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Real Identity: Klarion
Affiliation(s): Lords of Chaos and The Light
Appearances: Denial, Revelation, Misplaced, Insecurity, Auld Acquaintance, Alienated, Darkest, True Colors, and Summit
Appearances (Games): Legacy
Powers/Skills: Magic
Voiced By: Thom Adcox

Klarion is considered one of the most dangerous beings in the magical community. He is one of the Lords of Chaos, a group of beings with god-like power dedicated to bring about the age of chaos. As such he is chaos personified, a concept, ageless, feeds off chaos, and is neither good nor evil. Klarion is accompanied by his familiar, Teekl, who resembles an orange tabby cat. Since any Lord of Order or Chaos can't maintain a presence on the physical plane. Teekl serves as Klarion's anchor to reality.

In the present, Klarion joined the Light as one of its core seven members. He recruited the services of Abra Kadabra to kidnap Kent Nelson and force him to reveal the Tower of Fate. Klarion was after the Helmet of Fate. With it, he planned to turn Earth into his own twisted playground and cause nothing short of eternal chaos. An opening presented itself when the Team used a key to open the Tower. A final battle took place atop it between Klarion and Dr. Fate, who used Wally West's body as a human host. Dr. Fate blasted Teekl. With his anchor unconscious, Klarion began to quickly fade. he gathered Teekl and teleported to another dimension.

During an active operation, Klarion was tasked with providing a distraction. He used the Ambre Jeune Perdu at a crossroads on Roanoke Island then summoned Wotan, Blackbriar Thorn, Felix Faust, and Wizard in aiding him cast a powerful spell that split Earth into two dimensions. During the chaos, Starro was stolen in Gotham City. The Team attempted to strike at Klarion but he easily overpowered them. With little choice, Zatanna put on the Helmet of Fate and changed to Dr. Fate. Dr. Fate's added spells weakened Klarion's force field and the Ambre Jeune Perdu gem was destroyed. With the distraction ended, Klarion left the island with Teekl and corresponded with the rest of the Light as they awaited Riddler and Sportmaster's scheduled delivery.

On December 5th, Klarion appeared in New Orleans to work on modifying the stolen Starro sample. After Utility Fog was administered to it, Klarion stepped in and cast magic spells on it. When the task was complete, Klarion teleported all villains away and left ice sculptures in their place. On December 31st, Klarion was present at the Watchtower and remotely controlled the Justice League while they were infected with Starrotech. Once the last of the Justice League was freed, Klarion was ready to fight but Vandal Savage reminded him they were still needed for phase two of their plans. Klarion relented and teleported himself, Teekl and Savage out of the Watchtower.

The Light set its sights on the archaic alien weapon Tiamat. In exchange for awakening Tiamat, Klarion would keep the Tablet of Destiny, an object of Order used to defeat the dragon. The Light located the fragments of the Tiamat statue, scattered across the planet, and moved to take possession of them. Klarion held onto the first fragment. On February 17th, Team Year Five, Klarion disguised himself as Tempest and teleported to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He found Aquagirl, amid her research into Tiamat and Marduk, and connected all the fragments into one. Klarion revealed himself and exited the museum through a portal. Aquagirl followed before the portal closed. At Mount Justice, Zatanna cast a spell to find the locus of Klarion's chaos magic. Klarion, accompanied by Teekl and Blockbuster, restrained Aquagirl and worked to awaken Tiamat from the Sacred Well Room in the Esagila, located in Bialya. Initially planning to feed his own magic into LexCorp technology, Klarion gleefully subjected Aquagirl to the process.

On February 18th, Team Year Five, Klarion threw the Tiamat statue into the well and watched as Tiamat arose. He dislodged the Tablet of Destiny from Tiamat's person. Teekl scooped up the Tablet in its mouth and strolled into the next chamber despite Klarion's orders. Klarion and Blockbuster followed and left Beta Squad to face Tiamat. Klarion was enraged to see Aqualad had taken the Tablet from Teekl. He dispatched Blockbuster on Alpha Squad. Alpha managed to manipulate Blockbuster into taking the brunt of Klarion's attacks and rendered him unconscious. Klarion couldn't take it and blasted at Aqualad, breaking the Tablet in the process. Teekl interjected and Klarion admitted it was right. They had things to do, people to see, and milk to spoil. Klarion and Teekl exited the chamber through a portal.

On June 19th, Team Year Six, as part of a contingency plan, Klarion did not attend the summit on Santa Prisca in person. Once the Team revealed themselves and attacked, Vandal Savage summoned Klarion. He and Teekl emerged from Savage's ring and turned Deathstroke's sword into a giant flaming dragon. Klarion then teleported himself, Teekl, and Savage off the island. At 04:20 UTC, he teleported Savage to the Warworld's Crystal Key chamber.