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Real Identity: Infinity-Man
Affiliations: New Gods and Forever People
Appearances: Disordered
Powers/Skills: Gravity Manipulation, Enhanced Strength, and Enhanced Vision
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Infinity-Man is a singular being created when the Forever People merge to become part of the Source. All five say the word "Taaru" at the same time and Mother Box merges them into a cosmic being with great power. However, on October 23rd, DeSaad exploited their merging process by having Ugly Manheim throw a Father Box at them. As a result, Infinity-Man fell under the sway of DeSaad's sadistic programming. He attempted to kill Superboy and Wolf. Luckily, the New Genisphere took control of Infinity-Man. With Superboy's aid, they used Infinity-Man to defeat Intergang. DeSaad set off an explosive charge that nearly killed Sphere but the Forever People survived and attempted to heal her with a Mother Box.