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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: Infinitors
Appearances (Episodes): Influence, Overwhelmed, and Ego and Superego
Appearances (Comics): Ominous Tidings and Evocative Intel
Powers/Skills: Size Manipulaiton
Voiced By: Not Applicable

At some point, a teenage boy was meta-activated. His skin turned blue, hair turned white, and manifested the ability to shrink to various sizes. He was kidnapped by a meta-human trafficking ring and turned over to Granny Goodness on the Orphanage. A Control Chip was applied to him and he was placed in a cell with a teenage girl as of November 7th, Team Year Eight. On January 26th, Team Year Nine, the Justice League took control of the Orphanage and returned every imprisoned meta-human back to Earth where they were processed at the Meta-Human Youth Center in Taos. The teenager was examined by Eduardo Dorado Senior live on GBS News. He later relocated to Markovia and joined the Infinitors as Kobold. On September 9th, 21:21 EEST, Team Year Ten, Kobold took part in an Infinitors mission and took on a group of anti-meta Markovians. Kobold perched on one of Fury's shoulders in tiny form. Once she smacked the heads of two anti-metas together, she threw Kobold who punched out a third then returned to normal size and pressed down his chest with one boot. Geo-Force ordered him and Trajectory to watch the defeated gang while he and Fury chased after who he thought was the ring leader Wilhem Vittings.

On November 10th, Team Year Ten, Kobold took part in the Infinitors mission to rescue the kidnapped Queen Perdita Vladek. They made their way to a group of 16 cabins in the woods of Markovia where Fury's sources tipped her off that the power-armored squad who broke Count Vertigo out of prison and kidnapped Vladek were seen. Geo-Force ordered Kobold and Everyman to go into stealth-mode and start their search with the first lighted cabin. Everyman turned into a North America racoon while Kobold shrank and rode on his back. They peeked in throug a window but were immediately spotted by Johann Mintz, Dr. Simon Ecks, and Piotor Platz. The power-armored squad attacked the Infinitors. Kobold leaped off Everyman after he went into battle mode and landed on 14, grew to normal size, and made them blast one of their comrades with a sound wave. He shrank down and jumped onto Fury's shoulder. They soon watched as the squad suddenly retreated for no reason. The team returned to the palace later that night.