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Real Identity: Celia Windward
Affiliations: Infinity Cadets
Appearances (Episodes): True Heroes, Leverage, and Illusion of Control
Appearances (Comics): Evocative Intel
Voiced By: Lauren Tom

Celia Windward was born in 2002. She was a victim of the meta-trafficking crisis. On November 1st, Team Year Eight, Windward was one of the meta-humans rescued by Nightwing's covert team at an auction in Al-Qawiya. On November 17th, 07:07 MST, Windward took part in a counseling session led by Eduardo Dorado, Junior. On November 22nd, she attended the Meta-Human Youth Center's Harvest Festival. She was nearly taken by Onslaught but Kid Flash took her out of Icicle Jr.'s possession. While Garfield Logan issued a statement to the press, Windward was impressed with the heroes who saved her and the others. Virgil Hawkins told her he was a friend of theirs but she didn't believe him and walked away. Windward later posted a photo of Logan with Queen Perdita Vladek on her 1K Wordsworth account.

Windward later relocated to Markovia and became an Infinity Cadet. She took the codename Jet. On November 10th, 07:56 EET, Team Year Ten, King Brion walked Queen Perdita to her temporary quarters where she could rest until her people arrived for her. He assigned Infinity Cadets Jet and Lizard Johnny to guard her door. She was gone by the time King Brion returned to question her.