Vandal Savage

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Real Identity: Vandal Savage
Affiliation(s): The Light
Appearances: Revelation, Misplaced, Coldhearted, Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Alienated, Darkest, True Colors, War, Complications, Summit, and Endgame
Powers/Skills: Rapid Cellular Regeneration, Extended Life, Accumulated Knowledge, and Strategy
Voiced By: Miguel Ferrer

A Cro-Magnon born 50,000 years ago, Vandal Savage was exposed to unknown radiation from a meteorite. Now, he doesn't age, never gets sick, and heals rapidly. A virtual immortal, Savage has learned patience, making him even more dangerous. Over the millenia, he fathered at least one child and assumed identities that became historical figures such as Genghis Khan, Atilla the Hun and Blackbeard the Pirate.

In the present, Savage was troubled by the formation of the Justice League and how it came to help preserve status quo. Savage concluded the League's protection prevented the human race from continuing on with its evolution. As an organized response, he helped co-found the Light in order to aid in the human race's advancement and the elevation of Earth's status in the universe. On November 11th, 16:13 Mountain Standard Time (MST), Vandal Savage attacked several police officers in South Dakota in order to distract Kid Flash from his mission to deliver a donor heart and aid Count Vertigo in becoming king of Vlatava. Savage managed to stall him for 15 minutes. On December 30th, 23: 46 Eastern Standard Time (EST), Vandal Savage was granted access to the Watchtower as Authorized Guest A-04 by Batman, who was compromised by the Light's mole, Red Arrow. On December 31st, he had ordered six of them off on an away mission. Close to midnight, Savage then had Klarion teleport them out of the Watchtower.

On April 2nd, Team Year Six, Vandal Savage attended the trial of the Justice League on Rimbor. Seated in the crowd, Savage spoke to Mongul on the implications on who would rule the galaxy from the Reach expanding Earth's meta-population. Mongul, also interested in conquering the galaxy, left Rimbor to destroy Earth. On April 9th, 07:12 Indochina Time (ICT), Savage personally attended a meeting of the Light and granted Sportsmaster an audience to state his grievances. Savage would not grant Sportsmaster permission to kill Kaldur'ahm. In anticipation of Sportsmaster's plan to kill Black Manta instead, he had hired Deathstroke to replace Sportsmaster as the Light's enforcer. After the meeting, Savage went with Black Manta to his Manta Sub. Savage presented Psimon to Black Manta and promised he would help fix Kaldur'ahm. On May 28th, 17:00 EDT, Savage received word from Black Manta on Kaldur'ahm's recovery.

On June 19th, Savage attended the summit on Santa Prisca. Once Kaldur'ahm shattered the Light's alliance with the Reach and the Team arrived, Savage admitted he was impressed and always underestimated them. He initiated several contingencies against the Team, ordering the League of Shadows to kill them and summoning Klarion. After Klarion animated Deathstroke's sword and sent it to attack Miss Martian, he teleported off the island with Savage. At 04:20 UTC, Savage was teleported to the Warworld's Crystal Key chamber and encountered Black Canary, Captain Marvel, and Black Lightning. On June 20th, Savage issued a warning to Rimbor. He declared Earth was now off limits to any incursions or invasions and any breach of security would result in severe discipline. On July 5th, 00:16 UTC, Savage arrived on Apokolips and exchanged greetings with Darkseid.