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Real Identity: Cassandra Wu-San
Affiliations: League of Shadows and The Team
Appearances (Episodes): Triptych, Nevermore, Tale of Two Sisters, Artemis Through The Looking-Glass, The Lady, or The Tigress?, I Know Why The Caged Cat Sings, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Ominous Tidings and Evocative Intel
Powers/Skills: Above Average Agility, Swordsmanship, Marksmanship, Infiltration, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Cassandra Wu-San was born to Lady Shiva in 2003. From birth, she was subjected to brutality in order to be molded into the ultimate weapon, the perfect assassin who would reach a potential beyond even her grasp. Shiva even had her vocal cords severed so she would focus only on learning body language. In January Team Year Eight, Orphan was assigned her first mission: assassinate the Joker. She was dispatched to the United Nations Headquarters in New York, his latest target. While Batman and his proteges were preoccupied with defusing explosives in the General Assembly, the Joker tried to flee the room. Orphan made her move but at the last second, Batgirl intervened and pushed him out of harm's way. She took the sword strike to her spine and was paralyzed from the waist down. Batgirl told her it was save her life, not the Joker's. Orphan was stunned by her sacrifice and abandoned the League of Shadows and her mother. She moved into Wayne Manor.

Barbara Gordon came to think of Orphan as her sister. After the schism in the Justice League in late July, Batman recruited her to his new covert team and she was given the hacked designation Z-10. At some point, she started learning how to read, write, and use American Sign Language. On September 12th, 21:39 EDT, Orphan was present amid Robin's squad during surveillance of Mad Hatter to verify he was following the conditions of his parole. Robin quickly deduced they were really following Clayface but before he could tell the others, Orphan suddenly sliced him in half. Arrowette wondered if she knew, too, or just didn't care. Clayface grabbed Arrowette but Orphan sliced his arm off. Spoiler got an idea and yelled out they were going to go to Hatter's location. Clayface panicked and fell for the ruse. They tailed him right to Hatter's base and discovered he was providing nano-technology to control meta-humans enslaved to Branchwater Security's meta-human trafficking ring.

Robin ordered Arrowette and Orphan to run interference on Clayface. Orphan dropped down from the ceiling and hacked his arms off. Robin discovered Hatter rigged the base to explode ad ordered everyone to clear the building. Orphan threw an exploding projectile at a wall and blew a hole for them to exit out of. On February 24th, 19:00 EST, Team Year Nine, Orphan attended the meeting on the Watchtower between the Justice League, the Team, the Outsiders, and Batman and Nightwing's covert teams. Per Black Lightning accepting the nomination to become the League's next leader, both covert teams' members were folded into the ranks of the League and Team. Orphan became a member of the Team and was given the designation B-36. On April 18th, Team Year Ten, Orphan went to the Vault in Star City to help Tigress figure out if Onyx and Cassandra Savage were really defectors from the League of Shadows or not. After Terra, Spoiler, and Red Arrow weighed in, Tigress turned to Orphan and asked her if she trusted them. Orphan shook her head for "no" both times, revealing she believed neither could be trusted. Red Arrow sighed and admitted both could be moles.

On April 19th, Tigress and Orphan observed the security feeds of Temporary Cells A and B as Looker tried to use her telepathy on Onyx and Savage. Looker reported they both seemed sincere. Orphan pointed at her head. Looker understood and read Orphan's mind. Looker shared that Orphan was informing her that Shadows were trained to thwart psychic readings. Tigress asked if that's what she thought was happening. Looker admitted she wasn't as skilled as Miss Martian and couldn't be sure. Orphan refused to leave the Vault when Spoiler came to take watch. Some time later, Tigress came to relieve Spoiler and Orphan was still in a kneeling pose. Even when Tigress threatened to call Batman, Orphan did not react. After Spoiler zetaed, Tigress bypassed authorization and let Cheshire in through the alley entrance. Orphan stood and drew her sword but Tigress convinced her to stand down because she needed her for the mission.

The Vault was infiltrated by Black Spider and Rictus of the League of Shadows. Tigress tasked Cheshire and Orphan with Spider. Orphan was wrapped up in his webbing but she sliced herself free only for him to snag the sword away. After Cheshire knocked Spider on his back with a grenade explosion, Orphan tried to stab him with an arrow but he dodged. Cheshire and Orphan took up bows from the armory and fired at Spider. Lady Shiva sneaked up behind Orphan and knocked her out with the butt of a katana handle. Shiva took off Orphan's mask and revealed her scars then issued an ultimatum to Tigress: bring Cassandra Savage to Santa Prisca or she would kill Orphan. She nicked Orphan's neck as a warning then the Shadows left via Shade. Afterwards, Cheshire informed Tigress that Orphan was Shiva's daughter. On April 20th, 18:33 ECT, Shiva paid a visit to Orphan's prison cell and told her how disappointed she was in her. On April 21st, 01:02 ECT, Black Spider and Rictus reported to Lady Shiva that Section 16 went dark. They immediately deduced Tigress on the island. Shiva revealed her own agenda was to bring Orphan back to the Shadows and give her a chance to redeem herself.

Through a flying miniature drone, Oracle located Orphan and told her help was coming. The drone left a lock pick with Orphan. Tigress, Onyx, and Cheshire made it to Orphan's cell but they were surrounded by the Shadows. At 21:04 ECT, Tigress tried to stall for time for Orphan to liberate herself of her restraints and plied Savage to reveal the truth about herself. Orphan got free and took out the lights with the pick then the battle broke out. Orphan took on Shiva but was not doing well so Oracle prompted Tigress to take over. Orphan then took on Rictus. Orphan severed Rictus's hands and feet but she later reconnected them. To everyone's surprise, Shade teleported Tigress, Onyx, Cheshire, and Orphan to a shoreline. However, Shiva followed them. She goaded Orphan's darker impulses by threatening to put a hit out on Barbara Gordon. Orphan was enraged and fought her. She impaled Shiva through her abdomen and was about to execute her but Oracle pleaded with her to stop because she was free and didn't have to be a weapon.

Orphan relented and spared Shiva's life. Shiva ranted Orphan was still an assassin, was no orphan, and told her to come back when she was ready to admit who she really was. Tigress' group left on Super-Cycle and recuperated at a safe house in Key West but left to pursue Cheshire who was horrified to see her daughter Lian Nguyen-Harper made a "mommy mask" based on hers. On April 22nd, 01: 25 ECT, the conflict came to an end after Onyx and Cheshire accepted Sensei and Ra's al Ghul's offer of asylum and addressing their pasts. At 10:14 EDT, Orphan climbed into Barbara Gordon's apartment in Gotham City and hugged her. On September 16th, Orphan attended Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz's wedding in Happy Harbor. On November 9th, Orphan was assigned to Beta Squad and zetaed off the Watchtower to help in the search for the kidnapped Queen Perdita Vladek. On November 10, 07:54 EET, the squad posed as part of a United Nations commission to infiltrate a hospital where five comatose patients were observed for nearly two years.

At 20:06 EET, they infiltrated a mine outside Krastmala where the five patients last worked. Mist was assigned to stand guard while Nightwing, Spoiler, and Orphan descended down the mine. They transmitted their data to Oracle. Mist hailed them on comms to warn six of the individuals who kidnapped Queen Perdita Vladek and liberated Count Vertigo were headed to their location. Nightwing reminded Orphan not to kill anyone. To his shock, she immediately sliced one of their heads off. He caught it and realized they were all robots. Orphan signed their body language revealed they were not human. Spoiler translated but Nightwing informed her that he understood ASL, too. Nightwing ordered them to take out the other five with extreme prejudice. They dodged their sonic blasts. Spoiler saw no point in assisting Orphan and stayed back with Mist. Oracle stabbed 14 and 15 then leaped and used the stalagmites to steer her onto 16's back. She stabbed its head and grounded it. Mist claimed she could have done that. Spoiler did not think so. Neither did Mist.