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Real Identity: Violet Harper
Affiliation(s): The Team, Happy Harbor High School, and Ivy University
Appearances (Episodes): Princes All, Royal We, Eminent Threat, Private Security, Away Mission, Rescue Op, Evolution, Triptych, Home Fires, Exceptional Human Beings, Another Freak, Nightmare Monkeys, True Heroes, Influence, Leverage, Illusion of Control, First Impressions, Early Warning, Elder Wisdom, Quiet Conversations, Unknown Factors, Antisocial Pathologies, Terminus, Overwhelmed, Nevermore, Inhospitable, Tale of Two Sisters, Artemis Through The Looking-Glass, Nautical Twilight, Emergency Dive, Ego and Superego, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Metallic Aftertaste, Last Rights, and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Powers/Skills: Self-Healing, Force Field Generation, Flight, Limited Telekinesis, Energy Generation, Hologram Generation, Photokinesis, Boom Tube Generation, Healing, and Anti-Life Cleansing
Voiced By: Zehra Fazal

On July 30th, after 19:23 EEST, Team Year Eight, Joe Henchy, Johann Mintz, and Piotor Platz were tasked with burying the latest meta-trafficked teenagers in a mass grave at the Markovian National Cemetery. The soul of Mother Box possessed the corpse of Gabrielle Daou, the Quarci girl unwittingly used as a pawn in the assassination of King Viktor Markov and Queen Ilona DeLamb-Markov. A violent aura flashed around Daou's body and she tried to climb out of the grave. Mintz and Platz panicked and tried to fill up the grave faster. Artemis Crock happened to be in the area suiting up in darkwear and saw the flash of light. Hency used Apokoliptian weaponry but the corpse generated a force field. The whip was repelled and knocked him out. Crock and the corpse ran off. She tried asking what her name and why she was being buried but she was silent. Crock summoned Sphere for an extraction. While they rode Super-Cycle, the corpse began to remember and speak some English but could not remember anything from before Crock finding her. Crock told her it would be okay and gave a thumb's up. She copied.

Crock took the Super-Cycle down and found Jefferson Pierce. On July 31st, after 00:02 EEST, Crock and Pierce prepared to rescue Conner Kent from the Bedlam Syndicate. She ordered the corpse to stay with Super-Cycle. She got a blank look. She sighed and asked Sphere to keep her out of trouble. The corpse looked up at the spillway and spoke the word "kill." Plasmus intercepted Crock and Pierce but the corpse and Super-Cycle followed them anyway. They were shielded with a force field and the corpse stated "no kill." Crock named her Halo-Girl. Count Vertigo, Hency, and Dr. Ecks tracked down Nightwing's covert team and attacked. Halo-Girl glowed orange and levitated but Plasmus grabbed her by the head and burned her to death. Pierce became enraged and his powers reactivated. To their surprise, Halo-Girl sat up and self-healed. Plasmus was later shot dead by a Markovian man. Halo-Girl tried to heal him but could not resurrect him. With little choice, Crock took Halo-Girl back with her to Will Harper's house in Star City.

On August 1st, 07:16 PDT, Halo-Girl slept in Harper's living room while she floated two feet above the couch. Crock decided to take Halo with her to her appointment but Harper wanted to know why Nightwing take responsibility for her. Crock and Halo went to Grant Park. She stopped Halo from levitating and told her not to fly unless she was doing it on purpose. She noticed Halo was remembering more words. Halo confirmed she was remembering more words but still nothing about her life. Crock asked about her hijab. Halo thought it felt right. Crock promised her Nightwing was running a background check and once they identified her, they would get her back to her family. Dr. Fate teleported to the meeting place under a willow tree. Crock asked him to give Halo a mystic once over while they waited for Zee Zatara. Fate was surprised to sense an old soul inside the young body but mused who was Fate to judge such things. Zatara arrived before Crock could get him to explain further. Halo had no clue what Fate meant either but she started to remember fragments of Daou's last memories, including being strapped to a table and running away from Bialyan soldiers and Mammoth. Halo lied and told Crock she saw nothing but darkness.

Once Giovanni Zatara put the Helmet of Fate back on and Dr. Fate teleported, Zee Zatara broke down and cried. Crock consoled her. Halo then understood that was why she came to the park. At some point, Nightwing assigned Halo a hacked Zeta-Tube designation, G-03. On August 4th, after 12:33 EDT, Dick Grayson, Artemis Crock, Jefferson Pierce, and Halo zetaed to the Carr residence in Happy Harbor. Halo noticed her image on the computer. Grayson explained he was going to run a search comparing her Zeta-Tube recognition file to all global databases to figure out her true identity. Crock was annoyed he had not started that yet. Brion Markov kept stopping her from levitating. She noticed he seemed broken and felt the need to fix him, to his confusion. Crock, Grayson, Pierce, and Conner Kent met inside the house and discussed what to do next. Kent was hesitant to give an amnesiac girl access to the Watchtower and risk another "Red Arrow incident." Pierce asked if Miss Martian could psychically read her mind. Kent believed it to be too intrusive.

Markov tested his abilities and Halo was impressed. Grayson decided a test was in order. Crock pulled Halo down. Markov lost control and burned his clothes off. Crock covered Halo's eyes but she levitated. Markov told her not to look. Halo assured him he was nicely shaped and his form was not the part of him that was broken. She wanted to test her powers next. Pierce instructed her to try to switch between her auras to protect herself. Crock attacked and Halo generated a force field then levitated. She switched to a new yellow aura but could not figure out what the ability was. Crock suggested they try to find out carefully. Halo made a triangle with her hands and released an energy blast with a powerful recoil. Halo took out a tree but hit a car. She self-healed. Crock realized it was like a reflex. Markov referred to her as "Violet" and tried to leave but Grayson convinced to stay by promising the find his missing sister, Princess Tara Markov.

On August 5th, 21:04 EDT, Halo walked around with Brion Markov outside the Carr residence. She noticed she had a weird feeling in her stomach and it was making odd noises. Markov was amused and told her that meant she was hungry. He noted she must have been hungry before. Halo did not think so and revealed Crock fed her regularly. Markov plucked an apple for her. She liked it. Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz introduced Forager to them. Halo suggested apples. Markov realized New Genesis was another planet. Halo suddenly recited New Genesis was one of two planets of origin to the New Gods, the leader of New Genesis was Highfather who lives on the floating city of Supertown, and the surface of the planet was inhabited by a race of sentient Bugs. Halo realized Forager was a Bug. Everyone was surprised she knew all that, including her. Markov was excited to meet an alien, despite having already met Kent and M'orzz. Halo continued to recommend apples to Forager. M'orzz got an idea and asked Bio-Ship to shape shift into a RV for Halo, Markov, and Forager to live in.

Jefferson Pierce took Halo and Markov aside and presented Dr. Jace on his phone. Halo inquired how Forager knew Bio-Ship was a female. Forager thought that was obvious. Halo and Forager volunteered to help Markov rescue his sister. Halo asked Sphere to transport them as part of their special arrangement. Forager was surprised Halo knew Sphere was a female. She thought that as obvious. Barbara Gordon informed Dick Grayson Halo was identified as Gabrielle Daou, a 16 year old Quarci refugee working in the Markovian Royal Palace. They soon learned the kids were gone. No thanks to Wolf. On August 6th, 00:41 ECT, Super-Cycle landed on Infinity Island. Halo realized they were on a mission and decided her mission name was "Halo" while at home she would be "Violet." Markov was concerned there were no assassins to be found on the island. They happened upon Sensei trying to meditate in his garden sanctuary. A fight soon broke out. Sensei got Halo in a headlock and ordered everyone to stand down. Halo switched to her yellow aura but Sensei snapped her neck. Ubu and a Red-Hooded Ninja came to Sensei's aid and defeated the interlopers.

To remind them of their folly, Sensei threw Halo's corpse into the prison cell with them. After Sensei left, Halo self-healed and came back to life. Forager wondered if Halo was a New God. Unbeknownst to them, they were observed on a security camera system by Ra's al Ghul and Sensei. Ra's found Halo curious. Sensei was adamant he felt the life drain from her. Ra's did not discount the possibility of resurrection but suddenly the feed went down. Nightwing, Tigress, Superboy, and Black Lightning freed the kids and Sphere but Sensei, Ubu, and the Red-Hooded Ninja were waiting for them outside the compound. Ra's called for the fight to end and told Grayson to leave. Markov, Halo, and Forager were adamant about staying together but did not think they would fit on the Team. Superboy teased Nightwing for being in charge of another team. Tigress informed Halo her name was Gabrielle Daou. Halo remembered when Daou first arrived in Markovia. She stated her name was "Violet."

On September 8th, 11:04 EDT, Kent, Crock, Markov, Forager, and Violet hung out at the beach near Mount Justice. Grayson arrived with super suits for the kids then training began. Crock threw baseballs at Violet and noted she had better control of her auras even though she was still falling after firing yellow blasts. They took a break and roasted marshmallows over a campfire. Grayson then implored them to choose their code names. Violet quickly revealed she already decided to be called Halo on missions and Violet at home. Grayson declared it was time for team maneuvers and had them practice Maneuver 7. He congratulated them at the end of the training session. Violet suddenly switched to a green aura and generated holograms. Grayson announced they were starting over. On September 25th, 23:43 EDT, Nightwing's covert team gathered at the Carr residence for a meeting. Grayson briefed them on a possible new lead on the location of Tara Markov, Crock's sister Cheshire.

On September 26th, 0:56 EDT, the team converged on a private hangar in Detroit. Halo opened fire on Shade but his shadows teleported the blasts elsewhere. He teleported Forager into her. Shade then trapped Geo-Force in his shadow. Halo demanded him be freed but Shade refused and taunted her. Halo became angry and suddenly switched to a new blue aura. She emitted a bright white light that burned Shade. He retreated into his shadow and released Geo-Force. Halo hugged the confused Geo-Force. On September 29th, 13:02 EDT, the team met at Owings Mills. Nightwing conducted a surprise attack on them and fired rubber bullets to gauge how they reacted. Halo generated a force field. She deduced it was a test and told Geo-Force and Forager they had to fight back to pass. She fired energy blasts at the sniper. After Geo-Force took a bullet, Nightwing called off the test. He gave Halo and Forager A grades for reflexive actions, evaluation, and adaptability but he flunked Geo-Force. Geo-Force complained about the need for training.

Lobo suddenly attacked them. His belt translated he had a contract to kill Forager. Nightwing ordered Halo to fly Forager to safety. Lobo fired his harpoon gun and pierced her gut then reeled her in. She self-healed and generated several holograms of Forager to confuse Lobo then drew up a force field to protect herself and Dr. Jace. She switched to yellow and blasted Lobo, who lost a pinkie. They were horrified to watch as Lobo punched Forager so hard his shell burst and he was reduced to muck. After Lobo left, Forager revealed he shed his shell to fool Lobo. Halo was about to hug him but noticed how "googsy" he was. On October 12th, 08:22 EDT, the team trained at Owings Mill. They were tasked with tagging Nightwing. Halo made holograms but Nightwing teased it only counted if the real Forager tagged him. Halo blasted at him and was proud of not falling. Geo-Force called her most exceptional. She lost focus and fell. Nightwing called a time out but Halo was fine but embarrassed. Geo-Force helped her up but accidentally burned her. She self-healed.

At 19:49 PDT, Violet was at the Harper home eating ice cream. Crock declared it was long past getting her enrolled in high school but she needed a full name for the forms. Violet suggested "Violet Ice Cream" but Crock did not think that would fly and proposed "Daou." Violet turned that down and briefly considered "Halo" but wanted to keep her code name separate. Crock offered her name but Violet was hesitant. Crock was okay with that and admitted she hated that name, too. Will Harper offered his surname. Violet liked "Violet Harper" and settled on that. On October 15th, 07:19 EDT, Artemis Crock and Violet Harper zetaed to the Carr residence for the latter's first day of school at Happy Harbor High School. She was excited and flew around. Crock reminded her not to fly at school. Harper was eager to meet new girls and boys. Brion Markov warned her to be careful around the boys because they only had one thing on their minds. She inquired what that was. Megan Morse told her they would talk about it on the way. Harper believed the other students would like them after seeing them pull up with the school's principal and guidance counselor. She flew again. Crock repeated herself.

Lenore Parris introduced Violet Harper and Fred Bugg to the class. Harper shared she was so happy it was making her sick. Harper Row arrived late to class and met the two. After a misunderstanding, they worked it out her name was Harper Row and the other's was Violet Harper. Row was taken with them. They ate lunch at the football field bleachers. Harper noted there was nowhere to sit inside and she needed some air because she was still feeling strange. Bugg was concerned with their classmates not getting to know them and contemplated if they were "freaks." Row interjected with was a good thing to be freaks and it was not worth the effort to interact with the jerks in the cafeteria. Harper elbowed Bugg and reminded him to eat with two hands only then admitted she still felt weird. Row reckoned it was the goulash. After the bell rang, Row headed to history. Bugg revealed he and Harper had English even though they both spoke it proficiently. After Row left, Harper suddenly switched to an indigo aura and opened a Boom Tube. Before Bugg could finish his sentence, Harper went through alone.

Harper arrived inside S.T.A.R. Labs Detroit. The Father Box enthralled Victor Stone thought she was an abomination. Harper stated she was a freak but that was a good thing like her friend Row said. Stone disagreed and fired at her. She returned fire and dropped him to his knees. Stone plucked her leg and slammed her to the floor but she shielded herself and his blast was repelled and hit him. Harper felt weird again but oddly knew what to do. She spoke the words of the Old Gods and cleansed Stone of the Father Box's control. Stone admitted he felt less murderous. Harper thought that was promising and prepared to open a Boom Tube. Stone asked her if she could get the cybernetics off him. She admitted she would very much like to fix him but was did not know how. Stone was sure she healed him. Stone's father Dr. Silas Stone objected and stated the prosthetics, alien in origin made from Father Box, were the only thing keeping him alive. Stone was not interested in being a lab experiment or being turned into a freak. He asked Harper if he could go with her. They left in a Boom Tube and arrived back at the Happy Harbor High bleachers. Bugg was with Morse.

Harper announced she was feeling much better. Morse asked who Stone was. Harper happily declared he was just another freak. At 19:21 EDT, the team met at the Carr residence to go over the first day of school. Forager concluded Violet Harper was a Mother Box. Harper admitted it felt natural. Jace did not think even a meta-human could do what Harper did. Kent realized the truth: a Mother Box's soul was released when it was disassembled by Dr. Ecks in the Bedlam Syndicate lab in Markovia. Crock then deduced the soul merged with Gabrielle Daou's body as it was being buried and resurrected it. Jace hypothesized the trauma must have wiped their combined minds clean with flashes of Daou's residual memories and the Mother Box's knowledge. Crock then pointed out Harper only self-healed and never healed anyone before. Harper clarified she only made adjustments to Stone's technology. Sphere and Stone's Father Box got into a showdown until Harper cleansed him again then she told Sphere it was all right. Grayson noted the cleanse was only a temporary solution and concluded it was best they stuck close to each other for the time being.

Crock later asked Harper what the words she spoke meant when she cleansed Stone. Harper had no idea what she was talking about. Later that night, Harper and Markov kissed in the apple orchard. On October 31st, 17:42 EDT, Violet Harper was excited for the Halloween dance at Happy Harbor High and took photos with Markov. Stone was unsure how he got talked into going. Harper assured him it would be good fun. Grayson announced Halloween was canceled because he had actionable intelligence on Tara Markov's location. Grayson benched Harper just in case Stone needed another cleanse. Dr. Jace volunteered to watch over the two. Before Markov could tell Harper something, Grayson hauled him to the Bio-Ship. Jace asked Harper if she was sure she did not want to go to the dance. She would not go without Markov and apologized to Stone. Stone was cool with it and reiterated he did not want to go in the first place. Harper started to worry profusely about Markov. Jace noticed she was hyperventilating and tried to calm her down.

Jace talked about how she brushed the hair of a little girl she once knew to calm her and tried that. Jace asked Stone if he minded. Stone implored her to pretend he was not in the room. Harper started to calm down but did not understand what came over here. Jace told her teenagers were full of hormones and her feelings for Markov affected her natural body chemistry. Stone became uneasy. Father Box sensed Harper's vulnerability and took over Stone once again. Stone slammed Wolf and blasted at them. Harper realized her powers were not working and was punched. She ran down the stairs and hid in the bathroom. Stone resisted and told Harper to run. Harper did not and understood she needed to help Stone. She stated emotions were a source of strength then cleansed him. On November 1st, 03:16 EDT, Stone told the team that he was permanently cleansed of Father Box's influence. Harper confirmed there was a difference this time. Markov introduced Harper to his sister as his girlfriend. Harper was elated. Nightwing believed Geo-Force, Halo, Forager, and Terra might be ready for the Team.

On November 4th, 10:21 EST, the team gathered at Mount Justice for breakfast. Harper was surprised Markov never ate a breakfast burrito before and insisted it was pure enjoyment for mouth and hands. Grayson, Kent, and Crock told them they felt they were ready for the Team but acknowledged being a hero was not for everyone and they had to make the choice for themselves then talked about how there was no shame in leaving the life and fighting the good fight inside the system and sometimes sacrifices had to be made. On November 6th, 14:59 EST, Miss Martian officially welcomed Halo, Geo-Force, Forager, and Terra to the Team. Tigress was happy to have two more girls on the roster. Halo revealed she was not sure of her gender. Geo-Force brought up how her soul was from a Mother Box but Halo revealed that was just an approximate translation of the New Genesis word for it. At 20:20 EST, Markov was surprised Stone accurately predicted he got a text from Harper. At 17:21 PST, Crock and Harper cleaned up after Lian Nguyen-Harper's spilled juice.

On November 16th, 21:21 EST, Halo was present at a Team briefing on the Watchtower concerning a reconnaissance mission to verify whether or not a Russian-sponsored meta-human trafficking ring was in operation in Verhoyansk. On November 17th, 23:23 VLAT, Bio-Ship covertly landed in a forest in Verhoyansk. Halo hid Gamma Squad using her hologram ability as they reached Area-52. Tigress observed the Rocket Red Brigade then decided the mission was over and called Forager for extract. Geo-Force protested but Tigress insisted it was no longer their business. Beast Boy sighted Black Manta, Captain Boomerang, and Monsieur Mallah and a fight ensued. Halo made a force field to protect herself from Captain Boomerang's attacks. Halo froze after Boomerang said the phrase, "have I got a proposition for you", and recalled Gabrielle Daou's memory of making a deal with Joe Henchy. Halo took a boomerang to the chest. Geo-Force guarded her while she self-healed. Rocket Reds arrived. Tigress called for a Boom Tube but Halo was still recovering. The villains attacked again.

Halo protected Gamma with a force field until Tigress gave the signal. Forager arrived and provided cover fire. Tigress managed to convince the Reds to let them go and take the villains to prison. From a distance in Bio-Ship, Gamma observed Aquaman turning over the trio to Belle Reve Penitentiary. At 16:16 PST, Harper and the Markovs sat in the living room of the Harper home. Harper was zoned out. Daou's memory revealed she took a bribe from Joe Henchy to open a door at the Markovian Royal Palace, which gave the assassin Jaculi a way in to assassinate King and Queen Markov. Harper decided Brion and Tara Markov would never find out about it. On November 22nd, 13:01 PST, Violet Harper helped peel for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner but remained distracted. At dinner, Brucely whined and Crock caved but told him it was the last bribe. Harper reacted and stormed off. Dr. Jace went to check on her outside. Harper confided in Jace and swore her to secrecy concerning Daou's role in the Markov assassination. Jace told her to just act normal then contacted Ultra-Humanite.

On December 4th, 19:09 EST, Halo was present at a meeting on the Watchtower. Beast Boy revealed his plan to form a new public team of young heroes intended to inspire young teenagers, human and meta-human alike. Halo decided to remain on the Team and cited not being ready yet. At 17:48 PST, Beast Boy opened up the Hub atop the Premiere Building to those on the teams without a home of their own. Halo was one of the heroes who decided to move there. On December 7th, 19:49 PST, Violet Harper, Tara Markov, and Artemis Crock watched a livestream of Beast Boy's team on their first mission. Crock admitted she was going to miss them at the house and proposed one last sleep over with ice cream. A thunderstorm spooked Harper as well as Lian Nguyen-Harper. Crock went to comfort the former while Markov went to the latter. On December 21st, 04:31 PST, Harper, Markov, and Forager got up for school. Jace told Harper she tested her hair follicles and informed her she was dying. Jace explained every time she self-healed, it was at the expense of her overall health and only had a few months left.

Jace believed she and her mentor would have a solution soon and convinced Harper to keep it a secret until they had better news to share. At the end of school, Harper decided to stay behind and blow off training with Tigress. At 13:56 EST, Harper and Row drank alcohol and shot bottles with Mr. Row's handgun. Harper took too big of a drink and ignored a text from Brion Markov. Row kissed her. Harper cited having a boyfriend but Row pointed out she did, too, and kissed her again. Row gave her the gun and was surprised when Harper shot two bottles. Bethany Lee, an officer with the Happy Harbor Police, arrested them. Harper hesitated but dropped the gun. At 17:18 EST, Harper left with Megan Morse. Harper would not talk. Morse sighed and started the car. On December 31st, 09:00 CAT, Halo participated in the joint Team-Outsiders mission in Bwundasa. Halo and Terra hid in Ambassador Troia's hotel room using the former's hologram ability. A soldier from the Bwundaian Independence Front, secretly Lady Shiva, made a move on Troia.

Troia happened to be talking to Wonder Woman on her laptop. Halo assured Wonder Woman her sister was being protected. During the skirmish, Halo's throat was slashed to save Terra. Terra applied pressure to the cut while it healed. Troia fought back and forced Shiva to retreat. After the mission was long over, Halo still held her throat. At 07:15 MST, Halo checked her phone and saw all the texts from Brion Markov she ignored. Miss Martian confronted Halo about the crazy chance taken on the mission, risking decapitation. Halo would not talk about it. Miss Martian benched Halo from Team missions and suggested talking to someone. After El Dorado had an argument with his father, Dr. Eduardo Dorado Senior, he told Halo to get them away. Halo opened a Boom Tube and the rest of the Outsiders followed in solidarity. On January 1st, 14:24 PST, Team Year Nine, Jace told Harper there was no cure yet. Markov tried to talk to her but Harper blurted out she was not a good girlfriend and walked away. He later went to her room, refusing to give up on what they had.

Harper admitted a girl kissed her at school but she was just a friend. Markov was willing to forgive it so they could get past it. Harper later told the Markovs the truth about Daou and the assassination of their parents. Brion Markov stormed out of the room and Tara Markov left in a daze. Some time later, Harper wrote a goodbye note and ran away. On January 2nd, 15:17 UTC+2, Harper visited Daou's mother's house in Dhabar. Naturally, they thought she was Gabrielle Daou. Harper told them she was dying and she only came to say goodbye to provide closure. They were surprised she started to speak English. Madia Daou started to notice she did not sound like her daughter. Despite having reservations, Harper told the truth about what happened. Samad Daou got angry and called her an unholy demon. Madia Daou understood she was trying to give them the only gift she could. She thanked Harper and kissed her forehead. Harper was reduced to tears. Super-Cycle, Artemis Crock, and Tara Markov arrived. Harper and Markov hugged then she opened a Boom Tube to the Hub.

On January 21st, 17:32 PST, Harper still kept a distance but wanted to tell Brion Markov what was wrong but Dr. Jace informed her there was good news regarding the cure and convinced her to hold off. Later that night, Stone and Harper sensed a Mother Box in agony. They opened a Boom Tube to it. Markov and Logan followed them into the home of Gretchen Goode. Goode watched as Harper healed a Mother Box then cleansed Nightwing and Black Lightning. She recognized the words of the Old Gods. They retreated back to the Premiere with Kaldur'ahm, Wyynde, Nightwing, and Black Lightning. Harper and Markov finally made amends. On January 22nd, 02:24 PST, Victor Stone, Garfield Logan, Violet Harper, Fred Bugg, and Brion Markov ate pancakes in Los Angeles. Harper was concered she could not heal Nightwing. They later returned to the Hub in the midst of Jefferson Pierce's outburst over Batman's secret task force. Jace took advantage of the chaos to place Control Chips on the Markovs then took them and Harper to her laboratory in Dakota City for the cure.

Jace sedated her then turned Harper over to Gretchen Goode and Ultra-Humanite. Harper resisted but Overlord restrained her with a Cerebral-Leash. Jace admitted she was curious about why Harper was so important. Goode exposed her to the X-Pit's Ghost Dimension then Harper's healing aura was repolarized. As a demonstration, Goode exposed Jace to what she believed was the solution to the Anti-Life Equation and ordered her to reveal her guarded secrets. She admitted to coming to see Brion and Tara Markov as her children and manipulated the former into becoming a meta-human then later manipulating Markov and Harper into breaking up. Thanks to a prior meeting with Deathstroke, Tara Markov had an Antidote Chip and liberated her brother. Goode, Ultra-Humanite, Jace, and Harper boomed away. On January 22nd, 16:16 UTC, Goode turned Harper over to Granny Goodness on the Orphanage.

On January 25th, 22:25 UTC, Granny used Harper to enthrall the Justice League in one fell swoop. On January 26th, Harper was used to enthrall the Team, Geo-Force, and Aquaman. On January 26th, 02:48 UTC, Victor Stone found himself in the Orphanage and witnessed Gretchen Goode and Granny Goodness merge into one being. Stone took the Cerebral Leash off Violet Harper with a careful arm cannon blast. Harper remembered what happened and accessed all her auras at once, switching to a rainbow aura and emitting a pulse that cleansed everyone of Anti-Life. Granny attacked them, but Violet imprisoned her in a force field. Granny's machine was totaled by everyone. Granny blew the force field apart but Harper stated life and free will had won over Anti-Life then pointed out she knew how to destroy Ghost Dimensions so rebuilding the machine was pointless. Superboy informed Granny that Vandal Savage told the Team where to find the Orphanage. Granny was enraged and boomed out of the Orphanage. Halo and Geo-Force kissed. At 06:54 PST, Halo and Cyborg boomed the Team to the Hub. Stone tried to shift the praise to Harper but failed and he was voted in as a member of the Outsiders.

On February 14th, 18:03 PST, Harper babysat Lian Nguyen-Harper at the Hub. Metron suddenly boomed Stone, Harper, and Nguyen-Harper to the Mobius Dimension. Stone and Harper were startled to learn they could only speak in pings like Mother and Father Boxes. Metron declared he viewed them as his grand-children and admitted he looked forward to watching their continued development under the assumption Darkseid did not kill them as they were a potential obstacle to his grand plans. Metron promptly returned them to the Premiere. Later that night, Harper returned home with Nguyen-Harper and lied to Will Harper it was an average night. On February 15th, 15:34 PST, Halo was assigned to Beta Squad for the joint Team-Outsiders mission and boomed them into the Markovian Royal Palace to flush Baron Bedlam towards Alpha Squad. After Nightwing knocked Count Vertigo out, he sent Tigress and Halo on to support Alpha outside. Halo and the others were horrified by Geo-Force's choice to execute Bedlam. After Terra refused to support his rule, Geo-Force offered Halo to join him as his queen. She turned away and went to Tigress. Geo-Force ordered Nightwing to take his heroes of out Markovia at once. At 01:24 PST, Halo cried back in the Hub. Forager tried to comfort her.

On February 24th, 19:00 EST, Halo attended the meeting at the Watchtower between the Justice League, the Team, the Outsiders, Nightwing's team and Batman's team. On February 27th, 08:08 EST, Harper was present when Fred Bugg came out as Forager to his classmates at Happy Harbor High. At some point, Violet Harper went to Secretary-General Troia for help with getting Madia and Samad Daou visas to live in the United States. On February 25th, 07:38 EST, Team Year Ten, Forager, Tara Markov, and Violet Harper zetaed to the Carr residence in Happy Harbor for another school day. Markov told Harper her brother still would not speak to her and asked if she tried. Harper admitted she had not recently tried. She bid good morning to Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz then to Harper Row. Harper was impressed to see Bio-Ship shapeshift into the Engager from Space Trek 3016.

In March, Harper had a therapy session with Dinah Lance at the Carr residence. As part of a mental health program initiated by Black Lightning, Lance performed periodic checks on every member of the League, Team, and Outsiders. Harper admitted she still struggled to fully understand Brion Markov's decisions a year ago and was still mystified by them. It made her sad and consider her own choices. Lance inquired what choices they were talking about. Harper revealed she still could not remove her hijab and shared her need to explore Islam and see whether or not it held meaning for her as it did to Gabrielle Daou. On March 26th, Halo was in a Team mission alongside Tigress and Mist that involved a battle against Manta Troopers. On April 20th, 06:00 PDT, Halo zetaed to the Vault in Star City for the start of her shift guarding Onyx and Cassandra Savage. However, the Vault was empty of people and covered in Black Spider's webbing. On April 21st, 07:55 EDT, Violet Harper visited Madia Daou after Samad Daou left. Madia still mistook her for her daughter but quickly corrected herself then thanked for for getting them their visas. Harper believed it was thanks to Secretary-General Troia.

After Madia spoke about her and Samad's unlikely jobs, she was happy to help Harper with her questions about Islam. They spoke and prepared dinner at the same time. Harper started with the hijab. Madia told about how it meant many things to many people and Muslim women wore them for different reasons while some did not wear one at all. Madia shared she wore one as a constant and comforting remainder of her faith and to use her time on Earth wisely, to do good and be the best person she could be. She imagined it was not unlike the reasons her superhero allies wore a variety of symbols and revealed she knew she was Halo. Harper was surprised at first but realized she must have seen the footage from the Markovian coup. Madia burned her hand on a hot pot but Harper healed it. Madia was impressed by her gift but Harper called it a work-in-progress. Madia continued on about the hijab and how she hoped people would look past the unrealistic standards of society and see the woman she was on the inside.

Harper agreed she would liked to be judged on who she was inside. Harper implied she was unsure of her gender as well. Madia advised her to follow her own heart. They spoke about Islam next. Madia told Harper about the basic tenants like how there was no God but the creator of the heaven and the earth and everything in between. Harper recalled Granny Goodness but was abusive, petty, spiteful, greedy, destructive, and poisonous. Madia stated she was not a god since God would never cause pain and hardship, nor condone such abuse. Harper asked what God was. Madia told her God had 99 names, including Al-Rahim the Most Compassionate, Al-Ra'uf the Most Merciful, and Al-Hafiz the Protector. Madia then told Harper she was proud of her for rejecting Brion Markov's offer to be his queen and believed she was on a good path. That night, Violet Harper and Harper Row hung out at the Carr residence. They talked about Madia then Violet Harper decided their true gender was non-binary and preferred pronouns were "they" and "them." Row was happy for them.

On June 1st, Harper and Row sat next to each other during the Happy Harbor High School graduation ceremony while Forager gave his valedictorian's speech. On August 28th, Orion withdrew the New Gods's request for Cyborg and Halo to be handed over to them to be protected from Darkseid after Rocket stated they were being kept safe by a family that loved them. On September 9th, 14:25 EDT, Violet Harper moved into their dorm on Ivy University campus in Ivy Town. Harper Row "helped" carry a heavy trunk up the stairs. Row inquired what was in it. Harper stated it was their whole life. Row sat on it and told them the coast was clear. With some reservations, Harper levitated it the rest of the way. Row asked if they met their roommate yet. Harper admitted while they only videochattted, she seemed nice. Row was sad at the prospect of her friendship with Harper eroding due to their new college life. Harper assured her they would always be friends. Row hesitated but confessed she broke up with her boyfriend Jack and for a long time, she wanted them to be more than friends. Harper was silent. Row told them they didn't have to answer now and they should just think about it then left.

At 19:08 MDT, Harper was in attendance for Dinah Lance's monthly group therapy session at the Meta-Human Youth Center in Taos. Harper spoke first and talked about their new life starting at Ivy University. Lia Briggs could sense a "but" coming without using telepathy. Harper shared someone expressed a romantic interest in them. Tara Markov already deduced who that was though the others had no clue. Lance reminded them they did not have to say who she was and asked how it made them feel. Harper admitted they still felt "blocked" and a little broken. Everyone agreed they felt the latter. Markov knew they were blocked because of her brother. Harper admitted they had so many unresolved feelings. Markov told them her brother made his choices and they could not be expected to put their life on hold. Victor Stone suggested they get closure but Lance reminded him not to offer advice but relate his own personal experiences. Stone talked about his father and their issues and how reaching out was important for them. Lance stressed there was no right or wrong answers but they had to decide what made sense for them. Harper sent a text to Brion Markov but after 30 minutes, he never responded.

After an hour, Halo boomed into the throne room of the Markovian Royal Palace. Markov was elated and realized how much he missed Halo. They asked him why he cut himself off from them and everyone else. He claimed he had to prove he made the right choice and was busy building something real and important. They added it was built on the foundation of an execution and coup. He admitted he didn't not have any regrets and all the more reason he needed to make something good come out of the ashes of what happened a year ago. They told him he didn't have to do it alone and there were people who loved him and could help him if he let them. He wondered if they came to fix him. They revealed they came to see if there was anything still between them and they was no longer a damaged Mother Box fixated on fixing everything and was more than that. He told them they were always was more. They credited him with helping them discover who they were on the inside and it hurt he wasn't there for the rest of their journey. He wanted to be with them but explained real life wasn't that simple.

Zviad Baazovi interrupted and asked if she came to accept his proposal. Halo corrected him with "they" and replied absolutely not. Markov demanded to know why they came and asked if they expected him to leave and abandon his country. They didn't know why they expected anything from him and declared they continued their journey but he was stuck in the same place they left him a year ago. He stated he kicked them out. Halo decided to save him the trouble of doing it again and boomed back home. In the evening, Harper called Row and asked if they could see her. On September 16th, 16:16 EDT, Violet Harper attended Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz's wedding at the Carr residence in Happy Harbor. They held hands with Row before and during the ceremony. On November 11th, Halo was on Alpha Squad and they were assigned to infiltrate the Lexcorp Robotics factory in Madinat Altharwati. Tigress addressed the obvious problem the Team would run into for the Bialya mission: Queen Bee. She summarized her meta-ability as a combination of complex pheromones and a low-level psychic push. They went over how they were going to counteract it and trick the villains.

Once Miss Martian gave the signal, Halo opened a Boom Tube to the room where Miss Martian, Queen Perdita Vladek, and Psimon were in. The door was blown off its hinges by bazooka fire. Halo protected everyone with a force field but Count Vertigo attacked the Team with vertigo waves. Queen Bee stepped out from behind him and enthralled Red Arrow, Arsenal, and Halo then asked them to kill Tigress, Miss Martian, and Arrowette if they really loved her. They complied. Halo blasted a hole through Miss Martian's torso. Vertigo hinted he would use the chaos of the Markovian Border Crisis to start a nationalistic uprising in Vlatava and act as its demagogue. He mused everyone loved a comeback story and that comeback would start with her assassination by a rogue metahuman. Queen Bee asked Halo to kill Vladek. Halo instead blasted Bee, Vertigo, and Psimon, rendering them unconscious. Tigress, Miss Martian, and Arrowette stood up unharmed. Miss Martian ordered Arrow, Halo, Arsenal, and Arrowette to take Vladek to Baby. Halo opened a Boom Tube directly to her. At 22:58 UTC+2, Halo told Tigress that Miss Martian reported Superboy would be all right.