Blue Beetle

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Real Identity: Ted Kord
Affiliations: Kord Industries and Justice League
Appearances: Satisfaction (Holo), Darkest (Holo), Intervention, and Endgame (Holo)
Appearances (Comics): Players Chapter One (Memory) and Players Chapter Two (Holo)
Powers/Skills: Genius, Engineering, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Ted Kord was the protege of Dan Garrett. Upon Garrett's passing, Kord was given the Scarab. He came to the realization the Scarab was alien technology and locked it away. At some point, Kord founded his own company Kord Industries in El Paso. Inspired by Garrett's career, Kord took up the costumed identity of Blue Beetle, becoming the second in modern times but without any super powers. He debuted on November 1st, Team Year One. He garnered a reputation as a genius and good man among several members of the Justice League and the Team. Blue Beetle joined the Justice League.

The Scarab, a device containing highly sophisticated artificial intelligence, was credited as Kord's ultimate invention. In July, Team Year Five, Kord was killed in a battle against Sportsmaster and Deathstroke at Kord Industries in El Paso, Texas. Suspecting the Light wanted the Scarab in play, Kord made sure it wasn't taken and made the ultimate sacrifice. The Scarab wound up bonded to a teenager named Jaime Reyes. Ted Kord was memorialized in the Grotto beneath Mount Justice but his death was not made public knowledge. Thus, the public perceived the new Blue Beetle as the previous one.