El Dorado

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Real Identity: Eduardo "Ed" Dorado Junior
Affiliations: Meta-Human Youth Center and The Outsiders
Appearances (Episodes): Beneath, Darkest, Before The Dawn, Cornered, Runaways, The Hunt, Endgame, Home Fires, Leverage, Illusion of Control, First Impression, Early Warning, Elder Wisdom, Into The Breach, Overwhelmed, Nevermore, Teg Ydaer!, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Ominous Tidings, Evocative Intel, and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Powers/Skills: Teleportation
Voiced By: Freddy Rodriguez

Eduardo Dorado Junior is the son of Eduardo Dorado Senior, of S.T.A.R. Labs Taos. Eduardo Jr. developed a habit for running away from family. Wanting to be with his father, he ran away from his grandfather's home in Argentina. He was kidnapped by the Light and experimented on by the Reach. He was one of the teenagers rescued by the Team and sent to S.T.A.R. Labs for testing. Eduardo Junior's ability was teleportation, which led his father to think the Meta-Gene was opportunistic considering Eduardo Senior worked on Zeta Beam technology for 20 years. Eduardo Junior could only teleport himself and only along sight lines. However, he wanted a cure to get rid of the ability. Father and son argued for the next several weeks.

On May 13th, Eduardo Junior was not very impressed with Virgil Hawkins' plan or lack of. However, the group returned to S.T.A.R. because of Eduardo Junior's concern for his father. He managed to teleport himself and Eduardo Senior to safety but both felt extreme pain afterwards. When the group focused on evacuation, Eduardo Junior directed several to safety, including Nathaniel Tryon. While Blue Beetle was distracted by news crews, the group ran way again but met Lex Luthor. On May 29th to 30th, the group was sent to the Warworld to rescue the Team and strike a blow against the Reach. In their initial battle against Black Beetle, all but Junior was taken down. Luckily, Junior teamed up with Arsenal and the group rallied together. On June 20th, Junior was assigned the A-17 designation and to Alpha Squad with Captain Atom to take out a Magnetic Field Disrupter. Afterwards, he retired from heroics and moved in with his father. He attended Wally West's funeral.

On September 29th, 09:00 MDT, Team Year Eight, Eduardo Dorado Junior started working at the Taos Meta-Human Youth Center as a peer counselor for the rescued meta-teenagers. On November 16th, 07:07 MST, he took part in the induction ceremony of new metas and made an impression on Wendy Jones. On November 17th, 07:07 MST, Dorado had a session with Jones, Livewire, Mist, and Celia Windward. Livewire was skeptical about the power inhibiting collars offered on a voluntary basis. Jones didn't plan on using one but after a training session went sideways, Dorado barely teleported her outside in time. She lost it and called herself a monster then put on a collar to his dismay. On November 22nd, 13:59 MST, the Harvest Festival, Dorado's idea, went into full swing. He and Bart Allen hung out. Allen became annoyed with how slow the bumper cars were so Dorado took the controls. However, Dorado was still troubled by a lack of inspiration to motivate the meta-teens. He and others pursued Count Vertigo after he kidnapped Queen Perdita Vladek. Thirteen's power helped to force his helicopter to land at the Taos Pueblo. They realized Vertigo was really Psimon and a distraction then returned to the festival and stopped Onslaught from kidnapping the metas.

On December 7th, 20:52 MST, Dorado showed his group the live video stream of the Brooklyn incident On December 21st, he attended Joan Garrick's funeral with Bart Allen and Jaime Reyes. Later that day, he announced he was joining the Outsiders to serve as inspiration for the metas. He was accepted and took on the codename El Dorado. On December 31st, he took part in the joint Team-Outsiders mission in Bwundasa. Back at Taos, the Dorados got into another heated discussion. Senior had regrets letting Junior join the team but after he revealed he spoke to some of the other parents, Junior got angry and left in Boom Tube with the others. On January 1st, 14:24 PST, Team Year Nine, a training session at the Hub was interrupted by the unannounced arrival of Eduardo Dorado Senior, Dr. Helena Sandsmark, and Jay Garrick. Dorado deduced his father hacked their access and they zetaed to the Los Angeles Wayne Tech Zeta-Tube. Dorado stressed they were being heroes for themselves and the meta-teenagers at the Youth Center needed role models. Senior didn't see the logic of encouraging the teenagers to put themselves in danger.

Dorado reaffirmed he wanted nothing more than for them to be a family but the families of these meta-teenagers were being torn apart and someone one needed to show them things can survive. He asked if not them then who. Senior understood then told him it was "whom." Wonder Girl later posted a photo with her mother and the Dorados on her 1K Wordsworth account @WonderGirlOutsiders. On January 25th, 17:16 PST, Dorado took part in the Outsiders' search of Goode World Studios for Halo. He stayed back in the Bio-Ship to serve as back up just in case. After the others were boomed into an X-Pit, Dorado teleported to them for extraction but he fell prey to the same dehabilitating effects. He went for Kid Flash first but was told to help Blue Beetle first. To make matters worse, Dorado's powers were affected and whenever he teleported, he just wound up back in the X-Pit. They were all saved when Vic Stone defeated Overlord. On January 26th, the Outsiders returned to the Hub saddened over Gretchen Goode's escape and Stone's disappearance. The mood shifted when both Stone and Halo boomed into the Hub. They voted Stone onto the team and he took the codename Cyborg.

On February 16th, 01:33 EET, Dorado was on Gamma Squad for the joint Team-Outsiders mission in Markovia. The squad defeated Dr. Simon Ecks and saved the lives of Gregor Markov loyalists before they could be executed in the Markovian National Cemetery. On February 24th, Dorado was in attendence at the meeting on the Watchtower that saw Batman and Nightwing's teams merged back into the Justice League and Team as well as the election of Black Lightning as the new League leader. On February 26th, 13:13 MST, Dorado was present at the Youth Center when Wendy Jones took her collar off. On April 19th, 12:17 PDT, Team Year Ten, El Dorado participated in the Outsiders' mission about Hurricane Amy. On May 14th, 00:23 PDT, he was one of the Outsiders who took part in the mission involving Headmaster. Garfield Logan was still asleep on the couch when they returned. After he stormed off, Wonder Girl and El Dorado exchanged concerned looks. On September 16th, Dorado attended Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz's wedding in Happy Harbor.

On November 10th, 03:10 CET, Wonder Girl hailed Raptor Squad in Paris. El Dorado, Robin, and Looker perched on a building and ran surveilance on Joe Henchy, a person of interest in the kidnapping of Queen Perdita Vladek. On November 10th, 05:59 CET, Henchy was on the run from Robin cursing his predicament. El Dorado teleported in front of Henchy and found his "Bat-Brat" comment rude but him running away even ruder. Dorado teleported in front of him again and called it borderline disrespectful. Robin snagged him and yanked him to the ground then gave Looker her cue. She used her telepathy while he protested. Dorado commented he was still very rude. She only discovered Henchy had nothing to do with Count Vertigo's escape or Queen Perdita's kidnapping. Dorado let him go and he ran off.