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Real Identity: Artemis Crock
Affiliation(s): The Team
Appearances: Infiltrator, Denial, Downtime, Bereft, Homefront, Alpha Male, Revelation, Humanity, Failsafe, Disordered, Secrets, Misplaced, Coldhearted, Image (Illusion), Insecurity, Performance, Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Salvage, Depths, Darkest, Before The Dawn, The Fix, Complications, Summit, Endgame, Princes All, Royal We, Eminent Threat, Private Security, Away Mission, Rescue Op, Evolution, Triptych, Home Fires, Exceptional Human Beings, Another Freak, Nightmare Monkeys, True Heroes, Influence, Leverage, Illusion of Control, First Impressions, Early Warning, Quiet Conversations, Terminus, Into the Breach, Overwhelmed, Nevermore, Tale of Two Sisters, Artemis Through The Looking-Glass, The Lady, or The Tigress?, I Know Why The Caged Cat Sings, Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!, Nautical Twilight, Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!, Rescue and Search, Ego and Superego, Zenith and Abyss, Over and Out, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Rabbit Holes, Wonderland, Cold Case, Hot Case, The Pit..., ...And The Penalty, Under The Surface..., Common Denominators, Uncommon Denominators, Monkey Business, Gorilla Warfare, Players Chapter One, Players Chapter Three, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Six, Ominous Tidings, Narrow Escapes: Memory Three (voice only), Metallic Aftertaste, Last Rights, and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Appearances (Games): Legacy
Appearances (Audioplays): The Prize
Powers/Skills: Archery, Marksmanship, and Martial Arts
Voiced By: Stephanie Lemelin

Artemis Crock is half-Caucasian, half-Vietnamese and one of the daughters of Lawrence and Paula Crock. At an early age, Artemis' older sister left the family apartment. She remained for her mother's sake. For at least six years, her father raised and trained her. He put her through a series of merciless tests, usually involving some form of violence, but she became increasingly focused on living her own life. Artemis mastered the long bow, short-bow, crossbow, and myriad trick arrows. She also admired the superhero Green Arrow from a distance.

On July 31st, Artemis was reunited with her mother. However, upon hearing her father walk out on them after refusing to give up his lifestyle, Artemis became a vigilante and began to patrol part of Gotham City. On August 3rd, she secretly aided the Team while they fought Amazo and saved Kid Flash's life. After observing the Team, Artemis wanted to join but was plagued with doubt due to her family history. On August 7th, she returned home and was asked by Green Arrow and Batman to become a member of the Team. The 15 year old heroine accepted on the condition her identity and family history were concealed from the Team. Green Arrow proposed she would be introduced as his new protege and niece.

Artemis currently resides with her mother, Paula Crock, in Gotham City. She can speak in English, Vietnamese and French. Proving herself to the Team proved to be an uphill battle as most of her teammates initially preferred their long-time friend Red Arrow and she had a habit of challenging everyone she encountered. Artemis admired Superboy, mainly for his looks, and clashed with Kid Flash. Artemis was assigned the designation B-07, used when scanned by Justice League computers.

During her first mission, Artemis confronted and unmasked Cheshire. Surprised by Cheshire's true identity, Artemis let her escape rather than compromise her own secrets. On August 9th, 01:16 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), Artemis teleported to Gotham City. She immediately encountered Red Arrow, whom issued a warning to her knowing she was no niece of Green Arrow's. On an unofficial mission to the Tower of Fate on August 19th, Artemis revealed she carries a concealed crossbow on her person. She and Kid Flash also continued to butt heads despite Kent Nelson and Miss Martian's observations of the two as a couple. On August 21st, Artemis was approached by Green Arrow and Batman whom asked to put her under arrest.

On August 27th, Artemis infiltrated a Star City prison in order to extract information from Icicle Junior, of whom she knew years back. After the mission, she reported to Green Arrow and requested not to be used as a snitch again. Artemis returned home and learned she received a full Wayne Foundation scholarship to Gotham City Academy despite not applying. At her mother's behest, Artemis agreed to transfer from Gotham North High to Gotham Academy. On September 6th, Artemis went on patrol with Green Arrow in Star City and engaged several thieves at a museum. On September 22nd, Artemis attended her first day at the Academy and was shown around by new student liaison, Bette Kane, after an odd encounter with a freshman, Dick Grayson. Later that day, Artemis encountered Robin at the hidden Zeta Beam teleporter tube in Gotham and attempted to lie about being in Gotham rather than Star City with Green Arrow. Upon teleporting to the Cave, she and Robin were attacked by two android invaders.

As they evaded the androids, Artemis ran out of her arrows and began to panic. When she was all that was left, Artemis regained her composure and set out to save her new family. She stumbled upon Kid Flash's display of mission souvenirs and took back her regular arrow. Artemis pretended to surrender then shot the arrow which completed the circuit and triggered an electromagnetic pulse from an ad hoc emitter hooked up to the Cave's main generator. The pulse took out the androids but the effect was only temporary and one reprogrammed Red Tornado. When the Team awoke, some of the Justice League had arrived.

After a failed training exercise, Artemis claimed she was unaffected since she died early on. However, she was still unwilling to share her secrets with the Team. Black Canary learned she was most worried about Kid Flash's reaction to the truth. On October 31st, Artemis was visibly shaken up after Zatanna inquired about Superboy and Miss Martian's romantic relationship. Zatanna decided to take Artemis on a girls' night out. They teleported to Manhattan and fought random criminals they could find. However, the duo was attacked by a psychopath named Harm. Since he was empowered by the Sword of Beowulf, they stood no chance against him. Instead, they followed the ghost of Greta Hayes, the sister of Harm. Artemis and Zatanna were captured but escaped thanks to Hayes. Artemis then blew up Harm and his house by igniting gas from the kitchen oven. She and Zatanna discovered Hayes' grave outside and realized the truth, Harm murdered his own sister for power. Once Harm was stripped of it, Artemis easily subdued him in unarmed combat.

On November 11th, Artemis clued Wally West into the relationship between Miss Martian and Superboy. She later worked with Miss Martian, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and Zatanna to destroy a Flying Ice Fortress. On December 1st, she attended Dick Grayson's birthday party with Bette Kane despite not knowing him very well. On December 4th, Artemis went on patrol with Green Arrow in Star City. At 20:04 PST, they saved the life of journalist Bernell Jones and captured Black Spider. However, when Artemis returned home, she misunderstood her mother's recollection of the day Green Arrow and Batman recruited her. Feeling like a pity case, Artemis brooded for some time then teleported to Mount Justice on December 5th only to learn Red Arrow was formally joining the Team. Complicating matters further, the latest mission was to track Sportsmaster. Feeling some desire to prove herself, Artemis volunteered to join the mission and piloted the Bio Ship. Switching tracers and leading the Team in circles, Artemis followed Sportsmaster to a warehouse in New Orleans. The Team converged but the villains escaped and the mission was a bust.

Red Arrow was even more convinced Artemis was the alleged mole. Crestfallen, Artemis returned home to find Sportsmaster waiting in her bedroom. He offered her the opportunity to switch sides since it was a matter of time before the Team found out about her family ties. On December 22nd, Artemis was part of an unofficial mission to help clear the name of Haly's Circus. She posed as Diane Danger and utilized her marksmanship abilities during a trapeze act. Artemis, however, was still suspected by Red Arrow to be a mole along with Miss Martian and Superboy. She stressed to Red Arrow to keep an open mind. In the final battle with Parasite, Artemis ignited the foam generated by Red Arrow. The resulting fire incapacitated Parasite, who stole Miss Martian's powers and weakness. On December 30th, Artemis revealed her relation to Sportsmaster, Huntress, and Cheshire to the Team.

At the start of Team Year One, Artemis and Kid Flash started dating and remained in a romantic relationship since then. A few years later, Artemis attended college in Palo Alto with Wally West. At the start of their sophmore year, they began living together and also bought a pitbull dog. On November 11th Team Year Four, Queen Perdita Vladek called up Wally West in a panic. He calmed her down, telling her that while the date brought up old, sad memories, she survived. He told her she was the bravest person he knew but being brave didn't mean she was not allowed to be scared. He told her to call him whenever she got scared and promised to be by her side in no time. Crock kissed him on the cheek. On February 16th, 21:31 EST, Team Year Five, Kid Flash and Artemis took a Zeta-Tube to Mount Justice, eager for some action. Coincidentally, Batman appeared on screen and issued the Team a new mission.

Artemis took lead on Alpha Squad and took the Bio-Ship to Olympia to search for the kidnapped Dr. Sandsmark. Instead, they ran into the League of Shadows and Cheshire. Artemis pleaded with Cheshire to give up Sandsmark to no avail. As they fought their way further into the dig site, Artemis found Sandsmark's GPS device and noticed it was picking up a set of coordinates. They followed it to a Greek amphitheatre and downloaded a message from Sandsmark about her suprising discovery of a Babylonian artifact. Cheshire attacked Alpha despite Artemis' repeated pleas. After conferring with Aquagirl, Artemis led Alpha to the Museum of Natural History in Athens to find the fragment. Artemis soon sighted Sportsmaster and gave chase but he reached the elevator first and ascended to the top floor, where the fragment was on display. Alpha Squad challenged Sportsmaster for the fragment and won but a helicopter arrived to extract him. Artemis was able to fire off an arrow and plant a tracer on Sportsmaster's left shoe. Alpha met up with Green Lantern and escorted civilians outside as the museum began to collapse.

At some point after Aquagirl's death on February 18th, Artemis and Kid Flash retired from the Team and continued attending college in California. On February 14th, 00:10 Pacific Standard Time (PST), Team Year Six, Artemis presented a fully stocked refridgerator to West as a Valentine's Day present. On March 19th, 08:12 PDT, Artemis departed Palo Alto to take part in a mission to protect the Earth-Mars-Communication-Satellite, effectively coming out of retirement. Artemis quickly showed her renewed prowess in blinding the Manta-men with a Flash arrow and destroying a miniature missile launched at the rocket. However, as part of a secret mission, Artemis faked her death at the hands of Kaldur'ahm. At 21:22 EDT, Nightwing pronounced her dead. While the Justice League and the Team mourned, a secret meeting took place in Bludhaven on March 20th, at 04:00 EDT. Nightwing, Kaldur'ahm, Wally West, and Artemis Crock discussed their plan to expose the Light once and for all. Nightwing then placed a Glamour Charm on Artemis that disguised her as someone else to everyone but the other three. She then left with Kaldur'ahm aboard his Manta Flyer.

With her new appearance, Crock took on the identity of Tigress, Kaldur'ahm's hand picked second in command. On March 23rd, Tigress was part of a team tasked with aiding Kaldur'ahm in capturing Blue Beetle. During the invasion of Mount Justice, Tigress placed a Proprietary Collar on Wolf then took on Nightwing. Once the team departed to a safe distance, Tigress detonated an alien explosive and destroyed Mount Justice. On March 30th, Tigress supervised a shipment of teenagers in Star City. At 21:57 PDT, the Manta Flyer arrived and Tigress ordered her Manta Troopers to start placing the teenagers in Containment Pods and loading them up. They arrived at a Reach Ship and completed the mission. When the Team infiltrated the ship, Tigress was caught by surprise when one of the Manta Troopers, Superboy in disguise, tossed her aside. When she came to, Black Beetle already sealed off the docking bay. Tigress found Kaldur'ahm in a catatonic state and took him away before Beast Boy could pounce on them.

On April 9th, 01:16 EDT, Black Manta summoned Tigress to Kaldur'ahm's quarters and introduced her to Psimon. Tigress was tasked with keeping watch. Black Manta also admitted he knew Kaldur'ahm cared for Tigress. Tigress replied she didn't speak about her feelings either. Black Manta respected that and left. Tigress managed to drug Psimon with a substance invented by Sportsmaster that would simulate a state of catatonia for weeks but he discovered her true identity. Black Manta then assigned Tigress and Deathstroke to retrieve Miss Martian to fix Kaldur'ahm. They ambushed Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy in Chicago at 06:20 CDT. Once Miss Martian was neutralized with fire and a Proprietary Collar, she was taken to the Manta Sub. Tigress again kept watch. Together, she and Miss Martian went into Kaldur'ahm's mind so the latter wouldn't be taken as a threat. Nonetheless, Artemis nearly drowned in the projection of Poseidonis in ruins. She eventually convinced herself it wasn't real and broke off from Aquagirl's assault to search for Kaldur'ahm and convince him to try and fix everything. Artemis then brought him to Miss Martian and the healing began. Six hours later, Black Manta checked in on Tigress and revealed Miss Martian would die as soon as Kaldur'ahm was restored to normal.

On May 27th, Miss Martian, Kaldur'ahm, and Tigress agreed on an escape plan. Tigress left her post to get coffee and stretch her legs after 12 hours of monitoring Miss Martian. Tigress proceeded to clear the communications room and search for the trigger to disable Miss Martian's Proprietary Collar. After disabling the collar, Tigress tried to return to Kaldur'ahm only to be forced to fight Sportsmaster while Black Manta did the same. While on the mental plane, Miss Martian, Tigress, and Kaldur'ahm revealed the truth. Sportsmaster still didn't believe. Back on the physical plane, Tigress convinced him by using a move he taught Artemis. Sportsmaster accepted the truth and carried out a favor for her, blowing up the communications room. Tigress then went to the loading bay to confront Sportsmaster and Cheshire with Deathstroke. Miss Martian arrived and used her telekinesis to shove Deathstroke into Tigress.

On June 19th, Tigress was revealed to be Artemis by Ra's Al Ghul. As a result, Kaldur'ahm was outed as well. Both were shot by Deathstroke, who was Miss Martian in disguise, and revealed themselves as the Team arrived. Artemis and Kid Flash were reunited but planned to return to retirement after the Reach and Light were taken care of. Artemis believed a recording of the summit would be enough to clear the Justice League of the Rimbor incident. Beast Boy hugged Artemis out of happiness she wasn't really dead. On June 20th, Artemis was assigned to Omega Squad with Kid Flash and sent to Paris to disable the Magnetic Field Disrupter. After the last Disrupter was neutralized, Artemis was devastated when she learned Kid Flash perished. At 22:16 CDT, she went to see Rudy and Mary West in Central City. A funeral was held soon after. As of July 4th, she decided to retire as Artemis and took up the Tigress codename again. She was assigned to Beta Squad with Kid Flash (formerly Impulse), Bumblebee, and the Guardian and tasked with finding proof LexCorp was rereleasing the Reach drink under a new name.

At some point, Tigress took leave from the Team and Artemis Crock moved to Star City with Brucely to live in Will Harper's house in order to help take care of Lian Nguyen-Harper after Jade Nguyen left. Crock continued to study Comparative Literature and got a job as a teaching assistant. On July 29th, Team Year Eight, Dick Grayson recruited her for a mission in Markovia that involved taking out a meta-human trafficking ring. She decided to accept the invitation and met at Grayson's rendezvous at the Centennial Park Zeta-Tube on July 30th, 00:00 EDT. At 19:23 EEST, Grayson and Crock arrived at Markovia's airport with falsified passports and posed as a couple invited to Prince Gregor Markov's pre-coronation reception at the Markovian Royal Palace. After they surveyed possible suspects, Crock slipped away and suited up in darkwear at the Markovian National Cemetery. She observed a violet light and drove off on a mechanized unicycle to investigate. She encountered Joe Henchy, Piotor Platz, and Johann Mintz at a mass grave site. She easily defeated Platz and Mintz and watched as a girl they were trying to bury generated a forcefield.

Crock took the girl back to Super-Cycle and sussed out she could speak English but had amnesia. Grayson hailed Crock on comms and told her to locate Jefferson Pierce. She located him unconsious near a river. After Pierce came to, he briefed on the situation: Superboy was captured by the trafficking ring. On July 31, 00:02 EEST, Crock and Pierce entered a sewer outlet that led to the Bedlam Syndicate's base. They were attacked by Plasmus but were saved by the girl and Super-Cycle then flew to the base. Baron DeLamb, the leader of the ring, ordered a retreat. The base was destroyed. However, things got complicated when Prince Brion Markov manifested meta-abilities and went after DeLamb from framing him. The rest of the ring boomed to them and a battle spilled out. Crock managed to take out Count Vertigo with a net trick arrow and soon learned the girl could heal herself even after suffering a devastating wound. Grayson had no interest in taking responsibility for Markov or the girl. Crock took the latter home with her to Star City.

On August 1st, 07:16 PDT, Artemis Crock spoke with Will Harper about letting the girl, now going by Halo, to stay over. She took Halo with her to Grant Park where Zatanna was scheduled to meet with Dr. Fate for the annual one hour with her father. Crock asked Fate to give Halo a "mystic look over" and he was intrigued to sense an old soul in her young body. They waited then Crock comforted Zatanna after Fate left. On August 4th, 12:33 EDT, Crock and Halo zetaed to the Zeta-Tube in Lucas Carr's garage in Happy Harbor. Crock was annoyed to learn Grayson was only beginning his search for any information about Halo. They concluded that Markov and Halo weren't ready to join the Team. Crock had Halo spar with her and she forced her into discovered another ability, that of generating an energy blast. On August 5th, 21:04 EDT, Crock was present to help introduce Forager to Markov and Halo. On August 6th, Nightwing's covert team went to Infinity Island to rescue Halo, Markov, Forager, and Sphere despite being told not to go there. Halo declared she was now "Violet" when she was not Halo.

On September 8th, 11:04 EDT, Violet, Markov, and Forager were trained outside Mount Justice by Crock, Grayson, and Kent. Crock helped Violet work on control. Some time later, it was time for them to choose their codenames. Crock and Grayson took the opportunity to make fun of each other's. On September 25th, 23:43 EDT, Crock attended a briefing at Carr's house. On September 26th, 00:56 EDT, Nightwing's covert team found Cheshire's private jet at a hangar in Detroit. Geo-Force crippled it then Tigress entered it, knocked out Dr. Moon, and confronted Cheshire about the location of the League of Shadows' new base and who the new leader was. Cheshire only knew they relocated to Santa Prisca. Tigress then tried to convince her to return to her family in vain. Tigress watched as she fled the scene with Shade. On September 29th, 13:02 EDT, Tigress was present for a training session held at Owings Mills but it was crashed by Lobo. Forager faked his death to trick Lobo into leaving. Tigress welcomed him to the "faked-your-own-death club."

On October 12, 19:49 PDT, Crock decided it was time to register Violet for high school. Will Harper was fine with his surname being used. Violet agreed to use it. On October 15th, 07:19 EDT, Crock was present at Carr's house to see off Violet Harper and Forager for their first day of school at Happy Harbor High. She gave Forager a Glamour Charm from Zatanna which he used to pose as a human boy named Fred Bugg. At 19:21 EDT, Nightwing's covert team met at Carr's house to talk about Harper's new ability to open Boom Tubes and to discuss Vic Stone. They realized she was really the soul of the disassembled Mother Box in the Bedlam Syndicate's base that bonded to the corpse of Gabrielle Daou. On October 31st, 17:42 EDT, Crock and Grayson zetaed to Carr's house to tell the teenagers to cancel their Halloween plans because they had an actionable lead on Tara Markov's location. On November 1st, 01:44 UTC+3, Artemis Crock, Jefferson Pierce, and Brion Markov infiltrated a meta-human auction in Al-Qawiya as bidders.

Tara Markov was purchased and secured in the Bio-Ship. Nightwing's team suited up and went to liberate the other trafficked meta-humans. Nightwing and Tigress encountered the Terror Twins but were aided by Geo-Force and Tara Markov's intervention. Back at Carr's house, Grayson wondered if the Markovs, Harper, and Forager were ready to join the Team. On November 4th, Crock, Grayson and Kent offered them membership on the Team. On November 6th, all four were formally welcomed to the Team by Miss Martian on the Watchtower. Tigress and Superboy also officially rejoined. On November 16th, Tigress and Aquaman briefed the Team about a suspected meta-human program sponsored by the Russian government. On November 17th, 23:23 VLAT, the Team covertly verified the program had nothing to do with meta-humans and Tigress decided no action was needed. However, Amanda Waller's Task Force X planned to attack the program's base Area 52. Tigress tried to reason with the Rocket Red Brigade to no avail. During the battle, Tigress was wounded by one of Black Manta's eye lasers.

After the squad was defeated, Tigress convinced the Brigade's leader Olda Ilyich to let her team go on the premise that it would be detrimental if it were known two foreign meta-squads managed to find their base undetected. On November 22nd, Paula Crock was not pleased to learn her daughter returned to the hero life. She expressed her desire for her to settle down with Will Harper and be Lian Nguyen-Harper's surrogate mother. She denied there was anything with Harper. On December 4th, Tigress was present at the meeting on the Watchtower where Beast Boy proposed his Outsiders idea. On December 7th, 19:49 PST, Crock watched the Outsiders' first mission with Violet Harper and Tara Markov. She decided to celebrate their last night living together with ice cream. On December 21st, Tigress went to the Hub for a training session but was informed Harper blew it off to hang out with a friend. Sensing Terra's anger, Tigress noted her own upbringing and told Terra she would not use the same methods on her.

On January 2nd, Team Year Nine, Crock set off with Tara Markov to find Violet Harper after she ran away from home. At 08:16 UTC, they went to Happy Harbor to recruit Sphere's help. Sphere turned into Super-Cycle and took them to Harper in Dhabar. They hugged and returned to Hollywood. On January 26th, a squad of original and new Team members boomed to the Orphanage to rescue Violet Harper. Miss Martian's psychic link caused the originals to share in Nightwing's fever dream as they fought the Female Furies with a hallucination of Wally West. Nightwing apologized about the ordeal but Tigress stated West was always with them. Granny Goodness used her Anti-Life Machine and placed the team under her sway. At 02:48 UTC, Vic Stone arrived and liberated Violet Harper from the Cerebral-Leash then she, in turn, freed everyone from Granny's thrall. On February 14th, 18:04 PST, Crock returned home and learned Will Harper set up a Valentine's Day dinner for them. They kissed but she panicked and ran to her bedroom crying and apologized to a photo of Wally West. She called up Zatanna.

Artemis Crock met with Zatanna in Grant Park but got upset to see M'gann M'orzz and Raquel Ervin present, too. She asked Zatanna to summon Wally West's ghost so she could have closure and say goodbye to him. Zatanna tried to dissuade her but she threatened to go to Wotan. Zatanna agreed and cast a fake spell while M'orzz created a space in Crock's mind to allow her to process her grief once and for all. The space looked like Crock and West's old apartment. They were suddenly married, Crock was suddenly pregnant, and suddenly was holding their infant child. Despite prompts from Zatanna, Crock refused to leave. "Wally West," however convinced her to return to the real world and open herself up again. They kissed and parted ways. Crock went through the door and was back in Grant Park. She thanked Zatanna. Back at home, Crock and Harper were honest with each other: they would always be family but they weren't compatible with each other. Harper was relieved and admitted it was obvious as soon as they kissed.

On February 15th, 15:34 PST, Tigress was assigned to Beta Squad for the joint Team-Outsiders mission to Markovia. On February 16th, Beta Squad boomed inside the Markovian Royal Palace with the task of flushing out Baron Bedlam. Court Vertigo incapcitated the squad with his vertigo ability until Nightwing knocked him out with one of his sticks. Tigress went to the courtyard just as Terra was about to execute Beast Boy. To Terra's surprise, Tigress told her she didn't need to follow Deathstroke's orders. Tigress admitted they knew for a long time that she was a mole but still wanted o give her her own agency in deciding what to do. Terra got rid of her comm and ran to Tigress. Geo-Force was angered about being kept out of this secret then later executed Baron Bedlam and declared himself king of Markovia. On February 24th, 19:00 EST, Tigress attended the meeting of the League, Team, Outsiders, and Batman and Nightwing's covert teams on the Watchtower. After Miss Martian resigned as Team leader, Tigress succeeded her.

On February 28th, Artemis Crock attended the private party at Bibbo's Diner for the original members of the Team and relatives. At some point later, Crock started teaching Comparative Literature at Royal University while she worked on her dissertation about Vietnamese literature and its resonance with archetypes in Western culture. Barbara Gordon set her up with her ex-boyfriend Jason Bard. On February 23rd, Team Year Ten, a party was held at Carr's house to bid Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz goodbye for their trip to M'arzz. The party was interrupted when Harlan Matthews, Clayface's new identity, was kidnapped by Task Force X. In order to avoid tensions with Waller, the original members of the Team dressed up in Bowhunter Security uniforms and rescued Matthews. Back at the party, Crock invited Roy Harper back to the Team. He was uninterested at first until she pointed out she was the leader now and not Nightwing. He changed his mind and accepted.

On March 26th, Crock was happy. She had breakfast with Lian Nguyen-Harper and caught her cup before it spilled, taught at Royal University, went on a date with Jason Bard, and took part in a Team mission that involved fighting Manta Troopers. She returned home but learned from Dick Grayson and Kaldur'ahm that Conner Kent was dead. She fell into a malaise and was distracted in every facet of her life. On April 18th, 03:11 EDT, Tigress visited the memorial garden on the Watchtower. At 17:54 PDT, she admitted to Will Harper she was not coping well. She was followed to Royal University by Onyx, a defector from the League of Shadows, but Arsenal and Arrowette intervened. When Tigress revealed herself, Onyx revealed she came with a warning that Cassandra Savage was assigned to infiltrate the Team as a mole. Tigress got Will Harper to help transport them to the Vault so they could figure things out in safety. However, they were attacked enroute by Shadows. At the Vault, Tigress decided to give them both the benefit of the doubt.

On April 19th, 04:16 PDT, Crock tricked Jade Nguyen into coming to Harper's house with Paula Crock's emergency signal. She asked Nguyen for her help in the mole situation. Nguyen was uninterested and was about to leave but Crock point out she was followed by a Shadow from the house, the same house her daughter lived in. Back at the Vault, Looker reported to Tigress she could not glean anything using her telepathy. Crock later met with Nguyen at Grant Park but coincidentally bumped into Bard. She was forced to introduce the two. Nguyen loved making it awkward. Crock urged him to run. Nguyen approved of Bard then admitted her intelligence on Onyx and Savage was limited. Tigress sneaked Cheshire into the Vault and convinced Orphan it was okay. Cheshire interrogated both and concluded they were either both telling the truth or both very good liars. Black Spider and Rictus infiltrated the Vault and attacked. Lady Shiva later appeared and kidnapped Orphan then issued an ultimatum, Orphan will die unless Cassandra Savage was brought back to Santa Prisca.

Orphan freed herself and cut power to the lights. Tigress fought Rictus but Oracle implored her to fight Shiva so Orphan wouldn't have to. Tigress, however, was quickly defeated and stabbed through a thigh by her own sword. Surprisingly, Shade teleported Tigress and her allies to the beach. Lady Shiva followed just in time but Super-Cycle fired and maintained a distance. Shiva coaxed Orphan into fighting her. Orphan ultimately chose to spare her life. At a safe house in Key West, Cheshire finished attending to Tigress' wound. Tigress called up Will Harper and was about to tell him that Cheshire was coming home but Lian Nguyen-Harper interrupted the video call to present her "mommy mask." Cheshire was horrified to see it was her own mask and ran away. Tigress, Onyx, and Orphan pursued her across the Caribbean Sea on April 22nd, 01:23 ECT but Cheshire turned her helicopter around and forced them into the ocean.

Cheshire attempted to force Sensei to kill her but Tigress caught up. Cheshire finally confessed she didn't want to be with her family because she was afraid of bringing them into her "cage" with her. Tigress tried to reason with Cheshire and pointed out she didn't turn out like Sportsmaster and it wasn't too late to change. Sensei confessed one tactic he used on Shadows was to create a sense of family to gain their loyalty. He and Ra's al Ghul offered to help both Cheshire and Onyx come to terms with their time as Shadows. Both accepted. Tigress was skeptical but stated she would return to check on them. On April 22nd, 07:16 PDT, Crock returned home. On September 5th, 20:56 EDT, Tigress was surprised Nightwing and Zatanna knew about the five missing Inhibitor Collars, a missing Space Belt, and a missing Zeta-Tube power core. Upon reviewing the security footage, Nightwing spotted Kid Flash's boot.

Crock returned to the Warehouse with them and learned of their attempt to prove Superboy was still alive. She was skeptical at first until two teenage strangers seen shopping with Kid Flash prior to his disappearance were also at the United Nations on February 17th and Bibbo's Diner at the party on February 28th last year. Grayson deduced it was a secret mission off world. Crock recalled a Justice League squad just returned from a mission offworld that involved a time traveling Kryptonian. Grayson recalled Kid Flash was a time traveler. He asked who led that mission. They headed to Dakota City and met with Raquel Ervin in her apartment. Zatanna cast a spell to revisit Rocket's mission and concluded Superboy was trapped in the Phantom Zone and Kid Flash was on a parallel path to theirs. Grayson quickly starting putting it all together but Ervin was still skeptical but Crock teased she and Zatanna did date him. Kaldur'ahm was soon brought into the fold.

On September 6th, 00:16 EDT, they gathered at the Tower of Fate to summon Klarion and have him extract Superboy from the Phantom Zone. Kaldur'ahm and Tigress were expressed how unlikely it would be he would agree to help. Zatanna assured them Klarion would not leave the circle and enter the Tower since it was Dr. Fate's place of power. Klarion refused to comply and swiftly defeated them with clones of himself. Zatanna invoked the Holy Balance and charged him with honoring his debt to her for helping restore him to the mortal plane during the Child incident. Klarion was bummed out and decided to instead spare their lives and left while remarking being trapped in the Tower was worse than being trapped in the yellow bus. On September 9th, 19:47 EDT, they arrived at a scrapyard in Metropolis. However, the bus that was once possessed by Klarion was already crushed into a cube. Zatanna summoned Trogowogs to restore the bus but one held out. Tigress bribed it with Nightwing's bag of Chicken Whizees. Along with picking any vehicle in the lot, they agreed to the deal.

Tigress voiced her concern about leaving Miss Martian out of the mission. Nightwing admitted he didn't want to get her hopes up if the mission failed. Zatanna opened a portal to the Phantom Zone in the bus' doors and they headed through. On September 13th, 21:34 UTC, they made visual confirmation of Superboy but they were ambushed by Dru-Zod and his loyalists. Inexperienced fighting in the Phantom Zone and Superboy's Zone Sickness clouding his judgment prompted them to retreat using Zatanna's glamour spell. To make matters worse, a Boom Tube appeared. They opted to block Dru-Zod's loyalists from entering it but found themselves under attack by Lor-Zod from the other side of the tube. The Boom Tube began to collapse from being open too long, forcing Zatanna to open the portal back to the bus. On September 14th, 00:16 EDT, only Tigress, Zatanna, and Kaldur'ahm returned to the bus. A few hours later, Tigress drove the bus while Zatanna cast a glamour spell that allowed it fly and rendered it cloaked. They arrived at Planet Circle and rammed Lor-Zod.

Nightwing and Tigress paired up to fight Non before he could gain powers from the Sun when it rose that morning. In the end, Superboy's mind was restored to normal by Miss Martian, Rocket returned in a Time Sphere repaired by Metron, Zod and his forces were sent back to the Phantom Zone, and his wife Emerald Empress fled the planet. On September 16th, Artemis Crock was one of M'gann M'orzz's bridesmaids at her and Conner Kent's wedding. On November 9th, 18:02 PST, Will Harper, Roy Harper, Artemis Crock, and Cissie King-Jones visited the comatose Oliver Queen, Dinah Lance, Dr. Roquette, and Denny Nielson at Royal Memorial Hospital. Crock was positive Sportsmaster's concoction was used on them and even with the antidote, it would take a few days for the effects to wear off. Count Vertigo was a prime suspect in Queen Perdita Vladek's kidnapping but Will Harper pointed out he had long been removed from the Vlatavan line of succession so her death would be meaningless to him. Crock was merged by Oracle into a conference call between Black Lightning, Wonder Girl, and King Brion Markov.

Markov still restricted them from entering the country but vowed his Infinitors would rescue Vladek. Tigress later went to the Watchtower and dispatched Nightwing, Spoiler, Orphan, and Mist as Beta Squad to help in the search covertly. Tigress informed them Thirteen was currently serving as Dr. Fate's host and would not be joining them. Cyborg wondered if they would find anything. Tigress was confident they would. On November 10th, after 20:58 PST, Tigress hailed Arrowette on comms to take part in a new mission. On November 11th, Tigress took part in a mission on Alpha Squad. Tigress addressed the obvious problem the Team would run into for the Bialya mission: Queen Bee. She summarized her meta-ability as a combination of complex pheromones and a low-level psychic push. Miss Martian noted she could thwart the latter. Red Arrow revealed a massive dose of garlic pills could thwart the former. Arrowette deduced the ruse would be completed with a few Hollywood tricks and Miss Martian's shape-shifting skills.

At 15:07 EST, Tigress stated they had the situation and Vladek's rescue wired. They boomed to a room in the Lexcorp Robotics factory in Madinat Altharwati where Queen Perdita Vladek was being guarded by Psimon and several Bialyan soldiers. Psimon warned he already booby-trapped Vladek's mind and if anyone attempted to enter her mind, her psyche would self-destruct. Tigress asked if that was true. Miss Martian believed if she had enough time, she could undo whatever he may have done to her. Tigress pointed out they didn't have time and reminded her Superboy was in danger because the item stolen from Vladek was Kryptonite. The door was blown off its hinges by bazooka fire. Halo protected everyone with a force field. Count Vertigo attacked the Team with vertigo waves. Queen Bee stepped out from behind him and enthralled Red Arrow, Arsenal, and Halo then asked them to kill Tigress, Miss Martian, and Arrowette if they really loved her. They complied.

Red Arrow fired an arrow into Tigress's chest and she laid in a pool of her blood. Queen Bee asked Halo to kill Vladek. Halo instead blasted Bee, Vertigo, and Psimon, rendering them unconscious. Tigress, Miss Martian, and Arrowette stood up unharmed. Tigress was not looking forward to the hours it would take to wash the fake blood off her suit. Arrowette realized she was officially a member of the fake-your-own-death club. Tigress mused they would hold the induction ceremony later. Miss Martian wanted to get to Superboy. Tigress volunteered to come along. At 22:58 UTC+2, Halo told Tigress that Miss Martian reported Superboy would be all right. Tigress wished Wally West a happy birthday and piloted Baby out of Greater Bialya. On November 12th, 09:05 PST, Crock was present when everyone at Royal Memorial began to regain consciousness. Vladek told Denny Nielson she was fine and was glad he was all right. Queen quipped that was good to hear because he would have been worried if he was conscious. Lance mused deep down, they all knew she would be all right. Will Harper added because they knew everyone else would make sure of it. Roy Harper agreed, as did Artemis Crock. Vladek then thanked everyone in the room.