Ocean Master

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Real Identity: Prince Orm
Affiliation(s): Atlantis and The Light
Appearances: Downtime, Revelation, Misplaced, and Auld Acquaintance
Appearances (Comics): What's The Story?, Under The Surface..., and ...Here There Be Monsters
Powers/Skills: Underwater Survival, Strategy, Above Average Attributes, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Roger Craig Smith

Prince Orm is the brother of King Orin, ruler of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, and was next in line for the throne. For several years Orm secretly operated as Ocean Master, who was considered an enemy of Atlantis and its current king, Orin. Ocean Master commands a modest military force and wields a weapon of great power known as Neptune's Trident. Ocean Master once led an attack on Poseidonis, capital of Atlantis. The battle between Aquaman and Ocean Master was said to have lasted hours and shook the city's foundations. After some time, Ocean Master defeated Aquaman. Out of concern for their king, Kaldur'ahm and Garth intervened and attacked the villain. Although they stood no chance against Ocean Master, Aquaman was given enough time to recover and he triumphed. Aquaman then drove Ocean Master and his army away from the city. Ocean Master's incursion indirectly led Kaldur'ahm into becoming Aqualad, Aquaman's apprentice.

Some time later, Ocean Master joined the Light as one of its core seven members: L-5. On August 27th, Orin and Mera announced they were with child. When born, the child would be next in line and thus, neutralizing any possibility of Orm succeeding the throne. Orm was not openly angered with the implications and instead congratulated the couple. During a dinner reception, Orm spoke excitedly about Dr. Vulko and his research into a recently discovered ice block containing a giant echinoderm. Soon after, Black Manta staged a siege to steal the echinoderm but Orm remained to help Mera fend off attack while Garth and Aqualad investigated the real target, the echinoderm. On September 6th, 08:06 UTC-2, Prince Orm appeared by Queen Mera's side as she met with Aqualad, Miss Martian, and Superboy. Orm asked Aqualad if he could investigate reports of unrest at the Conservatory of Sorcery. At 20:09 UTC-2, the Purists reported to Ocean Master in a cavern located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Together, they infiltrated Poseidonis to purge the city-state of the "impure" Atlanteans and confronted Queen Mera.

Five minutes later, Ocean-Master rendered Mera unconscious and ordered her to be taken to S'atiroman Cave while he neutralized Aqualad, Superboy, and Miss Martian. On September 7th, 00:41 UTC-2, Orm briefed the trio on two possible strongholds of the Purists. They split up and invetigated. However, Orm actually returned to S'atiroman and as Ocean-Master utilized Neptune's Trident to steal Mera's life force and powers. He cast a mystic attack directed at those Atlanteans who weren't completely human in appearance. Once Poseidonis was purged, other city-states would seek vengeance. With King Orin too busy brieving over the death of his wife and child, the warring factions would plunge Atlantis into chaos and Ocean-Master would take over the nation. Ronal was aghast by this and turned on Ocean-Master and his fellow Purists. Ocean-Master, with Mera's power, had little difficulty defeating him but was stunned when Garth summoned the power of the Tempest. Mera regained her power. Surrounded, Ocean-Master used his trident to teleport away.

At some point after the Light's subversion of the Justice League at the end of Team Year Zero, the Ocean-Master was "disgraced." By February 16, Team Year Five, he was no longer a member of the Light. In Team Year Six, Black Manta filled the position he vacated.