as D-13, Livewire as D-14, Windfall, and Looker as D-16. Cyborg left the team and joined the Justice League. Blue Devil became the team's new resident "den mother" and moved into the Premiere Building.

On February 24th, Team Tear Ten, Beast Boy led a squad of the Outsiders stopped the Kobra Cult from broadcasting a brainwashing signal. Beast Boy shifted into a rhino and neutralized Kobra. Wonder Girl temporarily filled in as the Outsiders' leader while Conner Kent, M'gann M'orzz, Garfield Logan and J'onn J'onzz left Earth for the wedding trip to M'arzz. Logan discovered some Martians were fans of the Outsiders and took their forms. On April 19, 12:17 PDT, the Troub-alert was triggered in the Hub in response to Hurricane Amy. Wonder Girl and Windfall went to Logan's door and knocked. He declined to join them and claimed he was still suffering "Javelin-lag". On May 14, 00:23 PDT, Logan almost slept through a Troub-alert. Stargirl woke him up but he passed on taking part in the mission. He believed they could handle it and went back to sleep. The Outsiders returned from their battle with Headmaster and found him still sleeping on the couch. Stargirl was visibly irritated but Logan snapped. He was annoyed he was not sleeping enough and now he was sleeping too much. He started mixing pills to sleep.

On June 2nd, 10:00 PDT, M'orzz staged an intervention with the help of Robotman, Cassie Sandsmark, Jaime Reyes, and Virgil Hawkins. He humored them but coldly dismissed them one by one. M'orzz played her last card. Thanks to Black Lightning's mental health initiative, all members of the League, Team, and Outsiders had to attend an annual mandatory mental health check with Black Canary or they would be kicked off their team. He relented. On August 28, 09:00 PDT, he went to a therapy session with Dinah Lance. During the session, he admitted he wanted to return to active duty because he just didn't want someone taking the Outsiders away from him. He emphasized he made the Outsiders and couldn't lose them.She inquired about losing Brion Markov. He stated he wasn't dead. Lance pointed out he still lost him and asked if he felt responsible for that. He admitted as the leader, he should have seen the signs.

On September 16th, several Outsiders attended Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz's wedding in Happy Harbor. On November 9th, 18:06 PST, Logan observed a conference call Wonder Girl took part in with Tigress, Oracle, Black Lightning, and King Brion Markov. Markov expressed his concern over Vladek's kidnapping and Count Vertigo's escape from the Markovian National Penitentiary but they were still all not allowed to enter Markovia and his Infinitors would find her. After the call ended, Garfield Logan was adamant that the Infinitors wouldn't be the ones rescuing her. Wonder Girl told him to chill and pointed out he wasn't cleared for active duty yet. He countered Dinah Lance was still in a coma and he wasn't going to be cleared anytime soon. He stated he was going after Vladek with or without the Outsiders. She put a hand on his shoulder and reaffirmed it would be "with" and promised that. She checked in on Raptor Squad in Paris who were monitoring Joe Henchy, an affiliate of Count Vertigo.

On November 9th, 20:57 PST, Queen Perdita informed Wonder Girl that King Brion rescued her and she was simply tired but promised to call again the next day. Wonder Girl asked if she saw Count Vertigo. She revealed she never laid eyes on him. King Brion vowed he would be brought to justice and assured Wonder Girl the queen was safe. She thanked him and the call ended. Beast Boy was skeptical since she neglected to ask how Nielson, Roquette, Lance, and Queen were doing. He asked her if that made sense. She hailed Raptor Squad for an update. On November 10, 05:59 CET, Henchy was on the run from Robin cursing his predicament. El Dorado teleported in front of Henchy and found his "Bat-Brat" comment rude but him running away even ruder. Dorado teleported in front of him again and called it borderline disrespectful. Robin snagged him and yanked him to the ground then gave Looker her cue. She used her telepathy while he protested. Dorado commented he was still very rude. She only discovered Henchy had nothing to do with Count Vertigo's escape or Queen Perdita's kidnapping. Dorado let him go and he ran off.

On November 11th, 12:06 PST, a joint conference call was held between Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Nightwing, Oracle, Robin, and Cyborg to discuss the motive behind Queen Vladek's kidnapping: the Vlatavan National Mining Company in Krastmala discovered something, kept it secret, took the discovery directly to Queen Vladek, and she contacted Green Arrow and Black Canary seeking help with setting up transfer of it to Dr. Serling Roquette in S.T.A.R. Labs in Star City. Nightwing surmised the intel was still leaked somehow. Beast Boy assumed it was leaked to Count Vertigo. Robin briefed him that it was more likely leaked to Lex Luthor. Cyborg revealed he detected Boom Tube activity between the Lexcorp Robotics factory in Greater Bialya and Star City, Markovburg and Krastmala. Oracle summarized Count Vertigo's escape and Vladek's kidnapping were all a distraction to hide the true target. Wonder Girl asked what "it" was. Oracle admitted they still did not know but Ray Palmer and Karen Beecher were running tests on what little residue the Team recovered in Krastmala. Wonder Girl deduced the robotics factory was the likely location where Luthor was holding Vladek prisoner. Oracle confirmed that was their best guess.

On November 11th, 12:32 PST, Beast Boy looked at old photos of himself with Vladek until Stargirl got his attention. The Gorilla Squad prepared to leave the Premiere Building on Super-Cycle to help with the joint mission to rescue Vladek. Stargirl wondered if the mission was too personal and if she should be on it. He was adamant he was going. She wondered why he was talking in the third person. He claimed she started it. Cyborg opened a Boom Tube for the Outsiders to use to immediately fly to Madinat Altharwati. Wonder Girl yelled at Stargirl and Beast Boy to hurry up and get onboard. At 22:33 UTC+2, many Lex-Bots were waiting for them outside the factory. Superboy grabbed one by the neck and punched another through the chest. Wonder Girl used her lasso to swing one into another. Stargirl blasted one with her Cosmic Staff. Super-Cycle blasted one while Terra grabbed another with a giant rock hand she formed. Beast Boy ripped the head off one.

Terra told the rest of the squad to head inside and rescue Queen Perdita Vladek because time was of the essence. She smashed a bot with two boulders. Superboy led the way and punched a hole into the factory. A squad from Onslaught was waiting for them: Devastation, Mammoth, and Shimmer. Devastation mockingly greeted the Gorilla Squad and called them the "mighty attention-seekers." Wonder Girl ordered them to stand down and stated they just wanted Queen Perdita Vladek back. Devastation quipped she just wanted to crush her skull and wanted to see who would end up satisfied. Superboy pointed out they were motivated and she was outnumbered. Devastation introduced their latest recruit, Match. Terra and Super-Cycle were soon overwhelmed but Mongoose Squad boomed to her and joined the fight. Static, the squad leader, and Livewire zapped one each, Blue Beetle stabbed one through the chest, Windfall ripped two apart with a tornado, and Forager bowled two over. Kid Flash spotted even more Lex-Bots were converging on them.

Superboy blocked Match's blow but tried to reason with him not to fight. Stargirl tried to blast Shimmer while evading her disintegration touch. Beast Boy took on the form of an elephant but took an uppercut from Mammoth. Wonder Girl tried to drop on her back and toss Devastation but she slammed her into the instead. Oracle tried to hail Superboy on comms to warn him the item stolen off of Vladek was Kryptonite but shielding garbled her message. To Superboy's surprise, Match collapsed in his arms. He soon realized it was due to Kryptonite poisoning. Metallo called Superboy the world's finest ingrate then introduced himself. At 22:42 UTC+2, Static ordered everyone to keep it together so they could buy Gorilla Squad enough time to rescue Queen Perdita Vladek. He and Livewire electrocuted two Lex-Bots in unison. Sphere and Forager sandwiched a Lex-Bot in unison. Kid Flash and Windfall each generated tornadoes and wrecked two Lex-Bots. One of the other Lex-Bots punched Kid Flash in the back as he ran past. Blue Beetle fired a sonic pulse at the sonic pulse fired by a Lex-Bot. Terra lifted debris out of the ground and sent them into a Lex-Bot.

Stargirl was horrified to watch as Shimmer damaged the Cosmic Staff with her disintegration touch. Devastation held Wonder Girl in a headlock and taunted her for being powerless to act as Metallo had the weakened Superboy by the throat. Shimmer rushed Stargirl but was knocked out with a left kick to the face. Mammoth noticed and while he was momentarily distracted, Beast Boy turned from a gorilla in to a Ma'alefa'ak then hurled him into Devastation. Wonder Girl got free and tied both up with her lasso. Metallo proceeded to choke Superboy to death with both hands but Miss Martian arrived and used telekinesis to shatter his fingers then rip the Kryptonite from his chest. Devastation called her hypocrite for saving her husband but letting Metallo die. She revealed he could not live without the Kryptonite as a power source. Miss Martian chose to leave it with him. She reached out to Halo for a Boom Tube. At 22:58 UTC+2, at least three Outsiders were onboard Baby when it left Bialya.

Current Members

D-01: Beast Boy

Wonder Girl

D-03: Blue Beetle

D-04: Kid Flash

D-05: Static

D-07: El Dorado

D-09: Superboy

D-10: Forager

D-11: Terra

D-12: Robin

D-13: Stargirl

D-14: Livewire


D-16: Looker

Former Members

D-06: Geo-Force