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Real Identity: Brion Markov
Affiliations: Markovia, The Team, The Outsiders, and Infinitors
Appearances (Episodes): Princes All, Royal We, Eminent Threat, Private Security, Away Mission, Rescue Op, Evolution, Triptych, Home Fires, Exceptional Human Beings, Another Freak, Nightmare Monkeys, True Heroes, Influence, Leverage, Illusion of Control, First Impressions, Early Warning, Elder Wisdom, Quiet Conversations, Unknown Factors, Antisocial Pathologies, Terminus, Into the Breach, Overwhelmed, Nevermore, Inhospitable (Impersonated), Volatile (Illusion), Artemis Through The Looking-Glass, and Ego and Superego
Appearances (Comics): Ominous Tidings and Evocative Intel
Powers/Skills: Geokinesis, Thermokinesis, and Lava Manipulation
Voiced By: Troy Baker

In 2001, Brion Markov was born 16 minutes after his fraternal twin brother, Gregor Markov, heir to the crown of Markovia. Gregor, Brion and their younger sister Tara would often play as superheroes in their youth. On July 28th, Team Year Six, Brion Markov was studying abroad in England. He invited Tara Markov to London but he went clubbing instead of spending time with her. While he was gone, she was kidnapped by a meta-human trafficking ring called the Bedlam Syndicate. On July 28th, Team Year Eight, he returned to Markovia for the second anniversary of her kidnapping. At, 08:59 EEST, he was interviewed by Cat Grant. He admitted that after his sister was taken, he felt the need to go away and expand his knowledge of the world and bring it back to serve his country. Grant asked him how he felt about being only 16 minutes away from the crown, but before he could answer, the press conference began with Baron DeLamb.

Markov met with Dr. Helga Jace who confirmed he was Meta-Gene positive and his sister probably was too. He deduced that was the reason for her abduction. Jace tried to convince him he needed his own meta-activated powers. He inquired whether Markovia had the means to activate the Meta-Gene. She promised to look into it, withholding from telling him that she was part of the Bedlam Syndicate. On July 29th, Markov told his brother about his concerns with their uncle, DeLamb. That night, Markov ran to the royal chambers and discovered his parents were assassinated. DeLamb imposed martial law. Gregor Markov refused to call off his coronation under the belief the country needed a king. Brion Markov muttered it needed a hero, too, and called Jace. On the evening of July 30th, Brion Markov continued to ask his brother to prevent Baron DeLamb from being named Regent because he would do a lot of damage before he took the crown. Gregor Markov believed they had no choice and stressed he needed have patience. Brion Markov had enough and concluded something daring needed to be done to save Markovia.

Jace caved and told him to ask Dr. Simon Ecks. Ecks drove him to Markovburg Children's Hospital, where he was employed, and walked him into the secret underground laboratory that served as the Bedlam Syndicate's base. Markov started to piece the truth together but Count Vertigo rendered him unconscious. He awoke in a Metamorphosis Pod being exposed to Tar, the agent used to meta-activate trafficked teenagers. She assured him it was "all for the best." On July 31st, 00:02 EEST, he begged Jace to helped him. He passed out as he was completely submerged in Tar. She drained the Tar out of the pod. Nightwing's covert team extracted Markov and Superboy and returned to a river bed. At 00:44 EEST, Markov woke up and his meta-activated powers began to make itself known. He naturally panicked. Superboy tried to calm him down and get him focused on his breathing but Oracle texted Nightwing a GBS report that broke out with DeLamb framing him for the Bedlam Syndicate and the murder of his parents. Markov started to burrow towards the royal palace. He emerged in the courtyard covered in rock and lava like a monster. He charged at DeLamb but was surprisingly countered with one punch.

DeLamb was revealed to be meta-active, too. DeLamb ordered the guards to shoot Markov but Gregor Markov stepped in and had DeLamb arrested, calling him a hypocrite, liar, and murderer. DeLamb charged but Superboy took him out. Gregor Markov was convinced by Ambassador Zviad Baazovi that Markovia needed a new leader and a new start. He banished his own brother. Superboy promised to take care of him and took him back to the Super-Cycle. He took Markov with him to Happy Harbor where he rented a unit with M'gann M'orzz on Lucas Carr's property. On August 1st, 10:37 EDT, Markov watched Gregor Markov's coronation on his phone. Kent and M'orzz agreed he reminded them of the former from back in the day. Kent later tried to help him to stop obsessing and unwind by making him help fix a motorcycle. Markov didn't see the point when he had the Super-Cycle. Kent told him repairing motorcycles was his job. He denied he had to unwind but ignited and warped a wrench. Kent had him clean the clutch spring.

On August 4th, 12:25 EDT, Brion Markov spoke with his brother on the phone and pressed on when he would be allowed to return to Markovia. It was revealed the Markovian Parliament proposed a ban on meta-humans and the deportation of Quraci refugees. He got annoyed when Gregor stressed that he needed to be patient. The New God Bear boomed to Carr's home and requested help with a meta-human incident on New Genesis. Markov asked if any were female but none were. Halo sensed he was broken and offered to fix him. Later on, he decided to test his powers. He burned off his clothes and incinerated some of Carr's apple trees. Some time later, he decided to leave but Dick Grayson convinced him to stay by promising to help find Tara Markov. On August 5th, 21:04 EDT, he gave Halo an apple and told her about hunger. They were introduced to Forager, a Bug from New Genesis. It was decided they would live in Bio-Ship for the time being. She morphed into a recreational vehicle.

Jefferson Pierce presented his phone so Dr. Jace could talk to Markov but he was still angry. He demanded answers about his sister. She admitted she didn't know what her powers were but believed it was a geo-force power like his and DeLamb's. Grayson briefed everyone about the assassination of Jaqqar Marlo by the League of Shadows because he was crushed by a giant boulder. He wanted to investigate immediately, but he was told it was too dangerous to take on the Shadows without any kind of plan. He ignored Grayson and took Halo and Forager on Super-Cycle to Infinity Island in search of his sister. On August 6th, 00:41 ECT, they easily entered the grounds without any resistance until they met Sensei in his garden. Sensei, Ubu and a Red Hooded Ninja easily defeated them. They were placed in a prison hold only to be rescued by Superboy, Miss Martian, Nightwing, and Black Lightning. The ensuing conflict was ended by Ra's al Ghul. He revealed Tara Markov was not present on the island because he no longer led the Shadows or was a member of the Light. Markov was skeptical but Nightwing stated al Ghul never lied.

On the way home, Markov apologized and admitted he needed Nightwing's help. On September 8th, 11:04 EDT, Markov, Halo, and Forager were trained by Dick Grayson, Conner Kent, and Artemis Crock. He and Halo were given super suits. Grayson told him it was designed by the Justice Leaguer Fire and thus, it wouldn't burn up like regular clothes. Kent tried to work with him on his control and accuracy. During a break around the campfire, Markov remember playing superheroes with his brother and sister, pretending to be Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. He then recalled he used to argue that Superman could beat anyone because of his powers but Gregor argued for Batman because he would outsmart Superman. Kent found the premise stupid because they would never fight. When the topic of choosing a codename came up, Markov joked "Hot Lava" but settled on Geo-Force, after the name Dr. Jace had for his bloodline's powers. They practiced team maneuvers next, namely Maneuver 7.

On September 25th, 23:43 EDT, Nightwing's covert team met for a briefing in Happy Harbor. Grayson revealed the mission was to get intelligence on the League of Shadows from former member Cheshire who was currently in Detroit. On September 26th, 00:56 EDT, the team engaged a meta-squad guarding Cheshire's private jet. Geo-Force grounded the jet with lava. He was briefly trapped in Shade's shadow realm until Halo used a bright white light to make him retreat. On September 29th, 11:06 EDT, Markov watched King Gregor Markov's press conference about the refugee crisis in Markovia. On September 29th, 13:02 EDT, a training session was held at Owings Mills. Jace tried to make amends with Markov. He relented she was a victim of Baron Bedlam, too. Nightwing started the session without announcing anything to teach them about reacting to surprise attacks. Markov got shot with a rubber bullet and ultimately failed the test. The session was interrupted by the alien bounty hunter Lobo. He was under contract to kill Forager. Markov was saved from certain death thanks to Nightwing.

Forager tricked Lobo into leaving by pretending to have been crushed to death by shedding his exo-shell. Despite Forager's gooey nakedness, Markov hugged him. On October 12th, 08:22 EDT, another training session was held at the Mills. This time, the trio simply had to tag Nightwing. Geo-Force complimented Halo but she got distracted and fell to the ground then he accidentally scorched her but she healed herself. Markov became annoyed with Nightwing's games and wanted to go to Santa Prisca in search of the Shadows and his sister. He became angry after being told others were looking into it. On October 15th, 07:19 EDT, Markov was present to see off Violet Harper and Forager for their first day at Happy Harbor High School. He then attempted to access the computers by the Zeta-Tube in the garage but he was locked out. Grayson zetaed into the garage soon after. Markov lost his temper upon learning his sister wasn't on Santa Prisca and attacked Grayson. He went on a rant about always being told to be patient.

Grayson deduced he was angry about his exile. He proposed a question to Markov, was he going to be the man perpetually looking back at what he lost or a man looking forward to what he might become. At 19:07 EDT, Markov turned off a phone alert about his brother. Grayson found Markov at the Mount Justice beach and asked if they were okay. He nodded then mused moving forward, he would be. On the night of October 15th, Brion Markov and Violet Harper kissed by Lucas Carr's apple trees. On October 31st, 17:42 EDT, Markov, Harper, Forager, and Vic Stone were about to leave for the Happy Harbor High School Halloween dance. Markov had a skull painted on his face. They were stopped by Dick Grayson. He announced there was actionable intelligence on the location of Tara Markov. At 21:46 UTC, while en route to Al-Qawiya, Nightwing briefed the team about a meta-human auction in Greater Bialya listing a 15-year-old girl with geokinetic powers. On November 1st, 01:44 UTC+3, Nightwing warned Geo-Force it would be important that he kept his emotions in check because a telepath named Psimon was present as security.

Markov, Crock, and Pierce infiltrated the auction as interested bidders. Markov's emotions surged when he saw his sister harmed in a fight against Holocaust. Pierce sent off some electricity to neutralize Psimon. They successfully purchased his sister and secured her in the Bio-Ship, incognito as a limousine. The Markovs hugged. She convinced him to return with her to the auction to help rescue the other enslaved meta-humans. They combined their powers to form a giant rock wall to bar the path of the Terror Twins. At 03:16 EDT, he introduced his sister to Harper as his girlfriend. On November 4th, 10:21 EST, Grayson, Kent, and Crock gave the Markovs, Harper, and Forager the opportunity to join the Team. They all accepted. On November 6th, 14:59 EST, they went to the Watchtower and were formally welcomed by Team leader Miss Martian. At 20:20 EST, back in the Bio-RV, Markov told Stone about the ceremony and proposed he should come next time. To his surprise, Stone correctly predicted he was getting a text from Harper.

On November 16th, 21:21 EST, Aquaman briefed the Team about a suspected meta-trafficking facility in Russia. Geo-Force reacted negatively to "Russia" and Aquaman told him to put his distrust aside. On November 17th, 23:23 VLAT, Geo-Force and Terra's powers aided the Team in traveling underground undetected in Verhoyansk. They observed military officers becoming fused to suits. Tigress concluded nothing illegal was going on and ordered everyone to move out. Geo-Force objected to the existence of a "Russian Justice League" but Tigress reminded him of the parameters in which they acted. Things got complicated when a meta-squad of incarcerated villains called Task Force X prepared to attack the same facility on Amanda Waller's orders. Geo-Force and Terra were unable to land a hit on Captain Boomerang and were blown away by one of his exploding boomerangs. Geo-Force stayed at Halo's side while she healed from being impaled. In the second battle, he managed to destroy Monsieur Mallah's gun but was smacked. Terra took over and neutralized Mallah.

On November 17th, 16:16 PST, Markov visited Will Harper's house in Star City. He was concerned with Violet Harper acting so distant. He went to the kitchen to help with the dishes. On November 22nd, 13:01 PST, instead of going to the Meta-Human Youth Center's Harvest Festival, Markov and Harper spent Thanksgiving at the Harper house. Beast Boy recruited Geo-Force for his public team of young heroes. He accepted. On December 4th, 19:09 EST, Beast Boy revealed his idea to the Team and Aquaman during a meeting on the Watchtower. Aquaman objected at first but Beast Boy told them to get behind him or get out of the way. Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, Kid Flash, Static, and Geo-Force stood in solidarity with Beast Boy. Geo-Force was ready to show his country what he became. At 17:48 PST, Beast Boy took everyone on a tour of his team's base of operations, the penthouse floors of the Premiere Building in Hollywood and opened it up to anyone without a home even if they weren't Outsiders. Geo-Force was elated to have his own separate bedroom.

On December 7th, Beast Boy's team responded to reports of an alien attack on the small town of Brooklyn, Maine. Static lured one of the War Bug ships into a forest where Geo-Force constructed spikes from hardened lava. After the ships were all disabled by Blue Beetle, they discovered the pilots were members of Intergang, a criminal organization that trafficked alien weapons. Mayor Thomas Tompkins had Sheriff Patrick Maguire arrest the team for violating anti-vigilante laws. The team broke free when it became apparent the Air Force might just bomb the mother ship and flatten the town. They boarded the mother ship and safely crashed it away from the town and Maguire let them go in accordance to The Good Samaritan Law. Beast Boy ended up calling his team the Outsiders and they surged in popularity on social media. On December 21st, 04:31 PST, Beast Boy and Geo-Force zetaed to Happy Harbor to meet up with the rest of the team then fly to Cuba in Bio-Ship. At 10:13 CST, Geo-Force was tasked when preventing the Cuban military from interfering with the mission. He created a lava perimeter.

At 16:51 MST, the Outsiders arrived at the Meta-Human Youth Center in Taos to drop off the meta-humans rescued in Cuba. They all voted for Eduardo Dorado Junior to join the team. On January 1st, 14:24 PST, Team Year Nine, Violet Harper admitted to him she kissed Harper Row. He asked her if she had feelings for Row but Harper denied it. He forgave her. She then called in Tara Markov and revealed Gabrielle Daou, her host body, was bribed into letting Jaculi into the Markovian Royal Palace to assassinate their parents. Brion Markov stormed out of the room. On January 2nd, 04:16 PST, Markov was still despondent and took no part in the current emergency about Vic Stone. Dr. Jace mentioned to him he had many fans in Markovia. Artemis Crock and Tara Markov later arrived with Violet Harper but Markov still kept his distance. On January 21st, Beast Boy and Geo-Force responded to a restaurant hostage crisis. They encountered a new villain calling himself Condiment King. During the battle, Beast Boy was covered in ketchup, barbecue sauce, and hoisin sauce and slipped and sprained a wrist.

Harper tried to congratulate him, but he walked off. He later admitted to Jace he was wrong to stay distant from Harper. Jace, manipulating the situation for the Light, convinced him to wait for Harper to approach him again. He noticed some news about a team called Infinity, Inc. and asked if anyone knew who they were. Naturally, something else came up and both Stone and Harper sensed a Mother Box in agony. They opened a boom tube to it. Markov and Logan followed them into the home of Gretchen Goode. They retreated back to the Premiere with Kaldur'ahm, Wyynde, Nightwing, and Black Lightning. Harper and Markov finally made amends. On January 22nd, 02:24 PST, Victor Stone, Garfield Logan, Violet Harper, Fred Bugg, and Brion Markov ate pancakes in Los Angeles. Markov was irritated with another young hero team called Infinity Incorporated poaching on the Outsiders' turf. Logan told him to take it as a compliment as they inspired them. They returned amid Jefferson Pierce's angry outburst about leaders in the League and Team conspiring in secret to battle the Light.

Jace took advantage of the chaos to place Control Chips on the Markovs then took them and Harper to her laboratory in Dakota City. Jace turned Harper over to Goode and Ultra-Humanite but she was curious about why Harper was so important. Goode exposed her to the X-Pit's Anti-Life and as a demonstration was ordered to reveal her guarded secrets. She admitted to coming to see Brion and Tara Markov as her children and manipulated the former into becoming a meta-human then later manipulating Markov and Harper into breaking up. Thanks to a prior meeting with Deathstroke, Tara Markov had an Antidote Chip and liberated her brother. Goode, Ultra-Humanite, Jace, and Harper boomed away. The duo returned to the Premiere and apprised everyone of what happened. On January 25th, 14:28 PST, Markov asked the Team and Aquaman to join their mission to the Orphanage to rescue Violet Harper. On January 26, 01:17 UTC, Geo-Force was assigned to lead Beta Squad and ordered to find Harper while Alpha Squad ran interference.

Granny Goodness taunted Geo-Force and he played along but an enthralled Martian Manhunter disabled the squad's psychic link Granny then used Harper to add them all to her Anti-Life Equation. At 02:48 UTC, Granny was distracted when she was forcibly re-merged with Gretchen Goode following the other Outsiders destroying an Apokoliptian machine back on Earth. Vic Stone arrived and liberated Harper from the Cerebral-Leash then she in turn cleansed everyone of Anti-Life. The Justice League moved to destroy the Anti-Life Machine. Geo-Force and Harper kissed. The Team, Geo-Force, and Stone returned to the Premiere Building. The vote was unanimous for Stone to join the Outsiders. Geo-Force pitched Hot Lava, but Stone chose the codename Cyborg. On February 13th, 20:52 EST, Geo-Force was interviewed by Tod Donner. He emphasized the primary role of the Outsiders was inspirational and wanted young people, human and meta-human, to see the value of heroism in service and to take ownership of the Outsiders. Donner asked about Infinity Inc. but Geo-Force stated they had no issue with the Infinitors as long as the message gets out.

On February 14th, 18:34 PST, Brion and Tara Markov met with King Gregor in secret at the Luthor Grande Hotel in Beverly Hills. He saw his younger brother's interview and praised it as good press he could use to bring them back home, eventually. They later watched in horror as reports came in about Baron Bedlam staging a coup. Brion Markov stated the Outsiders didn't face the restrictions the Justice League did and was what he was preparing for. King Gregor didn't want to hide in a hotel room. He was told to be patient. Brion Markov vowed to lead the Outsiders to save their homeland. On February 16th, Geo-Force was assigned to Alpha Squad for the joint Team-Outsiders mission to Markovia. Once Beta Squad flushed out Baron Bedlam out from the throne room in the palace, Alpha boomed to him. Bedlam taunted the Markovs about cleansing the bloodline of weak orphans. Terra attacked but she was no match. Geo-Force tackled him through a window into the courtyard where cameraman Pete Danbury happened to be. Geo-Force immobilized Bedlam in hardened lava, and began punching him until his face was exposed.

Bedlam surrendered, but Geo-Force covered his fists in lava until Beast Boy reminded him the Outsiders don't deal out punishment. They were distracted when Terra moved to kill Beast Boy but Tigress told her she did not have to follow Deathstroke's orders. Tigress revealed she knew Terra was a mole from the start but wanted to give her the chance to be shown there was a better way. Terra rejected Deathstroke and ran to Tigress and hugged her. Geo-Force was furious he was lied to by both Terra and everyone who knew her secret. Zviad Baazovi and a group of Markovians arrived but Bedlam broke free and tried to flee the palace. Geo-Force easily recaptured him again but he vowed it would never be over as long as he lived. Geo-Force believed him and executed Bedlam by filling up his entire body with lava. The Team and Outsiders were horrified but Baazovi rallied the Markovians to cheer for Geo-Force. They called him a hero and king. He was read the riot act but Geo-Force called his comrades hypocrites for letting Terra, a murderer, walk among them.

Terra admitted to her being guilty and suggested they both turn themselves over to the authorities. Geo-Force was shocked and acknowledged the cheers, claiming they knew what he did was just. He noted her betrayal and called her an assassin while he was a hero. Superboy disagreed he was a hero. Baazovi interjected and asked him if he would condemn a soldier during a war. He called Geo-Force a king because he made hard decisions for the good of the people. He stated Geo-Force had the strength to rule Markovia and had the full support of the military. Geo-Force admitted his brother was a man of great patience but declared that was not what the country needed. He then admitted he always knew the crown should be his. He told Terra he would forgive her crimes if she supported his rule. She refused. Geo-Force then proposed to Halo to be his queen. She refused. Geo-Force accepted it and ordered Nightwing to take all his heroes out of his country at once. Brion Markov took the throne and exiled his brother. On February 21st, 17:37 EET, Baazovi convinced King Markov to grant an audience with Dr. Jace. He asked Markov to give her a second chance. He relented.

On February 27th, 15:09 EET, Infinity Inc. pledged loyalty to King Brion Markov in the Markovian Royal Palace. Geo-Force took over the team which was renamed the Infinitors and branded as heroes of Markovia. A recruitment system was established in which meta-humans who had potential as Infinitors trained as Infinity Cadets. Those who had their Meta-Gene activated voluntarily were given the option of joining the Cadets. Marketing emphasized togetherness, remaking Markovia into one loving Meta-family, and turning that family into a nation of heroes. The reforms sparked a refugee crisis. Those without the Meta-Gene fled Markovia and flooded into Vlatava. Queen Vladek reached out to King Markov but he refused any parlay. On March 22nd, Team Year Ten, Garfield Logan was brain-blasted by xenophobic G'arrunn Martians, one of the images that flooded his mind was when Geo-Force executed Baron Bedlam.

On March 24th, on Hollow Hill, while Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz's altar was being constructed, Logan began to hallucinate. He believed he heard Geo-Force laughing then rising up from the lava and declaring Superboy was vulnerable from lack of yellow sunlight and was finally going to take his revenge for keeping secrets from him. In his Ma'alefa'ak form, Logan tackled Kent out of harm's way but knocked him out by accident. He grabbed Kent and took him to the surface to recharge unaware he would not be able to survive the surface in his state. "Geo-Force" continued to vow to kill them both for failing him and forming lava geysers. He threatened to boil the flesh from their bones. They surfaced at G'all'ee Crater at 14:47 UTC, "Geo-Force" declared Logan would never escape him ever. He appeared in his rock armor and sent a wave of lava at Logan.

Suddenly, Logan was on the mindscape and told by "Miss Martian" that "Geo-Force" was not on M'arzz. The hallucination of him faded away. She told him Geo-Force was the first loss of his new family, the Outsiders that he built. She told him no leader could control everything and Markov made his own choices to the extent he was making choices at all then repaired the psychic damage done to him. On April 19th, King Markov released another video statement across social media. In it, he told meta-humans if they were feeling persecuted, unsafe, and unwanted, they were welcome in Markovia with open arms and sanctuary would be provided. Tod Donner reiterated the open border meta-human policies caused unrest in Markovia and a refugee crisis in Vlatava. On April 21st, Madia Daou told Violet Harper she was proud of her for turning down Markvo's offer to be his queen and believed she was on the good path.

On May 14th, 07:32 ICT, Baazovi reported to the rest of the Light that the situation in Markovia couldn't be better and noted another clutch of meta-humans arrives each day, Ultra-Humanite and Dr. Jace were doing fine work using Tar to activate still more, and all he was doing was passing a patriotic nudge to King Markov with his powers which he passed onto the people. On June 1st, 21:48 PDT, during Garfield Logan and M'gann M'orzz's argument, she told him hallucinating Markov on M'arzz didn't come from nowhere and interpreted it as his fear of losing another family member. In late August, Black Lightning and Superman devised a list of candidates for Justice League reserve system for the recruitment committee. Superman was unsure if Geo-Force and his Infinitors would abide by the Justice League's standards and reckoned the last thing they wanted or needed was for a rescue mission to cost them the trust they worked so hard to build.

On August 28th, during Logan's annual mental health check, Dinah Lance asked him if he felt responsible for losing Brion Markov, too. He admitted as his squad leader, he should have seen the signs. On September 9th, 21:21 EEST, the Infinitors responded to a group of anti-meta Markovians on a vehicular pursuit of Lizard Johnny in Markovburg. Geo-Force formed a circle of magma around Johnny and advised them not to kill Johnny as they planned. Wilhelm Vittings, the ringleader, ran into the nearby forest. Geo-Force ordered Kobold and Trajectory to watch the defeated gang while he and Fury chased after him. They ran into Everyman who apologized and reported no one was around except him. Geo-Force was irate and unaware that Everyman had posed as Vittings. Zviad Baazovi used his psychic powers to make Geo-Force forget about losing Vittings and focusing on the bigger picture of sending a powerful message to the radical anti-metas trying to force metas out of Markovia. Geo-Force addressed the press and stated Markovia was still welcoming meta-humans and promised they had a home there and would be protected by the Infinitors.

On September 10th, 02:48 EEST, the Infinitors returned to the royal palace with Lizard Johnny. King Markov remembered him from the Outsiders mission in Cuba and recalled his name was Johnny. He clarified it was Lizard Johnny. Markov was pleased he was owning it and was honored he chose to live in Markovia. He promised he wouldn't anyone hurt him. Johnny asked if he meant he'll do them like he did his uncle. He quickly apologized and stated he just wanted to be left alone. Markov told him he understood and Markovia would be whatever kind of home he needed it to be. Minister Mueller talked to Markov about his meta-transport policy and asked if it was correct that any meta-positive human in any country could contact the local Markovian Embassy or mission and instantly gain a visa and transport to Markovia. Markov told him that was correct. Mueller questioned how it would look setting up a mission in Taos since it could be interpreted as poaching from the Justice League.

Markov was aghast at the implication but Baazovi suddenly put his hand on Markov's shoulder and reckoned if the high and mighty League took care of these children, they wouldn't need them. Enthralled, both Markov and Mueller agreed. Markov wondered where Johnny went. He and Fury found Johnny inside the Markov Family Meta-Human Youth Center talking about becoming an Infinitor. Markov recalled he previously just wanted to be left alone and noted Johnny used to live at the Meta-Human Youth Center in Taos and could have joined the Team or Outsiders if he wanted to become a hero. He did not like the looks of things. Baazovi appeared and told Fury to report to Trajectory for the next mission. She asked Markov if that was what he wanted. He replied he did and agreed there was much to discuss. Fury kept her tongue and departed. Violet Harper decided to make one last attempt to contact Markov about their unresolved feelings while they stood on the precipice of starting a new phase of their life at college.

Markov didn't reply to their text. After an hour, Halo boomed into the throne room. Markov was elated and realized how much he missed Halo. They asked him why he cut himself off from them and everyone else. He claimed he had to prove he made the right choice and was busy building something real and important. They added it was built on the foundation of an execution and coup. He admitted he didn't not have any regrets and all the more reason he needed to make something good come out of the ashes of what happened a year ago. They told him he didn't have to do it alone and there were people who loved him and could help him if he let them. He wondered if they came to fix him. They revealed they came to see if there was anything still between them and they was no longer a damaged Mother Box fixated on fixing everything and was more than that. He told them they always was more. They credited him with helping them discover who they were on the inside and it hurt he wasn't there for the rest of their journey. He wanted to be with them but explained real life wasn't that simple.

Baazovi interrupted and asked if she came to accept his proposal. Halo corrected him with "they" and replied absolutely not. Markov demanded to know why they came and asked if they expected him to leave and abandon his country. They didn't know why they expected anything from him and declared they continued their journey but he was stuck in the same place they left him a year ago. He stated he kicked them out. Halo decided to save him the trouble of doing it again and boomed back home. Baazovi tried to console Markov but he ordered him to leave the room. Fury found Markov in contemplation in front of a statue in the royal courtyard. She joked if he was waiting for them to give him advice, he would be there awhile. He commented heavy is the head that wears the crown. Fury mused it must feel bad to know everyone wanted a piece of him. He asked what she wanted. She implored him to call her "Rosa" and admitted she was going to ask him the same thing. She believed he needed a friend to talk to and confide in.

Markov agreed. She stated he had no reason to trust her and laid out her sins. She admitted she did things she wasn't proud of when she answered to Luthor under the thrall of a Control Chip and to Baazovi without one. She then revealed she was told things she was no longer sure of and did not like the look of things. He agreed and told her to tell him about it, literally. On November 10th, 04:08 EET, Team Year Ten, Markov had a conference call with the Justice League, Team, and Outsiders. He stated none of them had permission to enter Markovian sovereign territory and implored them to leave the rescue mission to him and his Infinitors. He vowed to apprehend Count Vertigo and find Queen Vladek. The Infinitors gathered in the throne room. Baazovi ran in and asked Markov where he was going. He replied they were going to fulfill his promise to which he was witness to. Baazovi pointed out they did not know their location. Fury stated they did because her sources provided the location.

They made their way to a group of 16 cabins in the woods of Markovia where Fury's sources tipped her off that the power-armored squad who broke Count Vertigo out of prison and kidnapped Vladek were seen. Geo-Force ordered Kobold and Everyman to go into stealth-mode and start their search with the first lighted cabin. Everyman turned into a North America raccoon while Kobold shrank and rode on his back. They peeked in through a window but were immediately spotted by Johann Mintz, Dr. Simon Ecks, and Piotor Platz. The power-armored squad attacked the Infinitors. Fury realized it was a trap and apologized. Geo-Force was nonchalant about it and told Trajectory to check every cabin and find Vladek. Geo-Force raised a column of magma and ordered the Infinitors to engage. Everyman went into battle mode and leaped at one of the armorers. He was blasted into the forest with a sound wave. Kobold leaped on 14 and made them blast a comrade. Fury slugged several and mentioned Everyman could use some help.

Trajectory returned with Vladek who asked Geo-Force to take her back to the royal palace. Geo-Force obliged her and left the Infinitors to close out the fight. Trajectory told Fury she was going to help Everyman and ran into the woods following the sound of his roar. She reported to Baazovi who was in the woods with Ecks, Mintz, Platz, and two of the armorers. Baazovi told 13 to turn off the recording of Everyman's roar. Fury and Kobold wondered why the squad suddenly stopped fighting and fled the area. En route, Geo-Force told Vladek she was safe now. He failed to see her grin evilly. From the palace, Queen Perdita informed Wonder Girl that King Brion rescued her and she was simply tired but promised to call again the next day. Wonder Girl asked if she saw Count Vertigo. She revealed she never laid eyes on him. King Brion vowed he would be brought to justice and assured Wonder Girl the queen was safe. She thanked him.

On November 10th, 07:56 EET, King Brion walked Queen Perdita to her temporary quarters where she could rest until her people arrived for her. He assigned Infinity Cadets Jet and Lizard Johnny to guard her door. King Brion later returned with the other Infinitors to ask Queen Perdita some questions. He was not pleased none of the kidnappers were captured. Everyman pointed out as a bird, he could not keep up with their power suits. Lizard Johnny reported it was quiet and presumed Queen Perdita was asleep. King Brion went inside and found the room was empty. He ordered the palace and grounds to be searched immediately.