Black Lightning

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Real Identity: Jefferson Pierce
Affiliation(s): Justice League
Appearances: Happy New Year, Salvage, Cornered, Summit, Endgame, Princes All, Royal We, Eminent Threat, Private Security, Away Mission, Rescue Op, Triptych, Home Fires, Exceptional Human Beings, Nightmare Monkeys, True Heroes, Influence, Quiet Conversations, Unknown Factors, Antisocial Pathologies, Terminus, Nevermore, Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!, Ebb Tide (voice only), Beyond the Grip of the Gods!, Ego and Superego (voice only), Zenith and Abyss, Over and Out, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Players Chapter Two, Players Chapter Three, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Five, Players Chapter Six, Ominous Tidings, and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Powers/Skills: Electrical Manipulation
Voiced By: Khary Payton

Jefferson Pierce was born in 1987. In Team Year Zero, Pierce married Lynn Stewart. In Team Year Two, he debuted as the hero Black Lightning and was recruited by the League in same year as its 23rd member. On December 1st, Team Year Five, Pierce was in Suicide Slum when a spherical field formed around most of Metropolis. Pierce was hailed by Beta Squad and he confirmed communications with the Watchtower were down as were the local Zeta-Tubes. He volunteered to investigate the probe that landed in the city and shut it down to drop the field. Jim Harper accompanied him. Black Lightning confirmed the probe was at the exact center of the force-field sphere but he was unable to destroy much less affect it. He requested Beta Squad to attack the probe from the inside out. At 18:16 EST, Black Lightning and Harper became preoccupied with dispersing rioters and looters outside Whelmed Electronics. At 18:31 EST, they had the crowd under control. Black Lightning implored some to calm down and return home while the Justice League dealt with the situation. At 18:33 EST, they returned to Batgirl but there was no sign of Match.

On January 4th, Team Year Six, Black Lightning was among the members who participated in the simultaneous strike on the Kroloteans. Black Lightning appeared in New Orleans alongside Plastic Man, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern. On February 13th, 21:51 Eastern Standard Time (EST), Black Lightning was present in the Watchtower when the Zeta Shield was activated. On April 1st, Black Lightning attempted to breach Despero's shield around the Hall of Justice but was unsuccessful. On June 19th, Black Lightning guarded the Warworld's Crystal Key Chamber with Black Canary and Captain Marvel. At 04:20 UTC, they encountered Vandal Savage. At 05:27 EDT, they were boomed to the Watchtower in unconscious states. On June 20th, Black Lightning and Virgil Hawkins worked together as Delta Squad to neutralize the Magnetic Field Disrupter in Dakota City. He was impressed by Hawkins' potential and offered to be his mentor if he ever needed one. He attended Wally West's funeral.

In Team Year Seven, Pierce got divorced. On July 16, 00:16 UTC Team Year Eight, Black Lightning was among the members of the Justice League present on Rann helping fight off an Apokoliptian invasion force. Lightning took on Plasma who died during the battle. To his horror, Alanna ran an analysis that confirmed Plasma was a teenage meta-human girl from Earth. As a result of the trauma, he lost the power to generate electricity. On July 27, 19:57 EDT, Pierce zetaed to the Watchtower for a League meeting about the ongoing meta-human trafficking. Batman and Green Arrow staged a planned walkout and took their allies and proteges with thim. Pierce affirmed he had no idea about the walkout and was always planning to resign. Batman attempted to recruit him to his team but Pierce declined to join his "Batman Inc." and made it known he did not trust him. He said goodbye to Static and voiced his hopes he would find a "less damaged" mentor and left.

On July 29th, 22:16 EDT, Pierce visted his two daughters Anissa and Jennifer in Metropolis. He confided in Lynn Stewart-Pierce, now his ex-wife, that he was retiring from being a hero. She doubted his retirement would last long. As soon as Pierce stepped outside, Dick Grayson approached him about a mission centered on bringing down a meta-human trafficking ring in Markovia. Pierce declined the offer on account his powers were no more. Grayson clarified he wanted the man, not the powers. Pierce walked away. On July 30th, 00:00 EDT, Pierce arrived at the rendezous point, the Centennial Park Zeta-Tube and stated he was only doing the one mission. Pierce, Grayson, Conner Kent, and Artemis Crock departed on the Super-Cycle. On July 30th, 19:23 EEST, Kent and Pierce infiltrated Markovia on Super-Cycle and made a stash point in the Markovian National Cemetery then investigated the Markovburg Children's Hospital, a suspected site for the trafficking ring. Pierce could still sense energy and noted something unusual that led them to a hidden door.

Kent and Pierce planted cameras, found a laboratory, a disassembled Mother Box, and Metamorphosis Pods containing Tar and meta-humans. Count Vertigo happened upon them and attacked. Kent managed to punch a hole in the floor and secure their escape into the sewer system. Vertigo sent Plasmus after them. They discovered an outlet but Pierce was injured and washed up downriver where Crock found him. On July 31st, 00:02 EEST, they headed into the sewers while in contact with Grayson. Plasmus attacked and they were saved by Super-Cycle and the Quraci girl Crock saved earlier. The Bedlam Syndicate managed to escape with their pods but Grayson rigged the site to explode. The team regrouped at the shore but Brion Markov's meta-ability activated and lost control of emotions after learning Baron DeLamb framed him for the murder of his own parents and being in league with the syndicate. Vertigo boomed to the team's location with Plasmus, Joe Henchy, and Dr. Simon Ecks. Pierce was enraged when Plasmus seemingly killed the Quarci girl and his powers re-activated.

During the battle, Pierce noticed a Control Chip on Plasmus and destroyed it but he was shot dead by Nikolas Stofka, a local farmer who witnessed the battle. In the aftermath, Pierce was left to take care of Dr. Helga Jace. He placed her in a room at the Luthor Grande Hotel in Metropolis. On August 1st, 10:38 EDT, he waited for her outside. He tried to called Grayson but only got his voicemail. Pierce and Jace ate some hot dogs. She admitted she felt guilty about her role in the incident and also felt responsible for Brion Markov and Halo, the Quarci girl. Pierce brought up how she was coerced by Baron DeLamb and talked about his own parental responsibilities. On August 4th, Pierce zetaed to Lucas Carr's garage in Happy Harbor and met with Grayson, Crock, and Kent. They talked about what they were going to do about Markov and Halo. Pierce suggested bringing in Jace but the others were reluctant given her role in the syndicate. On August 5th, Pierce acted as a go-between for Jace to talk to Markov from his phone.

On August 6th, Grayson, Pierce, Crock, and Kent went to Infinity Island to save Markov, Halo, and Forager after telling them not to go. On September 8th, 18:21 EDT, Pierce picked up Jace for dinner. The discussion naturally touched on how well Markov and Halo were getting along. She still wanted to be in their lives and thanked Pierce for trying to make hat happen. Pierce promised he wasn't done trying. They drunkenly went up to her hotel room. On September 25th, 23:18 EDT, their pillow talk included Pierce regretting his resignation from the Justice League. However, he felt he was better off as a "freelancer." He suddenly got a message from Grayson. At 23:43 EDT, he zetaed to Carr's garage for a mission briefing. They were going after Cheshire. On September 26th, 00:56 EDT, Nightwing's team arrived at an airfield in Detroit and fought Cheshire's comrades. Livewire had similar powers as Pierce but he easily defeated her. On September 29th, 13:02 EDT, he arrived at Owings Mills with Jace to observe a training session but it was crashed by Lobo.

On October 12th, 08:22 EDT, Pierce and Jace observed a training session at Owings Mill. On October 15th, 19:21 EDT, Nightwing's team met at Carr's house to discuss both Violet Harper's first day of high school and Vic Stone. They deduced Violet was really the soul of the disassembled Mother Box found in Markovburg that took up residence in the corpse of Gabrielle Daou. On Octber 31st, 17:42 EDT, Nightwing's team gathered at Carr's house for a mission: rescue Tara Markov during a meta-human auction being held in Greater Bialya. On November 1st, Pierce, Artemis, and Markov infiltrated the auction as bidders. However, Markov's rage set off Psimon. Luckily, Pierce discreetly neutralized Psimon by electrocution. They successfully bid on Tara Markov and secured her in Bio-Ship then focused on taking down the auction. Pierce took on Devastation but his electricity had little effect on her. She arrogantly coaxed him into going all out. He obliged her and she was neutralized. At 03:16 EDT, the team returned to Carr's house and learned Violet Harper allegedly liberated Stone of Father Box's sway.

On November 6th, 17:21 PST, Pierce and Jace had coffee at Will Harper's house in Star City. Jace mentioned her desire to help more and insinuated she could help Stone with a lab. On January 2nd, Team Year Nine, Pierce arrived at the Hub to help save Stone from Father Box. He, Conner Kent, and Forager used Dreamer's Mother Box to begin their search for Metron, whom they believed could save Stone. At 13:15 UTC, they boomed to the Source Wall. Pierce was grossed out after learning they were in the nose of an Old God named Gog. They saw Metron boom away and followed. At 13:20 UTC, they boomed to the Minosyss Ring and observed Superman fighting Parademons then joined in. Metron warned someone named "Granny" had everything she needed to complete her machine. Forager and Pierce managed to convince Metron to return to Earth with them. However, they soon learned Metron only came to observe the process come to completion.

Pierce remembered they only needed Metron's Mobius Chair. He kept Metron at bay with his electricity while everyone else moved Stone to the Chair. It worked and Stone was back in control for good. Metron was about to boom but Pierce asked him if "Granny" and Gretchen Goode were the same person. Metron answered in a cryptic fashion and told Pierce "no" and "yes." Later that night, Pierce and Jace fooled around in the kitchen but something shattered and made a noise. On January 20th, 20:26 PST, Pierce and Grayson went on a mission to infiltrate Goode's Hollywood home. The former was unsure about both how legal the search was and how easy it was. As soon as they entered the house, a Boom Tube was generated and they were sent to an X-Pit, prisons containing the Ghost Dimension which constantly harmed mind, body and soul of its prisoners. On January 21st, they were liberated by Kaldur'ahm and Wyynde. However, Goode objected to Wyynde taking Mother Box and ordered the brainwashed Pierce and Grayson after them. Vic Stone and Violet Harper sensed Mother Box's agony and boomed to the house. Harper cleansed Pierce and Grayson. Pierce watched as a missile fired by a Batdrone outside connected with Goode.

Pierce was restored to normal but Grayson continued to suffer from the time in the X-Pit. Dr. Jace tried to help but she told Pierce she was in over her head. Pierce observed Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake, Kaldur'ahm, and M'gann M'orzz outside the medical bay and realized they were all working together in secret. His anger overtook him and he contronted them, then realized the Justice League walk out was planned, Grayson recruited him for the Markovia mission to keep him involved in the hero community, and their secret group manipulated it so the Outsiders' first mission was a success. He spoke to Wayne and Kaldur'ahm in private. Wayne refused to apologize and stated the mission came first. Pierce objected on the grounds they would lose themselves in trying to do so. Grayson, now conscious, tried to take the blame. Brion and Tara Markov arrived and informed everyone that Dr. Jace betrayed them and handed Violet Harper over to Gretchen Goode and Ultra-Humanite. Pierce left. On January 25th, 17:27 PST, Pierce was listliss as he hung out at a Santa Monica beach with Virgil Hawkins. Hawkins tried to offer him a hot dog but he turned it down.

On January 25th, 19:19 CST, Pierce took Hawkins home in Dakota City then parted aways. At 21:40 EST, he visited Lynn Stewart-Pierce and his daughters. Seeing Anissa Pierce in a Black Lightning costume finally took him out of his despondence. On February 15th, 18:31 EST, Pierce went to Barbara Gordon's apartment in Gotham City to demand to know what the response to the coup in Markovia was. She claimed to have calculated he would come but was late. He admitted he stood in front of her door for awhile. She briefed him about the mixed squads of members of the Team and Outsiders sent to Markovia. He deduced there was more. She informed him they were aware Terra was Deathstroke's mole and believed they could flip her to their side. Pierce quickly formed a plan of his own. He hailed Cyborg on comms and instructed him to take Terra's comm and hack it. In a holographic projection, Pierce appeared to Lex Luthor and Deathstroke at Lexcorp while Cyborg searched for files to use for evidence later on.

On February 16th, 20:02 EST, Black Lightning and Cyborg appeared before the United Nations General Assembly and shared evidence that proved Secretary General Lex Luthor violated United Nations regulations by continuing to run Lexcorp in secret and for taking part in meta-human trafficking. On February 24th, 19:00 EST, Lightning attended a meeting at the Watchtower. The "Anti-Light" admitted to everything they did. To Lightning's surprise, Nightwing nominated him to be the next leader of the Justice League. The voting was unanimous in his favor. He was reluctant to accept and turned to Batman who pointed out he wasn't a member. Lightning countered either he was "in" or he was "out" and there would be no more secrets like the Anti-Light. Batman agreed to fold his team back into the League and adhere to Lightning's stipulations. Black Lightning accepted the nomination and gave a speech that highlighted his desire to end keeping secret operations from each other and stressed the ends don't justify the means or else they would become what they fought against like Vandal Savage, Ra's al Ghul, Black Adam, and Geo-Force.

On February 27th, 23:23 EST, Black Lightning looked at Earth with a content look on his face. In Team Year Ten, Black Lightning was elected to serve a second term as leader. He decided to place an emphasis on metal health and started a policy that made annual mental health checks with Black Canary or Miss Martian mandatory for all members of the Justice League, the Team, and the Outsiders. On May 14th, Lightning hailed Superman's comm and requested his presence in Agra. At some point after 15:22 IST, Lightning, Superman, Nightwing, and Ambassador Garth of Atlantis dealt with the Pillar of Fire left behind by Child. Once thing settled, Superman suggested a League reserve system to help deal with future global disasters. On August 26th, Superman and Lightning met to go over recommended reserve members for the recruitment committee to consider. Around the beginning of September, Lightning spoke at a dedication ceremony for the construction of a new Hall of Justice on Justice Island near the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

On September 13th, Lightning requested Miss Martian's presence on the Watchtower. She learned it was to attempt psychic contact with an Apokoliptian weapon called Kaizer-Thrall turned over by the Green Lantern Corps after it was determined the mind of an Earth boy was present. She confirmed it was a teenage meta-human boy from Earth named Danny Chase. She took everyone to a mindscape to communicate with Chase. Lightning promised him they would do everything in their power to help him. Prince J'emm J'axx of M'arzz hailed the Watchtower and expressed his belief that Superboy was still alive. The Watchtower was moved out of the Zeta Shield range and J'axx zetaed to the tower with Phantom Girl. She briefed them about how she tried to have Superboy from the Gene Bomb on M'arzz but accidentally phased them to the Phantom Zone. Orion was brought into the fold and a plan was made to extract Superboy with a modified Boom Tube on the planet Trombus, which revolved around a red sun as a precaution to neutralize the powers of Kryptonian criminals who might flee the Phantom Zone in the process.

On September 13th, 23:45 UTC, they all boomed to Trombus. Superman started to feel his powers weaken but Lightning was confident they had enough firepower to deal with whatever happened. Ma'alefa'ak retook control of Kaizer-Thrall and neutralized everyone. After Lor-Zod, Dru-Zod, Ursa Zod, Ma'alefa'ak, Superboy, and Kaizer-Thrall boomed off the planet, everyone begain to recover. They boarded Bio-Ship with Kid Flash and Phantom Girl's comrades and made haste for Earth. On September 14th, 01:19 UTC, Lightning asked Superman how he was processing the revelation there were other Kryptonians still alive after all this time. At 04:08 UTC, Bio-Ship was blasted by Ursa Zod, now Emerald Empress. Luckily, Saturn Girl detected the Emerald Eye of Ekron and projected a mental warning just in time for Superman and Orion to take the brunt of the energy blast. Lightning was one of many to be knocked unconscious in the crash outside the Fortress of Solitude in the North Pole. J'emm J'axx tended to him.

On September 16th, Lightning attended Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz's wedding in Happy Harbor. He was one of the Leaguers who heard Black Canary's proposal about establishing a mental health sanctuary for the League and any of their allies. Lightning later took part in a conversation about a monitored release of the Phantom Zone prisoners on Trombus done jointly between the Justice League, New Genesis, and Green Lantern Corps per their treaty. On November 9th, 21:07 EST, Lightning took part in a conference call with King Brion Markov. Markov shared his concern about Queen Perdita Vladek's kidnapping and Count Vertigo's prison escape but no one from the League, Team, or Outsiders were allowed in Markovian soverign territory. Instead, the Infinitors would rescue her. After the meeting, Cyborg expressed his desire to help rescue Vladek but Lightning reminded him he was a Leaguer now and any photo of him in Markovia could spark an international incident so it was best to leave it to the Team.