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Real Identity: Nathaniel "Neut" Tryon
Appearances: Bloodlines, Cornered, and Runaways
Powers/Skills: Induced Radioactivity
Voiced By: James Arnold Taylor

A young man named Nathaniel was abducted and experimented on. By manipulating his meta-gene, Nathaniel's abductors outfitted Nathaniel with a containment suit and control device. They named him Neutron and initiated a field test. Neutron appeared in downtown Central City on February 28th and demanded the Flash to fight him. In the battle, Neutron's meta-gene performed better than expected but readings threatened to crash the mode. Flash was unable to get close enough to neutralize Neutron because he constantly generated cascading waves of energy. Flash, Impulse, and Kid Flash elected to run around the perimeter of the energy wave and create a wind funnel. The funnel would draw Neutron in the air and allow the three speedsters to carry him out of the city. The plan failed and Neutron's energy level began increasing faster than he could release it. As a result, Neutron self-detonated. As Neutron began to reform, his abductors realized their control device was destroyed and moved to abort the test.

Without a containment suit and control device, Neutron was more unstable than before and unaware of what happened to him. Utilizing Kid Flash's goggles, Flash learned Neutron's energy waves now had fluctuated for a micro-second. Flash believed he could use the gap to get close enough and haul Neutron to a nearby desert to safely neutralize him. However, Neutron's unstable power accelerated his self-detonations and would have killed the Flash. Impulse followed and tripped Flash up. As Neutron exploded again, Kid Flash and Jay Garrick carried them to safety. In the confusion, Impulse ran up to Neutron and threw a spherical object on him. Neutron was changed back into a normal human with no superpowers. 40 years into the future, Neutron was repentant of all the years of destruction he had caused and helped Bart Allen formulate a plan to go to the past and change the timeline. After handing the spherical device to Allen, Neutron wished him goodbye. Soon after Allen teleported to the past, Neutron changed to a normal human. However, that appeared to be the only change so far.

Nathaniel was taken to the Taos branch of S.T.A.R. Labs and was debriefed alongside others kidnapped by the Light and given to the Reach for experimentation. Nicknamed "Neut," Tryon was not as eager to run away from S.T.A.R. Labs. Tryon feared his powers might come back someday and was convinced S.T.A.R. was keeping them and the world safe. Tryon tried in vain to convince the others to stay but they went ahead with their plan. Tryon hit the alarm and triggered a lockdown. Some hours later, Tryon was relieved to see them back and helping evacuate everyone from S.T.A.R. Labs after the building was crippled by Red Volcano and Blue Beetle's battle. Between June 20th and July 4th, Tryon moved back in with his foster family.