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Real Identity: Andrea "Andi" Murphy
Affiliations: Branchwater Security and The Team
Appearances (Episodes): Triptych, Home Fires, Leverage, Illusion of Control, First Impressions, Tale of Two Sisters, Odnu!, Ego and Superego, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Ominous Tidings and Evocative Intel
Powers/Skills: Sublimation and Deposition
Voiced By: Daniela Bobadilla

Andrea Murphy was born in 2004. At some point, she meta-activated and discovered she could turn into a gaseous form. She later learned to make certain parts of her body tangible and intangible at the same time. She took on the codename Mist. While being transported to Belle Reve Penitentiary to serve her sentence, Branchwater Security intercepted the vehicle and forced Mist into compliance with an injection of Mad Hatter's nano-technology. On September 25th, 22:56 EDT Team Year Eight, Shade, Livewire, and Mist infiltrated S.T.A.R. Labs in Detroit and attempted to steal a Reach device designed as failsafe against meta-humans. Cheshire, their lead, was shot during an altercation with security. On September 26th, 00:56 EDT, Nightwing's covert team confronted Cheshire's squad to an airfield. Nightwing was unable to land a hit on Mist in her gaseous form. She manifested a solid form to upper cut then choke him while over apologizing to him. He took a syringe out of a belt pouch and injected it She hardened and was frozen in place. Mist and Livewire were liberated from the nano-technology and stayed at the Meta-Human Youth Center in Taos.

On November 16th, 20:20 MST, Mist attended a welcoming session at the Youth Center. On November 17th, 07:07 MST, Mist attended a counseling session overseen by Eduardo Dorado Junior. A training session followed in which Wendy Jones lost control of her aerokinesis. Mist was knocked down to the floor and Livewire got angry and tried to counter Jones. To make matters worse, Jones' started to remove the oxygen out of the room. Dorado managed to crawl to her and teleported them outside of the Youth Center, saving everyone from asphyxiation. In another counseling session, Mist and Livewire left in retaliation against Jones. On November 22nd, Mist and Livewire had fun riding a bumper car then they ate cotton candy. Mist was one of many rendered unconscious by Onslaught and was nearly kidnapped. Beast Boy and Static intervened and took her away from Tuppence Terror. On December 7th, 20:52 MST, Dorado showed Aquaman and the Outsiders' battle against Reach War Bugs to Mist, Livewire, and Jones.

Between Team Year Nine and Ten, Mist joined the Team and was assigned the B-37 designation. She moved to the Hub in the Premiere Building in Hollywood. On March 26th, Team Year Ten, Mist fought Manta Troopers during a Team mission that included Tigress and Halo. On May 13th, Andie Murphy cleaned the Hub's refrigerator out. Blue Devil noticed and thought it was Garfield Logan's turn. Murphy revealed she was doing it voluntarily since Logan was still tired from his trip to M'arzz. On September 9th, 19:08 MDT, Murphy attended Dinah Lance's monthly group therapu session at the Meta-Human Youth Center. She shared and was congratulated by the others. On September 16th, she attended the wedding of Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz in Happy Harbor. On November 9th, Mist was assigned to Beta Squad and zetaed out of the Watchtower to help with the search for the kidnapped Queen Perdita Vladek. On November 10, 07:54 EET, they posed as part of a United Nations commission to infiltrate a hospital in Vlatavastok where five comatose patients were observed.

Andi Murphy asked the wife of one of the victims where her husband was working. The squad headed to a mine outside of Krastmala. At 20:06 EET, a squad from the Team infiltrated the mine. Mist was assigned to stand guard while Nightwing, Spoiler, and Orphan descended down the mine. Mist soon hailed them on comms to warn six of the individuals who kidnapped Queen Perdita Vladek and liberated Count Vertigo were headed to their location. Mist arrived and solidified a small bit of her in 13 and it short-circuited. Spoiler blew up another. Spoiler saw no point in assisting Orphan and stayed back with Mist. Oracle stabbed 14 and 15 then leaped and used the stalagmites to steer her onto 16's back. She stabbed its head and grounded it. Mist claimed she could have done that. Spoiler did not think so. Neither did Mist.