Captain Marvel


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Real Identity: William "Billy" Batson
Affiliation(s): Justice League
Appearance (Episodes): Independence Day Part Two, Alpha Male, Revelation, Humanity, Failsafe, Disordered, Secrets, Misplaced, Agendas, Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Happy New Year, Cornered, War, Complications, Summit, Endgame, Princes All, Triptych, Home Fires, Nevermore, Teg Ydaer! (Illusion), Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Stopover, Monkey Business, Players Chapter Two, Players Chapter Three, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Five, Players Chapter Six, and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Powers/Skills: Flight, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed and Impenetrability
Voiced By: Rob Lowe, Chad Lowe (Captain Marvel and Billy, Age 15), Robert Ochoa (Billy, Age 10), and Eric Lopez (Teg Ydaer!)

Billy Batson was born in 2000 and was separated at birth from his twin sister. He spent his life an orphanage then was fostered by Dudley H. Dudley, whom he referred to as "Uncle." In 2007, a seven year old boy named Billy Batson became Captain Marvel, a superhero powered by magic. When Batson speaks the word "Shazam," a lightning bolt comes into contact with and transforms him into the very adult Captain Marvel, granting him invulnerability, flight, super speed and super strength. As Captain Marvel, he defended Fawcett City. In August 2008, he joined the Justice League as its 15th member and fights alongside many of his idols. At first, Superman believed he was also a Kryptonian and supported Marvel's admission. Batson continued to go to school and has three close friends - Freedy Freeman, Kit Freeman, and Mary Bromfield. He lived with his legal guardian Dudley H. Dudley. At some point, Batson discovered Bromfield was his twin sister.

When Captain Marvel first joined the League, he noticed Batman was always issuing orders to him. Trying not to take it personal, Marvel assumed following those orders kept him alive and Batman took command for the good of the Justice League. In Team Year Zero, Captain Marvel responded to Zatara's alert and helped defeat Wotan. The Justice League then arrived at the remains of Project Cadmus in Washington D.C. only to find Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Superboy. Marvel then helped out outfitting the Cave for the Team to occupy. Two months later, the disappearance of Red Tornado prompted Batman to issue an order that the Team be overseen by rotating supervisors. Captain Marvel volunteered to take the first shift and even came along with the Team on a mission to Northern India. Using the Wisdom of Solomon, Marvel advised the troubled Aqualad only to become distracted by an Indian Tiger. Captain Marvel stumbled right into a trap and was rendered unconscious by a set of pylons. He awoke restrained by a Proprietary Collar and learned his captor was The Brain.

The Team rallied together and liberated Captain Marvel. He then freed the tiger. The two appeared to have bonded and Captain Marvel named it Mr. Tawny. Captain Marvel assigned Tawny to watch over the other freed animals and promised to visit. He then flew off and returned home in Fawcett City. Marvel told his Uncle Dudley all about the mission then got ready for bedtime. On October 1st, Captain Marvel hung out at the Cave even though his rotation was completed. He even was about to join the Team in their mission when Batman assigned him to join the fight in Gotham City. Marvel carried off one of the Plant Creatures into space and hurled it towards the Sun. On October 10th, Captain Marvel continued to hang out at the Cave and even catered to an injured Wally West. As part of the Team's diversion, Superboy asked Marvel to take Wolf out for exercise and he would join them shortly. After playing for several hours, an exhausted Marvel returned to the Cave and asked Zatara and Black Canary if the Team was still coming.

On October 16th, Captain Marvel was present when the Team awoke from their failed training exercise in an artificial reality. On November 5-6th, Captain Marvel's dual identity was crucial in helping the Team and Justice League coordinate an attack on Roanoke Island and break the spell cast by Klarion, Wotan, Blackbriar Thorn, Felix Faust, and Wizard. Marvel used his wisdom and speed to burrow underground and take possession of the Ambre Jeune Perdu gem while Zatara provided a distraction. Marvel then threw the gem to Zatara who destroyed it and helped bridge Earth back together again. On November 11th, Captain Marvel and Dr. Fate destroyed the fourth of five Flying Ice Fortresses. On November 25th, Marvel's actual age came into question and the Justice League voted on whether to keep or dismiss him. Batson was given the designation A-05. The votes were in Captain Marvel's favor and he remained a member. On December 30th, he was present at the Hall of Justice for the induction of The Atom, Dr. Fate, Icon, Plastic Man, and Red Arrow. He was later enslaved by the Light.

On December 31st, Marvel, Icon, and Fate were dispatched to Mount Justice to neutralize the Team but they were already gone. On December 31st, Zatanna tricked Marvel into saying "Shazam" and changing back into Batson. The process liberated him from Starro-Tech since it was programmed only to enthrall Captain Marvel. He tried in vain to help Zatanna remove the Helmet of Fate from Dr. Fate's head. On January 1st Team Year One, Marvel was present when the Team and League debriefed in relation to Red Arrow. Between Team Year One and Team Year Two, Batson shared his power with Mary Bromfield and Freddy Freeman. It reduced his total power level to one-third of what it used to be. Bromfield became Sergeant Marvel and Freeman became Lieutenant Marvel and the pair joined the Team. Batson and Freeman became concerned when Bromfield became addicted to always being Sergeant Marvel and eventually convinced her to quit cold turkey.

On December 1st, Team Year Five, Captain Marvel was one of the Justice Leaguers kidnapped by Kylstar. He invoked Shazam hoping the magic lightning would shatter his crystal container. It did not but he found the orb no longer inhibited him. Captain Atom shifted to his human form and liberated himself and his allies as a result. On April 1st, 21:24 EDT, Team Year Six Captain Marvel was present at the Hall of Justice helping salvage through things found at Mount Justice. He encountered L-Ron and thought it was one of Plastic Man's April's Fools pranks. Captain Marvel was then assaulted by Despero. Unable to defeat Despero hand to hand, Captain tried to take him out with Shazam's lightning. However, Despero was unaffected and used telepathy on Billy Batson to neutralize him. Once Miss Martian revived him, Batson leapt on top of L-Ron and summoned the power of Shazam once more. Despite this, L-Ron blew up and destroyed the Hall of Justice. Captain Marvel managed to protect the others from debris. On May 26th, Captain Marvel participated in the attack on the Warworld.

With the Crystal Key missing, Captain Atom passed an order for the key chamber to be guarded by two Justice Leaguers per shift. Captain Marvel and Rocket took the first shift. On June 19th, Captain Marvel was on another shift but with Black Canary and Black Lightning. At 04:20 UTC, they were joined by Vandal Savage. At 05:27 EDT, they were boomed to the Watchtower all unconscious. On June 20th, Captain Marvel was assigned to Iota Squad with Green Arrow in the assaults on the Magnetic Field Disrupters. Batson attended Wally West's funeral. On July 4th, Captain Marvel and Superman saw off the Green Lanterns as they left Earth with the Reach delegation. At some point, Batson's codename changed from Captain Marvel to Shazam. On July 27th, 19:57 EDT, Team Year Eight, Shazam was present at the emergency Justice League meeting on the Watchtower. He was shocked when Batman, Green Arrow, and others resigned in protest over the increasing restrictions placed on the League by the United Nations.

On September 10th, 12:01 PDT, Billy Batson and Barry Allen posed as Star City Stateville Penitentiary guards operating the vehicle transporting Brick and Shade to their secured flight to Belle Reve Penitentiary. Batson was visibly excited about the gig. Allen told him when he was at it as long as he has, he would love just getting through the day. Batson pointed out they were putting bad guys where they belong and asked him if he loved the gig. Allen admitted part of him did. Sportsmaster attacked their transport with an exploding javelin. The transport flipped and sailed over him. Allen changed into Flash and punched Sportsmaster while Batson turned into Shazam and caught the transport. Sportsmaster was not pleased to see them and threw out a hockey puck, to Flash's confusion. It emitted a sonic pulse and knocked Flash and Shazam back into a truck and the transport. While Aquaman and Rocket dealt with Brick and Sportsmaster's associate Abra Kadabra, Flash and Shazam chased after Sportsmaster and Shade but by the time they caught up to them in an alley, they were gone.

On September 29th, 09:00 MDT, Dr. Eduardo Dorado Senior announced Justice Leaguers, including Shazam and Black Canary, would be donating time to train meta-teenagers at the Meta-Human Youth Center in Taos. They walked with Livewire and Mist. On February 15th, after 18:35 EST, Team Year Nine, live news coverage of the Markovian crisis was watched by Shazam, Black Canary, Red Tornado, Rocket, and Zatanna at the Watchtower. On February 24th, Shazam was present during a meeting on the Watchtower between the Justice League, the Team, the Outsiders, and Batman and Nightwing's covert teams. He voted to elect Black Lightning as the next leader. On May 14th Team Year Ten, Mary Bromfield encountered a construct of Billy Batsom while Dr. Fate tested if she was ready to fight Child. "Batson" reminded her why she stopped being Sergeant Marvel. Bromfield proclaimed she could still be a hero by becoming a sorceress. On September 14th, after 06:08 EDT, Shazam was part of the group of Leaguers and Outsiders who arrived in Metropolis's Planet Circle to deal with Dru-Zod but discovered the conflict was already over and Superboy was alive. On September 16th, Shazam attended Conner Kent and M'gann and M'orzz's wedding in Happy Harbor.