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Real Identity: Barbara Gordon
Affiliation(s): The Team
Appearances (Episodes): Homefront, Failsafe, Misplaced, Happy New Year, Alienated, Beneath, Depths, Satisfaction, Before The Dawn, War, The Hunt, Intervention, Summit, Endgame, Princes All (voice only), Royal We (voice only), Eminent Threat (voice only), Rescue Op, Triptych, Exceptional Human Beings (voice only), True Heroes, First Impressions, Elder Wisdom, Unknown Factors, Antisocial Pathologies, Nevermore, The Lady, or The Tigress?, I Know Why The Caged Cat Sings, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Players Chapter One, Players Chapter Two, Players Chapter Three, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Five, Players Chapter Six, Torch Songs: Part 1, Torch Songs: Part 2, Ominous Tidings, Evocative Intel, Foreign Affairs, and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Appearances (Games): Legacy
Powers/Skills: Stealth, Piloting, Above Average Agility, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Alyson Stoner and Danica McKellar (Legacy)

Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon and a close friend of Dick Grayson since their early teens. Gordon always beat Grayson in challenges leading him to conclude she was ridiculously good at everything. She is an accomplished gymnast and attended Gotham City Academy. Barbara Gordon is a year younger than Dick Grayson but skipped ahead a year and they were in the same grade at Gotham Academy. When Grayson took a photograph of Artemis Crock, Gordon seemed mildly annoyed. On December 1st, Gordon attended Grayson's 14th birthday and demonstrated her ability to beat him at everything. During a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven, Gordon chose Grayson and kissed him. However, they were never a couple as Gordon didn't believe he was ready for her. In Team Year Three, Gordon debuted as Batgirl and became one of Batman's proteges. In Team Year Four, she joined the Team. At some point in Team Year Four, Commissioner Gordon found out she was Batgirl. She wasn't afraid to take on a leadership role but also had a bit of a playful side, often pushing Nightwing's buttons.

Near the end of February 17th, Team Year Five, Batgirl reported for duty in regards to the mission involving the kidnapped archaeologist Dr. Sandsmark and the fragments of the Tiamat statue. On December 1st, Team Year Five, Batgirl was assigned to Beta Squad in charge of protecting Noor Harjavti while she raised funds in Metropolis. However, the unexpected appearances of Brainiac and Kylstar changed things. Batgirl, Bumblebee, and Beast Boy kept watch on Harjavti. As Batgirl mused the worst was over, Brainiac's Ship appeared over the city. Batgirl remained at the edge of the sphere and held position to maintain contact with those outside. At 17:30 EST, Match surfaced near Batgirl.

After about an hour, once everyone else in the park evacuated to safety, Batgirl moved on with trying to neutralize Match without getting killed. She created a smoke screen with a capsule then covered Match's head in a substance. Batgirl was tossed into the force-field sphere and became unconscious. Match ripped her cape off his face but passed out from the lack of oxygen. At 18:33 EST, Black Lightning and Jim Harper returned to Batgirl's position and helped her up. She gave Beta Squad the orders to shut down the force field generator probe. On December 2nd, 00:16 EST, Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson celebrated his birthday.

On January 1st, 18:23 Eastern Standard Time (EST), Team Year Six, Batgirl and Wonder Girl were sent to New York City's United Nations Headquarters. While Wonder Girl fought Lobo, Batgirl took Secretary-General Tseng down a secret elevator to the General Assembly. However, the two heroes were no match for Lobo. On January 5th, 05:57 Eastern European Time (EET), Batgirl was assigned to Beta Squad and investigated a Krolotean base in Vlatavastok. On January 6th, she participated in a joint mission to Malina Island. On January 26th, she was present when Batman left with some of the Justice League to Rimbor in order to clear their name. On February 19th, Batgirl was assigned to an all-female Alpha Squad sent to Bialya to find any alien technology matching the alien bomb from Malina Island. She noticed scarab imagery in ancient symbols and heiroglyphics on cavern walls and recorded a file. Batgirl's piloting skills proved crucial when a plane holding kidnapped teenagers was discovered.

On March 30th, Gordon infiltrated a shipment of teenagers with Tim Drake in Star City. They arrived in a Reach Ship and went forward with liberating kidnapped teenagers. Among them was Shimmer who quickly sided with Black Beetle. Gordon easily defeated her in combat and met up with Nightwing. She handed over an unconscious Bumblebee and instructed Nightwing to ready the Bio-Ship. In the narrow escape, Gordon had the Bio-Ship sealed off. Lagoon Boy returned with Blue Beetle in tow. On May 26th, Batgirl and Robin were assigned to Delta Squad and manned the Bio-Ship to provide cover fire during the Warworld offensive. On June 13th, 20:30 EDT, Batgirl and Impulse observed Blue Beetle in Metropolis. At 20:40 MDT, they engaged him in El Paso. Batgirl grappled one of his legs while Impulse attacked. Batgirl then doused Blue Beetle in knockout gas but was pinned down. Batgirl and Impulse were merely decoys. Zatanna and Rocket captured Blue Beetle. They took him to the secret Bialyan facility as part of a plan to put his Scarab off-mode. Batgirl faced off against Shimmer briefly.

Batgirl took part in attacking the Santa Prisca summit on June 19th. On June 20th, Batgirl was assigned to Pi Squad with Zatanna and took out one of the Magnetic Field Disrupters activated by the Reach. She attended Wally West's funeral. After Nightwing submitted his leave of absence, he reminded Aqualad Batgirl was willing to stand up to help lead the Team. As of July 4th, Batgirl found a possible lead on Vandal Savage's next move. Gamma Squad was formed with Aqualad, Batgirl, Lagoon Boy, Robin, Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, and Static to investigate. On August 8, 16:16 EDT, Batgirl led a mission briefing on the Watchtower with Miss Martian, Beast Boy, and Superboy present. She declared they were Alpha Squad then revealed an airport security camera caught Psimon passing through customs. Miss Martian and Superboy suddenly got into it about the former's telepathic powers. Batgirl whispered to Beast Boy, asking him what was going on with them. Beast Boy thought they were getting along fine since Mars. Superboy overheard with his super hearing and shifted the converstation to deployment.

On August 8, 13:57 PDT, they split up at a classic movie festival in Hollywood while maintaining contact through Miss Martian's psychic link. Batgirl advised them to stay alert. Psimon eventually found Batgirl outside Auditorium B and revealed his presence to her then blocked her psychic link, warned her he traveled under a Bialyan diplomatic passport and thus, was untouchable, and threatened to brain blast her into oblivion if she attacked him. Psimon used her to lock onto Miss Martian then continued with his plans. At 16:16 PDT, she kept resisting Psimon's telepathy. She didn't believe his claims because she knew Miss Martian was more powerful than him. He revealed he chose the festival to exploit Miss Martian's emotions and insecurities then blasted Batgirl unconscious as a precaution as he made his escape. She eventually came to and found the squad and Sandra Stanyon unconscious in a cafe area. After Superboy admitted what was wrong and apologized, Miss Martian was able to restore everyone to normal.

At some point between Team Year Six and Eight, Gordon dated Jason Bard. In January Team Year Eight, the Joker attacked the United Nations Headquarters in reaction to learning he was a pawn of the Light. Batgirl helped disable Joker's explosives. She noticed a Shadow was following the Joker and deduced it was an assassination attempt. At the last second, she pushed Joker out of the way and took a sword strike to the spine. Batman and Nightwing tended to her while a medical evacuation was requested. Batgirl turned to the Shadow and told her she did it to save her life, not hers. Gordon became paralyzed and retired from the Team but continued to aid Batman, the League, and the Team with her computer skills as Oracle. She came to consider the Shadow, now named Orphan, as a sister. At an undisclosed point, Oracle joined leading members of the various teams for a secret group focused on derailing the Light's plans. On July 28th, 03:03 MSK, Oracle remotely aided Nightwing while he took out a Bedlam Syndicate hub in Moscow. He took a sample of Tar, the item used to meta-activate trafficked teenagers, and she ran an anaysis then informed him it came from Markovia.

On July 29th, 07:16 PDT, Gordon told Dick Grayson about Batman and Green Arrow's walk out from the League but he was nonchalant about it. He revealed he already picked who he wanted for his Markovia mission. At 10:16 EDT, she updated him on the assassination of King Markov and Queen DeLamb-Markov and recommended he get more help. At 22:16 EDT, after Grayson failed to recruit Jefferson Pierce, she noted time was running out. On July 30th, 19:23 EET, she gave remote support to Nightwing in secret. She remotely controlled a Beetle Drone he sent inside the Markovburg Children's Hospital, a front for the Bedlam Syndicate. At 00:02 EEST, she warned him to be careful as he explored the secret passage. They lost contact. After Nightwing's squad left the Bedlam base, she regained contact and directed Nightwing to a live GBS report about Baron DeLamb framing Prince Brion Markov.

On August 5th, 21:04 EDT, Gordon put on a Goode Goggles headset and played the Funny Monkeys game. Despite thinking it was stupid, she still had fun with it. Grayson tried to slip into the apartment undetected but she tossed him. They kissed but her station sounded an alert about the assassination of Jaqqar Marlo. Later that night, she hailed Grayson and told him Halo's original name is Gabrielle Daou. Oracle anonymously forwarded damning evidence to the authorities that got industrialist Simon Stagg arrested for meta-human trafficking and corporate espionage. On September 26th, the secret group met in the Batcave at 02:24 EDT. They discussed their dismantling of the Branchwater Security ring. On October 12th, 04:00 ECT, Oracle took control of the Batplane remotely while Batman's squad sky-dived down to Santa Prisca. During the mission, Katana and Metamorpho sighted Lady Shiva. Oracle warned them she was considered the "most dangerous woman alive." They covertly tailed her to the League of Shadows base but Oracle advised them to stop because Batman was already present.

After mid-October, Oracle started digging into Goode World Studios and learned one of its shell companies purchased an abandoned mall property in Greater Bialya. On the dark web, she learned a meta-human auction was being held at that mall and one of the subjects was a 15 year old girl with geokinetic powers. Grayson decided it was actionable and his team would attempt to extract Tara Markov from the auction then take it down. On December 8th, 00:01 EST, the secret group met in the Batcave to discuss the Outsiders' first mission and their role in making it a success. Oracle discovered a Lexcorp shell company was linked to a factory in Dublin that produced Spider Bots. The group decided to destroy the factory but use the Outsiders to do the work of them. On January 1st, Team Year Nine, Oracle posted a photo to the Outsiders' 1K Wordsworth's feed depicting a young girl being kidnapped by Professor Ivo's M.O.N.Q.I.s. Late that night, the group met in the Batcave but Wonder Woman objected to their deceptive methods. No one had a rebuttal.

On January 20th, 23:29 EST, Oracle remotely supported Nightwing in secret while he and Black Lightning broke into Gretchen Goode's Hollywood home. She lost contact as soon as they entered the home. After nearly 24 hours, on January 21st, 20:29 EST, she contacted Kaldur'ahm for help. She remotely supported him and his partner Wyynde while they investigated. Gordon once against lost contact when they entered the home. She was prepared and used a flying miniature drone to maintain visual contact but it was noticed by Gretchen Goode. After they boomed to the X-Pit, Oracle dispached a Batdrone to the home. Vic Stone, Violet Harper, Garfield Logan, and Brion Markov suddenly boomed into the home and came to Kadlur'ahm, Wyynde, Nightwing, and Lightning's aid. Oracle made her move and the Batdrone fired at Goode. Stone generated a Boom Tube and everyone boomed back to the Hub. Gordon went there to comfort Nightwing, who was suffering severe after-effects from being in the X-Pit for nearly a day. On January 22nd, 02:21 PST, she was still by his side.

Jefferson Pierce observed Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake, Kaldur'ahm, and M'gann M'orzz outside the medical bay and realized they were all working together in secret. His anger overtook him and he contronted them, then realized the Justice League walk out was planned, Grayson recruited him for the Markovia mission to keep him involved in the hero community, and their secret group manipulated it so the Outsiders' first mission was a success. Logan confronted Gordon about the Outsiders' first mission. She confirmed the secret group was involved and that Wayne and M'orzz posed as the victims Matthew Malone and Moira Malone respectively. She then retorted that the Outsiders and Justice League's secret coordination wasn't so different as what they were doing. She added the plausible deniability allowed him to hold onto his integrity. Gordon later spoke with Wayne out on the balcony. He was not sure why Pierce couldn't see their reasoning but she pointed out he set himself up to be surrounded with allies trained to take his orders except Wonder Woman who was off in space for the League's good will mission.

Oracle was unable to locate Violet Harper after Brion and Tara Markov revealed she was turned over to Gretchen Goode and Ultra-Humanite by Dr. Jace. On February 15th, 18:31 EST, Pierce went to Barbara Gordon's apartment in Gotham City to demand to know what the response to the coup in Markovia was. She claimed to have calculated he would come but was late. He admitted he stood in front of her door for awhile. She briefed him about the mixed squads of members of the Team and Outsiders sent to Markovia. He deduced there was more. She informed him they were aware Terra was Deathstroke's mole and believed they could flip her to their side. Pierce quickly formed a plan of his own and executed it with Cyborg. On February 20th, 20:02 EST, Gordon cuddled with Grayson on the couch while they watched Tod Donner on GBS reporting Lex Luthor was no longer the United Nations Secretary-General. Gordon mentioned rumors that Troia was likely to succeed him and her father turned the Batsignal back on.

On February 24th, 19:00 EST, Oracle was present on the Watchtower for the meeting between the Justice League, the Team, the Outsiders, and Batman and Nightwing's covert teams. As part of Black Lightning accepting the nomination to be the next League leader, all covert teams were folded back into the League and Team. Gordon effectively rejoined the Team but as Oracle. On February 28th, 16:16 EST, Gordon attended the private party held at Bibbo's Diner in Metropolis for the original Team members, their significant others, and their children. At some point, Barbara Gordon set Artemis Crock up with her ex, Jason Bard, after he moved to Star City. On April 20th, 18:32 EDT, Team Year Ten, Oracle remotely contacted Tigress in secret and told her either Onyx or Cassandra Savage stole data from computers in the Vault back in Star City. Oracle then emphasized rescuing Orphan. Despite Batman, his proteges, and ally Batwoman currently embroiled in a turf war between Penguin and Two-Face, Oracle offered their help. Tigress declined. Some time later, on Santa Prisca, Tigress released a flying miniature drone without Onyx and Savage noticing.

On April 21st, 19:03 EDT, Oracle advised Tigress not to drag the rescue mission out. Once they entered the League of Shadows' base, Oracle hacked and shut down their power generators then piloted the drone around until she located Orphan. She promised they would free her and left her with a lockpick. Oracle unleased an electromagnetic pulse from the drone to neutralize the Utility Fog before it could upload the stolen data. After Cheshire arrived to help, Oracle led them to Orphan but they were surrounded by the Shadows. At 21:07 EDT, Oracle advised Tigress to stall for time so Orphan could escape her restraints. During the battle, Oracle tasered several Shadows with the drone. Tigress's team was suddenly teleported by Shade to a shoreline but Lady Shiva followed. She goaded Orphan's darker impulses by threatening to put a hit out on Barbara Gordon. Orphan was enraged and fought her. She impaled Shiva through her abdomen and was about to execute her but Oracle pleaded with her to stop because she was free and didn't have to be a weapon.

Orphan relented and spared Shiva's life. Shiva ranted Orphan was still an assassin, was no orphan, and told her to come back when she was ready to admit who she really was. On April 22nd 01:23 ECT, Oracle reported Cheshire had a 10 minute lead on the Super-Cycle but they were gaining then confirmed she was on course of Infinity Island. Tigress still couldn't believe Oracle tagged her sister Cheshire and asked if she didn't trust her. Gordon denied it but admitted she tagged them all so she wouldn't lose anyone. Onyx still wanted to know whose voice was coming out of that little bat-bug. At 10:14 EDT, Orphan climbed into Barbara Gordon's apartment in Gotham City and hugged her. On September 16th, Oracle attended Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz's wedding in Happy Harbor. On November 9th, Oracle called Artemis Crock's phone and merged her into a conference call between all leaders of the teams and King Brion Markov regarding the pursuit of Queen Perdita Vladek and her kidnappers. On November 10th, some time after 20:06 EET, Oracle helped Nightwing identify the technology contained within a robot who was part of Queen Perdita Vladek's kidnapping. All data gathered from the Krastmala mine was also transmitted to her.

On November 11th, 12:06 PST, a conference call was held between Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Nightwing, Oracle, Robin, and Cyborg to discuss the motive behind Queen Vladek's kidnapping: the Vlatavan National Mining Company in Krastmala discovered something, kept it secret, took the discovery directly to Queen Vladek, and she contacted Green Arrow and Black Canary seeking help with setting up transfer of it to Dr. Serling Roquette in S.T.A.R. Labs in Star City. Nightwing surmised the intel was still leaked somehow. She explained Vertigo's escape and Vladek's abduction were all done to send them down the wrong path and hide the fact the real target was what Vladek was carrying while anyone else who knew about it were put into comas. Wonder Girl asked what "it" was. Oracle admitted they still did not know but Ray Palmer and Karen Beecher were running tests on what little residue the Team recovered in Krastmala. Wonder Girl deduced the robotics factory was the likely location where Luthor was holding Vladek prisoner. Oracle confirmed that was their best guess.

On November 11th, 15:39 EST, Ray Palmer and Karen Beecher informed the thing Vladek was carrying was Kryptonite. She asked them if they were sure. Beecher stated they ran the test three times then advised her to warn Superboy as soon as possible. Oracle tried to hail Superboy on comms to warn him the item stolen off of Vladek was Kryptonite but shielding garbled her message.