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Real Identity: Roy William Harper Junior
Affiliation(s): The Team and Bowhunter Security
Appearances (Episodes): Auld Acquaintance, Bloodlines, Satisfaction, True Colors, The Fix, War, The Hunt, Endgame, Private Security, Tale of Two Sisters, Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!, Kaerb Ym Traeh!, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Audioplays): The Prize
Appearances (Comics): Cherry Gig, Hot Mess: Memory One, Ominous Tidings, Sorry Excuse: Memory Two (voice only), Foreign Affairs, Metallic Aftertaste, Last Rights, and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Powers/Skills: Marksmanship, Archery, and Cybernetic Enhancement
Voiced By: Crispin Freeman

Roy Harper became Speedy, partner of Green Arrow, when he was 15 years old. He was soon kidnapped by the Light while investigating a LexCorp shell company and cloned by Project Cadmus. Sometime in the process, Speedy lost the lower part of his right arm. The Light took it to use as an endless supply of DNA to perfect the cloning process. The clone replaced Harper three months after the kidnapping and no one suspected anything. Roy Harper was placed in suspended animation and hidden in one of Cadmus' secret chambers.

Three years later, on January 1st, Team Year One, Harper was taken by the Light. Ra's Al Ghul believed he would still prove useful. Speedy was never found by the Justice League, the Team, nor Red Arrow. By Team Year Two, everyone except Red Arrow concluded he was already dead. Guardian and Red Arrow continued the search by themselves. By October 26th, Team Year Two, Red Arrow was alone in his search. He tracked all of Lex Luthor's operations, infiltrated the League of Shadows, married Cheshire, shadowed Luthor, and searched every LexCorp subsidiary. On February 15th, 20:00 Moscow Standard Time (MSK), Team Year Five, Red Arrow hit rock bottom. After using every lead, all his money, all his friends, all his time and energy, he learned nothing. Only Luthor was part of some plan to find a statue. Red Arrow vowed he would keep looking.

On February 14th, Team Year Six, Cheshire found one last lead on him and informed Red Arrow. On February 28th, Harper was liberated from a Tibetan monastery by Red Arrow and Cheshire. He was taken to Royal Memorial Hospital in Star City to recover and was guarded by Green Arrow and Red Arrow. On March 21st, 14:22 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), Harper was apprised of what happened to him, how much time passed, Red Arrow's origins, the formation of the Team, and alien invasions. In anger, he blamed Green Arrow and asked to be alone to process all the new revelations. Harper left his room and entered one of Arrow's secret armories in a Star City alley. He suited up in a Speedy costume, took a veritable arsenal with him, and took a Zeta-Tube to Metropolis to get revenge on Lex Luthor, founder of Project Cadmus and member of the Light. At 19:11 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), Harper fired on Luthor's office at the top of LexCorp headquarters. The strategy worked and Luthor was flushed out. As he and Mercy Graves headed to the parking structure, Harper blew up their car.

After a lengthy game of cat and mouse with Graves, Harper blew up Graves' cybernetic arm with Detonation Cord and was about to kill Luthor but he was surrounded by the LexCorp security team. Knowing full well the boy wanted revenge, Luthor offered satisfaction, in the form of an advanced cybernetic arm. Harper accepted and spared Luthor. He declared "Speedy" was dead and was rather fond of "Arsenal." By April 8th, Arsenal was inducted as a member of the Team. For his first mission, Arsenal was selected for Alpha Squad and advised by Nightwing to take only what could fit under civilian clothing. Arsenal was not keen on the Bludhaven base and inquired about the Watchtower. However, Nightwing shot down that option and reiterated only Justice Leaguers and senior members of the Team were authorized to visit the Watchtower. Arsenal didn't qualify.

On April 8th, 16:38 Central Daylight Time (CDT), Alpha Squad entered a hydroponic dome at LexCorp Farms in Smallville. During a public tour, Harper noted the containers carrying a pink liquid. After regular business hours, Alpha continued investigating. Arsenal hacked several security cameras. Despite it being a covert operation, Arsenal set an underground laboratory to explode. Black Beetle confronted the squad. Arsenal managed to pierce his armor with a laser though temporarily. As the squad retreated outside, Arsenal tagged Black Beetle with a foam arrow and rendered him immobile for a few seconds. Once they were aided by a new ally, Green Beetle, Robin ordered Arsenal to shoot the plasma cannon on Black Beetle's back with his laser. Robin then threw an explosive into the damaged section. During the mission debrief, Robin only noted Arsenal was a "little rough around the edges" and presented Nightwing with a sample of the alien additive.

On May 26th, Arsenal was assigned to Alpha Squad with Superboy, Wolf, and Wonder Girl. They made their way to the helm of Warworld and engaged Mongul in combat. The Squad's attacks did little to harm Mongul but eventually knocked him out after Bumblebee overloaded the helm with energy. Once Blue Beetle attacked everyone on the Team, Arsenal panicked and opened the airlock to eject him out. When that failed, Arsenal equipped a breather and ran back into the interior of Warworld determined not to be kidnapped again. For several days, Arsenal fled from Reach soldiers. On May 30th, his cybernetic arm finally ran out of power. He managed to steal two Reach weapons and found a way to recharge his arm. He heard the sound of battle and observed a group of four augmented runaways fighting Black Beetle in a stasis chamber. From a ventilation shaft, Arsenal fired a laser on Black Beetle when his back was turned. On the Ambassador's orders, the Reach were to terminate Arsenal with extreme prejudice.

While the runaways fought Black Beetle, Arsenal freed Mongul from stasis. With Black Beetle and Mongul preoccupied fighting each other, Arsenal lead the runaways and the Team out of the chamber. Once he opened the bay door, all the soldiers were found outside unconscious. Miss Martian, Nightwing, and Super-Cycle found their location and took out the patrol. They all withdrew to the docking bay where the Bio-Ship was waiting. However, Arsenal wanted to discuss Blue Beetle's betrayal first. Bumblebee confronted Arsenal on his choice to open the airlock on the 26th. Arsenal contended his actions led to their eventual rescue. Nightwing thanked Arsenal but issued his dismissal from the Team once they returned to Earth on charges of intentionally endangering the lives of teammates to further his own agenda or guard against his own personal demons several times. Nightwing also offered the chance to rejoin if he proved himself worthy.

Arsenal chose to boom out of the Warworld with the runaways. He was infuriated to see the runaways were affiliated with Lex Luthor. Arsenal deduced Luthor used them as a distraction so someone else could steal the Crystal Key. The runways cut their ties with Luthor and left their hideaway with Arsenal. On June 20th, 08:16 EDT, Arsenal attended the Metropolis briefing on the Magnetic Field Disrupters. He was assigned to Nu Squad with Red Arrow. He attended Wally West's funeral. As of July 4th, he had parted ways with the runaways and began working solo. He declined an invitation to return to the Team.

On August 1st, 10:38 EDT, Team Year Eight, Dick Grayson contacted the three Harpers for help dealing with a meta-human trafficking ring in Star City. In exchange, Grayson had to help out with a Bowhunter Security gig. They had to guard a shipment of Goode Goggles. They ended up chasing after Brick and his henchmen on the Pacific Coast Highway and almost rammed into a time traveling Metropolis school bus possessed by Klarion. During the chase, Arsenal used his cybernetic arm's grapnel function to get onto one of the stolen trucks and declared they were "security." He still refused to join the "family business." That night, the four took down the trafficking ring. By the next year, Roy Harper owned a quarter of Bowhunter. On February 23rd, 11:19 PST, Team Year Ten, Jim and Roy Harper and Harlan Matthews guarded Wayne Tech hardware reserved for a skyscraper project. They were attacked by a Task Force X squad and Matthews was kidnapped. Later that day, the Harpers went to a barbecue at Lucas Carr's house in Happy Harbor. Artemis Crock approached him about re-joining the Team but he quickly declined. She pointed out she was now the leader, not Nightwing. He changed his mind and accepted.

On April 18th, Team Year Ten, Arsenal and Arrowette came to Crock's aid at a library at Royal University in Star City and ambushed her latest stalker, Onyx. She claimed to have defected from the League of Shadows to warn her about Cassandra Savage's plan to infiltrate the Team. Savage arrived with the same claim about her. They regrouped Will Harper and proceeded to Vault. Will Harper enjoyed telling Arsenal that Green Arrow gave his blessing to use the Vault but to keep Arsenal away from the rocket launchers. Arsenal sarcastically laughed. The League of Shadows attacked their convoy. Will Harper emphasized minimizing property damage to Arsenal's chagrin. He focused on a sniper and later blew up a fake food truck used by the League with an RPG. At the Vault, Arsenal shared his opinion they should just leave Savage and Onyx to their fates. His idea was not adopted. On September 16th, Arsenal attended Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz's wedding in Happy Harbor.

On November 9th, Team Year Ten, Roy Harper was part of a Bowhunter detail in Star City with the other Harpers and Matthews. They were to protect Queen Perdita Vladek while she was in town. Jim Harper thought it was pretty sweet gig. Matthews was unsure why all of Bowhunter's big guns were needed. Roy Harper admonished them for trying to jinx it and guarantee trouble for them. At S.T.A.R. Labs, they were attacked by armored individuals. Harper ripped a sleeve off his suit and fired his arm's laser at them but ultimately Vladek was kidnapped while Oliver Queen, Dinah Lance, Dr. Roquette, and bodyguard Denny were poisoned and left comatose. They were taken to Royal Memorial Hospital. Cissie King-Jones said what everyone was thinking, Count Vertigo was probably behind it. Roy Harper added the same kind of power-armored goons liberated Vertigo from prison kidnapped Vladek and it wouldn't be the first time Vertigo tried to kill Vladek. Will Harper pointed out Vertigo was long removed from the line of succession. Roy Harper speculated it was just vengeance then.

On November 11th, Tigress addressed the obvious problem Alpha Squad would run into for the latest Bialya mission: Queen Bee. She summarized her meta-ability as a combination of complex pheromones and a low-level psychic push. They went over how they would neutralize her powers and trick the enemies present. Arsenal was part of Alpha Squad and took Halo's Boom Tube to the room in the Madinat Altharwati Lexcorp Robotics factory where Queen Perdita Vladek was being held. Queen Bee stepped out from behind him and enthralled Red Arrow, Arsenal, and Halo then asked them to kill Tigress, Miss Martian, and Arrowette if they really loved her. They complied. Arsenal fired his laser at Arrowette. When Bee asked Halo to kill Queen Perdita Vladek, she instead blasted her, Count Vertigo, and Psimon unconscious. The others got up. Arsenal grumbled he would be tasting garlic for weeks. Miss Martian ordered Red Arrow, Halo, Arsenal, and Arrowette to take Vladek to Baby. Halo opened a Boom Tube directly to her.

On November 12th, 09:05 PST, Harper was present when Queen, Lance, Roquette, and Nielson regained consciousness at Royal Memorial Hospital. Vladek told Nielson she was fine and was glad he was all right. Queen quipped that was good to hear because he would have been worried if he was conscious. Lance mused deep down, they all knew she would be all right. Will Harper added because they knew everyone else would make sure of it. Roy Harper agreed, as did Artemis Crock.