Episodes 22 Review
Young Justice: Outsiders

"Antisocial Pathologies" -- Episode 22 -- is definitely a reckoning of an episode and another classic tried and true Young Justice trope: the secrets and lies are prematurely found out and the arguing commences amid the drop of several bombshell revelations.

The episode opens with a meeting of the Light. Remember them? Gretchen Goode informs the light that Earth's various teams of heroes are cooperating more than they revealed to the public. Ultra-Humanite isn't too shocked. Upon her mentioning Victor Stone and Halo, Ultra-Humanite states he already has plans for Halo. Gretchen alludes to others having an interest in her. Ultra-Humanite invokes a tradition in the Light, which is basically he called dibs first. So what does Gretchen do? Accept that? Nah. Go over his head and tattle to Darkseid.

The Terra is a mole arc gets fleshed out at last in this episode, sparked by Deathstroke directly confronting Terra about her lack of reporting. The answer of how Terra got kidnapped is finally addressed and it appears it was Brion's negligence while he was abroad in London and allegedly King Viktor and Queen Ilona didn't bother searching too hard for her after. Though a part of me is skeptical Deathstroke lied to her about some details to mold her into his soldier. But interestingly enough, Deathstroke gives her the antithesis of the control chips we've seen the meta-human traffickers using this season. Curiouser, the Light wants Terra to stay among the heroes.

Last week, it seemed like a close call for Dick Grayson and Jefferson Pierce but the former's recovery hits a snag. Why it never answered although it had to be because he was a normal human being. Jefferson recovered right away because of either his active meta-gene or because of the nature of his super powers, in theory. It's urgent enough the bring the core Bat-Family to the Hub for support. Of note, it is interesting how Barbara Gordon has suddenly been given a focus these past two episodes. Even to the point of confronting Bruce.

And we have a brief introduction to the Infinity, Inc. team. It's likely born out of G. Gordon Godfrey and Lex Luthor's conversation about co-opting and such this team was also Lex Luthor-backed in the 52 comic. Though I groaned when Trajectory was only identified in the end credits while her teammates are unnamed. Though I'd guess the male was Everyman and the female could be Amazing Man/Woman. Brion's reaction to them was pretty spot-on. His speculation about Bruce being Dick's father was amusing as well.

That's why they paused on Jefferson looking at that Batdrone last week. He puts two and two together very quickly once Bruce made that fatal error of asking to talk to certain people in private. Yes, the writer's were so planning to do that all along. Jefferson screamed essentially the same thing Wonder Woman told the rest of the Anti-Light. What good is the mission if they lose themselves trying to fulfill it? And like that Jefferson Pierce has become a wild card. Does he still have a part to play this season or is this his exit? If it's the latter, it'll be interesting what role he'll play next season or even in the future, he'd object to his daughters having anything to do with the Team or the Outsiders... but then again, I don't think he has custody. His ex-wife does if I'm not mistaken. And even in the greater scheme of things, the implications are far reaching and beg the question of how hard will the fallout of the Anti-Light rock the Justice League, Team, and Outsiders. Will there even be a League? Will Miss Martian resign as leader or quit the Team? Will the Outsiders fully separate itself from the League and Team?

The other part of the episode revolves around the kidnapping of Violet, Tara, and Brion by Dr. Jace per her arrangement with Ultra-Humanite. Gretchen, armed with Darkseid's backing, does some experimenting and we learn more about the X-Pit and Anti-Life Equation to horrific effect. Turns out the X-Pit's in Ghost Dimension... Is that the same thing as the Phantom Zone? If you've got Mister Miracle #2 comic and other New Gods material handy, it feels like they 95% translated the X-Pit in the comic to the show. Even that element of repolarizing was there. Interesting way to put Violet, an organic Mother Box without the technological safeguards Metron built. Still, it's a frightening loophole that Gretchen found. Substitute the Ghost Dimension for the lack of free will and Violet for life to get Anti-Life. If Violet is added to that machine on the Orphanage and were Darkseid to use that on a planet, it adds a whole new spin on invasions. Completely bloodless, no need for ships and armies. Just fire that machine onto a planet and all its inhabitants bow to you. Or who knows what the output of that machine is, it could even unleash the equation on a galaxy. That's definitely a drastic shift in the galactic balance of power. It's essentially the Light's move now. I cringe at the thought of it but I can see either episode 24, 25, or 26 ending with the activation of the machine in the Orphanage and Darkseid using the Anti-Life Equation on Earth.

We're also finally given answers about Dr. Jace. Who turns out, is a special kind of cuckoo-pants crazy. The "daughter" Jace mentioned early in the season was just Tara. Anyone she turns into metahumans, she considers her children. And she wants to make more. Violet isn't really dying. That was just a lie. She doesn't love Jefferson. And ultimately, it's Deathstroke's little gift that saves Tara and Brion. Tara makes a point after she briefs everyone at the Hub, they have no idea where Violet was taken to. They probably have no clue she's off the planet. Could a Mother Box track her long, long range? Or will the Justice League in space locate the Orphanage and happen to rescue her in the process? Or will the Light, a la Endgame, reach out to the League and tell them how to find Violet in order to restore galactic balance?

The concludes on an 95% unexpected bombshell that I won't spoil. The lesser of the two reveals at the end is that Terra's back on board with Deathstroke. Darn it. But at the same time, she's more useful to the Team than they know. She did just save herself and Brion from being taken away by Dr. Jace and Ultra-Humanite. But there's of course the question of what does Deathstroke and/or the Light want from the Team? So far we know, Victor Stone is promised to Ultra-Humanite. In any case, we're getting into the do-or-die moment of the season and it's becoming less murky who will be left standing.

Rating: 4.75 out of 5