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Real Identity: Brucely
Appearances (Episodes): Salvage, Depths, Princes All, Private Security, Exceptional Human Beings, Influence, Leverage, Illusion of Control, First Impressions, Overwhelmed, Tale of Two Sisters, I Know Why The Caged Cat Sings, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By:

Brucely is a white pit bull dog born in Team Year Four. He was adopted by Artemis Crock and Wally West that year and lived with them at their home in Palo Alto. On November 11 Team Year Four, Brucely slept next to West as he talked to Queen Perdita Vladek on the phone. On February 14, 00:03 PST, Team Year Six, Wally West returned home from Red Arrow's failed intervention but Brucely was asleep on the couch. On March 19, 08:12 PDT, Brucely slept on the couch next to West as he watched an episode of The G. Gordon Godfrey Show. At some point, he was assigned the Zeta-Tube designation C-03. In June, Brucely was present at Wally West's funeral. Crock and Brucely later moved to Will Harper's home in Star City.

On July 29, 07:16 PDT, Team Year Eight, Brucely licked Crock awake. She assured him she was awake. She looked at a photo of them with West. Brucely barked. They walked to the kitchen and she fed him his bowl. On August 1, 07:16 PDT, Brucely ate in the kitchen while Harper and Crock discussed Halo. On October 12, 19:49 PDT, Brucely was in the kitchen while Crock filled out Violet's high school application. On November 6, 17:21 PST, Tara Markov took Brucely on a walk. On November 16, 17:16 PST, Brucely took a position under the kitchen table and ate up the food dropped by Lian Nguyen-Harper. On November 22, during Thanksgiving dinner, Markov slipped Brucely food. He later whined at Crock. She caved and told him that was the last "bribe" she was giving him. Between December 7 and 8, Brucely slept with a Kid Flash doll. On the evening of February 14 Team Year Nine, Brucely followed Crock to her room after she returned home.

On March 26, 07:09 PDT, Team Year Ten, Brucely stood up at the kitchen table during breakfast but Artemis Crock made him go back to all fours on the floor. On April 18, 17:54 PDT, Brucely slept in a hallway while Will Harper put up a framed photograph of the Team from the end of Team Year Zero. Crock started to get emotional but held back, claiming crying would upset Brucely. Harper looked at the still sleeping Brucely. On April 22, 07:16 PDT, Brucely was in the kitchen when Crock returned home. On September 16, Brucely was in attendance at Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz's wedding in Happy Harbor.