Genomorph Gnomes

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Affiliation(s): Project Cadmus
Appearances: Independence Day Part One, Part Two, Agendas, and Auld Acquaintance
Appearances (Comics): Monkey Business, Face Your Fears (Memory), and Fears
Powers/Skills: Telepathy
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Designation unknown, Genomorph Gnomes are a type of living weapon bred by Project Cadmus. They are grown to maturity very quickly using laboratory containers. Modeled after gnomes of myth, they are informally referred to as G-Gnomes and their primary purpose is to provide instant telepathic communication. However, the chief scientist Dr. Desmond, was actually using the G-Gnomes to suppress all other employees' wills and place them under his control. Under the guise of communication, each employee was assigned a G-Gnome. Since their communication ability was tactile in nature, they were often placed on employees' shoulders. They were also used to keep other Genomorphs subservient.

Under Project Kr, three G-Gnomes were assigned to telepathically force feed a lifetime's worth of education into the mind of Superboy. Essentially, they taught him how to read, write, the names of things, and implanted images as memories. One scenario put into Superboy's mind was of Superman going on a rampage in Metropolis. Superboy arrives and kills Superman. After Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad were captured on site, Dr. Desmond was ordered by the Light to have the G-Gnomes download all of the heroes' memories, kill them, and upload the memories into clones. However, Superboy turned on his masters and freed his new friends. Before they could reach the street level, the four were remotely rendered unconscious by the combined telepathy of all G-Gnomes in Project Cadmus.

One of the three G-Gnomes assigned to Superboy followed him to Mount Justice after his liberation. Since it was with Superboy all his life, the G-Gnome developed a strong connection and missed him. Sometime between July 5th and July 8th, the G-Gnome snuck into the Cave while reconstruction was happening and before security systems were activated. When inside, it was able to detect strong psychic residue and perceive a traumatic event that occurred years ago. It then triggered a psychic phenomena called perception at a distance. A connection was made with an unknowing Superboy, who was present in the Cave, and made him perceive the past event as well as the physical pain attributed with it. Eventually, Superboy deduced it wasn't real and generated a shockwave that broke the connection with the G-Gnome. Red Tornado returned it to Project Cadmus.

On November 25th, Dubbilex used three G-Gnomes to render Match docile and attempt to rehabilitate him. However, at the sight of Superboy and his S-Shield, Match broke free of the G-Gnome's telepathic hold and attacked.