The Prize | Audio Play

Aired: September 12, 2020
Runtime: 26:00
Timestamps: 3
1. Happy Harbor February 23, 14:16 EST
2. Star City February 23, 11:19 PST
3. Bayou Bartholomew February 23, 16:16 CST
Heroes: Superboy, Miss Martian, Forager, Tigress, Arsenal, Aquaman, and Rocket
Villains: Suicide Squad (Brick, Black Manta, Captain Boomerang, Tuppence Terror, and Monsieur Mallah)
Supporting: Lucas Carr, Will Harper, Lian Nguyen Harper, Jim Harper, Harlan Matthews/Clayface, Amistad Ervin, and Warden Economos
Objects: Zeta-Tube, Manta Flyer, Bio-Ship, and Trick Arrows
Places: Earth 16, Happy Harbor, Carr Residence, Star City, Bayou Bartholomew, Belle Reve Parish, and Belle Reve Prison
References: Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Zatanna, Wally West, Violet Harper, Genomorphs, WayneTech, "Private Security", Task Force X, Amanda Waller, Icicle Jr., Garfield Logan, Martian Manhunter, "Home Fires", Project Cadmus, The Brain, Ultra-Humanite, Robin (Tim Drake), "Triptych", Mad Hatter, Arkham Asylum, Batman, Gotham City, The Godfather Part III, Simon Stagg, "Leverage", Justice League, The Team, Flagg, Green Arrow, Aquaman, and "The Hunt"
Written By: Greg Weisman