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Real Identity: M'gann M'orzz (Alias: Megan Morse)
Affiliation(s): The Team, Happy Harbor High School, and Ivy University
Appearances: Independence Day Part Two, Welcome to Happy Harbor, Drop Zone, Schooled, Infiltrator, Denial, Downtime, Bereft, Targets, Terrors, Homefront, Alpha Male, Revelation, Humanity, Failsafe, Disordered, Secrets, Misplaced, Coldhearted, Image, Agendas, Insecurity, Performance, Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Happy New Year, Earthlings, Alienated, Salvage, Beneath, Depths, Satisfaction, Before The Dawn, Cornered, The Fix, Complications, The Hunt, Intervention, Summit, and Endgame
Appearances (Comics): Haunted, Monkey Business, Face Your Fears, What's The Story?, Fears, Wonderland, Cold Case, Hot Case, The Pit..., The Pendulum, ...And The Penalty, Under The Surface..., ...Here There Be Monsters, Monkey Business, Gorilla Warfare, Players Chapter One, Players Chapter Two, Players Chapter Three, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Five, Players Chapter Six, Torch Songs: Part 1, Torch Songs: Part 2, Metallic Aftertaste, Last Rights, and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Appearances (Games): Legacy
Appearances (Teen Titans Go!: Space House - Part 4 (Non-Canon)
Powers/Skills: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Shape Shifting, Density Shifting, Volume Shifting, and Above Average Strength
Voiced By: Danica McKellar

M'gann M'orzz is an A'ashenn, a White Martian, and the daughter of M'att M'orzz, a White Martian, and J'ann M'orzz, a G'arrunn, a Green Martian. She has 11 sisters, 17 brothers, and over 300 cousins. She is also a niece of J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter. Of all her siblings, only a younger brother was a White Martian, M'comm M'orzz, and the rest were Green. They were often bullied when they were children, simply for being A'ashenn. She also combated loneliness. She saw a broadcast of "Hello, Megan!" from Martian Manhunter's Earth transmissions and immediately took a liking to the show and its star Megan Wheeler portrayed by Marie Logan. After Bio-Ship was pledged to J'onn J'onzz, M'gann M'orzz secretly bonded with her before he left for Earth so she would let her stow away. She left without telling anyone. The first time J'onzz met her was when he found M'orzz on Bio-Ship in June 2010 during the trip back to Earth.

With permission from her parents, she moved in with him on Earth and became his protege. He introduced her to television, a tool to learn about life on Earth. She also took comfort that her telepathy could not read the minds of those on the screen. She became infamous for following a personal code of ethics that included not mindreading those she deemed "good." Since a Martian calendar has almost twice as many days as Earth, Miss Martian is 48 in Earth years and 16 in Martian. She later joined the Team as its 5th member and given the numerical designation B-05 in July 2010. Unlike her team mates, Miss Martian has no prior experience in the field. Aside from her inexperience, Miss Martian's other weakness is extreme heat like all Martians.

After meeting her new teammates on July 8th, Miss Martian moved into the Cave, headquarters of the Team. She continued to indulge in Earth television shows and baking. She took a human form based on Megan Wheeler, star of "Hello, Megan!" On July 18th, she presented the Team to her Martian Bio Ship. During the flight, Miss Martian revealed to the Team that her shape shifting was limited and she had not yet mastered density shifting to go through solid objects. It was later revealed that mind reading can be repelled by reciting trivial data in a foreign language. Her clothing and the ship were organic and very responsive to her mental commands. After struggling to prove herself to the Team against Mr. Twister, Miss Martian consulted with Red Tornado and came up with a plan on her own. She posed as Red Tornado to distract Mr. Twister while the rest of the Team followed her mental instructions. Twister was defeated and Superboy even apologized for over-reacting to her.

On July 20th, near midnight, M'orzz told the rest of the Team a fabricated story that was an idealized version of her life and told it to the rest of the Team: she is a Green Martian who was born and raised on Mars. Among her family, M'orzz was closest to her uncle, J'onn J'onzz. Unlike most families, it seems, she was raised in a "liberal" atmosphere and disliked the mistreatment of White Martians. While observing her Uncle J'onn's adventures, M'orzz fell in love with Earth and wished to visit it. The chance finally came when J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, returned to Mars and held a competition to find his young partner in crimefighting. M'orzz won and became a superhero codenamed Miss Martian. During Team missions, if radio links are jammed, Miss Martian follows protocol and establishes a telepathic link between all teammates.

On September 3rd, Miss Martian cloaked herself and scouted ahead in the Bialyan desert. She was discovered by Psimon, who erased the past six months of her memory. Because of her telepathic link, the rest of the Team also suffered from amnesia. She reunited with Kid Flash, Artemis, and Robin and convinced them to help her by combining their broken memories and form a coherent timeline of current events. Miss Martian and Superboy were able to defeat Psimon in mental combat and grew closer to each other in the process. On September 5th, Miss Martian went with Aqualad and Superboy to visit Atlantis where she morphed a pair of gills and a mermaid tail. Her psychic abilities allowed her to translate and communicate in Atlantean. On September 7th, she and Superboy were set to attend their first day at Happy Harbor High School. Miss Martian took on a human form and went by "Megan Morse." She also suggested "Connor" for the first name in Superboy's alias. Morse was later recruited by Wendy Harris to try out for the Bumblebee's, the school's cheerleader squad, and was accepted.

On September 16th, Miss Martian and Superboy infiltrated Belle Reve Penitentiary disguised as the Terror Twins. Miss Martian, as Tuppence Terror, was hit on by Icicle Junior before she was taken to the Women's Wing. She shared a prison cell with Killer Frost and remained in contact with Superboy through her telepathy. Miss Martian also reported to Aqualad and Red Tornado, were on stand by in the Bio Ship some distance from Belle Reve. Aqualad was ready to contact the Justice League but she convinced him to stall the transmission, in hopes of learning how the supervillains planned to escape. During the uprising, Miss Martian accidentally used her telekinesis to save a prison guard. Killer Frost froze her in place. She eventually thawed out of the ice and was kissed by Superboy.

On September 22nd, Miss Martain was gravely weakened by the pyrokinetic onslaught of an android invader. Placed into a high heat cage construct, Miss Martian lost consciousness but was still breathing. Miss Martian awoke after Artemis triggered an electromagnetic pulse but knocked out again by a reprogrammed Red Tornado. She came to with Martian Manhunter at her side. On September 26th, during the Bwundan mission, Miss Martian went into camouflage mode but went unconscious upon identifying a Kobra Venom enhanced gorilla as Grodd. She awoke to Grodd who telepathically demanded her help. Solovar quickly explained the origins of Gorilla City to Miss Martian and she agreed to ally the Team with them against the Brain. She infiltrated one of the compounds and liberated the troop's children, kept hostage to force their loyalty, returned them to Boka and Primat, and rejoined the Team for the revolution.

On October 16th, Manhunter psychically linked the Team within an artificial reality for a training exercise. Miss Martian's subconscious took control of the simulation when Artemis was killed and members of the Team began to fall into a coma. Martian Manhunter discovered his niece possessed a telepathic mind far stronger than his, in terms of raw power. When he entered the reality, Manhunter was overcome by the Team's collective emotion and his thoughts were muddled. Once the other five members of the Team perished, Manhunter was able to remember his purpose and shocked Miss Martian out of the exercise. She lost confidence in her abilities. Black Canary implored her to train under her uncle and regain control again. On November 11th, Miss Martian worked with Martian Manhunter, Artemis, Green Arrow, and Zatanna to destroy a Flying Ice Fortress.

On November 22nd, Miss Martian saved the life of Garfield Logan by shapeshifting her blood to match Logan's O- blood type. On November 23rd, she confronted Psimon who made her reveal her true form and recorded it. Psimon taunted her with the fear her friends and family would reject her upon learning she was a White Martian. Miss Martian blasted Psimon and rendered him into a coma-like state. Back at the Logan Animal Sanctuary, Miss Martian revealed her connection to Marie Logan (Megan Wheeler on the show) and showed a false true form, instead of her real true form to the Team. Queen Bee later confronted her and blackmailed her into cooperating or she'd expose the truth about what she was. In late December, Miss Martian posed as Dawn Danger on an unofficial mission in Europe. In order to perform tandem with Robin in a reasonable manner, she used her telekinesis. During the mission, Miss Martian's powers were taken by Parasite. Luckily, he also took her weakness to fire.

On December 30th, Miss Martian revealed her true White Martian form to the Team. The Team still accepted her and Superboy revealed he knew since they were mentally linked in the Bialya mission. Five years later, Miss Martian had gained greater control over her powers and could phase through solid objects. By November 1st, Team Year One, Miss Martian had wiped all residual Cadmus programming from Red Arrow's mind. Despite an open invitation to join the Justice League, Miss Martian remained on the Team. However, Superboy broke up with Miss Martian over the misuse of her psychic powers. He disapproved of her ripping intelligence and leaving her targets in catatonic states like Psimon would. The breaking point was when Miss Martian used her powers on Superboy to make him forget but was caught. In Team Year Five, Miss Martian became Logan's legal guardian after the death of the most of the Doom Patrol and he moved into the Cave.

On December 1st, Team Year Five, Miss Martian joined Lagoon Boy aboard the Bio-Ship to track the missing Superman, Superboy, and Devastation after they vanished in Metropolis. Miss Martian infiltrated Kylstar's vessel and saved Superman, Superboy, Wonder Woman, Captain Atom, and Captain Marvel by using her telekinesis and smashing several orbs together that were projecting a neutralizing frequency on them. Soon after she started a romantic relationship with Lagoon Boy.

On January 1st, Team Year Six, Miss Martian was assigned to Delta Squad and joined in tracking down Clayface. On January 4th, she was assigned to Zeta Squad and teleported to Rann with Adam Strange. Miss Martian linked her allies mentally with Sardath and Alanna then acted as a psychic translator so everyone could understand each other. In the outcome of the mission, she used her powers more forcefully and extracted intelligence from a Krolotean Captain about the Justice League and the missing 16 hours when they were under the control of the Light. Since the process was forced with a species too alien for her to translate right away, the Krolotean was left in a catatonic state. On January 6th, 09:58 Mountain Standard Time (MST), the Zeta Squad returned to Earth. Miss Martian revealed what she learned about the 16 hours then at the Hall of Justice used her powers forcefully once again to learn of a contingency plan that involved a base on Malina Island. Miss Martian and Martian Manhunter posed as Kroloteans and stole data while the others fought the Kroloteans and Black Manta's men.

On January 26th, Miss Martian bid goodbye to Martian Manhunter before he left with others to Rimbor. On February 19th, Miss Martian was part of an all-female Alpha Squad sent to Bialya. During the mission, Miss Martian had another mental showdown with Psimon and easily dispatched Shimmer and Icicle Junior. On March 19th, during the Cape Canaveral mission, Miss Martian posed as Martian Manhunter at a live press conference and also used her telekinesis to simulate flight for Superboy, who posed as Superman. She was routed from the skies to aid Lagoon Boy. She arrived too late and as Lagoon Boy was taken away, lost consciousness while detonating a weapons platform. On March 30th, Miss Martian density shifted into a Reach Ship and freed Beast Boy and Impulse. She ran into Kaldur'ahm and performed a devastating psychic attack that left him in a catatonic state. Miss Martian gleaned the truth about Kaldur'ahm and was herself, left in a state of shock. At Beast Boy's direction, she staggered into battle but was quickly rendered unconscious by Black Beetle. As the Team made their journey home, Miss Martian was silent and nonresponsive.

On April 1st, Miss Martian went to Bludhaven with Wolf, Super Cycle, Mal Duncan, and Superboy to settle into their temporary sleeping quarters. Miss Martian didn't care for the place and went with Duncan and Superboy to the Hall of Justice to gather what was salvaged from Mount Justice. However, they were interrupted by the arrival of Despero. Miss Martian refused to use her telepathy to defeat him and only used telekinesis with little result. She eventually revived Zatanna, Billy Batson, and Bumblebee. Zatanna then used Despero's own telepathy to defeat him. The next day, under the guise of John Jones, Miss Martian moved into Jones' apartment in Chicago. She declined a call from Lagoon Boy but received a visit from Superboy. On April 9th, Miss Martian was tasked with connecting to Green Beetle with a mind link and verifying the truth or lies with his story. Miss Martian was still hesitant to probe too much so Green Beetle volunteered his thoughts. Miss Martian vouched for him. She and Lagoon Boy went back to Chicago to talk but were ambushed by Deathstroke and Tigress. Miss Martian was collared and taken to the Manta Sub to repair Kaldur'ahm's mind.

Miss Martian wasn't sure if she could even repair a broken mind. Artemis went with her into Kaldur'ahm's mind. Miss Martian was immediately believed to be a threat and attacked by a mental construct of Aquagirl. Artemis broke away and brought Kaldur'ahm over. Together, Miss Martian and Kaldur'ahm began repairing the ruins of Poseidonis and his mind. After six hours, Miss Martian made some progress but needed days, even weeks. Black Manta was pleased and let her continue. However, he planned to kill her once Kaldur'ahm was restored to normal. Miss Martian refused to accept any plan that would compromise Artemis' and/or Kaldur'ahm's cover. While Tigress set off to deactivate Miss Martian's Proprietary Collar, Miss Martian was forced to fight Cheshire without any of her powers. While wrestling over a Manta Trooper's gun, Miss Martian managed to shoot and destroy the security camera watching the room but was rendered unconscious. When she came to, Miss Martian phased out of her collar and brought Sportsmaster, Cheshire, Artemis, and Kaldur'ahm to the mental plane to explain the truth. Miss Martian played her role and eventually phased out of the Manta Sub to make her escape.

On May 30th, Miss Martian and Nightwing concluded a stealth search for the Team. After several hours, Miss Martian was unable to locate them with telepathy. They landed in the Warworld's docking bay and continued the search. After being reunited with Sphere, they proceeded to save the Team and took out many Reach soldiers. Soon enough, they were reunited with the Team and encountered the runaways saved on March 30th. On June 13th, 23:45 UTC+2, Miss Martian took the Bio-Ship to Poseidonis and picked up Lagoon Boy. She took the time back to Bludhaven to break up with Lagoon Boy. She confessed she only went out with him because he made her feel good after the break up with Superboy and their relationship would never advance. On June 14th, 00:03 EDT, Miss Martian asked Nightwing about Superboy's whereabouts only to learn he went out with Wendy Harris. On June 19th, Miss Martian took Deathstroke's place shortly before the summit on Santa Prisca. She pretended to kill Kaldur'ahm and Artemis when they were outed.

Once Miss Martian revealed herself, she held Vandal Savage at sword point. Klarion and Teekl appeared and sent a giant flame construct after her. She was saved by Lagoon Boy. On June 20th, Miss Martian went to Rimbor along with Superboy and Adam Strange to present new evidence to clear the Justice Leauge. She then joined Beast Boy on Psi Squad for the strikes on the Magnetic Field Disrupters. She comforted Artemis when it was revealed Kid Flash perished in helping save the world. She attended his funeral. As of July 4th, Miss Martian and Superboy repaired their friendship. They were soon grouped into Alpha Squad with Beast Boy to answer a distress call from Mars. Superboy and Miss Martian got along well on the mission to the extent that Beast Boy could see them becoming a couple again. Superboy became afraid of getting close to her again and pulled away. Then they were at odds with each other again. On August 8, 16:16 EDT, Miss Martian attended a mission briefing on the Watchtower about Psimon's sudden appearance in the States. Superboy took a Zeta-Tube to the Watchtower and was surprised to see Miss Martian present.

Batgirl presided over the briefing and informed Miss Martian, Beast Boy, and Superboy that Psimon was sighted in Hollywood. Miss Martian suspected he was setting a trap and declared she could handle him. Superboy became irate and questioned if she was going to put him into another coma. She denied she would do that. Superboy clarified she wouldn't do that again. She admitted he was right and stated she won't do it again. Batgirl whispered to Beast Boy and asked what was going on. Superboy overheard and asked if they should be going. At a classic movie festival, they split up but stayed in contact with a psychic link set up by Miss Martian. Miss Martian and Beast Boy went into Auditorium B to sit in on a moderated Q&A session with Sandra Stanyon. Tod Donner, the moderator, began with her break out role in "The Silver Blade" with Jonathan Lord then opened the floor up to audience questions. Using the psychic link, Superboy told her she should ask Stanyon about "Hello, Megan!" but she was unsure of what to do.

Superboy was surprised and reminded her she was the bravest woman he knew and asked if she really was afraid to ask a question. She asked and Stanyon was happy to talk about Marie Logan. Miss Martian thanked Superboy and admitted she was always braver when he was around. Superboy stated he was happy to help, paused, and said it was because they were teammates. After the panel, Stanyon sat with Miss Martian and Beast Boy and talked about Logan, working together as a family on the set, and hearing about her passing. Psimon locked onto Miss Martian and guided her to a pocket of emotional safety hidden deep within her psyche. Her own insecurities trapped her as well as Superboy, Beast Boy, and Stanyon in her mind. Superboy found himself in the middle of an episode of "Hello, Megan!" with Beast Boy stuck as a talking frog. Superboy tried to talk to Miss Martian but she was stuck in character as Megan Wheeler due to her insecurities, as Psimon counted on, and thought he was a new foreign exchange student. She went to greet her boyfriend, Conner. Mrs. Wheeler knew something was wrong and asked what was the matter. Megan Wheeler denied it and asked who said anything about matter. Conner joked Albert Einstein.

Megan Wheeler admitted she was worried Conner wouldn't like the song she was going to sing and wouldn't forgive her. Beast Boy became alarmed. Thanks to his encyclopedic memory of the series, he knew in the actual episode that she wasn't worried about being forgiven or not and surmised that was Miss Martian talking. He speculated the key to getting free was forgiveness. He discovered they broke up over Miss Martian trying to change his memories then Superboy more or less forgave her after she took full responsibility. Beast Boy asked him if he could sincerely forgive her this time. Backstage at school, Conner was in costume and complimented Megan. Superboy tried to talk to her but Conner cut him off and told him to get his own Megan. As Megan sang, the somber and remorseful tone caught even Conner offguard. Beast Boy immediately declared that wasn't the same song from the episode. Conner knew it was too heavy for his girlfriend and realized it wasn't. He implored Superboy to talk to her. Beast Boy, still stuck as a frog, hopped onto Conner's palm.

Superboy asked Wheeler to speak to M'gann M'orzz after the song. He began his apology and admitted he would always love her that is if she could forgive him. He revealed he got scared after they got close again during the Mars mission and pulled away. He apologized honestly. Miss Martian appeared and pulled them out of her mind. They regained consciousness but Psimon got away. Miss Martian apologized to Stanyon for all the trouble but she was surprisingly forgiving, citing a life of "very scary and strange" with Jonathan Lord, then thanked Superboy. Miss Martian thanked Superboy through the psychic link. He stated he did it because they were a team. She added they were, always. In late Team Year Six, at age 14, Garfield Logan felt he had no choice and decided to leave the Team to live with Steve Dayton, a former teammate on the Doom Patrol, after he claimed dubious parental rights because he was married to Rita Farr, Logan's late godmother. M'gann M'orzz was willing to fight him for custody but the choice was made.

Eventually, they got back together. Connor Kent and Megan Morse began renting the apartment at Lucas Carr's house in Happy Harbor after they both graduated college. Miss Martian succeeded Aqualad as leader of Team after he took up the mantle of Aquaman and joined the Justice League in Team Year Seven. At some point, she joined a secret task force of various leaders in the League and Team focused only on stopping the Light. No one except its members knew of it existence. As Megan Morse, she got a job at Happy Harbor High School as a guidance counselor. On July 27th, 19:57 EDT, Team Year Eight, Miss Martian congratulated Alpha Squad on the textbook op. She told Gamma Squad they could learn something. Steel and Black Lightning zetaed to the Watchtower for an emergency League meeting. Lightning asked where the rest of the League was. She informed him most of them were already in the conference room. Aquaman zetaed shortly after. He invited Miss Martian, as Team leader, to observe. She asked if she wanted to observe. He admitted he could use the moral support. She told him he would have that always.

Batman and Green Arrow staged a walkout and resigned from the League over stifling United Nations regulations instituted during the reign of Secretary-General Lex Luthor. They took several members of the League and Team with them. On July 29th, 10:16 EDT, Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz talked in their living room. He admitted he felt more of a burden on Earth to step up with Superman in space as part of the Justice League's galactic goodwill tour. She told him he will do what is right like always. Wolf stirred. Dick Grayson knocked on their front door. He wanted to recruit Kent for help in busting up a meta-human trafficking ring in Markovia. Kent agreed to help. Grayson reminded him it was a non-super suit op. He left to talk to one more recruit. On their psychic link, M'orzz shared her hope he would have passed because she just lost a huge chunk of the Team due to Batman's walkout. Kent reassured her it was just one mission and she could always count on him. He got on one knee and told her he was carrying it around for a month waiting for the right time. He proposed to her and she quickly said yes. They kissed.

On August 1st, 10:37 EDT, Kent and M'orzz talked. She joked she did not know he was bringing back a "souvenir." Kent apologized. She told him it was okay and noted Prince Brion Markov kind of reminded her of him from back in the day. He agreed. She asked if he knew how long he was staying. He did not. She asked where Grayson was. On August 4th, 12:25 EDT, they were paid a visit by Bear. He bear hugged Kent. Kent introduced M'orzz to Bear as his fiance. He wished there was time for celebration but revealed there was trouble on New Genesis. M'orzz set up a mental link. Bear was elated and told Kent he made an excellent choice in a life mate. He was about to talk about Dreamer and himself but paused and briefed them about reports of violence between the land dwelling Bugs and the New Gods of Supertown due to betrayal and strange monsters. Bear revealed Mother Box detected no monsters, only traces of Earth human DNA. M'orzz deduced some meta-humans were involved and volunteered the aid of the Team.

Kent sat out on the mission because he needed to stay with Markov and meet with Grayson and others who were on their way. She sighed and told Kent she was helping him helping his friend. He acknowledged she was. She sighed they would not have together time and took the lead on the Team mission to New Genesis. Bear was fine with her help as long it was an Earthling's. She was about to point out she was a Martian living on Earth but stopped herself and told him he would have plenty. Static, Thirteen, Blue Beetle, Kid Flash, and Wonder Girl were summoned to Happy Harbor. They boomed to New Genesis then Bear took them to the site of the incident. He asked Miss Martian if she could sense any past Earthling activity. She informed him that was not how her powers worked. While Wonder Girl implied her annoyance with Robin, Miss Martian vented how super oblivious Superboy was. Bugs were about to attack them but one of their own, Forager, stepped between the two parties. They convinced Mantis and the Bugs to go along with another sale to draw out the fake Orion.

Miss Martian verified the two "monsters" with him were meta-humans from Earth but she was sensing a psychic wave and realized the fake Orion was using telepathy to intentionally fan the flame of the Bugs' anger. She also sensed something familiar about his mind touch, showed her true form, and demanded an explanation. The fake Orion asked to talk in private. Miss Martian agreed, ordered everyone to stay put, and took herself off the link. She insisted he drop his false form. He was her young brother, M'comm M'orzz. He revealed he was going by Ma'alefa'ak, the name of a rabid Martian beast, to prey on the G'arrunn's superstitious nature. He revealed if he did a few favors on New Genesis, he would get help for his White revolution on M'arzz and deal with the G'arrunn and B'lahdenns oppressing the A'ashenn. She pointed out he was sacrificing peace on another planet to achieve his own. He retorted he was doing the Bugs a favor and giving them a little push since they were being oppressed as well.

Miss Martian stated psychic manipulation was wrong no matter how good the intentions and asked him how he justified kidnapping Earth meta-teenagers, telling him he was now the oppressor. He claimed the ends justified the means and invited her to join him. She turned him down and warned him she would stop him if he stayed on his current path. He invited her to try. On the mental plane, Ma'alefa'ak was disgusted by how she perceived herself, noting she never fully embraced being an A'ashenn. She told him he could win with hate. He offered to bet on it. She projected clones of herself and stated she had no desire to hurt him and reminded him they were meant to look out for each other. He coldly recalled how the G'arrunn treated them, how she defended him, and how he used his righteous anger. She declared she chose love over anger and tried to explain to him there were better ways to change minds. He feigned interest then blasted her but the Conner Kent illusion took the hit. She mused she could not and defeated him then declared it was over. He thought love made her weak and easy to hurt. He used a failsafe code word and the two meta-humans died violently. He warned Forager not to interfere again then he phased through the ground.

Mantis declared Forager a race traitor and banished him from the Hive. She tried to explain they were being manipulated but Mantis called her a liar and refused to listen to any Martians, Earthers, New Gods, or traitors. Miss Martian offered asylum to Forager. He was hesitant to leave home. She understood and told him it would not be forever. Miss Martian used telekinesis to take the bodies of the two meta-humans into the Boom Tube first followed by the Team and Forager. On Earth, she telepathically downloaded the English language into Forager's brain. On August 5th, 21:04 EDT, Kent poked fun and noted she did everything but the pronouns then got elbowed. She ascertained the Bugs have an extremely complex sense of self and don't have much use for pronouns. Kent and M'orzz introduced Forager to Markov and Halo. Markov was amazed to meet a real alien. M'orzz pointed out she was a Martian and Kent was half-Kryptonian. She revealed she intended for Forager to join the Team but was unsure of where he would live. Kent suggested he live on the Watchtower. She protested because he would be all alone.

Crock brought up how good Mount Justice was. Even Kent reminisced. M'orzz got an idea and asked Bio-Ship to morph into an RV that could accommodate Forager, Halo, and Markov. Grayson shared intel of the murder of one Jaqqar Marlo by Black Spider and another from the League of Shadows who crushed him with a boulder. Speculation about the second being Markov's missing sister, Tara, ensured. M'orzz pointed out it could have been someone with telekinesis. Markov prodded and Grayson informed him the League was based on Infinity Island but there was no guarantee she was there. He forbade any mission until they gathered more intelligence and came up with a solid plan first. Grayson, Crock, Pierce, Kent, and M'orzz discovered Markov, Forager, Halo, and Sphere were gone. Kent asked Wolf where the kids went. He emoted. Kent sarcastically thanked him. They went to Infinity Island to rescue the kids. The irony of them rescuing rebellious teenagers did not go by unnoticed. Miss Martian noted what goes around comes around. They ended up in a brief battle against Sensei, Ubu, and a Red Hooded Ninja but Miss Martian was weakened when Markov used his powers to generate lava. Ra's al Ghul ended the skirmish.

On September 25th, 23:43 EDT, Superboy and Miss Martian busted Simon Stagg for being in possession of a Reach Meta-Human Failsafe device stolen from S.T.A.R. Labs Detroit. On September 26th, Batman's secret task force met in the Batcave to discuss their take down of the Branchwater Security meta-trafficking ring. On September 29th, 11:08 EDT, Kent turned off the TV. On the mind link, M'orzz told him he did not have to do that but did not get how he could stand watching G. Gordon Godfrey. Kent admitted he was the worst but fascinating. He also quipped they could not live in a bubble and needed to know what the other side was saying. Lucas Carr offered a car pool to Happy Harbor High School. She was surprised he hadn't left yet and informed him her first appointment was not until 11:30. Carr took pride in being able to go in whenever he wanted now that he was the principal. She asked him if that was true. He clarified "occasionally" as long as the school board did not get wise. She kissed Kent goodbye and left with Carr.

On October 12th, 08:21 EDT, M'orrz revealed she had no appointments and Kent declared every bike in Rhode Island was running smooth. He suggested they get dressed and do something. They fooled around instead. M'orzz recalled there was a training session but Kent felt Grayson could handle it. On October 15th, 07:19 EDT, Carr, M'orzz, Violet Harper, and Forager, disguised as Fred Bugg with a glamour charm left for school. Harper did not understand Markov's warning about the other boys at school and the one thing they had on their mind. M'orzz told Harper they would talk about it on the way. On October 15th, Bugg went to get Morse after Harper generated a Boom Tube at the football field bleachers and went through it. After they got there, another Boom Tube opened and Harper came through with Victor Stone. Stone stated he was just another freak. A meeting was held at the Carr house in the evening. At 19:21 EDT, Grayson talked to his covert team, Miss Martian, and Dr. Jace about Stone. Forager and Violet Harper explained how she generated a Boom Tube and somehow located him.

They all realized she was really the soul of a disassembled Mother Box in the Bedlam Syndicate's base who bonded itself to the corpse of Gabrielle Daou. After a brief standoff between Super-Cycle and Stone's Father Box, Violet Harper cleansed Stone. Stone came to and apologized. Kent claimed he was fine and told Super-Cycle to stand down. Grayson surmised it was a temporary solution. Stone protested against getting his father Dr. Silas Stone involved. Kent assured him no one was kicking anyone out. On the mental link, M'orzz sighed and conceded they were getting another stray. Kent took her hand and told her he understood she was frustrated: his one mission turned into a never ending thing, they hardly spent anytime together since they got engaged, and Happy Harbor was supposed to be their own "Fortress of Solitude" where they could be just themselves. He knew just what they needed. She perked up to having a date night. He declared it was a secret base. Wolf groaned and walked away.

Queen Perdita Vladek called them to her room at the Luthor Grande Hotel in Beverly Hills because Garfield Logan was stuck in a psychic fugue state after he put on her Goode Goggles. M'orzz told the two paramedics, Casey Brinke and Sam Reynolds, to stop and stated Logan was her brother. Kent put them in the hall. He promised they would return the gurney later. M'orzz went into Logan's mind with Kent acting as her anchor. By the time she found him, Logan had solved the issue by himself. He told her he always thought it would be cool to be on TV like his mother and for awhile, being an actor made him feel close to her again. He wondered if he was just using it as a distraction but declared he was ready to get back to reality. Logan came to and promised a debrief later then kissed Vladek. On the mental link, M'orzz conceded it was as close to date night as they were going to get. They kissed, too. Logan later told M'orzz that Goode VR Goggles were designed to test for the Meta-Gene then if the subject tested positive, subliminal messages brainwashed the potential meta-human into going to a meta-human trading depot. She took the intel to the Justice League.

The Justice League and the Team conducted take downs of all the depots simultaneously so one location could not tip off the other. She made sure Nightwing's covert team was assigned the depot in Greater Bialya so they could extract Tara Markov, Geo-Force's sister. Superboy traded her Sphere for Bio-Ship for their missions. Miss Martian led a squad sent to penetrate a meta-depot in Utah. On November 1st, 03:16 EDT, she informed him all the Justice League and Team raids on the other meta-human trafficking depots were a success and rescued teenagers were safe at the Taos Meta-Human Youth Center. Dr. Jace warned Kent before he went into his apartment. The furniture was all wrecked due to another incident with Stone being overtaken by Father Box. Kent knew M'orzz was going to kill him. On November 6th, 14:59 EST, Geo-Force, Halo, Forager, and Terra were formally welcomed to the Team by Miss Martian on the Watchtower. She was also happy Superboy and Tigress were rejoining the Team full-time again. Geo-Force surmised Superboy did so to keep an eye on him. Superboy claimed it was to spend more time with his fiance.

Beast Boy zetaed to the Watchtower and requested to rejoin the Team. Superboy assumed it was his take down of a purse snatcher that got the itch scratching. He revealed he put Gretchen Goode on notice and wanted to take her down. Miss Martian cautioned they did not have any leads on her yet but he was always welcome back on the Team though she told him upfront she could not put him on every stealth mission since his powers were too recognizable but promised to juggle assignments to keep him as busy as he wanted. On November 16th, Miss Martian assigned Tigress to lead Gamma Squad on a reconnaissance mission to Verhoyansk to investigate reports of a possible government sponsored meta-program. As Megan Morse, she attended the orientation meeting at the Taos Meta-Human Youth Center. Along with Dinah Lance, Morse was introduced to the meta-teenagers as their counselors. On November 22nd, 16:00 EST, Thanksgiving preparations were underway. M'orzz used telekinesis to pile ingredients into Kent's arms. They shared a quick kiss then she smacked Forager's four hands with levitating spoons before he could touch the food. Karen Beecher and Mal Duncan joined them for dinner along with Lucas Carr and eventually, Victor Stone.

On December 4th, 19:09 EST, Beast Boy presided over a meeting at the Watchtower with Aquaman and the Team. He revealed his decision to form a new public team of young heroes to mitigate the dwindling public opinion of the divided Justice League already hampered by Luthor's grip on the United Nations as its Secretary-General. He stated the League lost the hearts and minds of the people they are trying to protect. He pitched his team would break the rules the League could not, connect with the people in ways that can't be blocked by governments, quiet the fears of the public terrified by the Meta-Gene generation, and inspire that generation because they were part of that generation and could empower them to conquer their fears. Miss Martian was still skeptical. Beast Boy presented all the social media reactions to them and pointed out how they generated hope and inspiration that spin campaigns could never touch. Aquaman noted they gave them much to consider. Beast Boy clarified he could either get onboard or get out of the way to Superboy's chagrin. Static, Kid Flash, Geo-Force, and Wonder Girl stood in unison with him.

Miss Martian could not believe she was losing some of the Team again. Aquaman gave up resisting but proposed his team would still covertly answer to the Justice League through Miss Martian, the Team's leader. Beast Boy then took everyone on a tour of his team's base of operations, the Hub, at the top of the Premiere Building in Hollywood. He also invited anyone, not just members of this team, to move in if they had no home. In a twist of irony, he revealed he paid for it using his salary from Space Trek. Miss Martian objected to six teenagers living alone and unsupervised. Tigress teased who knew what could happen. Superboy turned away. Miss Martian elbowed her. Dr. Jace volunteered to be the resident den mother. On December 7th, at 19:37 PST, as part of the secret task force's plans, Miss Martian had Beast Boy look at a report of an alien invasion in Brooklyn, Maine. On December 8th, 00:01 EDT, the task force met in the Batcave to go over Brooklyn. Miss Martian credited Oracle with tracking Intergang to a dark net black market auction for the Reach Warbugs and Aquaman throwing the fight.

Aquaman praised the Outsiders for doing so well. She agreed. He wondered if Beast Boy should join their task force. She did not believe he was ready for it and stated he had his own mission. Aquaman noted it was most promising for their mission as well. On December 21st, Miss Martian tipped Beast Boy off about a meta-trafficking lab in Santiago de Cuba. At 10:12 EST, at the Watchtower, Miss Martian told Zatanna about the Outsiders' mission. She was shocked they were going alone. Miss Martian believed they could handle it. Aquaman pointed out they were the only choice since the mission was potentially too public for the Team and neither the United Nations nor Cuba would allow the Justice League to intervene. Zatanna emphasized they were going against Klarion and decided to go there but keep under the radar despite Aquaman's protest. At 17:18 EST, Megan Morse picked up Violet Harper at the Happy Harbor Police Station. Bethany Lee asked Morse to tell Carr "hi" for her. Morse asked what was happening with Harper Row. Lee reckoned she would be in a holding cell until her father came to get her. In the car, Morse asked Harper if she wanted to tell her what happened. Harper was silent. Morse sighed and started the car.

Oracle found a Dublin factory after sorting through Lexcorp shell companies then Nightwing, Aquaman, and Miss Martian checked out the factory and discovered weaponized Spider Bots were being stored there. Miss Martian received intel that the Bwundian Independence Front would attack the United Nations delegation while they were in Bwunda. On December 31st, Miss Martian was part of the joint Team-Outsiders mission in Bwundasa. She posed as a maid outside Troia's hotel room, #1616. After a member of the Bwundian Independence Front used telepathy to attack Troia, Miss Martian revealed herself and easily defeated her. She raised her in mid-air, destroyed her mask, and removed a Control Disc on her. On Bio-Ship, the girl, Lia Briggs, told Miss Martian she had no control over her actions or her own mind. Miss Martian assured her she was among friends and offered help. She accepted it then confirmed for them it was a set up for Luthor to use to make the Outsiders look bad. On January 1st, Team Year Nine, Batman posed as a victim of Professor Ivo's M.O.N.Q.I. robots named Matthew Malone while Miss Martian posed as his daughter Moira Malone who asked the Outsiders for help but ended up kidnapped.

At 22:41 UTC, the Outsiders squad consisting of Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, and Static, met with "Matthew" and headed to the Radley Overshoe Factory where they battled the M.O.N.Q.I. robots as "Moira" bashed Ivo's head with a pipe, revealing he was just a robot, too. The Outsiders and "Moira" exited the factory and it exploded around 23:05 UTC. At 21:10 EST, the task force met in the Batcave to discuss Dublin. Miss Martian joked someone should get Superman a print of Lex Luthor being embarrassed live on The G. Gordon Godfrey Show. They explained the operation to Wonder Woman but she declared they had gone beyond hiding things and lying to their comrades and the public. She saw staging the fake event as crossing the line. On January 2nd, 08:16 EST, Harper Row met with Megan Morse in her office at Happy Harbor High. Morse noticed the bruise near her right shoulder. Row tried to lie and say it was from rough housing with her brother. She asked Morse if she heard from Harper because she was absent.

Morse told her she ran away from home and asked if she knew where she was. Row did not. She mused it must feel great to have a lot of people worried about her. Morse mentioned she saw the black eye her brother had. Row knew if she said anything, Morse would have to tell the authorities and they would be put into foster care and separated. Morse turned the discussion to the hand gun. Row lied it was Harper's. Morse played along and asked hypothetically why she had it. Row answered hypothetically she would want to get it out of the house so the alcoholic who lives here would not hurt anyone with it. Morse summarized because alcohol and guns don't mix. Row told her "well, duh" but Morse pointed out she was caught using both. Row stated they were done and walked towards the door. Morse suggested they talk about her brother instead. She paused. Morse noted she never saw bruises on Cullen Row until now. She tried to keep up the lie.

Morse speculated she was not there to protect him because she was in jail and was always the rock for him to hide behind but she was a child, too, and was cracking under the pressure. She asked Row if her silence was shielding her brother or her father. She promised to be there to help her through what comes next and it would better than what they had now. Row let go of the door knob and stated he hit them. Morse consoled her. She later escorted Harper and Cullen Row to Happy Harbor Child Protective Services. At some point, M'orzz started counseling Victor Stone using the five stages of grief healing process. On January 21st, Miss Martian led a Team mission. On January 22nd, M'orzz was present at the Hub as many gathered to be with Dick Grayson as he succumbed to the after effects of being kept in the Ghost Dimension by Gretchen Goode for a day. Kent and M'orzz argued on the mental link after Jefferson Pierce deduced the existence of Batman's secret task force. They were interrupted by Beast Boy after he learned they were manipulating his Outsiders team as well.

On January 25th, 14:29 PST, Kent and M'orzz continued the discussion. He understood why the group was formed to save people but he did not get why she went along with it. He brought up how Artemis Crock's staged death led her to brain-fry Kaldur'ahm and every time she lied to the people she loved, she lost a little bit of her soul. She thought he forgave her. He clarified he did but had not forgotten. She promised she never invaded any minds. He claimed the lies still hurt. They were interrupted by the intercomm. At 14:32 PST, Kirby Jacobs hailed the Outsiders and informed them of a visitor in the lobby, Vandal Savage. He gave them Violet Harper's coordinates. Superboy asked what the catch was. Savage revealed his one condition was they tell Granny Goodness he helped them. Geo-Force volunteered to go as well. Kaldur'ahm stated he was strictly back up and told Miss Martian she was the lead on the mission. Superboy asked Mother Box to open a Boom Tube using Savage's coordinates and Miss Martian set up a mental link connecting everyone.

On January 26th, 01:17 UTC, they arrived inside the Orphanage. Superboy instructed Terra and Forager to remember their training after they saw Parademons on patrol. He verified Mother Box locked onto Harper but Miss Martian could not sense her psychically. The senior members and Kaldur'ahm formed Alpha Squad and proceeded to make a distraction. Superboy assigned Geo-Force to lead Beta Squad and get Harper but use Mother Box to boom home if they got into any real trouble. Geo-Force sarcastically promised to keep his head, do his homework, and be in bed by 10:00. Alpha found the Javelin but Miss Martian could not reach anyone psychically. Superboy heard Parademons coming. They took their positions and battled Parademons, the Furies, and Mantis. Miss Martian asked Gilotina to surrender. Gilotina charged but Miss Martian phased and she passed right through her. Miss Martian used telekinesis and rammed her into a Parademon. Nightwing's fever dream hacked into old memories and Alpha experienced all his old feelings.

After losing the link with Beta, Miss Martian briefly sensed Martian Manhunter but his mind was not his own. She was told by Kaldur'ahm to be ready to brain blast everyone and render them all unconscious. Superboy pointed out that would not work on those under Granny's sway since they were just puppets. Kaldur'ahm suggested she do them what she once did to him but Superboy objected and was concerned about how that would affect Miss Martian. Miss Martian believed she had to since the universe was at stake. It was not enough and they were overcome by the device's Anti-Life, too. Luckily, at 02:48 UTC, Victor Stone boomed to the Orphanage after Gretchen Goode during an Outsiders mission happening at the same time. He witnessed Goode and Granny merge then liberated Harper from the Cerebral-Leash. She focused, took on a rainbow aura, and unleashed a pulse that freed everyone from the Anti-Life. They quickly destroyed the device. Superboy informed Granny they found her thanks to Vandal Savage. She roared then retreated into a Hush Tube.

On the mental link, Miss Martian asked Superboy what their status was. He was unsure. Miss Martian told Forager she had reliable intelligence that her brother Ma'alefa'ak returned to Mars and with Mantis under arrest, he could return to New Genesis if he wanted. She assured him they would respect whatever decision he made. Harper, Stone, Kaldur'ahm, Geo-Force, and the Team boomed to the Hub at 06:54 PST. All of the Outsiders voted in favor of Stone joining their team. Miss Martian offered him a position on the Team if being a public hero was a concern. Superboy warned him he was not obligated to join either the Team or the Outsiders for his heroics. Stone reckoned he was never afraid of the spotlight and in the service of a better cause, he joined the Outsiders as Cyborg. On February 14th, Raquel Ervin and M'gann M'orzz accompanied Zatanna Zatara to Grant Park in Stary City at her request. Artemis Crock was not happy she brought others. She asked Zatanna to summon Wally West's ghost so she could have closure and say goodbye to him.

Zatanna tried to dissuade her but she threatened to go to Wotan. Zatanna agreed and cast a fake spell while M'orzz created a space in Crock's mind to allow her to process her grief once and for all. On February 16th, 01:33 EET, Miss Martian led Gamma Squad in the joint Team-Outsiders mission to Markovia to deal with Baron Bedlam's coup. They crossed the Vlatavan border in Bio-Ship. Gamma prevented Dr. Simon Ecks from executing those loyal to King Gregor Markov in the Markovian National Cemetery. Miss Martian hailed Beta Squad on comms to confirm they completed their objective. After Nightwing took down Count Vertigo, he hailed Gamma and stated he was sending Tigress and Halo to Alpha Squad. They were all horrified as Geo-Force executed Baron Bedlam. He called them hypocrites for letting a murderer, Terra, walk freely among them for months. At 01:24 PST, everyone processed what happened back at the Hub. On February 24th, 19:00 EST, Miss Martian attended the meeting on the Watchtower between the League, Team, Outsiders, Batman's secret task force, and Nightwing's covert team. For her part on the task force, Miss Martian resigned as leader of the Team.

On February 25th, 18:39 EST, M'orzz felt it was time to give back her engagement ring. Kent hoped it wasn't. She pointed out he did not trust her or truly forgave her. He hoped she would trust and forgive him. He acknowledged she had to make hard choices and he dredged up old wounds then he apologized to her. He stated he could not imagine a life without her. She kissed him and they remained engaged. On February 28th, 16:16 EST, they were present at a private party at Bibbo's Diner in Metropolis for the original members of the Team and their spouses and children. Unbeknownst to them, Saturn Girl posed as a waitress to keep an eye on Superboy. At some point, Clayface's therapists and case workers at Arkham Asylum had come to believe he was sincere about reformation. Batman called in Miss Martian. Clayface agreed to a psychic scan and she concurred his rehabilitation was most likely sincere. She also believed it was worth it to get him away from the factors and influences that contributed to his life of crime, namely away from Gotham City and into a steady job.

They decided on getting married twice, on M'arzz and a civil ceremony on Earth. On February 23rd, 14:16 EST, Team Year Ten, Lucas Carr held a farewell party for Kent and M'orzz at his home. Only the Team Year Zero crew from the Team were invited to keep it from getting out of hand. Artemis Crock and Kaldur'ahm teased they all knew they were getting married long before the two of them knew it. Kent quipped they enjoyed reminding him of that for the last 10 years. The party was interrupted when Will Harper got hailed on comms by Roy Harper that his newest employee at Bowhunter Security, Clayface, had been abducted during a gig in Star City. Superboy was surprised then M'orzz noted she helped treat him and she could not break confidence and tell him. Kaldur'ahm deduced Clayface was kidnapped by Task Force X and briefed the others then revealed that the Team and League could not openly act against them due to a prior pact of mutual non-aggression. Kent did not think it was worth it to keep the Team a secret at the expense of a life.

Will Harper proposed they pose as Bowhunter Security temps. They departed in Bio-Ship for Bayou Bartholomew. At 16:16 CST, Bio-Ship crippled the Manta-Flyer about four miles short of Belle Reve Penitentiary. M'orzz density shifted into the bog after Clayface's pod. After the battle ended, she surfaced with Clayface's pod. They returned the "escaped" prisoners to Belle Reve, then returned to Happy Harbor to resume the party. Raquel Ervin offered up a toast to Kent and M'orzz. They thanked everyone for their friendship, love, and support over the years. On February 25th, 07:38 EST, they tried on their rings then quickly took them off. They exchanged looks when Garfield Logan said he and Perdita Vladek could use a breather. Kent said his goodbyes to Wolf. M'orzz bid everyone goodbye and promised they would be back in three months for the wedding. Cullen Row promised to take care of Wolf and Sphere for Kent. Kent, M'orzz, and Logan took off with J'onn J'onzz in Bio-Ship. On March 21st, M'orzz threw Kent a surprise birthday party on the ship.

On March 22nd, 16:16 UTC, they approached M'arzz. M'orzz had no idea what she was excited about since she could not wait to leave it 10 years ago. Kent assured her things were different now. Logan apologized for being a little cranky during the trip. M'orzz shared with everyone that Bio-Ship wanted to fly the final distance herself and noted she was excited to be home. She asked her to take them directly to the new Science Center in Ma'aleca'andra. After Logan changed into the form of a M'a'rzuu beast, M'orzz noted she already downloaded the Martian telepathic language into their brains and reminded them to watch their thoughts since there was very little distance telepathically between thinking something and saying it. She was shocked to discover her sister, M'ree M'orzz, was now the Chief Scientist-Bureaucrat of the Science Center and in charge of the Zeta project. She revealed she was going by "Em'ree J'onzz" now then took the form of Megan to help them feel comfortable.

M'gann M'orzz was annoyed and pointed out she had six freckles, not four. Kent assured her it was not necessary to change her form. Logan added it creeped him out she looked like his late mother. J'onzz apologized and took on the form she preferred anyway, Rita Farr, to Logan's chagrin. After Martian Manhunter unloaded everything, M'orzz told Bio-Ship it was okay for her to leave and told her to have fun. J'onzz shared their parents were eager to see them and she arranged transportation, but the trio turned it down to explore the city. M'orzz was reminded of how much psychic noise and racism there was on M'arzz. They observed some Martians in the form of Space Trek characters, G. Gordon Godfrey and Outsiders. However, they were hit with a psychic attack by hostile Martians. M'orzz put up telepathic filers and forced them to leave. They opted to go her parents' home. Kent asked them for their blessing to marry their daughter. They revealed the tradition on M'arzz was for the female to ask this blessing from her prospective mate's parents. She declared Jonathan, Martha, and Clark Kent all gave their blessing. Logan could not resist and asked about Lex Luthor then was flicked away.

Kent inquired about her other 27 siblings. J'ann M'orzz only replied the others were all very busy. More angry G'arrunns arrived outside the home. Logan turned into a Ma'alefa'ak but he got brain blasted. M'gann M'orzz dispatched them. They noticed the exterior of the home was vandalized with a very bad word for A'ashenn and an even worse one for Earthling. After some pressing, J'ann and M'aatt revealed the usual prejudices got worse after the murder of King S'turnn J'axx the previous month. Kent deduced they were worried M'comm M'orzz was the killer. The Zeta-Tube was ready for its first test. However, at the same time R'ess E'dda arrived at the palace with a mass protest through a massive mind link. Kent and Logan were overwhelmed until M'gann M'orzz put up a filter. Logan snapped at her for not putting it up in the first place. She saw Ma'alefa'ak, cloaked, spying on the test and used telekinesis on him. The Manhunters tased him and took him into custody. Lor-Zod covertly blew up the Zeta-Tube right after J'onzz entered it.

M'orzz could not sense his mind touch. She found Logan under some debris and freed him. The M'hontrrs were still suspicious of Ma'alefa'ak even though Miss Martian had him pinned, telekinetically and psychically, since he was A'ashenn. She opted to go with them along with their parents. Em'ree J'onzz reestablished contact with the Watchtower and confirmed Martian Manhunter was alive and well. On March 23rd, 05:29 UTC, the M'arzz-Earth Communications Satellite was destroyed by Lor-Zod. Mars was cut off from Earth and the Justice League. At M'hontrr headquarters, Miss Martian tried to reason with Ma'alefa'ak. He called her a grease-mat to the G'arrunns. J'ann M'orzz pointed out she was a G'arrunn and asked if that was how he felt about his own mother. He stared at her. Miss Martian asked for a moment alone with him. She chided him and stated they loved them. He countered it was not enough when two of their 29 children were A'ashenn and their parents failed to teach tolerance and acceptance even in their own home. She argued they tried.

Ma'alefa'ak asked how many G'arrunn siblings planned to attend her wedding then pointed out he was innocent yet still in a prison. She brought up his prior crime killing two innocents on New Genesis and trying to incite a war. He agreed she did not know him because she abandoned him when he was just a child and ran away to Earth. She claimed she was dying on M'arzz but he asked why she did not take him with her. She saw through his tactic and realized he had no idea about the attack on the satellite either. She admitted he got stronger since New Genesis but asserted she was still stronger than him. She sensed he was keeping a piece of his mind closed and asked him to voluntarily open it. He scoffed and knew she was just bluffing. He told her to tell the M'hontrrs to charge him with something or let him go. At 15:51 UTC, the Sacred Boat was ridden by M'orzz, Kent and Logan down the Sacred River. She admitted she dreamed of her Ma'ayava'ana ceremony and wedding since she was little. They were about to kiss but Logan continued to be a buzz kill.

Kent was starting to get concerned on why he was being a jerk all day. Luckily, a momentary distraction came in the form of the M'arphin beasts. Kent opened up his mind to her to share the intel from Prince J'emm. She was surprised at the amount. They were introduced to S'yraa S'mitt, the Sorcerer-Priestess who was going to perform the Ma'ayava'ana ceremony as well as the wedding. They decided on holding the wedding in three days. M'orzz flew around then offered to dance with Kent. Not one for being levitated, he made an exception. She reminisced about when they first met and thought she was so dorky. He recalled she was beautiful, inside and out, and she grew more every day. She thought he was cute then. He remaindered her he looked the same. She teased she could see the change. They kissed. Logan told them to get a honeymoon suite. M'orzz wanted to show them the Bio-Cavern but Lor-Zod caused a cave-in. According to plan, M'orzz was able to briefly sense Saturn Girl, part of a trio from the Legion of Super-Heroes who tasked themselves with preventing Zod from assassinating Superboy and changing the timeline.

Kent assured M'orzz they would be okay then burst out from the debris. She felt a psychic signature but it disappeared as quickly as it appeared. M'orzz noticed Kent was bleeding. He downplayed it then explained they were farther away from the Sun and underground so he had less solar energy and oxygen than he was used to, his cells were not fully charged. Logan was not so calm as he was and found it disturbing he could have been killed. M'orzz shared his suspicion that someone just tried to kill them but was disturbed they were being followed. On March 24th, 10:21 UTC, M'orzz checked with Logan if he was sleeping. He lied he was fine. At 10:23 UTC, Prince J'emm visited the M'orzz home out of concern for Kent after he heard about the cave-in and wondered if it was connected to the death of King S'turnn. M'orzz used a mind link to brief J'emm on the cave-in with his permission. After S'yraa S'mitt arrived, Prince J'emm awkwardly revealed they met before then asked to show Kent where his father's body was found in the palace and mused he could find additional evidence their guards missed.

J'ann M'orzz, M'gann M'orzz, S'yraa S'mitt, and Em'ree J'onzz departed to build the ceremonial canopy. They stepped outside and learned Bio-Ship gave birth to an offspring. She named her "Baby" and revealed she had all of Bio-Ship's memories. She suggested they get to know her. The women left with Bio-Ship. J'ann M'orzz consoled M'gann M'orzz about Bio-Ship's retirement. S'mitt asked how she bonded with her. J'onzz was less than enthused to hear the story again. S'mitt thought it was a lovely sentiment they shared extraordinary adventures together for a long time. She explained building the canopy to shelter them from past discord and shield them against future strife and for new unions. At 13:18 UTC, in the Crystal Cave, S'mitt explained they should view each crystal as a reflection of them as individuals and the canopy as a reflection of their family and their people. M'gann M'orzz was curious if S'mitt joined the order after her time with Prince J'emm. S'mitt was alarmed her mind was invaded. M'orzz clarified she could read body language. She admitted they were joined for a time but she was G'arrunn and he was the Prince. M'orzz understood.

After the canopy was finished, S'mitt declared it was splendid. J'onzz noted she never used a canopy for either of her weddings. M'orzz took issue with her use of "even." J'onzz believed she was only doing the wedding on M'arzz to please their parents. She denied it and claimed the traditions meant something to her. J'onzz did not believe she cared about Martian religious orthodoxy otherwise "Miss Martian" would not be marrying "Mister Earthling." She pointed out he was half-Kryptonian then asked if she meant "Miss A'ashenn." J'onzz denied she was racist. M'orzz countered she knew she was always ashamed to be her sister, to be the sister of Ma'alefa'ak, and of her father. J'onzz pointed out her form said she was ashamed to be seen as a Martian. The canopy fell apart. M'orzz shifted to her true form and stated it was not who she was on the inside and she was pretending to be something she was not just to make her feel comfortable. She took J'onzz's hand and told her she should have protected her and Ma'alefa'ak when they were children and being bullied but she was afraid of losing her popularity.

J'ann M'orzz understood her A'ashenn form was psychically false and the form she used on Earth was her true one. S'mitt believed these difficult conversations proved they had a strong family bond and thought they were truly blessed. They started on a new canopy. Saturn Girl posed as Miss Martian and helped repair the psychic damage done to Garfield Logan. Back at the M'orzz home, he learned that truth. M'gann M'orzz sensed the repair was indeed done and nothing nasty was left behind. She recognized the mind-touch from the one she briefly sensed at the Sacred River. On March 24th, 22:04 UTC, Kent and M'orzz kissed under their canopy at Ma'ayava'ana Ma'akk. On March 25th, 16:16 UTC, Bio-Ship started her retirement after M'orzz, Kent, and Logan said their goodbyes. M'orzz admitted she would be fine eventually. M'orzz found Ma'alefa'ak's cave and waited for him to return. He was ready for a fight but to his surprise, she revealed she only came to apologize to him for abandoning him years ago then invited him to reconcile with their family. He suggested she say goodbye to their mother and tell their father he was sorry. She phased through the ceiling. He wished her good luck with the wedding.

Once M'orzz arrived at the stadium, Kent decided it best to do an even more thorough review of the intel Prince J'emm provided. She took them to the mental plane and went over everything. Logan noticed a discrepancy: only six of seven servants were seen leaving the palace on the day of the murder. The seventh, a female A'ashenn became their primary suspect. Another servant seen with her, K'arr M'angg, made a noticeably short statement that he did not see anything. They headed to the A'ashenn sector of the city and spoke to M'angg. He recognized them right away and assumed they thought he was person of interest. She told him he was not a suspect and asked about the female A'ashenn. He revealed she was a G'arrunn posing as an A'ashenn then pointed out it would never occur to a G'arrunn that another G'arrunn would ever pretend to be an A'ashenn. Kent asked why he did not tell the Manhunters. He stated his kind knew better than to trust Manhunters then revealed that was why he kept his scar as a remainder that if he told the truth, he would only make trouble for himself. Logan asked why he told them. M'angg referred to M'orzz as one of them.

When they arrived at the celebration, Prince J'emm excused himself to speak with them. They shared what they learned. Prince J'emm reacted oddly and asked for a moment to absorb the revelation. They turned their attention to the light show put on by the Y'ellonn. Kent realized the odd residue he saw in the Great Hall was microscopic magic residue. They flew after Prince J'emm and saw him talking to S'yraa S'mitt. Prince J'emm revealed his father truly did think the prejudices between the G'arrunn and A'ashenn were ridiculous but he was also of the belief that the B'lahdenn royalty had to stay pure and that was why he would not let his son marry S'mitt, originally a G'arrun. She tried to deny she went to the palace but Logan confirmed her taste matched what he tasted at the Palace and Kent revealed they had a match on her magic residue. She started to lose control of herself and fired errant magic blasts.

Prince J'emm refused to take cover and implored her to stop. He was hit in the right shoulder. He refused to move unless she killed him. She admitted she never wanted to hurt him and still loved him. She dropped out of mid-air and was caught by Prince J'emm. She revealed the truth: she sneaked into a palace as an A'ashenn to open her mind to King S'turnn to show him how much she loved his son then he would have a change of heart and give his blessing. She was wrong was. He was dismissive and contemptuous. She was upset and lost control of her magic. Thought became action and she killed him by mistake with magic then she panicked and sneaked out through the plumbing. She was taken into Manhunter custody. Prince J'emm wished he was braver and had defied his father, believing he would still be alive if he did. E'dda tried to use the incident as proof of keeping the caste system as it was. Prince J'emm disagreed and proposed equality for all Martians and let go of old prejudices. The queen promised the dialogue would continue and wished to continue her son's birthday celebration.

Lor-Zod made his move and added a device containing Kryptonite to Ma'alefa'ak's Gene Bomb. Kent heard Lor-Zod's movement and scanned underneath with his infrared vision. Lor-Zod went back into his Time Sphere and went out of sync with the timeline again to avoid being tracked any further. To everyone's surprise and confusion, Kent started punching a hole through the floor. Kent, M'orzz, Logan, and Prince J'emm descended and found the bomb. Kent used his microscopic vision and deduced there was a some kind of virus in the containers. Logan tasted the bomb and detected Ma'alefa'ak. M'orzz realized her brother's plan was to serve Apokolips for the bomb and use it to kill all G'arrun in the arena and maybe the B'lahdenns as well. She worried about the explosive yield and how far the virus could spread. Kent told everyone to leave since he was the only was not Martian or part Martian. Logan reminded him his solar cells were not recharged. Kent detected a heat source and opted to fry the virus in the lava flow. He ordered them to go and clear the arena. He punched a hole in the floor and fell into the lava with the bomb.

Phantom Girl intervened and tried using her abilities but due to the conditions, they phased to the Phantom Zone. After the explosion, M'orzz could not detect his mind-touch. Logan saw the shadow of ash on a wall. Superman and Martian Manhunter arrived but the former felt the effects of Kryptonite. M'orzz struggled to hold onto Superman. They evacuated and were bereft over Superboy's perceived death. M'orzz called out to Kent then dropped to her knees and cried. Em'ree J'onzz tried to comfort her. M'orzz later went to the canopy and cried. On April 20th, 22:27 UTC, Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian stormed a meeting of A'ashenn in Ma'alefa'ak's cave. She made short work of the A'ashenn then pinned Ma'alefa'ak. He was surprised her rage was over Kent but claimed he knew nothing about Kryptonite. He invited her to read his mind. She realized he was not lying. Ma'alefa'ak opened a Hush Tube and fled the cave. She wondered who was to blame and sobbed. Martian Manhunter consoled her. On April 21st, 00:49 UTC, aboard Baby, she eavesdropped on his conversation with Hawkwoman who verified all known Kryptonite on Earth and in the Milky Way Galaxy were accounted for. She phased through the floor.

J'ann M'orzz believed she should stay with her family but Miss Martian stated she had responsibilities on Earth. She bid them goodbye. J'ann M'orzz realized she did not ever plan to return to M'arzz. Miss Martian despondently replied she was not planning anything. Em'ree J'onzz asked to go with them to Earth to learn more about her sister and her adopted world then have a chance to become real sisters. J'onn J'onzz told her she was welcome to join them. Miss Martian was detached and told her she could if she wanted. J'ann M'orzz feared they lost both daughters. After three weeks of travel, Miss Martian began to shut everyone out of her mind. On May 14th, 04:06 UTC, Miss Martian piloted Baby. Em'ree J'onzz tried to lighten the mood and asked, "Are we there yet?" J'onn J'onzz thought it was a serious question and told her they had approximately one more week of travel. She tried to explain but noticed her sister was zoned out. She asked J'onzz to help her with dinner. He deduced what she wanted to talk about.

She was worried and knew it was not natural or healthy for her sister to completely close her mind to them. He was sure she just needed the family she created for herself on Earth. She was concerned she could not wait that long and asked how they would help her. He took over as the pilot while she began trying to annoy her sister on purpose. She pretended to whine about how endless the trip was and could not remember why she wanted to go somewhere as banal as Earth. Miss Martian took the bait and pointed out no one forced her to come. She countered she came because she needed her. Miss Martian claimed she never asked for that. She declared she wanted to come for her and she did not have to ask. Miss Martian was irked it was suddenly all about her. She was made she would not open her mind to her. Miss Martian took offense and asked why she would ever considering their history. Em'ree J'onzz called her the most unforgiving excuse for a sister. Miss Martian knew what was going on. J'onzz realized nothing she did was every going to be good enough.

Miss Martian knew she was trying to generate a catharsis for her. J'onzz asked if it worked. Miss Martian admitted it did a little. They both giggled. J'onn J'onzz smiled. Miss Martian started to cry. Em'ree J'onzz comforted her. Miss Martian did not know what she was going to do without Conner Kent. J'onnz told her she did not have know yet and told her she just needed time. Miss Martian thanked her and told her she was a terrible counselor but kind of a great sister. Suddenly, Baby was almost hit by a Metropolis school bus possessed by Klarion at 05:16 UTC. On June 1st, 15:26 EDT, Forager welcomed Baby to Earth and Happy Harbor. He asked M'orzz how she was doing. She admitted there were good days and bad days and more bad than good. She explained she was keeping busy like helping Em'ree J'onzz move I upstairs and get a job at the Erdel Initiative. She was also closing up Kent's affairs and she found it very painful. She was comforted by all their teammates, the Kents, and friends stopping by to offer support and so so many casseroles.

Forager believed her hive would help her get traught then asked her if she visited Garfield Logan yet. She told him they only talked on the phone and he was the first person she called when she got back from M'arzz. He elaborated and asked if she visited in person. She imagined he was busy with Space Trek, the Outsiders, and Perdita Vladek. Forager informed her he left the show, no longer goes on missions with the Outsiders, and broke up with Vladek. He believed she should go see him. On June 1st, 21:48 PDT, she visited Logan at the Hub. He was irate she talked to Vladek. She tried to stress that self-medicating was only a short term solution and in the long term, it would block his healing process. He did not believe he needed her healing process. She reminded him he promised to get help when he returned to Earth. He pointed out that wasn't even Miss Martian who healed his mind on M'arzz and questioned how reliable the diagnosis was. She knew he was battling depression and probably post-traumatic stress disorder.

He presumed she was referring to his sleeplessness, self-medication, withdrawal from normal activities, and pushing his loved ones away. She exclaimed it was and he was doing all of it. He was adamant he would deal with Superboy's death by himself like he did with all the other deaths in his life. She stated it was clearly different this time. He still declined and told her to leave him alone. On June 2nd, 10:00 PDT, M'orzz staged an intervention with the help of Robotman, Cassie Sandsmark, Jaime Reyes, and Virgil Hawkins. He humored them but coldly dismissed them one by one. M'orzz went last. She assumed he was having a good time dismissing everyone who loved him and it was easier to do than actually dealing with his problems and facing his grief. She reminded him he was not the only person grieving and hurting and she could not help him if he withdrew. She admitted she needed his help, too. Logan finally stated he could not take being needed and did not want to be needed any more and repeated he was going to deal with it himself.

M'orzz played her last card. Thanks to Black Lightning's mental health initiative, all members of the League, Team, and Outsiders had to attend an annual mandatory mental health check with Black Canary or they would be kicked off their team. He relented. On June 6th, 08:01 UTC-2, Miss Martian performed a cursory mind reading on the suspected Ocean Master clone imprisoned in Poseidonis. He did not believe he was a clone. King Orion tried to convince him some of his memories were cobbled together from public records. Ocean Master thought it was another lie. Orin told him his mind was not his own. Miss Martian offered to help if he let them. Ocean Master declined and refused to play their game. Orin told him to let them know when he was ready to face the truth. He yelled he was not a clone. On July 3rd, 19:05 UTC-2, Ocean Master called out to Orin. Miss Martian revealed her presence and told him King Orin was otherwise occupied. He only wanted the truth. She instructed him to relax and open his mind to her. He complied. She recognized Psimon's mind-touch and saw his fingerprints all over his psyche.

Miss Martian took him back to his first memory, confirmed he was a clone, and so was the Arion who was about to be crowned the next king of Atlantis, the Arion clone was imprinted with Ocean Master's memory ingrams, and he was given a false history to cover his incarceration and the time since. Ocean Master was shocked. Miss Martian found what they did to him unforgivable. At 19:36 UTC-2, she spoke to Orin over comms. She apologized for not getting him the intel sooner. Orin agreed no one would believe him. Luckily, the Lords of Order would never allow a clone of Arion to wear the crown they bequeathed to the original and he was horrifically vaporized. Miss Martian helped clear Ocean Master's mind of all programming and outside influence. He thanked her. To his surprise, Orin told him he was free to leave. He explained it was decided he could not be held responsible for the crimes of the original Orm nor for the crimes he committed when his mind was enslaved by the Light so he had a clean slate.

After Beast Boy made a genuine breakthrough with Black Canary on August 28th, he resumed talking to M'orzz while he put in the work towards rehabilitation. On September 13th, 17:38 EDT, Miss Martian zetaed to the Watchtower on Black Lightning's request. He tried to introduce the Green Lantern who delivered the Thrall but she instantly recognized she was the Mountain Hive Forager that Forager courted. She briefed them about the Kaizer-Thrall's role in the recent Justice League mission to New Genesis and the Green Lantern Soranik Natu's discovery. She established mental contact with the Kaizer-Thrall and learned he was Danny Chase, a teenager from Earth and victim of meta-human trafficking sent to Apokolips. She also noticed Chase possessed telekinesis as well as some multi-dimensional abilities which caused him extreme pain She realized it was even killing him. Chase said something. She told everyone he wanted to talk to all of them face-to-face. She took everyone to his mind. Lightning promised they would do everything in their power to help him. They interrupted by an incoming message.

Prince J'emm J'axx of M'arzz called the Watchtower and shared his belief that Superboy might still be alive. Naturally, Miss Martian was shocked. Superman zetaed to the Watchtower then it was moved above the Zeta-Shield and both J'axx and Phantom Girl zetaed to them from M'arzz. Phantom Girl briefed everyone present about how she saved Superboy but due to the conditions, they were both phased to the Phantom Zone where he came under the sway of General Dru-Zod. Miss Martian summarized that Conner Kent was alive, injured, and so-troubled that he would not return with her. Phantom Girl confirmed that was correct. Miss Martian asked her to take her to him. She was sure she could convince Kent to come home. Phantom Girl was sure she could but her concern was she went to the Zone by accident and she was not great at phasing with other people. She took solace there was a Phantom Zone Projector on New Genesis. Green Lantern Forager informed her it was destroyed. Phantom Girl agreed to try to phase to the Zone with Miss Martian.

Lightning asked her she was sure about it. Miss Martian was surprised he had to ask she was sure about doing whatever she had to in order to get Kent back. They phased but it did not work. They ended up on Bgtzl at 23:05 UTC amid a harsh storm. Miss Martian tried linking with her psychically to help her focus on Kent and the Zone. They tried but ended up back on the Watchtower. Phantom Girl apologized. Miss Martian was beside herself. Chase said something that got her attention. She restored his link to everyone. Chase revealed he knew the location of the Phantom Zone because he locked on its unique transdimensional frequency when it was opened on New Genesis. However, he could get not get them to the Zone, just guide them. Miss Martian asked Phantom Girl if the two could work together. Phantom Girl noted her powers were organic and not based on frequencies. Black Lightning suggested using a Mother Box. Chase presumed it would work since he linked to a Father Box and they were basically the same thing. Miss Martian was concerned about him using his powers.

Chase promised he could manage it and he would do it one last time to help her and her friend in return for all the way they were all helping him. Orion later zetaed to the Watchtower to help them rescue Superboy with his Mother Box. As a precautionary measure, Orion suggested opening a Boom Tube to the Phantom Zone on planet Trombus since it was under a red sun and prevent the Kryptonians from gaining super powers. He also suggesting bringing in Rocket for the use of her force bubbles. Miss Martian revealed she already tried to contact Rocket as well as Nightwing, Tigress, Zatanna, and Kaldur'ahm to tell them about Kent but she could not reach any of them. At 23:45 UTC, they boomed to Trombus and opened a Boom Tube. Miss Martian could feel Conner Kent's mind-touch and called out to him. He refused to risk going into the tube. Miss Martian was prepared to go in but Lor-Zod and Ma'alefa'ak retook control of Kaizer-Thrall and immobilized her, Orion, Green Lantern Forager, Prince J'emm, Black Lightning, Phantom Girl, and Superman.

The Zods, Faora Hu-Ul and Superboy emerged from the Boom Tube. Superboy felt his wounds suffered in the Zone and collapsed. Lor-Zod convinced his parents he was their son and convinced them to come to Earth with him. Dru-Zod picked up Superboy and they boomed to the inside of the Fortress of Solitude on September 14th, 00:04 UTC. Everyone started to recover. Miss Martian was troubled by the physical and emotional pain Kent was in and realized he had regressed to his base Cadmus programming. Kid Flash presented Bio-Ship, who had come to Saturn Girl and Chameleon Boy's aid after Superboy and Phantom Girl phased to the Zone. At 01:19 UTC, Miss Martian thanked Bio-Ship as she moved through Subspace. They returned to Earth at 04:08 UTC. They ran scans for a substantial energy spike that an open Boom Tube would generate. Orion noticed one in the North Pole. Miss Martian had Bio-Ship interface with the Fortress of Solitude's Kryptonian systems so General Dru-Zod and his allies would not see them coming.

However, Ursa Zod, now Emerald Empress, was waiting for them thanks to the Emerald Eye of Ekron. Saturn Girl sensed it at the last second and issued a quick mental warning to everyone. Superman and Orion took the brunt of the energy blast and Bio-Ship crashed. Saturn Girl and Miss Martian quickly drew up a convincing illusion of the carnage. Dru-Zod and his followers fell for it and took a Kryptonite-poisoned Superman with them to Planet Circle in Metropolis for a televised public execution. At 9:41 UTC, Nightwing stepped outside of the Fortress and saw the wreck. Miss Martian noticed him and dropped the illusion. She noticed he was hurt but he downplayed it as a fake injury he used to trick Lor-Zod into thinking he killed him earlier. He briefed her and she quickly realized he and others were looking for Kent at the same time as her. She told him about Bio-Ship's crash. He revealed he was just radioed by Tigress, Zatanna, and Kaldur'ahm in Metropolis. He informed her Rocket did not make it back from the Zone. Miss Martian was distraught but knew Superman, Danny Chase, and Superboy needed them. However, Bio-Ship needed more time to hibernate and heal.

To complicate matters, the Zeta-Tube inside the Fortress was destroyed. Luckily, Baby heard Bio-Ship's psychic scream when she was shot by the Emerald Eye and arrived to investigate. At 06:08 EDT, they approached the Eastern Seaboard. Miss Martian thanked Baby and assured her Bio-Ship would be okay. Nightwing acknowledged he knew she hated abusing her power but the truth was she was a ball of sunshine hiding a terrifying demi-goddess she could not hold back against the Kryptonians or else it was game over when sunrise happens. Superboy could not bring himself to kill Superman again and stated he was family. Baby arrived and blasted both Superboy and Zod. Before Superboy could intervene again between Kaldur'ahm and Zod, Miss Martian appeared in front of him. She took him to the mindscape. He told her to stay back because he was a killer and would hurt her. She affirmed she still recognized his mind touch and knew he would never hurt her. She flew up to him, took his hands, and restored his mind to normal.

Miss Martian tried to plead with Emerald Empress in vain. Empress thought she surrounded Miss Martian with fire and ripped her heart out but it was an illusion. Miss Martian appeared behind her and brain blasted her. She reverted to her original form and passed out. The Emerald Eye ceased function and dropped. Superboy offered Dru-Zod a chance to surrender as thanks for saving him in the Phantom Zone. The Zods refused to surrender and they fought. Dru and Lor-Zod took on Superman and Superboy. Superman observed the Zods weren't in sync with each other. Superman and Superboy performed their combo move. Superman chucked Superboy into Dru-Zod then he tackled Lor-Zod but he countered Superboy with a punch and heat vision. Miss Martian grabbed him, told him to stop trying to kill her man and brain blasted him. Everyone was boomed to the Zone except Ursa Zod, who fled the planet, and Lor-Zod, who vanished in a Time Sphere that brought Rocket to the battle. A group of Justice Leaguers and Outsiders arrived consisting of Blue Beetle, Shazam, Red Tornado, Black Canary, and Wonder Girl. Black Canary and the others were shocked to see Superboy was alive and asked if it was all over. The Legionnaires disagreed and were inconsolable with being right back to where they started when they first came to the present. Everyone watched as the Sun rose.

On September 15th, 14:42 EDT, Clark Kent and Lois Lane told their son Jonny Kent about Superboy not being dead after all then they watched Conner Kent and M'gaan M'orzz's wedding invitation video. They were determined to get married right away before anything else went wrong and invited only those in the know to their wedding at Lucas Carr's home in Happy Harbor. On September 16th, after 16:16 EDT, M'orzz stepped out a white limousine which was really Baby along with her parents. She hugged them, levitated on stage, and handed her bouquet to Em'ree J'onzz, who was know going by M'ree M'orzz again. Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz exchanged vows and promised to love, honor, and cherish each other for all eternity. Carr pronounced them husband and wife. The newlyweds had their first dance 16 feet up in the air.

On November 11th, Tigress addressed the obvious problem the Team would run into for the Bialya mission: Queen Bee. She summarized her meta-ability as a combination of complex pheromones and a low-level psychic push. Miss Martian noted she could thwart the latter. Red Arrow revealed a massive dose of garlic pills could thwart the former. Arrowette deduced the ruse would be completed with a few Hollywood tricks and Miss Martian's shape-shifting skills. At 15:07 EST, Tigress stated they had the situation and Vladek's rescue wired. After 22:42 UTC+2, Miss Martian cloaked herself and flew down into the Lexcorp Robotics factory in Madinat Altharwati. Miss Martian locked onto Queen Perdita Vladek's mind-signature and found her. She shielded herself and the Team from the minds of Psimon and the guards present in the room then gave Alpha Squad the signal to make their entrance. Alpha Squad and Red Arrow boomed into the room shortly after. Psimon was knocked off his feet but warned Miss Martian she made a foolish error. She warned him not to pretend he could overpower her. He claimed he did not and pointed out he meant the Boom Tube would attract attention.

Bialyan soldiers began to attempt to breach the room. Psimon warned he already booby-trapped Vladek's mind and if anyone attempted to enter her mind, her psyche would self-destruct. Tigress asked if that was true. Miss Martian believed if she had enough time, she could undo whatever he may have done to her. Tigress pointed out they didn't have time and reminded her Superboy was in danger. The door was blown off its hinges by bazooka fire. Halo protected everyone with a force field but Count Vertigo attacked the Team with vertigo waves but teased not to sate themselves on his power because he was just the appetizer. Queen Bee stepped out from behind him and enthralled Red Arrow, Arsenal, and Halo then asked them to kill Tigress, Miss Martian, and Arrowette if they really loved her. They complied. Halo blasted a hole through Miss Martian's torso. Queen Bee asked Halo to kill Vladek. Halo instead blasted Bee, Vertigo, and Psimon, rendering them unconscious. Tigress, Miss Martian, and Arrowette stood up unharmed. Miss Martian wanted to get to Superboy. Tigress volunteered to come along.

Miss Martian ordered Arrow, Halo, Arsenal, and Arrowette to take Vladek to Baby. Metallo proceeded to choke Superboy to death with both hands but Miss Martian arrived and used telekinesis to shatter his fingers then rip the Kryptonite from his chest. Devastation called her hypocrite for saving her husband but letting Metallo die. She revealed he could not live without the Kryptonite as a power source. Miss Martian chose to leave it with him. She reached out to Halo for a Boom Tube. At 22:58 UTC+2, Halo told Tigress that Miss Martian reported Superboy would be all right. Tigress piloted Baby out of Greater Bialya. On November 12th, 12:03 EST, on the Watchtower, Miss Martian reported no heroes were left behind in the Bialya mission and Psimon left no surprises behind in Vladek's mind either. Nightwing was sorry they lost the stolen Kryptonite to Lex Luthor and Metallo. She stated he made his choice and she made hers to spare him. Nightwing pointed out it was Kryptonite. Superman was fine with it and knew they would deal. Still recovering from Kryptonite exposure in a solar chamber, Superboy mused you lose some, you win some and took solace in saving Vladek as well as getting their brother Match back.