Infinity Inc.

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Real Identity: Various
Affiliations: Lex Luthor and Markovia
Appearances (Episodes): Antisocial Pathologies, Into the Breach, Nevermore, and Ego and Superego
Appearances (Comics): Ominous Tidings and Evocative Intel
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

On January 1st, Team Year Nine, Lex Luthor was embarrassed on The G. Gordon Godfrey Show when Godfrey presented social media posts of various meta-humans, family, friends, and supporters in opposition to his claims against the Outsiders. Backstage, Godfrey informed him his attempts to discredit the Outsiders only increased the team's popularity and advised him to embrace it. Luthor formed his own team of young meta-heroes called them Infinity Inc. and plotted to eventually expand their ranks and even supplant the Justice League. The original three members consisted of the super strong Fury, super fast Trajectory, and shape shifter Everyman. At the very least, Fury was enthralled by a Control Chip. During the late evening of January 21st, Brion Markov noticed Infinity Inc. being mentioned. On January 22nd, 02:24 PST, Infinity Inc. was interviewed by Courtney Whitmore for her Stargirl series. Trajectory hoped they were making a difference by inspiring young meta-humans and showing them the possibilities were infinite.

On January 26th, 09:57 EST, Infinity Inc. defeated Killer Frost in Manhattan. The fight, however, was rigged by Luthor to boost their support. Frost was enthralled by a Control Chip. They debriefed with Luthor in his limousine. Trajectory asked him if he was happy with the results. He smiled. On February 20th, 20:52 EST, Tod Donner interviewed Geo-Force on GBS. He noted some thought Infinity Inc. was stealing the Outsiders' thunder. Geo-Force commented they had no issue with them as long as the message that young people, human and meta-human alike, saw the value of heroism in service got out to the masses. On February 27th, 15:09 EET, Infinity Inc. pledged loyalty to King Brion Markov in the Markovian Royal Palace. Geo-Force took over the team and at least one new member was added, a rescued meta-human named Kobold. They were renamed the Infinitors, branded as heroes of Markovia, and a recruitment system was established in which meta-humans who had potential as Infinitors trained as Infinity Cadets. Those who had their Meta-Gene activated voluntarily were given the option of joining the Cadets. Marketing emphasized togetherness, remaking Markovia into one loving Meta-family, and turning that family into a nation of heroes.

In late August Team Year Ten, Black Lightning and Superman devised a list of candidates for Justice League reserve system for the recruitment committee. Superman was unsure if Geo-Force and his Infinitors would abide by the Justice League's standards and reckoned the last thing they wanted or needed was for a rescue mission to cost them the trust they worked so hard to build. On September 9th, 21:21 EEST, the Infinitors responded to a group of anti-meta Markovians on a vehicular pursuit of Lizard Johnny in Markovburg. Geo-Force formed a circle of magma around Johnny and advised them not to kill Johnny as they planned. Trajectory disarmed them. Fury knocked two of their heads into each other then threw Kobold at a third who was pinned to the ground. Wilhelm Vittings, the ringleader, ran into the nearby forest. Geo-Force ordered Kobold and Trajectory to watch the defeated gang while he and Fury chased after him. They ran into Everyman who apologized and reported no one was around except him.

Geo-Force was irate and unaware that Everyman had posed as Vittings. Zviad Baazovi used his psychic powers to make Geo-Force forget about losing Vittings and focusing on the bigger picture of sending a powerful message to the radical anti-metas trying to force metas out of Markovia. Geo-Force addressed the press and stated Markovia was still welcoming meta-humans and promised they had a home there and would be protected by the Infinitors. On September 10th, 02:48 EEST, the Infinitors returned to the royal palace with Lizard Johnny. While Minister Mueller talked to King Markov about his meta-transport policy, Fury observed Zviad Baazovi talking to Lizard Johnny. King Markov and Fury found Lizard Johnny inside the Markov Family Meta-Human Youth Center talking about becoming an Infinitor. Markov recalled he previously just wanted to be left alone and noted Johnny used to live at the Meta-Human Youth Center in Taos and could have joined the Team or Outsiders if he wanted to become a hero. He did not like the looks of things.

Baazovi appeared and told Fury to report to Trajectory for the next mission. She asked Markov if that was what he wanted. He replied he did and agreed there was much to discuss. Fury kept her tongue and departed. Fury pulled up to Everyman and Trajectory on her motorcycle in front of Minister Josef Mueller's house. Trajectory emphasized Markoiva must remain a safe haven for meta-humans. Mueller agreed then wondered if their visit was because he asked King Markov if their policy was poaching meta-humans away from the Justice League. Trajectory told him it raised a larger question of how they could be sure he and his family would remain loyal when they didn't have the Meta-Gene. Everyman recalled he had a wife and two kids, all asleep upstairs, then he shifted into his battle mode form. Fury pulled him back and asked what he was doing and ordered them to stop. Trajectory suggested they move to Vlatava. Everyman complimented Fury on improvising and holding him back since it made Mueller think she saved his life. He laughed. Trajectory mused he was packing his bags. They both laughed. Fury found none of it amusing.

Fury found Markov in contemplation in front of a statue in the royal courtyard. She joked if he was waiting for them to give him advice, he would be there awhile. He commented heavy is the head that wears the crown. Fury mused it must feel bad to know everyone wanted a piece of him. He asked what she wanted. She implored him to call her "Rosa" and admitted she was going to ask him the same thing. She believed he needed a friend to talk to and confide in. He agreed. She stated he had no reason to trust her and laid out her sins. She admitted she did things she wasn't proud of when she answered to Luthor under the thrall of a Control Chip and to Baazovi without one. She then revealed she was told things she was no longer sure of and did not like the look of things. He agreed and told her to tell him about it, literally. On November 10th, 04:08 EET, Team Year Ten, Markov had a conference call with the Justice League, Team, and Outsiders. He stated none of them had permission to enter Markovian sovereign territory and implored them to leave the rescue mission to him and his Infinitors. He vowed to apprehend Count Vertigo and find Queen Vladek.

The Infinitors gathered in the throne room. Baazovi ran in and asked Markov where he was going. He replied they were going to fulfill his promise to which he was witness to. Baazovi pointed out they did not know their location. Fury stated they did because her sources provided the location. They made their way to a group of 16 cabins in the woods of Markovia where Fury's sources tipped her off that the power-armored squad who broke Count Vertigo out of prison and kidnapped Vladek were seen. Geo-Force ordered Kobold and Everyman to go into stealth-mode and start their search with the first lighted cabin. Everyman turned into a North America raccoon while Kobold shrank and rode on his back. They peeked in through a window but were immediately spotted by Johann Mintz, Dr. Simon Ecks, and Piotor Platz. The power-armored squad attacked the Infinitors. Fury realized it was a trap and apologized. Geo-Force was nonchalant about it and told Trajectory to check every cabin and find Vladek.

Geo-Force raised a column of magma and ordered the Infinitors to engage. Everyman went into battle mode and leaped at one of the armorers. He was blasted into the forest with a sound wave. Kobold leaped on 14 and made them blast a comrade. Fury slugged several and mentioned Everyman could use some help. Trajectory returned with Vladek who asked Geo-Force to take her back to the royal palace. Geo-Force obliged her and left the Infinitors to close out the fight. Trajectory told Fury she was going to help Everyman and ran into the woods following the sound of his roar. She reported to Baazovi who was in the woods with Ecks, Mintz, Platz, and two of the armorers. Baazovi told 13 to turn off the recording of Everyman's roar. Fury and Kobold wondered why the squad suddenly stopped fighting and fled the area. Everyman turned into a bird and tried to follow them but could not keep up. The team returned to the palace later that night. Geo-Force was not happy to hear none of the kidnappers were caught.

They walked to Queen Perdita's temporary quarters to ask her some more questions. Lizard Johnny reported it was quiet. Geo-Force walked in and found an empty room. He ordered everyone to search the palace and grounds. Everyman and Trajectory shared conspiratorial glances with each other.

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