Flash (Jay Garrick)

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Real Identity: Jay Garrick
Affiliation(s): Justice Society of America and Justice League
Appearances: Downtime, Humanity, Bloodlines, Endgame, First Impressions, Elder Wisdom, Teg Ydaer!, Ebb Tide, Beyond the Grip of the Gods!, Encounter Upon the Razor's Edge!, Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!, Odyssey of Death!, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): What's The Story?, The Pit..., and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Speed and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Geoff Pierson

Jay Garrick was born on August 27, 1918. Garrick later met a woman named Joan and knew right away she was one then made his move quickly. In 1940, Jay Garrick was in a freak lab accident at Lampert Laboratories. He soon discovered he was granted enhanced speed by the accident. He decided to fight crime with his gift. Garrick became the Flash and adopted a costume that paid homage to Mercury, the Roman messanger god. As the Flash, he didn't conceal his civilian identity. The Flash helped found the Justice Society of America in the 1940s. In 1945, at the site of the 1939 New York World's Fair, he witnessed Firebrand getting shot by the Dragon King. Flash was present when Red Tornado was inducted to the Justice Society. Jay Garrick got married to Joan on February 28, 1946. He continued to fight crime until going into semi-retirement in 1951. While he no longer went on active patrol, he would suit when he felt he was needed.

In 2000, Garrick met a huge fan of his, Barry Allen, and told him about his adventures and the accident. Allen recreated the accident under laboratory conditions and gained powers, becoming even faster than Garrcik. Garrick fully endorsed Allen as his successor. Some time after that, Garrick officially retired. After Wally West became Kid Flash, he was introduced to Jay Garrick and learned of the similarities of each Flash's origin.

On August 21st Team Year Zero, Garrick attended the funeral of his former colleague Kent Nelson. On August 27th, Garrick celebrated his 92nd birthday in Central City at the home of Rudy, Mary, and Wally West alongside Barry Allen, Iris West, and wife, Joan Garrick. He was not quite ready to admit Barry Allen was faster than him when Joan Garrick brought up the issue. On February 28th Team Year Six, Jay and Joan Garrick celebrated their 70th anniversary at the Allen home. The party was put on hold after the sudden appearance of Impulse, Allen's grandson from the future, and a new supervillain named Neutron. Garrick donned his Flash costume once more and joined Kid Flash in pulling Flash and Impulse to safety before Neutron detonated again. Impulse managed to slip away and reverted Neutron back to a normal human with a spherical device. Garrick accompanied them back to Mount Justice where Impulse's claims were verified. He became Impulse's legal guardian. On June 20th, Garrick was assigned to Lambda Squad with Red Tornado to take out one of the Magnetic Field Disrupters. He attended Wally West's funeral.

On December 7th, 21:51 CST, Team Year Eight, Jay Garrick was at Joan's bedside in a hospital in Central City and watched the Outsiders' first mission on live TV. She passed away soon after. On December 21st, her funeral was held. On January 1st, 14:24 PST, Team Year Nine, Wonder Girl zetaed to Hollywood for Outsiders training but the Outsiders were paid an unexpected visit by Dr. Eduardo Dorado Senior, Dr. Helena Sandsmark, and Jay Garrick. El Dorado deduced his father hacked their access and they zetaed to the Los Angeles Wayne Tech Zeta-Tube. They wanted to talk about El Dorado, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash's membership with the Outsiders. At the same time, Beast Boy received a plea from a Moira Malone on social media about robot monkeys stealing from her father in Dublin. Beast Boy recognized the robots as Professor Ivo's M.O.N.Q.I.s but Garrick stated no one was leaving. Citing he was an emancipated minor and Static and Blue Beetle were 18, the trio left for Dublin and left Wonder Girl, El Dorado, and Kid Flash to deal with their guardians.

They aired their concerns with their respective children being on a public team. Garrick brought up the Watchtower's Grotto and all the members of the Team who perished over the years and never got to grow up, marry, and have children of their own. He disagreed with the Justice League's decision to sanction the team and regretted letting Kid Flash join the Outsiders. Kid Flash promised him he was not going anywhere, especially after he just lost Joan. He pointed out there were meta-teenagers out there lost and alone in everyone's crosshairs and someone had to be there for them. El Dorado believed they gave them strength to survive and stay together. After both sides talked it out, it was agreed the good deeds the Outsiders were accomplishing far outweighed the risks. Garrick started a Flitter social media account,@Jay_Garrick_JSA, just to voice his disapproval of Lex Luthor's proposed hero registry. He made a post with Flash and Kid Flash to show his support for the Outsiders then stated the fascist hero registry failed in the 1950s and it won't work in the present either. G. Gordon Godfrey cited the post live on his program around 20:03 EST during an interview with Luthor.

On May 15th, 20:06 CDT, Team Year Ten, Jay Garrick left his house. At some point, he came out of retirement and joined the Justice League. On August 26th, 20:16 UTC, the Javelin approached New Genesis. Flash noticed Rocket was lost in thought but admitted he was ready to stretch his legs after being cooped up for two days. Forager noted it was Flash's first mission as a Justice Leaguer. Flash found it nice being the new kid for a change. He looked forward to the summit between the League, New Gods, and Green Lantern Corps. Rocket keyed him on saying it would be a hoot. Upon landing in Supertown at 20:20 UTC, they met Lightray, Orion, Highfather, and Highmother. Orion noticed Rocket's technology was unknown to Mother Box and he suggested it be confiscated for study. Flash advised him to rethink that policy. Orion was distracted by an alert of a thief in a secured warehouse. Looking over security footage, Forager noted the thief was a female Forager Bug. Flash asked how he knew she was a female. Forager thought it was obvious.

On August 26th, 21:58 UTC, Rocket, Flash, Forager, Lightray, and Orion arrived at the Mountain Hive. Flash reckoned he could check out the tunnels pretty quickly but not "Barry Allen" quick. Lightray got the gist of what he meant. Orion belayed the idea since Highfather had a rule in place against entering Bug hives without permission. After learning the female Forager's name was also Forager, Flash joked that was not going to get confusing at all. Flash evacuated two Larvae while the others dealt with the stolen Ruction Cell and one of Orion's mood swings. They later observed Highfather turn the cell over to Metron for safekeeping in his interdimensional vault. Flash congratulated Forager but Rocket kicked herself for freezing up during the incident. He told her not to be so hard on herself since everyone was safe in the end. On August 27th, the summit officially began and they met Green Lantern Tomar-Re and later, Kilowog. Talks were not going very far but it was disrupted by a conflict between Razer and Metron. Flash's 102nd birthday was celebrated. The Foragers sang their own version of the birthday song. After Flash blew out the candles, Orion noted it was not how it was before.

On August 28th, the summit talks led to discussion of the New Gods' request for Cyborg and Halo to be turned over to them for their own protection but Rocket stated they were being safeguarded by a family who loved them. Orion surprisingly withdrew the request. Bear disrupted the summit and gave a bear hug to Rocket and Forager. Rocket introduced him to Flash. Flash opted to pass on the bear hug. To Orion's chagrin, Bear started talking about Forager's romance with Forager. Flash recalled her knew Joan was the one right away. Bear observed short lived species like Bugs and humans had to act fast. Flash clarified he was not exactly short lived but was shocked to learn Bear was a couple decades over 16,000 years in age. On August 29th, 00:02 UTC, Metron finished briefing everyone on the threat of Lor-Zod and his goal of releasing hundreds of Kryptonian criminals from the Phantom Zone. At 00:14 UTC, Flash was part of the group that boomed to Boiling Lake Crater in search of Lor-Zod and the stolen Phantom Zone Projector.

Ma'alefa'ak attacked them with a brain blast. Flash and the Foragers fell from Tomar-Re's platform construct but he caught them. They dispersed. Flash was brought to his knees by the Kaizer-Thrall. The female Forager knocked Kaizer away and Flash collapsed. When he came to, she asked him to help deal with the portal to the Phantom Zone that was opened. Flash generated a tornado to obfuscate the portal. Lor-Zod fired heat vision at him but missed. A cloaked Bio-Ship destroyed the Phantom Zone Projector before anyone could cross over. The female Forager, now a Green Lantern, had the Kaizer and Mantis in a bubble construct and Flash and Forager on a platform construct and flew them to Rocket and Orion. They discovered Tomar-Re sacrificed his life to make sure the Promthean Giant's power was all safely redirected into space and spared New Genesis.

On August 30th, 21:00 UTC, Kilowog and Vykin informed Flash the treaty could be considered signed, in principal. Flash was relieved and noted they could work together to find Lor-Zod and Ma'alefa'ak. He took solace in the fact they already captured Mantis and the Kaizer-Thrall. Vykin surprised him by revealing the Kaizer possessed some sentience. On September 2nd, 16:17 CDT, Jay Garrick returned home from his Justice League mission to New Genesis and discovered Bart Allen was missing. On September 14th, after 06:08 EDT, Flash was part of the group of Leaguers and Outsiders who arrived in Metropolis's Planet Circle to deal with Dru-Zod but discovered the conflict was already over and Superboy was alive.