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Real Identity: Matthew "Matt" Hagen
Affiliation(s): League of Shadows and Bowhunter Security
Appearances: Downtime, Happy New Year, and Triptych
Appearances (Comics): The Pit..., The Pendulum, ...And The Penalty, Cherry Gig, Ominous Tidings, Foreign Affairs, Metallic Aftertaste, and Last Rights
Appearances (Audioplays): The Prize
Powers/Skills: Shape Shifting and Rapid Cellular Regeneration
Voiced By: Nolan North

Matthew Hagen was a member of the League of Shadows, but a poor one according to Sensei. The 34 year old Hagen romanced Talia Al Ghul under the guise of gaining access to Infinity Island's Lazarus Pit in order to heal him from cancer. After Talia got Ra's' blessing on February 28th, Hagen revealed he had six months left to live, a year at most. Talia agreed to sneak Hagen into the Lazarus Chamber but then locked him in it. For nearly six months, the Lazarus Pit transformed Hagen into Clayface, a bizarre monstrosity with the power to take on any form. It managed to maintain cohesion by using a morphic field. On August 25th, Clayface emerged from the Lazarus Pit after Ra's Al Ghul was resurrected by it. In a state of confusion, Clayface grabbed Talia and easily dispatched Sensei. Ra's Al Ghul returned to the chamber and utilized a post hypnotic suggestion to make Clayface fall asleep. Ra's decided to spare Clayface and had him shipped to Batman, who just prevented another plot to cleanse the planet.

On August 26th, Clayface arrived at the Wayne Foundation in Gotham City, addressed to Bruce Wayne. Clayface emerged and attacked. Batman and Robin soon arrived to do battle but were knocked outside. Clayface resisted their tasers and retreated into the sewers. At 21:08 EDT, Batman assigned the Team to keep tabs on Clayface and track him. On August 27th, 04:49 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), Clayface attacked the Team. Clayface defeated them and left the sewers. The Team tracked him down to a Bichel Co. warehouse and split up. From 05:59 to 06:16 EDT, Clayface defeated each member present by posing as another member of the Team. At 06:17 EDT, the Team was defeated just as Batman arrived. Batman detonated Clayface's left arm then neutralized him with a taser keyed at the frequency that would disrupt his morphic resonance pattern. Clayface was rendered inert.

Five years later, Superboy flushed out Clayface in the sewers of Gotham City. While Clayface attempted to suffocate him, Miss Martian arrived and used her telekinesis to free Superboy. On January 1st 16:16 Eastern Standard Time (EST), Delta Squad finished neutralizing Clayface. Per Robin's strategy, Superboy threw a pill into Clayface's mouth and completely solidified him. Clayface had long figured out how to nullify his weakness to electricity at a specific frequency. Clayface was returned to his cell at Arkham Asylum. At some point in Team Year Eight, Clayface became a target of Simon Stagg and his Branchwater meta-trafficking ring. Under Stagg's orders, Mad Hatter used mind control nano-technology on Clayface to force him into servitude. Clayface posed as Mad Hatter to provide a false narrative that he was following the conditions of his parole. On September 12, 21:39 EDT, he was followed by a squad led by the third Robin who already deduced he was Clayface. Orphan attacked him and Spoiler managed to hit him with a liquid tracker. To execute the plan, Spoiler yelled out they should go after the real Mad Hatter.

Clayface fell for the ruse and unknowingly led them to Hatter's base of operations. Hatter ordered Clayface to protect him from Robin's squad while he activate a self-destruct mechanism and attempted to escape with Shade. Robin tried to get Clayface to escape with him but the mind control technology prevented that and Clayface was caught in the explosion. As Clayface pieced himself together, he was placed in a container. Robin used the control device he lifted to order Clayface to act on his own free will. Clayface was grateful to be freed of the mind control. He was returned to Arkham Asylum. While incarcerated, Clayface expressed a desire to start over and stop being a criminal. Batman had Miss Martian perform a psychic scan to test his sincerity. She determined he was being truthful. At some point, Clayface was given the alias of "Harlan Matthews" and was hired by Will Harper to work at his private security firm, Bowhunter Security.

On February 23, 11:19 PST, Team Year Ten, Harlan Matthews, Jim Harper, and Roy Harper guarded Wayne Tech hardware being shipped to a new Wayne Tech skyscraper. A squad from Task Force X was sent to retrieve Matthews and bring him to Belle Reve Penitentiary where Amanda Waller would force him to work for her group. Original members of the Team, dressed in Bowhunter uniforms, were able to intercept the squad after they crashed into Bayou Bartholomew. Miss Martian discovered the pod holding Clayface. He was present at a barbeque at Lucas Carr's residence in Happy Harbor. Kaldur'ahm asked him if he would be interested in joining the Justice League, but Matthews was committed to Bowhunter Security. Several months later, he was one individual considered for the Justice League reserve system.

On November 09, 08:00 PST, Team Year Ten, Bowhunter Security was hired to guard Queen Perdita Vladek during her visit in Star City. Will Harper, Roy Harper, Jim Harper, and Harlan Matthews were on the detail. Matthews wasn't sure why all the big guns were needed but Roy Harper took offense to him jixing the operation. Will Harper ordered them to stay alert. The tour of S.T.A.R. Labs' Star City facility was interrupted by several armored individuals. A glass shard fell into Matthews' left eyebrow. Will Harper gave him the greenlight to turn into Clayface and attack. Clayface punched the one marked "05" into a wall. After Oliver Queen, Dinah Lance, Dr. Roquette, and Denny were darted and collapsed, Will Harper had Clayface put up a barrier to shield everyone else. However, the armored attackers used sonic waves to discorporate Clayface. The Harpers were tackeld into a wall while Queen Vladek was kidnapped. On November 10th, 18:02 PST, Matthews and Jim Harper watched Catco's coverage of the incident on the former's phone. Matthews' became worried it made Bowhunter look bad. Harper quipped that was so not the point. On November 12, 09:05 PST, Denny Nielson regained consciousness and was immediately concerned about Queen Perdita Vladek. Matthews told him to take it easy.