Red Torpedo

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Real Identity: Dr. Jim Lockhart
Appearances: Homefront and Humanity
Appearances (Comics): Under The Surface..., ...Here There Be Monsters, and Monkey Business
Powers/Skills: Hydrokinesis and Enhanced Physical Attributes
Voiced By: Jeff Bennett

Red Torpedo is the first creation of T.O. Morrow. Morrow built it to act as a superhero to infiltrate and destroy the Justice Society of America. Red Torpedo, hero of the ocean deep, was programmed to think it was human. However, its programming was too crude and Red Torpedo never fit in. Despite failure, Morrow started over again with Firebrand (Red Inferno). Red Torpedo retired and Dr. Lockhart continued to live a normal life unaware of his true origins.

In the present, Dr. Lockhart believed he was 91 years old and lived in an assisted living facility named Windward Home in Bar Harbor, Maine. Lockhart never received any visitors until September 6th, 06:01 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). He didn't recognize the visitor, T.O. Morrow, but was compelled to obey his orders. Lockhart left Windward with Morrow to go to Queens Memorial Cemetery in New York. At 20:13 EDT, Lockhart reached the coffin of Danette Reilly. On September 7th, Lockhart watched in horror as Morrow revealed Firebrand to be Red Inferno and he himself learned he was also a robot. In his new body, Red Torpedo has the appearance of its brother, Red Tornado, with the red and yellow motif.

On September 22nd, Red Inferno and Red Torpedo invaded the Cave and easily captured Miss Martian, Superboy, the Sphere, Kid Flash, and Aqualad. When Robin and Artemis proved difficult to capture, Red Torpedo issued an ultimatum: surrender in 10 minutes or they execute the other members of the Team. During the pursuit, Robin managed to jam one of Artemis' arrows into one of Torpedo's eyelids. Artemis used one last arrow to trigger an electromagnetic pulse and neutralize the androids. However, when Red Tornado arrived, the pulse wore off. When he investigated, Red Inferno activated and reprogrammed Tornado. When the Team regained consciousness, the three androids were gone. On October 10th, Red Torpedo and Red Inferno were reactivated by Bromwell Stikk and met their younger brother Red Volcano. Red Tornado appealed to his older brother and sister's heroism to defeat Volcano. Red Torpedo summoned water spouts and knocked Red Volcano into a lava pit. He and Red Inferno dove in and kept Volcano from surfacing. The three were destroyed in the process.