Green Beetle

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Real Identity: B'arzz O'oomm
Affiliations: The Reach
Appearances: True Colors, The Fix, Runaways, War, Complications, Intervention, and Endgame
Powers/Skills: Wears Scarab Armor, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Shape Shifting, Density Shifting, and Above Average Strength
Voiced By: Phil LaMarr

In Team Year Four, on Mars, the archaeologist B'arzz O'oomm stumbled upon a Scarab. It attached itself to O'oomm who learned the plans of the Reach. However, O'oomm's Martian physiology allowed him to take control of the Scarab instead of the other way around. When he attempted to adjust his blue scout Scarab, it turned green. Like most Martians, O'oomm enjoyed the television signals sent by Martian Manhunter and learned of the Reach's presence on Earth. He decided to lend his assistance to the heroes of Earth.

On April 8th, Green Beetle aided the Alpha Squad in a battle against Black Beetle at LexCorp Farms in Smallville. The Squad sided with Green Beetle and pulled him from an enflamed section of cornfield. Green Beetle advised Blue Beetle to set his sonic cannon to 27 Angstroms. Together, the combined sonic blast rendered Black Beetle unconscious. Nightwing decided it was too risky to take Green Beetle back to base and got Jonathan Kent's permission to use his barn. Green Beetle answered the Team's questions. While the Justice League still had to confirm his story, Robin thanked him for the help. Green Beetle noticed Blue Beetle's fears of losing control and spoke to him on a mental link, revealing there was another way besides removing the Scarab.

Green Beetle was taken to S.T.A.R. Labs in Taos to willingly undergo a mental link with Miss Martian to verify his story. He attempted to convey friendship by smiling but only startled Miss Martian. Green Beetle implored her to continue and realized she was a White Martian and had a negative experience recently. He volunteered his thoughts to Miss Martian. She then confirmed Green Beetle was on their side. He then analyzed the Reach's new soft drinks and revealed there was not only dopamine polymerase and an adrenaline inhibitor present but a mitochondrial marker for Meta-Gene tracking. Nightwing ended the meeting and Green Beetle elected to take on a human form, find a place near Taos, and blend in until further notice. In his human form, Green Beetle walked around with Blue Beetle. Green Beetle advised him to try training and meditation to help control the Scarab. However, when he revealed he used shape shifting to modify his Scarab, Blue Beetle asked him to do the same despite the risk of death. Green Beetle seemingly succeeded and granted Jaime Reyes full control of his Scarab.

In reality, Green Beetle was an agent of the Reach and helped place Blue Beetle back on-mode. On May 13th, Green Beetle met with Black Beetle and Blue Beetle at Taos Pueblos. Green Beetle looked past Blue Beetle's failure to recapture the teenagers and was sure they would be found again. Green Beetle also pointed out the media exposure Blue Beetle received from saving the day at S.T.A.R. Labs. On May 23rd, 20:30 MDT, Green Beetle met with Captain Atom, Nightwing, and Adam Strange to present intelligence on Mongul and Warworld his Scarab attained after accessing the Reach's database. On May 26th, Green Beetle then joined Captain Atom and Captain Marvel in attacking the Warworld's exterior. Playing into the Reach's plans, the Team used the intelligence to successfully defeat Mongul and disable Warworld. On May 27th, Green Beetle escorted Blue Beetle back to the Reyes home then flew off to parts unknown. On May 30th, 10:36 UTC, Green Beetle joined Black Beetle in the battle against Mongul. Eventually, they succeeded in returning Mongul to a stasis chamber.

On June 14th, Green Beetle was dispatched to Bialya to save Blue Beetle and terminate any heroes in his way. Batgirl and Impulse attempted to immobilize him with fire but Green Beetle density shifted to safety and knocked them aside with his sonic cannon. Beast Boy, Wonder Girl, and Robin arrived and battled him. As Zatanna and Isis initiated the ritual to place Blue Beetle's Scarab off-mode, Green Beetle opened fire but Impulse slung him into the blasts. He was knocked into the mystic circle and his Scarab was also freed of Reach control. B'arzz O'oomm was elated to finally be back in control of his body and thanked everyone for helping free him. On June 20th, Green Beetle attempted to reset Black Beetle's Scarab but in turn his was destroyed. B'arzz survived and took part in the coordinated strike on the Reach's Magnetic Field Disrupters. He was on Epsilon Squad with Nightwing and given the A-16 designation. On July 4th, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Beast Boy were sent to Mars to answer B'arzz' distress call.