Episodes 23 Review
Young Justice: Outsiders

In episode 23 "Terminus," the worst that could happen has happened. The raid seemed rather foolish in execution. One, the Justice League's space team knows a direct assault on the Orphanage is not a good idea. Two, they know Granny Goodness had a mind crippling machine with the same effects as the X-Pit. Granted, maybe in 3 days they didn't get the intel on the Anti-Life Equation that Brion and Terra learned about from Gretchen. Still. But it's the near the end of the season and yet another element used to sideline the Justice League shouldn't be a shock to the audience. Perhaps the new character that appears is.

Three days of raids and they got squat. Just as I thought, Vandal Savage would try to sabotage Darkseid's plans by helping the heroes. I'm glad they dedicated time for Superboy and Miss Martian. And it makes sense they waited until this episode since it ties into Aquaman's plan in the Orphanage later in the episode. I thought Nightwing was onto something -- perhaps Superboy might be he next leader of the Team come season 4. The only other person would be Tigress I suppose even though Superboy kinda left the door open for Nightwing to return to the position. Cute they named the doorman after Jack Kirby. Victor checking his arm pits after hearing Forager was also amusing.

Victor Stone is likely going to be the winning edge. He has to be. It would be pretty hilarious if Thirteen's ability causes the Anti-Life machine to reverse and release everyone then blows up. But I guess that would be a bit too Monty Python. I'm was surprised we're still following Jefferson around but the point is clear, to show some semblance of hope for some reason. Through his former protege and through his two children. Hmm.

Hate to say it but even the Team's plan was poor in execution. Once they realized they were in the Orphanage, I think the right should have been Miss Martian pulling the plug on the operation, booming back to Earth, and coming up with a better plan. But I suppose Brion would have disobeyed the order when Violet was so near. I thought Mother Box in included in the psychic link and I wondered why Brion didn't just think his order to disable the cerebral leash. But even if that happened, only Aquaman would stand a chance against just the X-Pit pulse. I was also surprised Terra and Geo-Force didn't use their abilities to the max to cripple the Orphanage at strategic points since it's built into an asteroid -- therefore earth and easy to manipulate with their abilities. Still, the highlight for me was the big surprise homage that takes place before things go sideways. But Granny's revelation of how all regular beings subjected to the Ghost Dimension will eventually die from exposure was concerning. Was she saying people like Nightwing and the Green Lanterns are going to die unless the Anti-Life is neutralized? Gulp.

There's only three episodes left this season and our heroes are in a bad spot. Should we really be worried yet?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5