Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

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Real Identity: Harold "Hal" Jordan
Affiliation(s): Green Lantern Corps and Justice League
Appearance (Episodes): Independence Day Part Two, Failsafe, Agendas, Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Endgame, Exceptional Human Beings, Terminus, Into the Breach, and Teg Ydaer!
Appearances (Comics): Monkey Business, Fears, and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Powers/Skills: Wields the Green Power Ring and Piloting
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In 2000, Hal Jordan, a resident of Coast City, became a Green Lantern and was assigned to Space Sector 2814. Jordan chose to wear a domino mask as part of his costume in order to conceal his civilian identity. He once teamed up with the Flash and the two remained good friends. In February 2003, an Appellaxian invasion of Earth was stopped by Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman. Later in the month, he co-founded the Justice League. He was assigned the designation 5. On July 4th, Team Year Zero, Jordan volunteered to help escort Blockbuster to the proper authorities along with Hawkwoman, Hawkman, John Stewart, and Captain Atom. On November 25th, he arrived at the Watchtower for a Justice League meeting. Along with fellow Lantern John Stewart, Jordan immediately opposed Flash's nomination of Earth's third Green Lantern Guy Gardner.

On December 30th, 09:16 EST, Lantern was present at the Hall of Justice for the induction of The Atom, Dr. Fate, Icon, Plastic Man, and Red Arrow. At 23:46 EST, Lantern and the rest of the League, under the control of Starro-tech, welcomed Vandal Savage to the Watchtower. On December 31st, 23:16 EST, Lantern encapsulated Black Canary, Red Tornado, and Red Arrow in a bubble construct but they escaped and applied Curotech to him to free him. On January 3rd Team Year Six, Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner were on Oa. Jordan and Gardner were sent to Rimbor to make sure the High Court knew the Justice League was coming in peace and expected a fair trial. On June 20th, Jordan returned to Earth along with those who went to Rimbor. He attended Wally West's funeral. On July 4th, the three Green Lanterns personally escorted the Reach delegation to Oa to stand before the Guardians of the Universe on charges of breaching their peace treaty. At some point in the second half of the year, Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and Kilowog met a Red Lantern named Razer and they became friends.

On October 12th, around 11:18 EDT, Team Year Eight, Hal Jordan delivered a confiscated Father Box to Dr. Silas Stone at S.T.A.R. Labs's Detroit branch. On January 25th, 22:25 UTC, Team Year Nine, the three Green Lanterns encapsulated the Orphanage in a construct to prevent it from escaping through a Boom Tube again. However, Granny Goodness turned her machine on and enthralled the League to the Anti-Life Equation. On January 26th, after 01:17 UTC, the enthralled Jordan was present at the machine when the Team tried to rescue Halo and were enthralled, too. At 02:48 UTC, the three Lanterns were already on the floor due to being normal humans under the sway of Anti-Life. Everyone was liberated by Halo after she was freed by Victor Stone. They promptly destroyed the machine. The three Lanterns formed a construct to contain the explosion. After Granny Goodness fled the ship, the Lanterns gathered Lashina, Gilotina, and Mantis in bubble constructs.

On February 24th, 19:00 EST, Jordan remotely attended the meeting of the League, Team, Outsiders, and Batman and Nightwing's covert teams on the Watchtower from the Javelin. He voted for Black Lightning to be the next leader of the League. After the Gene Bomb incident on M'arzz on March 25th Team Year Ten, Hal Jordan informed a fellow Green Lantern named Tomar-Re of Superboy's death. It saddened him deeply that one of the few remaining genetic Kryptonians had passed.