Black Canary

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Real Identity: Dinah Laurel Lance
Affiliation(s): Justice League
Appearances (Episodes): Independence Day Part Two, Schooled, Homefront, Alpha Male, Revelation, Humanity, Failsafe, Disordered, Coldhearted, Image, Agendas, Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Happy New Year, Salvage, Satisfaction, Cornered, War, Summit, Endgame, Princes All, Home Fires, Leverage, Nevermore, Inhospitable, Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!, Kaerb Ym Traeh!, Leviathan Wakes, Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!, Ego and Superego, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Stopover, Haunted, The Pit..., Cherry Gig, Ominous Tidings, Sorry Excuse: Memory Two, Foreign Affairs, Metallic Aftertaste, Intimate Connection: Memory Five, Last Rights, and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Appearances (Games): Legacy
Powers/Skills: Sound Manipulation and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Vanessa Marshall

Dinah Lance is the daughter of Larry Lance and Dinah Drake Lance. She manifested her sonic powers when she was a child. She nearly deafened her first grade class and tried to hide her ability for some time as a result. Lance trained judiciously with many of her mother's friends and superhero peers and became a superb athlete and warrior. She was also born with a metagene that gave her the ability to project sound in the form of vocal screams which were nicknamed the Canary Cry. Ready to take on the mantle of her mother, Lance became the new Black Canary. She joined the newly formed Justice League as its 13th member and later became the Team's main combat trainer at age 24. She is currently in a romantic relationship with Green Arrow.

On August 3rd, she and Green Arrow were attacked by Amazo in Litchfield County. They radioed for assistance and were aided by Superman, Batman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Captain Atom, and Red Tornado. After four hours, the battle was over. Manhunter and an injured Black Canary teleported to the Cave, where she was scheduled to lead a training session. Black Canary attempted to teach them a lesson in channeling anger and controlling the battle, but soon had to put both Kid Flash and Superboy in their places. Superboy rejected her words but later realized the error of his ways, and asked Black Canary for help. She agreed to offer more training. On August 21st, she attended Kent Nelson's funeral. On September 22nd, Black Canary went on a date with Green Arrow but later arrived with other members of the Justice League to find the Cave invaded, the Team neutralized, and Red Tornado missing.

On September 29th, Dinah Lance was forced to wait in her airplane on the tarmac of Star City International Airport. The airline staff would only call the delay a result of a disturbance inside the airport. She listened to a voice mail left by Oliver Queen about being late because of traffic. Lance mused for once she would be the one keeping him waiting. She later changed into Black Canary, went into the airport, and saw Count Vertigo attacking Green Arrow and Queen Perdita Vladek with vertigo. She knocked him out with her Canary Cry. To her surprise, Green Arrow proposed to her. Vladek was elated and pleaded with Canary to say "yes" or she would. She stated every queen needs a consort. Arrow agreed. Canary accepted and they kissed.

On October 1, 16:57 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), Black Canary fought Plant Creatures in Star City along with Green Arrow and Red Arrow. However, they were unable to save a school bus before it was tossed over the bridge. They looked over to see Guy Gardner, of the Green Lantern Corps, had saved it. On October 10th, Black Canary served as the latest supervisor of the Team on rotation. She reaffirmed to the skeptical team that finding Red Tornado and T.O. Morrow was the Justice League's highest priority and reminded them they were not authorized to join in the search. Despite Zatara's objections, Black Canary allowed the Team to take Zatanna out on the Bio Ship. When they never returned, Zatara was livid and vented his anger on Black Canary. On October 23rd, she met with each member in private about the failed training exercise. On November 11th, Black Canary worked with Superboy, Wolf, and Red Tornado to destroy a Flying Ice Fortress.

On November 22nd, 09:42 EST, Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen arrived at Mount Justice to meet with Batman, Red Tornado, and Martian Manhunter. To their shock, footage was shown of Superboy and Black Canary making out. It turned out to be Miss Martian playing a game from Mars. Lance was not pleased and had a stern talk with Miss Martian on why it wasn't right to do. On January 1st, Team Year One, Green Arrow and Black Canary departed the Watchtower with Red Arrow. On February 1st, 23:11 Eastern Standard Time (EST), Black Canary finished informing Red Arrow that Aquaman's son Artur was born. By November 1st, she was helping Red Arrow shadow Lex Luthor in an attempt to find a lead on Speedy. However, at some point in Team Year Two, the search was called off. Red Arrow continued alone.

On February 13th, Team Year Six, Black Canary took part in an intervention conducted on Red Arrow. Black Canary proved he hadn't been keeping up with his training. On April 1st, Black Canary debriefed Beast Boy, Impulse, Blue Beetle, Lagoon Boy, Tye Longshadow, Nathaniel Tryon, Virgil Hawkins and two other teenagers, all of whom were kidnapped by the Light and given to the Reach for their Metagene research. Black Canary pieced together the Metagene was a genetic anomaly that allowed certain humans to develop survival abilities when exposed to trauma. She reported her findings in a meeting with Captain Atom, Nightwing, and two S.T.A.R. scientists. On May 23rd, 21:21 EDT, Black Canary attended a briefing aboard the Watchtower in regard to long range scans of the Warworld.

On June 19th, Black Canary guarded the Crystal Key chamber with Black Lightning and Captain Marvel. At 04:20 UTC, they encountered Vandal Savage. At 05:27 EDT, they were boomed to the Watchtower in unconscious states. On June 20th, Black Canary was assigned to Theta Squad with Asami Koizumi. Black Canary provided interference while Koizumi disabled the Magnetic Field Disrupter. She attended Wally West's funeral. On July 4th, Captain Atom officially turned over chairmanship of the Justice League to Black Canary.

On July 27th, 19:57 EDT, Team Year Eight, Batman and Green Arrow staged a walkout from the Justice League due to mounting United Nations regulations. Black Canary was disgusted at being kept in the dark and refused to join them. Canary donated her time to the Meta-Human Youth Center in Taos as a counselor to trafficked meta-human teenagers starting on November 16. On February 15th, 18:32 EST, Team Year Nine, Canary and Red Tornado watched news coverage of the Markovian coup from the Watchtower. On February 24th, she attended the meeting on the Watchtower that ended on Black Lightning being voted the new leader of the Justice League.

As part of a mental health initiative, Black Lightning asked Black Canary and Miss Martian to have check-ins with members of the League, Team, and Outsiders. In early spring of Team Year Ten, Canary met with Halo at Lucas Carr's house and talked about Brion Markov's takeover and her interest in seeing if Islam held the same meaning for her as it did Gabrielle Daou. Around May 15th, she counseled Zatara on the Watchtower. She revealed she was secretly giving counsel to former students and the former driver of a Metropolis school bus that was possessed by Klarion ten years ago. On July 4th, she spoke with Kaldur'ahm at the Watchtower's memorial. He came to terms with the deaths of those on the Team that he felt responsible for as a founding member. On August 28th, 09:00 PDT, she held a therapy session with Garfield Logan in her office in Star City at Sherwood Florist. She pretended the session was just a formality and he would return to active duty. She continued to press him about his statements like if he really wanted to return to the Outsiders.

Eventually, Garfield Logan had a break through and revealed he believed it was his fault so many people that mattered to him died over the past ten years starting with his mother and presently with Conner Kent's alleged death. She pressed him about what he could have done. Logan finally admitted he felt powerless and needed help. Lance told him he made a real start to get better. On September 9th, 19:08 MDT, Lance held the monthly group session in Taos. Lia Briggs, Violet Harper, Tara Markov, Leslie Willis, Andie Murphy, Vic Stone, and Garfield Logan attended. On September 16th, she attended Conner Kent and M'gan M'orzz's wedding in Happy Harbor. Before the ceremony started, she pitched an idea to the other Leaguers present for a mental health sanctuary for the League and its allies.

On November 6th, Team Year Ten, Queen Perdita Vladek called up Oliver Queen to seek his and Black Canary's help with a secret transfer of Kryptonite from Vlatava to America in three days. On November 9th, Black Canary and Green Arrow posed as colleagues of Dr. Serling Roquette at the Star City S.T.A.R. Labs facility. After Dr. Roquette met Vladek, she introduced her to Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen. The tour was disrupted by several Lex-Bots crashing in through the ceiling. Bowhunter Security, Vladek's private security detail, responded. Dinah Lance used her Canary Cry on another. 10 fired a miniature dart into Queen's neck from their gauntlet. Queen collapsed into a comatose state as did Dr. Roquette, Vladek's bodyguard Denny, and Lance who were also hit with darts. They were remanded to Royal Memorial Hospital. On November 12th, around 09:05 PST, they all regained consciousness. Queen Perdita Vladek told Denny Nielson she was fine and was glad he was all right. Queen quipped that was good to hear because he would have been worried if he was conscious. Lance mused deep down, they all knew she would be all right. Will Harper added because they knew everyone else would make sure of it.