Forever People

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Real Identity: Various
Appearances: Disordered
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

The Forever People are a team of heroes and close friends from the New Gods of New Genesis. Vykin is the leader. Their primary mode of transportation was the New Genisphere. Whenever they are outpowered, the five can use their Mother Box to merge, become part of the Source, and act as one being named Infinity-Man by all saying "Taaru" simultaneously.

On October 23rd, at 17:28 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), the Forever People boomed to Earth and appeared in Metropolis in search of stolen technology. Mother Box quickly discovered the location of the New Genisphere on the Eastern Seaboard. They confronted its pilot, Superboy, but quickly welcomed him as an ally when Mother Box told them he saved the Sphere. As visitors, the Forever People willingly followed Superboy's lead in confronting the real thieves, Intergang. Further intrigued the gang had technology from both New Genesis and Apokolips, they were distraught to learn DeSaad was involved. DeSaad later took control of them with a Father Box as they transformed into Infinity-Man. Luckily, the New Genisphere took back control and they were restored to normal. Superboy convinced them of his bond with Sphere and was allowed to keep her.